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Why You Need To Opt Out Your Children From Standardized Testing NOW: Pearson Is Spying On Your Kids
Originally Published on Up North Progressive (( NOTICE: Bob Braun's blog had to be shut down after it was attacked. He also published an article about Pearson Education spying on school children's ...
Hoi Polloi 03/14/2015 11 9 - -
Please Support Michigan House Bill 4147 And Radically Change Our Public Schools
Originally published on Up North Progressive. Every week the Up North Progressive's email inbox receives a list of bills introduced to the Michigan state legislature. This week the Michigan House ...
Hoi Polloi 02/14/2015 8 3 - -
Tea Party Candidate Seeks MIGOP Leadership Promising Change We Can Believe In
Four people so far have thrown their symbolic hat into the ring to be the next chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. Of the four, one Northern Michigan resident is among them – Joel ...
Hoi Polloi 01/11/2015 1 6 - -
Tea Party Charter School
No one should ever forget that one of the leaders in the profits before kids charter school movement is Hillsdale College. Their brand of for-profit charter schools which they call, “Classical ...
Hoi Polloi 11/23/2014 7 9 - -
Listen To EMU Regent Jim Stapleton Reveal The Origin of the Education Achievement Authority
It seems fitting to know now that the first meeting to discuss the governor's concept for the EAA was at a restaurant called “The Chop House.” The EAA most certainly lived up to being a ...
Hoi Polloi 11/03/2014 9 20 - -
As Above So Below: Tea Party Hate In Michigan
Whether you live up north or down state in Michigan, one of the most interesting aspects of the 2014 election that barely anyone's talking about is the split in the Republican big tent. And by ...
Hoi Polloi 10/19/2014 12 15 - -
The Official Poster Child of Failed Charter Schools: The Continuing Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll
Victory! On September 19 State Rep. Charles Brunner (D-Bay City) joined other Michigan House Democrats in supporting a bill that requires better transparency and accountability with Michigan's for-
Hoi Polloi 09/21/2014 3 17 - -
GTA's Good Science Education Model: The Continuing Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll
Grand Traverse Academy made many changes over the summer to make it appear like they have distanced themselves from Dr. Steve Ingersoll. His business partner, Dr. Mark Noss, formed a new LLC to ...
Hoi Polloi 09/15/2014 12 12 - -
Dear Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan: I realize the state of Michigan is out of your jurisdiction, but I wanted to bring to your attention that one of your citizens has been in our state for ...
Hoi Polloi 09/12/2014 6 11 1 -
Racism Blinders, Public Education, and Civil Rights: GLEP Is The Problem, Not The Solution
Last week Gary Naeyaert of Great Lakes Education Project tweeted an image that sparked outrage with many people in the state and earned the organization dedicated to destroying public education much ...
Hoi Polloi 08/21/2014 21 26 1 -
Stealing Michigan Taxpayers’ Money The Charter School Way: The Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll
Charter Schools are a scourge on this country, and no state suffers from this pestilence more than Michigan. Chris Savage of Eclectablog has done an excellent job exposing the horror known as the ...
Hoi Polloi 06/08/2014 61 89 2 -
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Gives Us What We Really Want: Real Science
In the first two episodes of the reboot of Cosmos Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has done an excellent job laying down the basics of time, space, and how life developed on Earth. Because Cosmos ...
Hoi Polloi 03/23/2014 19 6 - -
A Simple Message for Michigan Politics
I've been told by a reliable source that a picture of Dick DeVos once appeared on his daughter's Facebook page very briefly before it was deleted. The picture showed DeVos on a boat while on vacation,
Hoi Polloi 02/01/2014 6 10 1 -
A Real Pro-Life Policy
On December 11, 2013 the state legislature in Michigan voted on a petition measure titled, "No Taxes For Abortion Insurance." The petition, circulated by Michigan Right to Life collected signatures ...
Hoi Polloi 01/25/2014 2 2 - -
Falling Through the Cracks: My Healthcare Marketplace Story
I'm one of the people who won't be getting health insurance through the Affordable Care Act next year. I would really like to have insurance, but it's not possible. I'm currently part time ...
Hoi Polloi 12/16/2013 35 11 - -
Religious Freedom in Michigan Public Schools
Have you heard the wonderful news? Today the state senate in the great state of Michigan passed a bill that would provide religious freedom in schools! That's right, now everyone is free to express ...
Hoi Polloi 12/12/2013 9 16 - -
That's what Chris Christie shouted today while his wife smiled at New Jersey public school teacher, Melissa Tomlinson, who dared approach him at the Rutgers football game rally and ask the question, "
Hoi Polloi 11/02/2013 382 613 7 -
Does Kevyn Orr Live in Detroit?
Last week the headlines asked a question, and no one has really provided an answer. the question was "Is Kevyn Orr living too large in Detroit?" Local news reported that along with the six figure ...
Hoi Polloi 08/01/2013 1 2 - -
Nobody Likes Being A Guinea Pig
Especially when they know they're being used as a guinea pig against their own best interests. Guinea Pigs used in research never end up living happier, healthier lives either. The scientists and ...
Hoi Polloi 07/21/2013 9 19 - -
The Top 11 Reasons Teachers are Undervalued
We've all heard the complaints about teachers: They're lazy, they get the whole summer off. What do they even do all day with those kids? It's not like they actually produce anything. Once they get ...
Hoi Polloi 07/13/2013 58 61 3 -
Snyder's Kickapoo Joy Juice or, A School Voucher By Any Other Name
Not many of us are old enough to remember the comic strip Li'l Abner, the dim witted hillbilly from Dogpatch. There was a cave called the "skonk works" where the still that created Kickapoo Joy ...
Hoi Polloi 04/27/2013 5 4 1 -
When You Only Have a Hammer, Every Problem is a Nail
The NRA waited one entire week before issuing a statement about the Newtown, Connecticut massacre that left 26 people dead. When they did break silence, they once again broke a nation's heart. The ...
Hoi Polloi 12/22/2012 12 11 - -
Welcome to the Growing Dome
Reed City High School has something special other schools would benefit from. Two years ago members of the Science department put together the Growing Dome Project. This hands on learning facility ...
Hoi Polloi 11/22/2012 16 67 8 -
An Open Letter To The Republicans In Lansing
Proposal 1 was defeated in Michigan on Tuesday. This is good news (for now) for the state. Rick Snyder has already promised to draft a new Emergency Dictator law and decreed the zombie law PA 72 ...
Hoi Polloi 11/08/2012 1 7 1 -
21st Century Intolerable Act – The Michigan Emergency Manager Law
It was during the late winter of 1774 in London the House of Lords argued what to do with the American colonies after they were informed anonymous men dressed as Mohawks had boarded ships loaded ...
Hoi Polloi 10/31/2012 5 15 3 -
Village? What Village? The Honor Roll Student Who Did It All On His Own
Today while on the campaign trail Mitt Romney made a statement that literally made me stop in my tracks and listen. He talked about a hypothetical honor roll student and how they accomplished that ...
Hoi Polloi 08/20/2012 22 27 2 199
Did you watch the Olympics?
I enjoyed the Olympics, or what little NBC bothered to air of the Olympics. We were stuck mostly with talking heads and human interest stories. How many times did I see a medal ceremony? I can count ...
Hoi Polloi 08/13/2012 5 - - 58
My Granddaddy Attended A Failing School*
Being a history teacher means any time I have the pleasure of finding artifacts I want to learn as much as I can from them. Sometimes the lessons I receive don't have the outcome I wanted, but still ...
Hoi Polloi 06/18/2012 14 30 - 235
The Scars of Capitalism
Start a discussion about 20th century industry in America and images of factories humming with production probably fill your head. It's nice that romantic image fills your head because the ...
Hoi Polloi 06/13/2012 16 38 2 287
What the hell is the matter with the MEA?
Today, June 5th in the state of Wisconsin the most important election of the year to date will take place. The people of Wisconsin will have the choice to elect a new governor who stands with the ...
Hoi Polloi 06/05/2012 6 2 - 79
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