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It Didn't Get Better
It didn't get better for this young man .
GlowNZ 09/21/2011 82 189 2 1289
September 3/4 2010 Christchurch NZ
This day last year this happened:
GlowNZ 09/03/2011 6 24 - 225
A Sad Anniversary for Christchurch
Today marks six months since the Febraruary 22 earthquake which killed 161 people and changed the face of Christchurch forever.
GlowNZ 08/21/2011 5 9 - 89
Justice Dept Investigating S&P Over Mortgages
Just in from the NY Times:
GlowNZ 08/17/2011 19 23 - 131
New Zealand is closed.
Not literally of course but the polar blast that hit New Zealand yesterday is expected to last several more days and has basically shut New Zealand down.
GlowNZ 08/15/2011 111 123 1 1746
Snow to the sea (a photo diary)
New Zealand is currently experiencing a polar blast. There is snow right down to the sea. This particular blast is expected to last at least three days. While it is causing massive disruption ...
GlowNZ 08/14/2011 16 19 - 105
Feel the love MB
Yes this is another diary reacting to MB leaving.
GlowNZ 08/10/2011 6 21 - 124
A City in a Garden
Not to long ago the Christchurch City Council adopted a draft plan to rebulid Central Christchurch, NZ after the earthquakes in September, February and June.
GlowNZ 08/10/2011 6 15 - 77
this is going to be short and not so fucking sweet. And I should warn sensitive readers that there will be some bad language ...
GlowNZ 08/04/2011 161 143 - 1064
Its not Ok
It is NOT ok to use the deaths of troops to score political points and take pot ...
GlowNZ 08/04/2011 624 190 - 2146
Happy Birthday, Mr President
The President, Barack Obama turned 50 today. I know he isn't going to read this and im probably going to get a lot of dodgy comments but i just want to say Happy Birthday to the man, father and ...
GlowNZ 08/04/2011 14 22 - 76
IRS Revokes tax excempt status forAmericans for the Truth About Homosexuality
This needs to happen more often but is good news:
GlowNZ 08/03/2011 223 166 1 1143
Snow, Snow and more snow!
While there is a deadly heatweave striking some parts of the USA, it is winter in New Zealand and a very bad cold weather front is hitting as we speak, bringing a lot of snow to Christchurch and ...
GlowNZ 07/24/2011 13 27 1 206
At least 84 dead in Norway shooting.
This just ...
GlowNZ 07/22/2011 410 269 3 2660
Jerry Brown signs Landmark Gay Education Bill
SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. announced today that he has signed the following bill: • SB 48 by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) – Pupil instruction: prohibition ...
GlowNZ 07/14/2011 70 70 2 360
People are Starving. (warning disturbing photos)
There is a massive drought in East Africa that is killing people.
GlowNZ 07/10/2011 14 73 1 328
Eff you Rush.
Stating this up front: this will not be much of a ...
GlowNZ 06/24/2011 52 51 - 611
Government Buys out Quake homes
Not long ago, a press conference was held by by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key to outline some plans for SOME of the residents of christchurch whose properties have been damaged by ...
GlowNZ 06/22/2011 2 3 - 58
Why women get paid less than men.
Finally we now know the truth about why women get paid less than men.
GlowNZ 06/22/2011 39 32 - 260
Clarence Clemons Dies
After suffing a stroke a week ago, Clarence Clemons has died. He was 69.
GlowNZ 06/18/2011 17 39 - 280
Yet Another Christchurch Diary
More updates from Christchurch:
GlowNZ 06/16/2011 9 23 1 110
Christchurch Quakes updates
Putting these diaries together is more of a release for me than getting tips and rec's. I can't do much from over there in Los Angeles so this is my way of trying do something. Here are some ...
GlowNZ 06/15/2011 13 23 - 153
Christchurch Earthquake Updates
Its been a rough day in Christchurch. Last night they had six aftershocks and early this morning were hit with a 5.0 and quickly after that a 4....
GlowNZ 06/14/2011 10 26 - 164
Christchurch Earthquake Diary
Yesterday was a pretty bad day for the people of Christchurch. after suffering over 7,000 quakes after last Septembers 7.2 quake, which included the fatal 6.3 one, two large quakes struck. First a ...
GlowNZ 06/13/2011 11 28 1 199
5.5 Quake Strikes Christchurch followed by a 6.0
Normally that would not be a really big deal. Its considered a moderate quake. But this has struck Christchurch, the place where 2 very big quake have stuck in a matter of ...
GlowNZ 06/12/2011 89 90 2 632
Night Chat
Haven't seen an open thread for hours.
GlowNZ 06/11/2011 11 7 - 98
You can't quit the military because you hate teh Gays
Robert Gates, the departing Defense Secretary, was on a farwell tour in Afgahanistan when he was asked this question by a Sergeant.
GlowNZ 06/05/2011 162 210 2 998
The Spillway has been Opened
Yesterday I posted a diary on how the Morganza spillway was going to be opened within 24 hours.
GlowNZ 05/14/2011 42 35 - 311
Mississippi Flooding: Floodway to be opened
I had not been paying much attention to the unfolding drama down in Lousiana until I read this:
GlowNZ 05/13/2011 97 64 2 470
Developing:Shallow Quake in Spain Kills
This is a developing ...
GlowNZ 05/11/2011 7 35 - 256
Who would have thought that one of the worst things I have read regarding Osama's death would be from someone in New Zealand...
GlowNZ 05/04/2011 23 15 - 351
Midnight Music
Its almost midnight here on the West Coast (who cares what time it is in the rest of the country!) And Im sitting here listening to Michael Buble... he just ...
GlowNZ 04/22/2011 20 7 - 65
Two months since Christchurch shook
Tomorrow in New Zealand it will be April the 23rd. Two months since this happened:
GlowNZ 04/21/2011 15 34 - 183
One Month.
It has been exactly one month since the massive 9.0 earthquake and resulting devasting tusnami hit Japan.
GlowNZ 04/10/2011 16 24 - 215
This diary is not about Cenk or Obama
Its about Japan. Japan you say? Yes Japan.... you know the place that had a massive earthquake, a huge tsunami, a continuing nuclear disaster. The place that thousands of people were killed and ...
GlowNZ 04/09/2011 27 38 - 294
My son wants to be a heart hero for his Grandad
Last year, as many of you know, my father in New Zealand had a major heart attack and neeed a triple bypass. He is now doing fine and feeling better than he has in some years. He is in his late 60's.
GlowNZ 04/05/2011 12 19 - 176
It did get better
I was bullied throughout my teenage years. It was hell and i did seriously think about killing myself once at least once. But I am so glad I didn't. It did get better.
GlowNZ 04/02/2011 52 82 - 515
Video surfaces of Boehner and Cantor
Below is a shocking video of Boehner and Cantor discussing about how they plan to beat the Democrats...
GlowNZ 03/30/2011 23 18 - 322
What if American Banks acted like this?
There is a bank in New Zealand called the ASB. It is one of the largest New Zealand banks, with branches throughout the country. It operates BankDirect, a branchless banking service that provides ...
GlowNZ 03/25/2011 8 22 - 154
This is why you should wear a seat belt
This is going to be a short diary.
GlowNZ 03/23/2011 47 32 - 327
Those women nagged him into it...
This from a national review column:
GlowNZ 03/21/2011 30 31 - 281
Pelosi Hospitalized then released in Rome
Reports coming that Nancy Pelosi was in hospital in ...
GlowNZ 03/21/2011 13 15 1 158
My City in Ruins
At the National Memorial Service in Christchurch ,New Zealand,a couple of days ago, a video was played.
GlowNZ 03/20/2011 23 44 - 350
Love is all you need
Hey y'...
GlowNZ 03/19/2011 25 14 - 105
Grief is the Price we pay for love
Yesterday those words were spoken by a young man who knows all too well what that means. HRH Prince William of Wales said those words yesterday at the New Zealand National Memorial for the victims ...
GlowNZ 03/18/2011 23 50 1 294
New Zealand Mourns Updated with Video
Today, a memorial service was held to memoralise those that were killed and those that are still suffering in the Christchurch earthquake almost a month ago.
GlowNZ 03/17/2011 21 33 - 233
Happy Irish Day! (Or St Patrick's Day)
Top of the morning to you all! Or as the Irish like to say "Good Morning" ...
GlowNZ 03/17/2011 20 9 - 57
Japan Disaster Open Thread
I know there have been plenty of diaries on the nuclear threat but few on the earthquake and tsunami that preceeded the nuclear threat and which has left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of ...
GlowNZ 03/16/2011 30 20 - 216
Rush shows his classy side again.
That headline is not true. He has NO classy side... read on "my friends"...
GlowNZ 03/16/2011 36 27 - 258
Japan Disaster LiveBlog
This thread is for anyone to post anything related to the ongoing disaster in Japan.
GlowNZ 03/13/2011 130 63 3 683
Heartbreak for Joel Burns
This isn't going to be much of a diary. But I just woke up to learn that the brother of one of the men I admire most, died last night in a car accident.
GlowNZ 03/13/2011 6 12 - 149
Having done numerous diaries on the earthquake in Christchurch, I cannot and will not ignore the unfolding tragedy in Japan, in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and resulting tsunami,
GlowNZ 03/11/2011 114 121 2 873
Tired of all the Hate.
I am tired of all the bullshit and hate.
GlowNZ 03/10/2011 93 45 - 417
David Broder Has Died
David S. Broder, 81, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Washington Post = died Wednesday in Arlington of complications from diabetes.
GlowNZ 03/09/2011 234 84 1 1653
Millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach, California
This is what millions of dead fish floating in a harbour looks like:
GlowNZ 03/08/2011 30 30 - 237
2 Weeks.
Today marks two weeks since the 6.3 quake struck Christchurch, New Zealand.
GlowNZ 03/07/2011 23 40 1 277
Minutes ago, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced a couple of staggering ...
GlowNZ 03/06/2011 22 51 - 316
A Brave Kiwi
This story is about a Kiwi. Not a bird of the same name... nor a person from New Zealand. It is about a dog called Kiwi.
GlowNZ 03/05/2011 10 25 - 145
No Dead In The Church + 6 Victim Names Released
After all the tragedy and heartache in the reporting of the Christchurch Earthquake, we could all do with some joyful news and here it is:
GlowNZ 03/04/2011 11 32 - 315
The Right Kind of Invasion
After the earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand.. something incredible happened out of all the tragedy.
GlowNZ 03/03/2011 9 18 1 124
Christchurch and New Zealand are now in recovery mode. Both in the sense of , the search and rescue is now turned to recovery and recovery as in trying to emotionally come to terms with what has ...
GlowNZ 03/03/2011 11 8 - 130
Search for Survivors ends: Recovery begins
Gary McCormick is a well known New Zealand tv and radio personality. He lives in Christchurch and is also a poet. He wrote an earthquake Poem:
GlowNZ 03/02/2011 9 18 - 108
A Father's Heartfelt Thanks + Toddler survives 5 story collapse
The following was written by a Japanese father who has, most likely, lost a a daughter in the Christchurch Earthquake:
GlowNZ 03/02/2011 10 20 - 104
159 Dead + Other Christchurch Quake updates
This morning (NZT) the death toll was raised by four to 159, Again it was stressed that it will keep rising.
GlowNZ 03/01/2011 13 33 - 184
New Zealand Mourns
Today at 12.51pm, New Zealand time, there was a two minute silence to remember the people that were killed in the Earthquake that stuck one week ago today.
GlowNZ 02/28/2011 31 60 - 266
Seven Days.
It has been seven days since the 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch New ...
GlowNZ 02/28/2011 21 32 - 219
To the little man who made everyone smile
GlowNZ 02/27/2011 27 49 1 352
Quake hits Refugees In Christchuch, New Zealand
The Earthquake has hit a lot of people hard.. and some who have already suffered so so much:
GlowNZ 02/27/2011 21 56 - 472
Where is Jayden? Earthquake Updates
This is Jayden Andrews:
GlowNZ 02/27/2011 14 27 - 214
NZ PM Announces Global Fund for Christchurch plus other updates
GlowNZ 02/26/2011 14 18 - 119
I'm dying Dad...
Those are the words a Chinese father heard from his daughter who was trapped in the destroyed CTV Building in Christchurch. Then he heard no more.
GlowNZ 02/26/2011 50 120 - 1034
Its late at night. I have spent the last few days focused on the christchurch earthquake.
GlowNZ 02/25/2011 41 41 - 336
The Youngest One
This is Baxtor Gowland:
GlowNZ 02/25/2011 5 12 - 132
Heartbreaking - Death toll climbs to 123
There is no other word that accurately describes what is going on in Christchurch and this morning I woke up to a story that is particularly heartbreaking:
GlowNZ 02/25/2011 43 118 3 816
They've been kicked in the guts
This about sums it ...
GlowNZ 02/24/2011 13 42 1 397
113 dead.
Woke up to the news that the death toll from the Christchurch Earthquake had risen to 102. I know this was expected and it still will go higher but something about it passing 100 kicked me in the ...
GlowNZ 02/24/2011 21 35 - 334
238 missing, 98 dead, includes two babies
Police Minister Judith Collins today described the horrific conditions rescue workers face, with bodies being pulled "in ones and twos" from the rubble. "We've got 76 at the morgue at ...
GlowNZ 02/23/2011 67 93 1 493
Christchurch Day Three
Morning folks, This time I actually got some sleep. Here is the latest from the quake ...
GlowNZ 02/23/2011 24 49 - 337
President Obama's words for New Zealand - 75 confirmed dead, at least 300 missing
Entire statement below:
GlowNZ 02/22/2011 21 41 - 183
New Zealand Quake Updates
Good morning. After a pretty much non existent sleep... Here I am with the latest up dates on the 6.3 quake that struck Christchuch New Zealand yesterday. Excuse any errors...
GlowNZ 02/22/2011 69 99 - 505
Confirmed: 65 Dead in CHCH Quake, toll expected to be in the "dozens"
A 6.3 earthquake has struck Christchurch New Zealand. This comes after the 7.0 quake in September of last year Christchurch Cathedral:
GlowNZ 02/21/2011 189 256 3 1890
Eyes on Egypt & Region Liveblog #118 - Libya
You are in the the 118th Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 uprisings throught North Africa and the Middle East. We stand with our international friends and their courageous struggle for ...
GlowNZ 02/21/2011 437 82 3 1100
Wells Fargo Office gets Foreclosed.
No this isn't a story from the Onion. Read below:
GlowNZ 02/17/2011 11 38 - 300
A Country in Profile: New Zealand
New Zealand was where I was born and spent the first 23 years of my life. It's not just the lord of the rings or a bunch of sheep jokes. It is much more than that. And in this diary I aim to ...
GlowNZ 02/15/2011 44 24 1 189
International Kossacks - A new group
I have decided to be be bold. *ha*. Not sure how well this is going to go but being a New Zealander living in America and loving dailykos I have decided to start a group for International kossacks ...
GlowNZ 02/13/2011 15 9 - 63
Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #90
You are in the the 90th Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising and other uprisings spreading throughout the Mideast. We stand with our Egyptian friends and their courageous ...
GlowNZ 02/10/2011 377 5 1 130
Tropical Cyclone Yasi  is now a Cat FIVE w/Update
Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi hit category five off north Queensland this morning as the weather bureau warned it was likely to be deadlier than any storm seen in Australia in living ...
GlowNZ 02/01/2011 32 51 1 363
Why is this not A National Story?
For the past few days I have been seeing this story on Facebook: On May 30th 2009 a child and her father were murdered and the wife/mother was shot:
GlowNZ 01/28/2011 441 850 16 2423
Happy Birthday Michelle Obama
As a female, the First Lady is a woman I really admire. She is educated, she is strong, she is independent, fierce and loving. And today is her 47th Birthday. This just my way of saying Happy ...
GlowNZ 01/17/2011 155 197 1 136
From Bad  to Worse  to Catastrophic- Queensland Floods
With the confirmed death of a young boy, the death toll has risen overnight to ten. And the reported missing has jumped to over 90. Since yesterday morning, Queenslanders have made a total of 32,...
GlowNZ 01/11/2011 29 44 - 143
4 Children Dead, towns destroyed, Waters hit Brisbane, Queensland Flash Floods.
Houses were destroyed and swept away with people in them, cars were swept away. This happened yesterday afternoon Australian time. Eight people are confirmed dead, four are children but warnings ...
GlowNZ 01/10/2011 41 42 - 133
"She began her life with a tragedy on 9/11 and her life was ended with a tragedy"
Yesterday I posted a tribute and memorial diary to the youngest victim of the shootings in Tucson Arizona. Today her ...
GlowNZ 01/09/2011 18 34 - 82
The Youngest Victim
One of the six people murdered was a nine year old child.
GlowNZ 01/08/2011 308 576 4 582
2 packages detonate at Md. government buildings
A developing story:
GlowNZ 01/06/2011 71 78 - 256
Queensland Flood Updates
Here is the latest information regarding the massive Flooding in Queensland, Australia.
GlowNZ 01/04/2011 14 39 - 315
Queensland Floods  - Waters rising, looting, and death
One of Queensland's biggest natural disasters is unfolding in the town of Rockhampton, with isolated outbreaks of looting as police force residents to abandon their homes and the city is cut off.
GlowNZ 01/02/2011 29 42 - 92
Queensland Floods - 1 dead , 2 missing. Countless heartaches.
This is an update on a diary I did the other night in regards to the flooding in Australia. Follow me over the fold for the ...
GlowNZ 01/01/2011 21 27 - 59
Do Not Drink and Drive - Stay safe Kossacks Please.
Please read this.
GlowNZ 12/31/2010 77 67 - 112
Queensland Floods - Bigger than Germany and France combined
Its not getting much play here but in Queensland, Australia there is currently a disaster of HUGE proporations unfolding.
GlowNZ 12/30/2010 96 176 1 175
She was my hero.
Born Mary Elizabeth Anania, she became known to us as Elizabeth Edwards.
GlowNZ 12/11/2010 127 253 3 73
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