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By the numbers: why Walker is easier to beat than many seem to think
I don't need to tell anyone reading this how bitter a disappointment last year's recall result was. After the disappointment came reflection: we lost because the timing wasn't right, we lost ...
GeoffT 09/03/2013 75 97 3 -
Wisconsin's dire job growth ranking isn't going anywhere any time soon
At the end of March, the data that economists regard as the most accurate (QCEW) came out for September for all states and showed that 21 months into Walker's term we had fallen from 11th in the ...
GeoffT 04/21/2013 36 44 1 -
Walker Admin sets rhetorical trap on jobs for media, Journal-Sentinel walks right in
On Thursday the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) released revised jobs data alongside the January figures, data that will be released by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics on ...
GeoffT 03/17/2013 12 19 - -
Scott Walker projects own massive jobs failure
On Wednesday, Scott Walker delivered his 2013-15 Budget Address . Others have covered the school voucher expansion , the below-inflation education "increase" that leads to net zero extra funding ...
GeoffT 02/25/2013 15 22 - -
Why Social Security doesn't contribute to the national debt
The non-relationship of Social Security to the national debt is often quoted, but infrequently explained. So here's the nickel tour. Let's simplify and scale the numbers down a bit to make them ...
GeoffT 12/19/2012 18 7 1 -
Walker's $2.2bn deficit, more jobs lies, WEDC unaudited and borrowing to avoid a Budget Repair Bill
In 2006, gubernatorial candidate Walker issued a press release condemning Governor Jim Doyle as a liar: DoyleLie: Our budget is balanced WalkerTruth: Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
GeoffT 12/16/2012 16 40 5 -
Beware of Republicans bearing promises of jobs: the bitter Wisconsin lesson for the nation
For the last 20 months here in the Badger State, we have been living the Republican austerity dream under Scott Walker: 1. He promised 250,000 new jobs if elected (about a 10% increase) within ...
GeoffT 10/19/2012 33 46 1 -
Walker's 80,000 job deficit
During the recall election campaign, Scott Walker re-made his 2010 promise to see Wisconsin create 250,000 jobs during his first term, and furthermore said that there would be a "dramatic turnaround"
GeoffT 09/24/2012 8 20 1 105
Walker's 80,000 job deficit
During the recall election campaign, Scott Walker re-made his 2010 promise to see Wisconsin create 250,000 jobs during his first term, and furthermore said that there would be a "dramatic turnaround"
GeoffT 09/24/2012 28 87 3 554
Grothman's mouth can bite him
The recent overturning of major elements of Act 10 has had Wisconsin Republicans all worked up , with plenty of entirely predictable accusations of Judge Juan Colás being a liberal activist. ...
GeoffT 09/19/2012 4 10 - 71
Act 10, the Constitution and the Assembly Democrats
Last Friday, Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colàs made the order : For the reasons stated above, the court grants summary judgment in favor of the plaintiffs, denies the defendants' motion for ...
GeoffT 09/18/2012 4 10 - 75
I sit with Tom Barrett
So I'm pounding the ground today and down a cul-de-sac I come across this sign in the yard of someone listed as an 88 year old lady. I wish she had been home: Given that the doors I've been ...
GeoffT 06/03/2012 24 44 1 212
Walker is keeping eligible Wisconsinites off BadgerCare
The Walker Administration is being sued over its refusal to enroll people in BadgerCare : 28. Since January 2010, the number of individuals enrolled in the Core program has steadily dropped. At ...
GeoffT 06/02/2012 23 60 1 302
Scott Walker lies: the whopper
This one is for your friends and relatives who might be holding back on Barrett because they don't believe in recalls no matter how terrible Walker's policies and deception on the campaign trail ...
GeoffT 05/31/2012 26 56 1 373
Doyle/Walker jobs performance
Walker has become fond of highlighting the 150,000 jobs lost in Wisconsin under his predecessor, Jim Doyle. What Walker is less fond of highlighting is that despite this, Doyle's Wisconsin still ...
GeoffT 05/25/2012 8 18 - 87
Walker's 66,000 job deficit
If Wisconsin were merely following the national trend of job growth since Walker started in January 2011, we'd have 66,000 more jobs now than we actually do (the disparity rising from 64,000 last ...
GeoffT 05/21/2012 29 65 1 330
Scott Walker spins 360 degrees in the space of a single number (plus government-PAC collusion?)
That number is 33,521 . From his recent press release : A quarterly report released today by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) shows Wisconsin created 23,321 jobs in 2011. Wisconsin ...
GeoffT 05/17/2012 11 17 - 187
So Governor Walker, about that budget surplus...
That $154 million surplus that you were told about by the Secretary of the Department of Administration, Mike Huebsch? The one which includes $78 million of kicking the can down the road by taking ...
GeoffT 05/13/2012 10 46 2 344
Visceral Walker (updated)
I was talking with a fellow recaller yesterday evening, and he made a very good point: while an avalanche of facts is great to have, they'll rarely get the point across to marginal voters in a way ...
GeoffT 05/10/2012 9 25 - 179
Walker's 64,000 Job Deficit
Chart created by RandomNonviolence (\*) . (\*) Who also accomplished putting up with my continual tweak suggestions.
GeoffT 04/25/2012 24 32 1 268
Scott Walker lies: the budget and jobs
This diary grew out of some research I put together for a comment a few days ago. I've expanded things a bit and want to put these links out there because I can't follow up every comment by a blind ...
GeoffT 04/20/2012 13 30 2 199
My Madison pictures
The crowd begins to gather outside the United Wisconsin office for a pre-rally, one of several prior to gathering at the Capitol building:
GeoffT 03/11/2012 27 32 1 172
So I carried a box
A cardboard box. Not an especially big box. Not the heaviest I've carried by any means but it had quite a few pieces of paper inside, judging by its heft. You may well have one matching this ...
GeoffT 01/18/2012 131 398 5 1559
Numbers to compare to Scott Walker Recall signatures on Tuesday
There are enough signatures to force a recall of our Governor here in Wisconsin: that much is certain. Regardless of the precise number, this Tuesday, January 17th, they will be handed in to the ...
GeoffT 01/14/2012 15 19 - 258
Wisconsin July jobs numbers
Have just come out . Employment is down 12,800, a single-month record; the unemployment rate is up to 7.
GeoffT 08/18/2011 5 2 - 89
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