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Weiner and Obama Are The Same
I don't care about Weiner. Is he the best choice for mayor? Then I'll support him. Is he not? I'll support someone else. To me, Weiner is not a person, he's a potential political function. I don't ...
GussieFN 07/28/2013 151 57 1 -
Write On! Snarling Slippage
Hello, writers. Tonight I (well, SenSho, but I'm posting this for her) want to talk about POV (point of view) slippage. But you, of course, can talk about whatever you want. As we’ve discussed ...
GussieFN 12/13/2012 33 15 - -
Write On! The Good Fight
It's a cliche that 'conflict is drama,' and like all cliches, one in the hand is worth two in the bush. I think SenSho's done a few diaries on conflict, but I disagreed violently with all of them, ...
GussieFN 06/14/2012 59 17 - 231
Write On? Wrong On!
Everyone makes mistakes. Writers, however, live by the mistake. Mistakes are our craft, that's why we talk in terms of drafts and edits and drafts and rewrites and drafts. (There's a word for a ...
GussieFN 06/07/2012 114 18 - 232
Walk, Don't Chew Gum!
Frankly I'm appalled by those of us who recommend chewing gum. Every calorie we burn while chewing gum is a calorie we could apply to walking. And walking _gets_ us places. Walking is honest. ...
GussieFN 02/16/2012 6 - - 35
Write On! Help and Little Things
Hello, writers. The topic for tonight is help, largely because I need some. SenSho is still dealing with family medical issues, and I'm far too unreliable to handle Write On! myself. So if you're ...
GussieFN 12/23/2010 39 9 1 56
Write On! Smells So Sweet
Hello, writers. SenSho's dealing with some pretty awful family medical issues right now, so I'm back again. Tonight, I've got two things on my mind. One is titles . Mine almost ...
GussieFN 12/16/2010 106 12 - 40
Write On! The Kind of Love You Fall In
Hello, writers. SenSho couldn't make it this week, so she flashed the Hack-Signal over Gotham, and I answered the call. (And yes, these tights are totally riding up.) Tonight, because a novel ...
GussieFN 12/09/2010 77 10 - 38
Write On! Loving the Hate
Hello, writers. SensibleShoes is cavorting this evening, so you're stuck with the backup auxiliary diarist. I've got three questions and a challenge tonight: 1) How does writing affect your reading?
GussieFN 10/07/2010 109 17 1 44
Write On! What're You Working On? What's Working On You?
Hello, writers. I'm sitting in for SensibleShoes this week, because she's stepping out. An orgiastic vacation at some sort of naturalist camp, from what I understand, with plenty of [s'mores http://...
GussieFN 07/15/2010 100 15 1 39
Write On! Bad Writing 2.0
Hello, writers. SensibleShoes is taking some fancy-pants [test] today, so you're stuck with me. "...
GussieFN 05/13/2010 117 10 2 25
Write On! How To Sell a Novel in 72 Hours
Hello, writers. I'm filling in for SensibleShoes, who is attending a Saran Wrap convention this evening. I don't know what that means, either. She was vague about the details So welcome to the off-...
GussieFN 10/01/2009 87 18 6 41
Sometimes Your Candidate Sucks
I know this is a shock, but even _your_ candidate isn't perfect. And I'm not talking about a philosophical, above-the-fray sorta imperfection: I mean they fail to act, they fail to lead. They fail ...
GussieFN 10/19/2007 84 13 - 10
The American Pledge
GussieFN 10/14/2005 3 1 - 10
America First!
GussieFN 09/29/2005 5 5 2 1
Stolen Steps Out of Iraq
GussieFN 08/25/2005 16 1 1 10
Rightward Ho! Or, How dKos Freed My Inner Republican
GussieFN 08/09/2005 34 9 - -
How to Lose an Argument
GussieFN 05/28/2005 247 125 - 13
tbrnews and the Jews
GussieFN 05/02/2005 4 4 - 9
dKos Community Marketplace (with poll)
GussieFN 04/19/2005 8 4 - -
dKos Community Marketplace
GussieFN 04/12/2005 16 14 - -
dKos Community Marketplace
GussieFN 04/05/2005 20 11 - -
Promote Yourself
GussieFN 03/29/2005 30 11 - 1
Support the Neocon Agenda!
GussieFN 10/03/2004 1 - - 1
WMD Poll - When You Knew
GussieFN 06/18/2004 91 - - -
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