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Why you should phone bank to save the Senate
Progressive activists of all stripes are fighting to prevent the GOP from taking control of the Senate on behalf of their billionaire backers. But how can we best do this if we live in blue states?
HarryWaisbren 10/23/2014 6 21 - -
Zephyr Teachout taking on Gov. 1%
Zephyr Teachout on All In With Chris I couldn’t be more excited that Zephyr Teachout is looking increasingly “ ...
HarryWaisbren 06/13/2014 13 10 - -
“Wall Street hero” Governor 1% Andrew Cuomo receives a well-deserved public smackdown
Yesterday I joined hundreds of activists occupying our state Capitol to demand a New York that works for #AllOfUs , not only the 1%. Dozens of groups came ...
HarryWaisbren 03/21/2014 13 52 - -
Sandy Survivors and supporters 'Occupy Christie' at Camp Sandygate in lead up to his inauguration
Cross-posted at Our mainstream media has been awash in coverage of Governor Chris Christie’s ‘Bridgegate’ scandal. But are they reaching the broader implications?
HarryWaisbren 01/22/2014 9 15 - -
Winning Video - Elizabeth Warren & Occupy Wall Street Models
If you know me, you know I’m an extreme optimist about the potential for progressive activists to take advantage of the game-changing advances in video that are just starting to get going. I ...
HarryWaisbren 01/03/2014 4 8 - -
Occupy's Impact Continues to Blossom
September 17th this week marked Occupy Wall Street’s second anniversary, and as we depicted in the Occupy Network S17 newsletter , it could not be a better time to take stock of where we ...
HarryWaisbren 09/20/2013 4 14 1 -
Past is Prologue
This feels like the Summer before Occupy Wall Street began. Past is prologue, yet in our real time age captured by the sea of social media it can be hard to orient yourself to see the bigger ...
HarryWaisbren 08/23/2013 2 2 - -
OWS Reflections in Anticipation of Drinking Liberally Annual Celebration
It’s that time of year again, where we make sure to take a break from the pervasive shuffle of organizing liberally to raise a glass and celebrate our collective ...
HarryWaisbren 05/03/2013 2 2 - -
Bush’s Emboldening of the 1% Inspired the Netroots & OWS Alike
Our mainstream media has been atwitter this week with analysis of the ‘Bush Legacy’ now that his presidential library is set to open. I have many thoughts on how history should judge the first ...
HarryWaisbren 04/26/2013 3 5 - -
How to Create & Share Videos of Great Activism
Occupy Wall Street’s success was certainly due in part to great video activism. This was similarly the case in the Wisconsin uprising the spring before, not to mention throughout the Egyptian ...
HarryWaisbren 03/29/2013 4 5 1 -
OWS Fighting Back Against the Lies
Yetta Kurland and myself negotiating with police and Newscorp security. Photo via Jenna Pope Occupy Wall Street brought in the 2013 New Year ...
HarryWaisbren 01/17/2013 13 31 - -
Occupy Wall Street's Impact on the Presidential Election
In my view the quickest way to explain the relationship between Occupy Wall Street and electoral politics is that OWS is ...
HarryWaisbren 11/13/2012 4 16 - -
Occupy Wall Street & Electoral Politics
The uneasy relationship between Occupy Wall Street and electoral politics has always been one of the greatest distinguishing factors for our burgeoning movement. Likewise, in the leadup to the 2012 ...
HarryWaisbren 11/02/2012 10 - - -
Speaking From the Heart About Money in Politics
It has been an emotional rollercoaster for progressives across the board ever since Scott Walker’s billionaire backers successfully bought the state of Wisconsin. The blatant manner in ...
HarryWaisbren 06/22/2012 6 4 - 48
The Wi$con$in Model to Subvert Democracy
The Wisconsin recall elections were a canary in the coal mine to working families across the country, and we were lucky that it happened so close to Netroots Nation so that we could immediately ...
HarryWaisbren 06/15/2012 5 6 - 88
Wisconsin Occupied Netroots Nation
Netroots Nation 2012 started just a few days after the Wi$con$in recall elections, and served as an extremely cathartic experience for me. In particular, I was quite proud to join the panel Take a ...
HarryWaisbren 06/13/2012 6 12 - 97
Occupy Forward From Wisconsin
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came to office in the spectre of the Arab Spring, and opened America’s 2011 legislative session by declaring class war on working families. He shamelessly put up ...
HarryWaisbren 06/03/2012 4 6 1 87
Reflecting before the #LL12 Living Liberally Celebration
This year's Living Liberally celebration is coming up on May 10th, and it has me reflecting on what my favorite Living Liberally moment was from 2012. Although there are many of them, I ...
HarryWaisbren 04/24/2012 1 1 - 10
Occupy & Wisconsin discussions at Netroots New York
HarryWaisbren 01/26/2012 2 5 1 76
Solidarity Sing Along Charges Ahead in Fight for Freedom of Speech
HarryWaisbren 12/20/2011 18 15 - 110
Hundreds Challenge Walker with Illegal Singing
HarryWaisbren 12/19/2011 23 55 - 365
#WIsing Illegally Singing for Free Speech
The action is just starting to get going in the Occupy Madison ...
HarryWaisbren 12/19/2011 8 13 1 125
Occupy Madison GA Endorses Solidarity Sing Along Standoff
A whole lot of my and the whole Wisconsin contingent's efforts at large during Netroots New York and the Occupy Wall Street unconference this weekend were spent explaining and advocating for the ...
HarryWaisbren 12/18/2011 9 13 - 126
#NY2WI Netroots New York In Person & Online Discussion
HarryWaisbren 12/16/2011 1 3 - 26
Get Ready: Netroots New York will be talking Wisconsin
HarryWaisbren 12/15/2011 1 8 - 51
Come to Netroots New York: Check out the Job Fair
HarryWaisbren 12/15/2011 1 3 - 31
Standoff Coming in Wisconsin Against Restrictions to Protest at Capitol
HarryWaisbren 12/07/2011 31 55 1 323
Come to Netroots New York: Learn about the Wisconsin uprising
HarryWaisbren 12/06/2011 6 25 - 150
Who Will Take On Walker?
The Wisconsin Netroots are abuzz after Senator Feingold released a ‘ message from Russ ’ announcing he will not be running ...
HarryWaisbren 08/19/2011 15 11 - 149
Fox News' Tea Party Movement
Ever since the Job Party started protesting Fox News out of support for Wisconsin , we have been unequivocally tying their bile to the war ...
HarryWaisbren 05/17/2011 16 10 1 203
Torture Views Indicative of Fox News
Could there possibly be a better indication of why Fox needs to be fought than their glee at pondering the magnanimous nature of torture? Fox is leading the right wing media crusade ...
HarryWaisbren 05/10/2011 9 2 - 88
Laugh at the Tea Party, Liberally
For some reason, the worse things seem to get, the better our humor turns out to be. When writing about this dynamic, Kurt Vonnegut specified that “All I really wanted to do was give people the ...
HarryWaisbren 03/24/2011 3 6 - 84
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