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Decade long oil spill in the GoM has finally had its shroud of secrecy lifted.
In 2004, 28 oil wells located 11 miles off the coastlines of Louisiana that are owned and operated by Taylor Energy, were destroyed by a mudslide caused by Hurricane Ivan. The consequences of this ...
Pakalolo 04/22/2015 26 99 1 -
This Was Not a Spill
Today is the anniversary of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history: the explosion of Deepwater Horizon and subsequent oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. I don't like to call it a spill,
Michael Brune 04/22/2015 9 15 1 -
For Earth Day, fight global warming denial that hurts women
On March 25 I introduced legislation that would recognize the disparate impact that global warming will have on women. Specifically, I cited women with limited socioeconomic resources who might be ...
Barbara Lee 04/22/2015 8 34 1 -
Fukushima: 4 Years Later
The nuclear disaster at Fukushima marks its 4th anniversary today. This is a report on the conditions at what's left of the facility at this point in time. What has been tried and/or accomplished - ...
Joieau 03/11/2015 52 46 4 -
National Bank of Abu Dhabi: "fossil fuels can no longer compete with solar technologies on price"
Treehugger We are living in amazing times; witnessing the green revolution growing exponentially before our eyes. It's game over ...
VL Baker 03/03/2015 129 296 9 -
Christie Settles $9 Billion NJ Pollution Case Against Exxon for $250 Million
(illustration by DonkeyHotey) I just caught this on Maddow and found a late-breaking article in The New York Times : A long-fought legal battle to recover $8.9 billion in damages from Exxon ...
ericlewis0 02/28/2015 130 276 3 -
BP loses legal bid–still on the hook for $13.7 billion
BP argues it's just a flesh wound New Orleans, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier rejected BP's attempt to reduce the possible civil ...
Walter Einenkel 02/23/2015 5 21 - -
Wei-Hock Soon and the best Climate Change Denial money can buy
The NYT , relying on FOIA information obtained by Greenpeace. He (Dr. Soon) has accepted more than $1.2 million in money from the fossil-fuel industry over the last decade while failing to disclose ...
blue aardvark 02/22/2015 15 40 - -
Oil Train Derails Catches Fire in W. Va. Disaster Declared 2 Towns Evacuated
This is the second fiery oil train derailment in just the last three days. LATEST: More shelters set up in connection with train derailment 7:30 p.m. UPDATE: West Virginia Governor Earl Ray ...
Lefty Coaster 02/17/2015 18 48 1 -
The oldest man in Australia knits sweaters for injured penguins and it is amazing
Sorry but tiny penguins in sweaters? I couldn't resist this story. Alfred AKA "Alfie" Date is Australia's oldest man at 109 years old and he's been knitting for over 80 of those years. When he ...
FaithGardner 02/13/2015 70 214 8 -
Global wind power installations rose by 44 percent in 2014. China led again, but the U.S. improved
Wind turbines on the Kumayaay Indian reservation in southern California. The Global Wind Energy Council ...
Meteor Blades 02/10/2015 32 70 3 -
EPA review of Keystone XL 'national interest' ought to be enough for Obama to say 'No' to pipeline
Bitumen, the petroleum of the tar sands.
Meteor Blades 02/03/2015 54 89 1 -
Pipeline explodes in West Virginia
Another day, another gas pipeline bursts—this time in West Virginia, about an hour away from Pittburgh and near the Ohio River . A number of residents have said they saw what ...
FaithGardner 01/28/2015 258 228 4 -
50,000 gallons of oil spill into Yellowstone River
Ice hampers oil spill cleanup in Yellowstone River; residents report smell, taste of oil in ...
Eileen B 01/19/2015 170 271 3 -
The Obama administration is NOT saying that it will veto the Keystone XL
Tar sands being extracted There is confusion about the Obama administration's stance on legislation being proposed—and sure to pass—in Congress to force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. ...
Meteor Blades 01/07/2015 127 227 2 -
President Obama Will Veto Keystone XL Pipeline Bill
Breaking from The Washington Post : President Obama would veto a bill that would allow for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, the White House said Tuesday. "If this bill passes this ...
ericlewis0 01/06/2015 335 204 1 -
Help Stop Fast Track Approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Senator Bernie Sanders (D) Vermont, is leading the fight against the "fast track" approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and he needs our help. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a ...
Doctor Jazz 12/30/2014 18 19 4 -
Updated. Kossack bleeding heart has completed her journey
Long-time Kossack bleeding heart has entered hospice care. She has been a tireless fighter for good in Wisconsin, a member of the solidarity singers at the Capital, a thorn in the side of elected ...
1864 House 12/28/2014 158 536 2 -
POTUS Permanently Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay from Gas, Oil Drilling
From : WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Obama designated the pristine waters of Bristol Bay off limits to consideration for oil and gas leasing. This action safeguards one of the ...
ericlewis0 12/16/2014 191 290 3 -
Spotlight on green news & views: Climate talks in Lima, world's largest solar farm fully operational
Grand Canyon. See Marni McKinney's post . Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don't attract the attention ...
Meteor Blades 12/03/2014 13 62 1 -
How The Oil Industry Bought And Trashed North Dakota
While other states remain mired in the aftermath of the Great Recession, one state, thanks to the miracles of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, is ...
Dartagnan 11/24/2014 114 174 4 -
There's Been HOW Many Pipeline Spills in Alberta in The Last Four Months??
Alberta, Canada is basically a petro state. Oil and gas production rule everything and it's happening everywhere in the north of the province. Pipelines criss cross ...
Gwennedd 11/17/2014 247 416 14 -
Shell Oil loses big. U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals throws out pre-emptive lawsuit
Shell’s path to drilling in the Arctic is lined with pitfalls. Photo credit: Alaska Wilderness League Poor Shell Oil can't get any relief in their quest to destroy the Arctic Ocean for ...
Pakalolo 11/17/2014 27 102 2 -
CEO of TransCanada Concedes just 50 permanent jobs from Keystone XL Pipeline
Seeming overlooked during yesterday's (11/16/14) interview on ABC's "ThisWeek" , Russ Girling , current CEO of "TransCanada"... the company behind the Keystone XL Pipeline... conceded a claim by ...
Mugsy 11/17/2014 247 204 9 -
POTUS Makes Strongest Statement Yet Against Keystone XL Pipeline
The President, in Myanmar earlier today, in response to a reporter's question: ...I have to constantly push back against this idea that somehow the Keystone pipeline is either this massive jobs ...
ericlewis0 11/15/2014 206 226 2 -
Oh, It's On - POTUS Readies Sweeping Series of Executive Actions to Combat Global Warming
From Politico : The Obama administration is set to roll out a series of climate and pollution measures that rivals any president’s environmental actions since George H.W. Bush signed a rewrite of ...
ericlewis0 11/12/2014 469 351 6 -
Community Fundraisers: Wish Sara R Happy Birthday! And Help Keep the Quilt Sisters in Their Home
Sara R, one of our beloved quilt sisters, has a birthday today. She, her sister winglion (Ann), their five cats and four chickens have much to celebrate on a daily basis, as Sara herself ...
peregrine kate 11/09/2014 235 144 2 -
BP's Gulf Oil Disaster Left An Oil "Ring" The Size of Rhode Island
Remember the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Disaster? Remember the underwater cameras that showed that never-ending plume of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico for ...
Dartagnan 10/28/2014 47 102 2 -
University of Glasgow is first European academic institution to divest from fossil fuel industry
The Gilbert Scott Building at the University of Glasgow ...
Laurence Lewis 10/08/2014 18 56 2 -
Germany's Solar revolution threatens fossil fuel based generation
In Fossil Fuel Generator Industry Will Be Hit Hardest By Energy Storage, Giles Parkinson , of CleanTechnica describes a new ...
HoundDog 10/05/2014 113 198 4 -
You haven't seen me in a while. Here's why.
Hey fellow Kossacks, It's been a pleasure being part of this extraordinary community for almost ten years now. I started writing here in 2005, amassing hundreds of diaries before I started writing ...
thereisnospoon 09/16/2014 97 741 8 -
Federal judge rules BP 'reckless,' two other companies 'grossly negligent' in gulf oil spill
After four years of debate and legal testimony, a federal district judge ruled Thursday that BP's grossly negligent actions led to the explosion of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and ...
Meteor Blades 09/04/2014 77 199 3 1
Holy Fishgrease! BP Ruled 'Grossly Negligent' in Gulf Spill
Well son of a gun! Finally. One of largest human caused disasters of recent memory was of course the oil spill tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. Great to finally see a court decide on this! ...
divineorder 09/04/2014 48 64 1 -
Toxic Spill in the Cariboo & The Pebble Mine in Alaska
Last week I posted this diary: Massive Toxic sludge spilled into pristine wilderness There were questions ...
Agathena 08/12/2014 41 39 - -
BP oil blowout negatively affected corals more than previously thought
(A and B) Two Paramuricea sp. from MC344 in November 2011 with apparently healthy and visibly unhealthy and dead portions of the ...
Meteor Blades 07/30/2014 36 104 3 -
Mysterious Siberian Crater Found at "End of the World" May Portend Methane Climate Catastrophe
Oblique view of crater shows an elevated rim but around a deep hole. This morphology is indicative of a methane explosion, not a meteorite impact or surface collapse into a sink hole.
FishOutofWater 07/17/2014 357 575 20 -
Oklahoma experiences 7 earthquakes in 14 hours over weekend (Update: 4 More 7/15)
Oklahoma had a very busy weekend, at least according to the richter scale. GUTHRIE, Okla. (AP) -- The U.S. Geological Survey has recorded seven small earthquakes shaking central Oklahoma in a span ...
Chris Reeves 07/14/2014 243 212 1 -
Victory. It's done. We win! Sea turtles protected by US law
Loggerhead Sea Turtle It's been a long time coming but finally Sea turtles have received the protection they need to sustain their species into the future. I've been active in Sea Turtle habitat ...
VL Baker 07/10/2014 32 143 2 -
Blowhard Trump still dissing Scottish wind turbines that would ruin the view from his golf course
Scotland wants wind turbines like these and other renewables to supply 100 percent of the nation's electricity by 2020. Donald Trump says the turbines are the worst disaster to befall Scotland in ...
Meteor Blades 07/07/2014 222 157 2 -
Solar Panel Acreage Needed to Power the Entire Planet: 158 mi x 158 mi
The three squares on the map, below, represent how much solar panel acreage would be needed to power Germany (marked "D"), Europe (marked "EU"), and the entire planet (marked "Welt"): Not that big,
ericlewis0 06/26/2014 410 295 11 -
Hey, Check Out My Backyard!
Pretty impressive eh? Did it with a little bit of dumpster diving, a couple of earth posters and about six bucks worth of paint. The sad thing, apart from the obvious OCD, is that these are ...
freewayblogger 06/24/2014 34 322 2 -
Spotlight on Green News & Views: Tar sands oil without Keystone XL, 5 Nebraska coal plants to close
Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don't attract the attention they deserve. To help get more eyeballs, Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the ...
Meteor Blades 06/22/2014 22 70 1 -
Senator Bernie Sanders accuses oil speculators of using Iraq as excuse to drive up prices
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) accused speculators of using the chaos in Iraq "as a phony excuse to artificially drive up crude oil and gasoline prices." Sanders was responding to news that the ...
HoundDog 06/21/2014 77 83 1 -
Oil from the 2010 spill in the GoM is impairing swimming in one of the ocean’s fastest fish
A team of scientists at the University of Miami published a study concluding that mahi mahi, a pelagic fish, exposed to Deep Water Horizon crude oil even for short periods of time struggle to swim.
Pakalolo 06/20/2014 18 22 - -
U.S. oil-production boom means oil-train booms of the explosive kind are likely to proliferate
One objection raised against the grassroots campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline from being built is that the producers of Canadian tar sands petroleum will simply shift their plans and ship ...
Meteor Blades 06/18/2014 61 61 2 1
In response to President Obama's greenhouse gas regulations, Republicans roll out their usual lies
With the announcement this past week of President Obama's new greenhouse gas ...
Laurence Lewis 06/08/2014 27 66 9 -
Denial, delay, despair = defeat. What if an asteroid were headed our way?
Getting action on climate change has for the past 25 years been obstructed by global warming deniers and delayers. The deniers say it isn't happening or isn't a big deal or it doesn't matter ...
Meteor Blades 06/08/2014 250 185 10 2
Artist Stops Oil Pipeline Cold
Alberta artist, Peter von Tiesenhausen , has effectively stopped oil corporations from putting a pipeline through his 800 acre property by covering it with artwork and copyrighting the top six ...
occupystephanie 05/30/2014 126 344 16 -
Work Related Fracking Deaths Way Up
The American federation of unions, the AFL-CIO just released their annual report on workplace safety and fracking deaths are on the rise. Deaths rose by 23 percent just in 2012 alone. The climb in ...
StewartAcuff 05/27/2014 6 9 - -
EPA reaches agreement with Duke Energy over coal ash spill. But a hundred potential spills remain
This is what you can still find in parts of the Dan River after Duke Energy dumped up to 82,000 tons of coal ash into it. As these things usually go, the "deal" the U.S. Environmental Protection ...
Meteor Blades 05/23/2014 14 54 - 3
Hey, It's Windy out there!
If Wind Gusts ... were $20 bills -- would more people pay attention to them? 9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wind Energy by TakePart Staff, -- May 10, 2014 [...] 5 . The United States ...
jamess 05/21/2014 17 13 - -
Marco Rubio can't name one source for his claims climate scientists are wrong about climate science
The new face of climate science As you may have read here or elsewhere in the past few days, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, one ...
Meteor Blades 05/13/2014 132 159 3 1
Somebody finally gets the 'fair and balanced' part of climate change debate right: John Oliver
Chris Mooney at Mother Jones zeroed in Monday on what we should hope is the way all climate change debates should be run in the future: For over a decade, people like me have been explaining why ...
Meteor Blades 05/12/2014 84 313 5 3
USGS issues 'damaging earthquake' advisory for Oklahoma, its first ever for east of the Rockies
In a joint release , the U.S. Geological Survey and the Oklahoma Geological Survey are warning advising that the increase of earthquakes above 3.0 on the Richter Scale since October last year has ...
Meteor Blades 05/06/2014 118 182 2 -
Young People Sue Federal Government: Ignoring Climate Change Violates Constitutional Rights
Over the past few years, young people across the U.S. have been suing the federal government for violating their constitutional rights by ignoring climate change . The issue is obvious: refusing to ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 05/05/2014 42 123 1 -
Help me help the bees
I have been a Daily Kos member since August of 2006. I have had times of participation and times of quiet. I have had disagreements, and I've made great friendships. I've always been amazed at the ...
second gen 05/01/2014 37 19 - -
Greenpeace Confirms: Six Utilities Quietly Dumped ALEC
Crossposted from Greenpeace USA's The EnvironmentaLIST: Greenpeace Confirms Six Utilities Quietly Dumped ALEC . After writing letters to nine utility companies that have supported the anti-science ...
cgibosn 05/01/2014 9 22 1 -
Oil Train Derails, Burns in Lynchburg
Despite assurances from industry that behemoth trains carrying thousands of gallons of crude oil are safe, evidence continues to show that's not always the case. A CSX train derailed and burned in ...
Senor Unoball 04/30/2014 56 83 - -
Updates: Crude Oil 'Bomb Train' Derails into VA Drinking Water Supply
A train carrying crude oil derailed in Lynchburg, Virginia on ...
Desi 04/30/2014 40 120 1 -
Why We Are Blocking the Office of Harvard's President
This blog was originally posted at The Huffington Post . Co-authored by by Sima Atri, Benjamin Franta, Sidni Frederick, Ted Hamilton, Jacob Lipton, Chloe Maxmin, Brett Roche, Kelsey Skaggs, Henney ...
Harvard Divest 04/30/2014 38 108 2 -
Genuine Solar Breakthrough
It's the custom here at DKos to announce "breakthroughs" in renewable energy. These typically range from violations of thermodynamics to nice ideas that are unlikely to be practical in the ...
docmidwest 04/30/2014 96 247 11 -
Open thread for night owls: Arctic oil spill readiness virtually nonexistent
At DeSmogBlog, Farron Cousins writes Report: Arctic Oil Spill Readiness Virtually Nonexistent :
Meteor Blades 04/28/2014 47 47 1 -
New York Times Joins the Bumbling Keystone XL Cops
#RejectAndProtect encampment In a New York Times Earth Day story, the usually excellent Coral Davenport grossly ...
ClimateBrad 04/26/2014 57 62 3 -
MSNBC/Rolling Stone: Obama to Say NO to Keystone XL Pipeline (Unconfirmed)
Moments ago, on The Ed Show , on MSNBC, Ed Schultz reported that unnamed sources at the White House (at Rolling Stone Magazine? - correction h/t varii ) have leaked that President Obama has made up ...
ericlewis0 04/24/2014 251 269 4 -
Updated: BREAKING: Jury awards $3 million in first fracking case
When you present the evidence to six people who know nothing about fracking, they find fracking guilty . I wrote a diary on Daily Kos when Lisa Parr's doctor found drilling chemicals in her blood ...
TXsharon 04/24/2014 236 484 11 -
Chart of the Day: Killing eco-activists
Earlier this week, the London-based Global Witness released its 25-page report— "Deadly Environment: The Dramatic Rise in Killings of Environmental and Land Defenders" —which ...
Meteor Blades 04/17/2014 48 159 4 -
What the heartland thinks of the Keystone XL pipeline, in one image
My friend and ...
citisven 04/15/2014 68 314 4 -
IPCC report shows action on climate change is not spending, it's investing
One lesson that most of us humans, individually and institutionally, seem to have a hard time internalizing is the cost of deferred maintenance. That applies to everything from fixing bridges to ...
Meteor Blades 04/14/2014 76 79 2 -
New IPCC report: Averting climate catastrophe would be extremely affordable. If we act now.
Home The headline says it all: The new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change proves that averting catastrophic climate change is affordable, but only if the world is galvanized ...
Laurence Lewis 04/14/2014 90 117 4 -
Global Marshall style plan on climate being initiated by UN climate change panel
Michel Sherrod of the World Meteorological Organization: "Thirty years ago the previous generation maybe was damaging the atmosphere out of ignorance now ignorance is no longer a good excuse. We ...
VL Baker 04/14/2014 19 23 - -
Desmond Tutu Calls for Global Boycott of Fossil Fuel Industries
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who helped lead South Africa to freedom after a long struggle against apartheid, has just called for a global boycott similar to the one employed against the racist South ...
StewartAcuff 04/14/2014 10 26 - -
'Years of Living Dangerously': The most important television series ever
Climate change is the most important ...
Laurence Lewis 04/13/2014 82 139 12 -
11 Democratic senators want a deadline on Keystone XL decision. And they want a yes, of course
Nudged along by freshman Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, 11 senators have written a letter to President Obama requesting a May 31 deadline on his decision ...
Meteor Blades 04/10/2014 112 120 - -
Yes, critics, Koch brothers do have more leased tar sands acreage than any other U.S. oil company
Since last October, when the Koch brothers' extensive holdings of Canadian tar sands acreage ...
Meteor Blades 04/08/2014 37 104 4 -
New fracking studies conclude we're not paying enough attention to health and environmental impacts
Fracking in Wyoming. Four fracking pads for every square kilometer. One of the key problems with hydraulic fracturing—"fracking"—aimed at freeing natural gas and oil from tight shale formations ...
Meteor Blades 04/07/2014 78 197 7 -
Dawn Chorus: the preen gland stretch
As a newbie observer of birds, one aspect of their lifestyle (besides flying of course) that really amazes me is how they accomplish so much with no hands. Like these Canada Geese, grooming quietly ...
OceanDiver 04/06/2014 104 66 2 -
International Court of Justice Bans Japanese Whaling
Commercial whaling has been banned since 1986 but Japan has flouted it by claiming its mass killings are for "scientific research". There's not many scientific experiments where bits of the subjects ...
Lib Dem FoP 03/31/2014 24 33 2 -
BP Doubles Initial Size Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill
Cross-Posted from DeSmogBlog Three days after spilling crude oil into Lake Michigan, BP has doubled its spill estimate to between 470 and 1228 gallons. The leak happened at its refinery in Whiting, ...
Steve Horn 03/27/2014 7 22 1 -
Community Quilt for a caregiver, 2thanks
Quilt for The Packhorse and irishwitch -- read irishwitch's diary about it here ! Many of you know 2thanks from the beautiful quilt messages he has ...
Sara R 03/08/2014 78 51 - -
Misunderstanding Ocean Transport Models of Fukushima Radionuclides in the Pacific
This diary is part of an ongoing series that endeavors to provide useful and accurate information about: 1) the fate of Fukushima derived radionuclides in the Pacific Ocean, and, 2) the impact of ...
MarineChemist 03/05/2014 307 151 6 -
Bush Judge, in Strongly Worded Opinion, Orders BP to Pay Up
Judge Leslie Southwick, appointed by President George W. Bush, ordered that BP will have to pay up under the terms of its agreement following one of the worst oil spills in US history. Southwick was ...
Eternal Hope 03/04/2014 58 142 1 -
Nebraska judge's ruling on Keystone XL routing could delay Obama's decision until after November
Protest against the Keystone XL tar sands pipelines in front of The White House in Washington, DC. Fall-out from the [ruling
Meteor Blades 02/21/2014 29 77 5 1
Racist 'Sacrifice Zones' With XL Pipeline are Grounds Alone for Rejecting Permit
The public debate whether President Obama should approve Keystone XL pipeline is focused on the salient impacts to climate change, natural resources and wildlife. What is missing from this debate is ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 02/10/2014 69 198 6 -
Canadian Smelter spills 25,000 litres of caustic chemical solution into the Columbia River
This news has serious implications for the American river with the 2nd highest flow in the country. 25,000 litre chemical spill into BC river Teck Resources (TSX:TCK.B) is confirming that its ...
Lefty Coaster 02/02/2014 121 163 3 -
BP Deepwater Supervisors Must Face Manslaughter Rap
Think Progress reports that a Louisiana federal judge on Monday refused to toss manslaughter charges against two BP PLC supervisors for their roles in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, rejecting ...
Pakalolo 01/29/2014 27 77 2 -
'Climate Apartheid': Building Privatized City to Protect Rich From Rising Sea Levels
I often wondered where the rich, deniers and fossil fuel executives would go when climate change impacts become far worse than the impacts we see now. I figured that after they created this climate ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 01/27/2014 220 199 7 -
The world's largest oil disaster just got worse
Never mind the name on the account - this was written by my colleague, Ashley Allison, SierraRise Senior Campaigner. Standing eye to eye with Chevron CEO John Watson, Servio Curipoma fought back ...
Nathan Empsall SierraRise 01/22/2014 32 315 6 -
What Is Happening On Top of Fukushima Reactor 3? Updated.
This will be a short diary, just kinda bringing this to everyone's attention and it's a situation I've followed for years. So this just showed up in my FB stream. And now fresh plumes of steam ...
Drewid 01/05/2014 184 114 1 -
BP and Chevron are accused of dumping toxic radioactive waste into the swamps of Louisiana
Think Progress reports that BP and Chevron have been illegally dumping toxic waste, including radioactive waste, into the waters of Louisiana. CREDIT: AP Photo/Louisianian Department of ...
Pakalolo 12/21/2013 87 189 6 -
PA Supreme Court Rules Major Provisions of Fracking Law are Unconstitutional
From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette : The Pennsylvania Supreme Court today declared unconstitutional major provisions of the state’s Marcellus Shale drilling law, Act 13, including one that allowed ...
ericlewis0 12/20/2013 123 347 9 -
In other news, Gulf Watchers veteran ROV reporter someTV comes across a fabulous video. Further reportage beyond the orange vine.
sometv 11/16/2013 59 13 2 -
Ty-D-Bol Robot Finds Fuku Leaks
Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO] on Wednesday sent a floating robot into the extremely radioactive environment of the Daiichi unit-1 first level basement - "torus room" - to see if it could ...
Joieau 11/15/2013 36 48 - -
Chevron Causes Gas Pipeline Explosion, Whole Texas Town Evacuated
An accident at an oil or gas rig, possibly a "fracking" well, damaged a ten inch gas pipeline causing a huge explosion, forcing the whole town of Milford Texas to evacuate. The official story doesn'
FishOutofWater 11/15/2013 87 126 1 -
Texas Frackers Sue Victim of Their Water Pollution for $3 Million for Exposing Them
Fracking outfit Range Resources slapped Texas homeowner Steve Lipsky with a $3 million defamation suit to bully him into silence about his polluted water but Lipsky is fighting back. Lipsky is a ...
FishOutofWater 11/09/2013 123 333 7 -
Boulder, Colorado Rejects Fracking, Despite Being Outspent 30-to-1
Big oil probably hopes this environmental victory gets lost in the flurry of election results from yesterday. From : Residents of large and small communities across the northern ...
ericlewis0 11/07/2013 65 165 2 -
Alberta Tar Sands Northern Gateway pipeline proposal-deal is done
The Northern Gateway pipeline would deliver 525,000 barrels of Alberta oil to a tanker terminal in Kitimat, on the Pacific coast of British Columbia. The proposed pipeline route goes thru First ...
Roger Fox 11/06/2013 23 39 1 -
Green diary rescue: Fukushima on the edge, fighting Big Oil, LOLing over Keystone XL bike path
Every week Daily Kos diarists write dozens of environmentally related posts. Many don't get the readership they deserve. Helping improve the odds ...
Meteor Blades 11/02/2013 26 86 2 -
"Apocalyptic" Fukushima Fuel Rod Removal Begins Nov. 8; TEPCO Subcontracts Yakuza gangsters
Workers remove unused fuel rod from Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent fuel pool July, ...
FishOutofWater 11/02/2013 170 252 4 -
Koch's Coke Bust
The piles of petroleum coke on the Chicago waterfront, that generated swirling black clouds of toxic dust, choking their neighbors, have been busted. The Illinois EPA has filed complaints against ...
6412093 11/01/2013 54 132 3 -
Another Molasses Spill
The Alexander & Baldwin companies, Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar (HC&S) and former division (recently split off) Matson Shipping are just creating one disaster after another. Recall that in ...
Karen from Maui 10/28/2013 22 32 - -
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