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Just Stop
You ever been fighting for a cause for so long, that you just get so tired of what feels like the obvious--and by obvious, I mean Captain Obvious wearing safety orange, being ignored? That you not ...
GreenMother 03/12/2015 9 16 - -
You will be sorely missed Leonard Nimoy
My kids and I were out doing last minute preparations for the snowy, icy weather today. As usual, we were listening to Science Friday. That's when we heard the news. That Leonard Nimoy had shuffled ...
GreenMother 02/27/2015 19 23 - -
KosAbility: Some Brighter Hopes on the Horizon for Alzheimers Prevention and Treatment
The topic of this diary is epigenetics, and Alzheimers Disease (aka AD) — it's about neuroplasticity, nutrition, supplementation, and self care. If this interests you, you join me through the ...
GreenMother 12/28/2014 32 26 9 -
Slaps Head, Walks Away Muttering
My oldest child shared with us (the parental unit), a video of another albeit, wildly different home school mom, "debunking" evolution. All I can say is that, you are entitled to your own opinion, ...
GreenMother 11/30/2014 46 38 2 -
Here We Go! More Attacks on Military Retirees and Disabled Vets Compensatory Benefits
From my home state too.
GreenMother 11/01/2014 18 26 - -
Don't make me pull the car over.
Any of you old timers remember being a kid, and having your parents threaten that one? With the antics of the people who worked at a certain Texas hospital--I am having several moments a day like ...
GreenMother 10/17/2014 57 9 - -
Fun and Games with Medical Research and Big Medical Bills
Ever heard of this concept, called "The Law of Diminishing Returns"? Surely there is a concept that is the equal and opposite version of that notion. I can't for the life of me think of what that ...
GreenMother 10/10/2014 51 17 1 -
Joining the Discussion About Girls Clothing
I read an article about a mommy blogger, who complained that some of Target's clothing was inappropriate for little girls. She posted a followup too. I happen to agree with her, and would add that ...
GreenMother 10/06/2014 113 78 1 -
Otzi The Iceman
A recent discovery was made regarding Otzi the Iceman. It's that he had heart disease and shows a genetic predisposition for heart disease. Very interesting, and worthy of study. However in the ...
GreenMother 08/01/2014 21 10 - -
There is an old saying: Crisis Management Isn't.
This is the sixth time I have tried to write this diary. Each time it has turned into the kind of paint peeling rant that would require you the reader--to wear a welding mask as a protective measure.
GreenMother 07/30/2014 5 7 2 -
In Memory of Margot Adler
I don't really care what you think of NPR or why in this moment. Because this isn't really about that. This is about an important woman in my life, the Author of Drawing Down the Moon, a Pagan ...
GreenMother 07/29/2014 20 32 1 -
This Weeks War on Women
Amazing after all these years, we have to pass a law, to call for an end to gender bias regarding medical research. But sadly here it is. It doesn't surprise me personally, after all my medical ...
GreenMother 06/28/2014 22 26 - -
The Shining Beam of Hope vs Critical Mass of Accumulated Crap
Unfortunately I have been dealing with institutional sexism a lot lately.
GreenMother 06/03/2014 11 15 - -
It's about time this culture had a serious discussion about PTSD
PTSD is often associated with war veterans, especially those who were in combat. Not to take anything away from those individuals who have been in combat, as far as the subject of PTSD goes--that is ...
GreenMother 05/25/2014 202 70 1 -
Earth Day, Some Things Worth Fighting For
I will just let the photos speak for themselves.
GreenMother 04/23/2014 10 16 - -
What Fresh Hell Is This? UPDATE
UPDATE: The acting commissioner for the Social Security Admn Carolyn W. Colvin has stopped this collections procedure until further notice. “I have directed an immediate halt to further ...
GreenMother 04/12/2014 224 145 5 -
Here is what I know
And it's probably all wrong. I am going to go all low information voter here. Many will no doubt have a hayday with it. I was always taught, that (even though I am female) I have the same rights ...
GreenMother 04/02/2014 13 9 1 -
I am confused about the ACA/Religious-Corporate-"​Person" Freedom Framing
If companies only pay for part of the insurance, doesn't that mean that employees are playing for the other part? That employees pay anywhere from 200 to 1000 dollars a month based on age and number ...
GreenMother 04/01/2014 78 19 - -
Utilizing an all volunteer force and climate change
Xaxnar just wrote a great piece on Climate Change , which I heartily promote. One of the things that came up in the discussion is the problem with outreach, getting people to A) accept that the ...
GreenMother 03/30/2014 18 10 1 -
equal time my a*#
Several stories have hit the intertubz about certain religious groups that don't like the new, fully, awesome show, Cosmos. Not that anyone who loves science, couldn't see that coming, in this era ...
GreenMother 03/23/2014 159 195 4 -
Weaponized Stupid
BTW this title was totally stollen from an excellent piece by Xaxnar . I am sure it's been floating around, but I am quite surprised not to see it covered here at the Kos. That would be Samantha B.'
GreenMother 03/17/2014 131 124 4 -
Drops of Jupiter
I got up very early yesterday morning and I saw what I thought was aircraft lights low in the sky. I thought it must be an aircraft, because this light was bigger than Venus, which is usually one of ...
GreenMother 02/27/2014 9 13 - -
This last week, I and the kids drove around looking for Blue Vine seed pods. Blue vine is a type of milkweed that climbs. I found some growing on a fence on some public property, and was able to ...
GreenMother 02/17/2014 50 41 6 -
It's A Heat Wave
I have my back door open. It's 30 degrees outside, and it feels balmy with the sun shining through my back storm door. The insane mess that is my work room, art studio, computer area is transformed ...
GreenMother 02/13/2014 35 39 3 -
Super Short Post: This made me smile today
After all the craziness about the NSA, and the West Virginia spill, and all the other stuff going on, I saw this story and the pictures made me smile. The couple looks happy, the kids look well fed,
GreenMother 01/17/2014 3 17 - -
The Adversary
That is the role of Lucifer. The original role of a "satan" is to challenge the will of those who purport to be doing YHWH's will. And now that the followers of this challenger have proposed a new ...
GreenMother 01/07/2014 57 34 - -
Ignore the Chronically Unemployed People in the Window
Unfortunately, in order to get the local weather, I feel compelled to turn on the television set. The hubby did me a favor this morning and left the television on for me to see that we are in the ...
GreenMother 01/06/2014 5 8 - -
Life has stopped
I think that is how I describe it. Life has stopped on a dime until I get to the bottom of this medical issue (see previous diary). The magical thinking has hit me hard this weekend. I don't want to ...
GreenMother 12/23/2013 37 18 - -
For every new stage: A new indignity
As a woman, it seems to me that every new stage of life I enter, there are new social indignities to suffer. Sometimes these are just annoyances, and other times these are very scary. And each new ...
GreenMother 12/21/2013 28 20 - -
This week: The War on Women-Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.
Just add some sexism to misogyny, rinse and repeat. I should have had something put together sooner, but I didn't. Exactly. I kept starting diaries, and not finishing them. Somewhere between the ...
GreenMother 12/14/2013 20 26 - -
Floydian Slip
This won't be a very long diary. And it may not break upon any breaking news or anything like that.
GreenMother 11/02/2013 9 5 - -
It's that Time of Year Again
Where I complain about how some people find it necessary to ruin the coolest holiday ever, which is of course, Halloween. First lets get the good stuff out there. The Gazette Halloween Parade in ...
GreenMother 10/31/2013 36 9 - -
Wrestling With Myself
I have expressed prior to this, various concerns I have about the internet. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. On one hand it is this potentially tremendous tool to communicate with people all ...
GreenMother 10/23/2013 96 26 1 -
No Drinks for you Missy
Any attempt by others to construe this diary to mean that I have been distracted from the NSA BS, the GOP Shutdown Antics or any other important issues of the day will result in a stern tongue ...
GreenMother 10/17/2013 11 11 - -
How to Think Ahead, or: What the GOP is really asking for
I don't think these GOP Assholes understand what they are asking for. I know that they have a fantasy about breaking up the union, and turning this into a collection of city states with a' la carte` ...
GreenMother 10/10/2013 155 179 7 -
GOP: Holding their breath til we all die of hypoxia.
The GOPers are at it again. As much as I prefer to reach across the aisle and try and remember that "we are all Americans together," this is not one of those days. I am thoroughly sick and tired ...
GreenMother 10/02/2013 44 44 - -
An Unlovely Subject
Caution: Trigger. The topic covered therein will include the use of sexually charged language and topics.
GreenMother 09/22/2013 49 15 - -
This is a serious WTF moment for me. Keith Alexander who wants to collect all domestic data on any citizen communication, modeled his work space after the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise, from ...
GreenMother 09/16/2013 40 18 - -
H.R. 2692: Protect America's Pollinators Act of 2013
This is very exciting to me, and I wanted to share this on a forum where it could be viewed and addressed by interested parties. The bill is sponsored by John Conyers (D) Michigan, and has 17 co-...
GreenMother 08/15/2013 90 133 5 -
Why Oil Companies can Declare a No Fly Zone Part II
So the last diary was very very long. I could have cut it up into pieces, but I figured it was just better to put that out and explain it as best as I was able, the disturbing material I am reading.
GreenMother 07/11/2013 35 35 2 -
Why Oil Companies can make No Fly Zones
Let me start this diary by saying, this is the kind shit that keeps me up at night. Contemplating the outcomes of the subject explored in this diary scares me. It causes me to lose hope for the ...
GreenMother 07/08/2013 94 113 16 -
Heads Up: Restore the Fourth Protest
The Huffington Post carried this video My Cell Phone is Not an Ankle Bracelet! I am not a Pre-Criminal or Pre-Terrorist! PASS IT ON! Home Page of ...
GreenMother 06/30/2013 9 11 - -
I don't want an apology either, I just want it to stop already.
How many times will we have to make some idiot politician, apologize for their idiot remarks regarding females in the military and MST or Military Sexual Trauma? Normally I would be all for, ...
GreenMother 06/14/2013 9 27 - -
The Importance of the NWS and NOAA in the United States--Specifically, Tornado Alley.
Lets start with some caveats here. I am not an meteorologist, or any other kind of professional weather expert. Just an old lady who has lived in Tornado alley most of her life, with a dash of ...
GreenMother 06/06/2013 9 13 1 -
Finally some good news, in the form common sense, from Tornado Alley.
Here is a bit a good news. Representative Joe Dorman (D) of Rush Springs wants a 500 Million Dollar Bond approved to build shelters for Oklahoma Public Schools. You can read the whole story at Newsok.
GreenMother 05/22/2013 75 50 - -
Severe Weather
Yesterday, we received baseball sized hail. I would post an image, but my spouse removed our extra hard drive for pictures, to store, because today we are expecting more of the same. I positively ...
GreenMother 05/20/2013 20 20 - -
Weather Update: Oklahoma
Central Oklahoma is expecting severe weather today. In fact a large swath of the state is indicated in a "moderate risk" zone. Yesterday it was quite chilly, [in the 40s] with high moisture content ...
GreenMother 04/17/2013 27 13 - -
The Prophecy Must be Fulfilled!
Do you ever get tired of that end of the world stuff? I know it reached a fever pitch this last December, with it being the end of 2012 and all. Somewhere along the way, the apocryphal rapture, ...
GreenMother 03/19/2013 11 4 - -
Since about mid January, central Oklahoma has been receiving moisture. We haven't received enough to break the drought, but it has been significant enough, that flowers are starting to bloom. ...
GreenMother 03/13/2013 8 12 - -
When the Media calls them Killer Bees
Every once in a while, we read tragic stories about people being severely stung, or even stung to death by honey bees. And almost every time the media has to hype it as Killer bees. Case in Point: ...
GreenMother 03/07/2013 231 115 - -
Why We Need to Monitor Volcanoes in the US
As per special request--someone asked me to expand upon a comment at another diary regarding the flub by Bobby Jindal {some time ago} when he strongly suggested that we end our Volcano Hazards ...
GreenMother 02/20/2013 189 145 3 -
I am Fat [Updated]
Last night I made brownies. I noticed while I was doing it, that the subatomic structure of the universe was weakened considerably. I could almost see through the veil that separates these threads, ...
GreenMother 02/10/2013 286 248 2 -
Scrutinizing Lone Women Travelers
It's the same old story. In stead of teaching males, the world over, or even our local culture, to treat females like human beings when no one is watching, we instead verbally attack women, question ...
GreenMother 02/06/2013 271 283 7 -
It's Raining!
I won't claim that this post has any kind of political significance, or that it's important to anyone but me and perhaps those who live in Oklahoma, but... It's Raining! Some places have gotten ...
GreenMother 01/29/2013 22 20 - -
When the Going Gets Ugly
Many many moons ago, long before I came to the DK, long before I even owned a personal computer, I used to dig into some disturbing stuff. I did it as an act of self preservation, I did it to ...
GreenMother 01/28/2013 17 20 - -
Progression of the Drought
I worry about the ongoing drought every day. I know I am starting seeds, and talking about gardening, but there is always a part of me that is worrying about the long terms effects of the last two ...
GreenMother 01/22/2013 136 145 2 -
First Sprouts + Maybe a solution to help Monarch Butterflies?
Of course it would be Sungolds and Tomatillos! Today, I have my first sprouts. Now the trick is to keep them alive, healthy and growing until it is time to harden them off and put these babies in ...
GreenMother 01/10/2013 20 7 - -
Seeds Started: CHECK!
I don't know which time of the year I like more. That first day you see tiny little sprouts poking up out of the seed trays, or that week you get your first cherry tomatoes off of the vine when ...
GreenMother 01/07/2013 136 76 13 -
Breastfeeding fail
I know that there are lots of issues in the hopper that are politically important. But recently I came across a story on CNN: Is the medical community failing breast feeding mothers? Well, I have ...
GreenMother 01/04/2013 70 30 - -
Have you decided what seeds to start yet?
I know most people would think that it's too dang early to be digging the seeds out, but not in this house. I will be setting up my grow lights and my trays, and buying some good potting mix this ...
GreenMother 12/27/2012 224 73 7 -
What is the NWS doing?
For several days now I have waited while periodically holding my breath, hoping that we here in Oklahoma would get some kind of precipitation. Really I am not that picky, giant bowling ball hail ...
GreenMother 12/22/2012 16 6 - -
So Let Me Get This Straight...
I read that an Oklahoma Legislator says that Teachers and Administrators should be armed. Lets game this out, if you will bear with me. They want teachers and principles to wear loaded firearms in ...
GreenMother 12/18/2012 38 19 - -
The Sickness that Pervades our Country
Words cannot describe my horror, our horror, as my children and I were out and about, listening to NPR, waiting for our favorite Friday shows to come on, as we drove to our various errands, and the ...
GreenMother 12/17/2012 14 6 1 -
Glow in the Dark Frankentrees?
I hit a story over at Tree Hugger, and it outlines the idea to sell Christmas trees, to the public, whose genes have been spliced with that of a jellyfish, to produce bioluminescent Christmas trees.
GreenMother 12/13/2012 34 10 - -
Another Library Find: Living Downstream
Since I take my kids to the library frequently, I too often check out books and DVDs. I love libraries. I love everything about them, from the oldest materials, to the newest, to the feel of book ...
GreenMother 12/11/2012 18 30 1 -
The [NEW] Rules of Engagement
Lots of talk about reforms in the military that need to happen, or that sometimes are attempted with regards to integrating women into the forces. I can tell you some things about that, but I have ...
GreenMother 12/07/2012 29 11 1 -
Some kind of hope in Oklahoma
Sometimes I have a love-hate relationship with my home state. The land is beautiful, the people are friendly, but there is no disguising it that Oklahoma has some issues with women, a lot of issues ...
GreenMother 12/05/2012 9 15 - -
Well it's getting drier again
I have posted several diaries about the drought and it's impact on my region in the South West. The drought is not over yet. Although we did get a bit of rain in the fall in Oklahoma, and that helped,
GreenMother 12/02/2012 69 56 3 -
Cooking with Science
I have a confession to make. I wish I were better at math, so I could become a solar energy technician. It's true. Unfortunately I don't see any offers for brain transplants, so I shall have to make ...
GreenMother 12/01/2012 14 9 2 -
This is close to me checking off the box: Okay, now I have seen everything.
I won't tell you that this story is of immediate national importance. I won't pretend that reading this will keep us from being pushed over an artificially created, "Fiscal Cliff". It's simply ...
GreenMother 11/27/2012 32 18 - -
Scrap Bookers as History Makers
I have started a scrap book for my mother, one owed to her some time ago, which will hopefully deter my future murder, as bad daughter, who failed to make her a scrap book, when I made two for 2 ...
GreenMother 11/24/2012 20 12 - -
Celebrating our Turkey Friends
I know it sounds kind of weird, but for a long while, we kept turkeys as pets and companions. It all started after my kids had suffered a serious bout of the flu. Both had ended up in the hospital ...
GreenMother 11/22/2012 30 30 1 -
Happy Thanksgiving Kossacks
I just thought I would share some pictures, maybe get a chuckle or two out of you. I know that some of you are on your way to, or awaiting the arrival of, family members who are rooting for the ...
GreenMother 11/21/2012 20 10 - -
What type of family do you inhabit?
I just found this Science Daily article about the "Four Family Cultures of America Identified," and I was very intrigued by what was outlined. Read the story, and take a look at the questions and ...
GreenMother 11/18/2012 77 10 - -
When you don't know you are trapped in an Echo-Chamber
The fact is, we have all been in some kind of echo-chamber at some point. Some self inflicted and others, pushed upon us to manipulate our ability to react to certain situations. Today, Truthout ...
GreenMother 11/16/2012 85 83 3 -
Tutoring and Being Frustrated
I still get that beleaguered look on occasion, from parents, when they find out we home school. Contrary to popular belief, I don't force feed my children gruel while they are chained in a dank ...
GreenMother 11/15/2012 25 14 - -
Hey Corporate America, Don't do Early Black Friday on My Account
How many people out there believe that if a person is a low wage worker, that person should be denied the ability to observe traditional, cultural holidays in America? If you raised your hand, ...
GreenMother 11/13/2012 30 18 - -
The Last Tomato of the Season, and other stuff.
We didn't get many tomatoes this season, at least not a lot of the big beefsteak varieties with the heat sterilizing the pollen and all. But we did get a few. And I got one last Purple Cherokee. ...
GreenMother 11/12/2012 23 11 - -
So Tense! I am so glad that the campaign is over
I know that there is still work to be done. But I was seriously worried the other night, that with all the voter suppression tactics going on swing states, that the GOP might win. As a result I got ...
GreenMother 11/08/2012 4 3 - -
Congrats! Obama Won, But when will we make that day a holiday?
Yesterday, because I was a stay at home mom, I was able to do something, I do quite regularly. Time my trip to the polls to coincide to the period that happens between the morning rush and the ...
GreenMother 11/07/2012 10 4 - -
Today's the Day
I printed up my polling place location. And just like last time, I have a backpack with snacks and drinks. I have my camera ready in case the baggers go nuts. I also have coloring books and word ...
GreenMother 11/06/2012 7 2 - -
Uh Oh--Brownie made a brownie!
Still shocked that Brown, the Heck-u-va-job Oklahoma native actually had the gall to speak up at all, much less state that Obama and FEMA acted too soon in during the Hurricane Sandy disaster. I ...
GreenMother 10/31/2012 18 16 - -
Halloween Strikes Back!
If you read the last two diaries I wrote on Hallween, you know, that I like authentic Halloween celebrations that include trick or treating door to door, and costumes, and events happening at night--...
GreenMother 10/29/2012 5 4 - -
The Grinch of Halloween?
Okay, I was all ready to chill out, and at least temporarily stop being so uptight about the issues I have observed with the negative developments that have plagued MY favorite,secular, American ...
GreenMother 10/25/2012 18 6 - -
I am going to have to leave the state to have a decent Halloween
I know I know--there's like a presidential campaign going on and all that important stuff! But seriously, I vote. But also, life goes on. And one thing going on, this next coming week is Halloween. ...
GreenMother 10/23/2012 249 117 - -
The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same. The Relevance of Rachel Carson's Work Now.
I am an avid reader, but I can only read so many books a year. And sometimes, I am just too busy, or tired. I have kids now and that means less reading, for pleasure or personal research. I hit ...
GreenMother 10/22/2012 11 4 1 -
A Binder Full of Gender Discrimination
There are many bloggers and Kossacks covering this. I asked a similar question last night, as I ---like many others yelled at the television in total disgust as Mitt Romney lied his pants off about ...
GreenMother 10/17/2012 10 5 - -
News Flash: Another Woman Given A Life Sentence
I know people don't think about it this way. But there is a peculiar aspect of misogyny in which society polices women professionally, and makes sure, if at all possible, that all women are stuck ...
GreenMother 10/16/2012 19 22 1 -
The Avenging Uterus
Okay sort of funny, but not that funny. If we could hold female, physiology, educational sessions with actual sitting legislators, and they actually listened, that would have happened years ago. ...
GreenMother 10/13/2012 3 6 1 -
The First Hard Frost
This weekend, we received a helluva cold front. The temperatures dropped down into the 40s and 30s. It was very cold, I would even say frigid. And in spite of that cold, the Asters, and the ...
GreenMother 10/11/2012 27 39 2 -
No More Hobby Lobby
If I were to take a rough, mental inventory of all the art supplies that I own and use--I have about 3 milk crates full of cans and tubes of Golden and Windsor Newton acrylic paints, and mediums. I ...
GreenMother 10/09/2012 376 389 9 2395
Visiting the Tin Foil Hat Forest
These past three decades have been the most paranoid, I can remember, historically out of all my readings, when combined with personal experience. People don't trust the government, they don't ...
GreenMother 10/02/2012 14 5 - 128
Three Days of Rain
Three glorious days of rain have fallen in this area. Sometimes day and night. The ground is delightfully spongy. There are trees and shrubs, desperately trying to turn green again, in spite of ...
GreenMother 09/29/2012 41 59 - 351
Droughts and Votes
Well, the drought is persisting in central Oklahoma. The ground is dry, there is still a fire ban, and we have yet to receive enough rain to break this supernaturally long, dry spell. My vitex look ...
GreenMother 09/23/2012 1 4 - 23
Who would you allow to make the Blasphemy Laws?
It's a hot topic online right now. But the funny thing is, Blasphemy Laws, Theocracies, and Extremism are always front and center these days, especially in the good old U.S. of A. Right now it ...
GreenMother 09/20/2012 18 10 - 102
What a world
I know I have been cranky and inconsolable lately. I just get that way some times. Just to let those who care know: I am not about to stop watching the politics, and I am voting this election season,
GreenMother 09/16/2012 12 12 - 61
Stick a fork in me, I am done.
You ever feel that way? When you just get to the point where you know that one of the following things have happened: 1. you can say or do nothing right. 2. The damage [whatever it is] is done, ...
GreenMother 09/08/2012 33 21 - 240
Finally! They Said the Words!
Last night as I watched the mostly female speaker-lineup for the DNC, they said the words! What words would those be? That we should trust women, and give them the freedoms to make their own ...
GreenMother 09/05/2012 36 84 - 911
Signs of Life
Even before Isaac was declared a hurricane, long before it reached landfall, central Oklahoma did receive some significant rain. Some places measured rainfall at 3 inches, or just shy of that. The ...
GreenMother 09/01/2012 3 14 - 57
Never Ever Forget That It Happened Here
It happened here in this country, on our soil and that it was perpetrated against our own citizens. I am not talking about Sept 11th, I am not talking Oklahoma City. I am speaking of Hurricane ...
GreenMother 08/28/2012 85 79 4 527
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