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Someone released their goldfish and now there are thousands of goldfish taking over a Colorado lake
The largest koi pond in this here parts As beautiful as it may seem to watch thousands of goldfish swim about in late afternoon light of a Boulder, Colorado day, for the Parks and Wildlife, ...
Walter Einenkel 04/15/2015 45 33 1 -
Fishermen Demand Justice after Shots Fired And No Arrest
Approximately ten rounds were fired at three fisherman on lake Tobesofkee in Macon, Georgia and to date no one has been charged or arrested. The shots, according to reports, were fired from 124 ...
LCSulla 04/08/2015 39 94 2 -
This is NOT a Fish Story: Ashley's First Large-Mouth Bass
Fishing at Granny's "I got a fish!" "Oh, he got away!," Ashley exclaimed angrily for the umpteenth time. She was just excited to be with her daddy fishing! Or, so I though, but little did I ...
Steven Park 03/29/2015 16 20 - -
Birdwatchers And Hunters The Most Environmentally Engaged Citizens
So says a new study by researchers at Cornell published in this month's issue of Wildlife Management. Like any study they came up with a name and an acronym for what they were studying, they were ...
ban nock 03/13/2015 43 20 1 -
Fish agencies, anglers are optimistic about 2015 ocean salmon season
State and federal fishery scientists speaking at the annual salmon informational meeting held in Santa Rosa on Thursday, February 26, shared encouraging news for sport and commercial anglers for the ...
Dan Bacher 02/27/2015 4 10 - -
Castagna, Bacher, Weatherby top CA Outdoors Hall of Fame class
The annual awards ceremony for the California Outdoor Hall of Fame will be at 4 pm on Saturday, January 10 in the California Sportsmen Theatre at the International Sportsmen's Exposition at Cal Expo ...
Dan Bacher 02/23/2015 7 11 - -
Jerry Brown's True 'Green' Legacy: The Death of the Delta?
The following is a revised transcript of the presentation that I gave when I was inducted into the California Outdoors Hall of Fame by Tom Stienstra, Outdoor Writer for the San Francisco Chronicle ...
Dan Bacher 02/23/2015 6 14 - -
Action Alert: Stop Westlands from Draining the Delta!
Restore the Delta has issued an urgent action alert calling everybody who cares about the Bay-Delta Estuary and the public trust to show up at the State Water Resources Control Board meeting at the ...
Dan Bacher 02/23/2015 8 19 - -
American River steelhead run is worst on record
The worst-ever run of steelhead continues to trickle into the American River, Sacramento's imperiled urban jewel. The Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Rancho Cordova has trapped a total of only 111 fish to ...
Dan Bacher 02/23/2015 24 65 - -
Sacramento and Klamath salmon return numbers released
As anglers get ready for the upcoming ocean and river salmon seasons, the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) revealed that 212,000 adult fall-run Chinook salmon returned to spawn in the ...
Dan Bacher 02/23/2015 7 20 - -
Delta smelt reaches new record low in fall survey
The Delta smelt, an indicator species that demonstrates the health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, reached a new record low population level in 2014, according to the California ...
Dan Bacher 01/21/2015 5 13 1 -
Steelhead begin to trickle into American River
(Sacramento) More steelhead are finally showing at Nimbus Fish Hatchery on the American River, although the fish reported to date are just a fraction of what would normally be trapped by hatchery ...
Dan Bacher 01/21/2015 3 19 - -
A Deer Hunt That Went Right
All I did was look up, and I saw the doe looking down. It was up the hill standing sideways between some trees looking down at me with that slightly inquisitive look. So I went down on one knee and ...
ban nock 01/04/2015 85 42 - -
Hoopa Valley Tribe welcomes legal opinion recognizing Humboldt's right to Trinity water
The U.S. Department of Interior on Friday released its internal legal opinion that acknowledges Humboldt County’s right to 50,000 acre feet of water from the Trinity River to protect salmon and ...
Dan Bacher 01/04/2015 5 17 - -
The steelhead opener when the fish didn't show
January 1, 2015 was a sunny, cold and clear day on the American River below the Nimbus Fish Hatchery. It was the traditional beginning of the steelhead season in the upper section of the river that ...
Dan Bacher 01/02/2015 20 93 - -
Steelhead Numbers Alarmingly Low at American River's Nimbus Fish Hatchery
(Sacramento) The upper section of the American River that has been closed to fishing since October 31 will reopen to steelhead fishing on January 1, 2015, but the outlook for the fishing is not ...
Dan Bacher 12/29/2014 6 27 - -
Federal appeals court backs pumping restrictions protecting salmon
On December 22, a federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled that a 2009 “biological opinion” that protects the habitat of endangered salmon in the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers from ...
Dan Bacher 12/23/2014 7 20 - -
Bipartison Congressional Legislation Against Asian Carp in Great Lakes
I'm making this post solely to acquaint Daily Kos natural resource and environmental protection stewards of new bipartisan legislation addressing the fight against Asian Carp in the Great Lakes -- ...
LakeSuperior 12/12/2014 13 15 - -
Brown Administration Abandons Raid on Fishing License Funds!
In a victory for recreational anglers, the California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) has abandoned its plan to raid fishing license funds to manage questionable "marine protected areas" created ...
Dan Bacher 12/03/2014 5 9 - -
Duck Stamp Passes Senate - Heads for President's Signature
Some legislation does pass congress. Yesterday legislation to increase the federal duck stamp that all migratory waterfowl hunters must pay was increased from $15 to $25.
ban nock 12/03/2014 38 14 - -
Hiking With a Gun
Hunters have a self depreciating term for an unsuccessful hunt, they call it "hiking with a gun". It helps to have a sense of humor if you're going to take so much time sleeping in winter conditions,
ban nock 11/30/2014 34 27 1 -
Why I don't hate anti hunters
Recently there was a hunter hate type post here at DK. They occur once in a while though thankfully rarely. I read them and am usually amused, seldom do they elicit anger. Usually such diaries are ...
ban nock 11/21/2014 163 29 - -
It's the House GOP vs. the Koch brothers on duck hunting costs
Republicans are very serious about the duck hunting constituency these days. Hoo boy. Even today's House Republicans are not far enough to the right for the ...
Laura Clawson 11/18/2014 59 28 - -
Gray Wolf Relisted in Wyoming
A federal judge in Washington DC has decided to nix the delisting of wolves in Wyoming. It's not known how long the relisting will last but as of today Wyoming is refunding people who bought tags ...
ban nock 09/24/2014 26 15 - -
Judge rejects Westlands bid to stop releases for Klamath salmon
As members of the Hoopa Valley, Yurok, Karuk, Winnemem Wintu and other Tribes and their allies held a “Bring Our Water Home Rally” at Lewiston Dam Wednesday, a federal judge in Fresno rejected a ...
Dan Bacher 09/06/2014 8 28 1 -
Lower Klamath River Anglers Reach Adult Salmon Quota
(Klamath) The yearly recreational quota of adult fall-run Chinook salmon has been met in the lower Klamath River and size restrictions went into effect on Sept. 5, 2014. The 2014 lower river quota ...
Dan Bacher 09/06/2014 2 11 - -
Alaskan Fisheries Are Not Collapsing
We have long prided ourselves in being the reality based community but there is a diary on the rec list that is not reality based. The title screams, "Alaska Fisheries in Midst of Economic Collapse"!
realalaskan 08/23/2014 152 215 4 -
Reclamation releases additional flows to stop Klamath River fish kill!
After a big protest by the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Valley Tribes and their supporters at the Bureau of Reclamation offices in Sacramento on Tuesday, Reclamation announced this morning that it will ...
Dan Bacher 08/23/2014 7 22 - -
Anglers Struggle For Salmon On Sacramento, Feather Rivers
I arrived at the Yuba City Boat ramp at 4 am and got in the boat with Rob Reimer of Rustic Rob’s Guide Service and Scott Downs. We sped through the boat in the darkness to the hole on the Feather ...
Dan Bacher 07/30/2014 3 13 - -
Why Care About America's Sagebrush
Prairie is without doubt America's most vulnerable ecosystem. Almost none of it is protected as are our mountains, forests, and rivers. Our Fish and Wildlife Service is considering listing a ...
ban nock 07/13/2014 25 17 - -
The Daily Bucket: The Northwest Salmon Wars: Conservationists versus Hatcheries
The Daily Bucket is a regular feature of the Backyard Science group. It is a place to note of any observations you have made of the world around you. Insects, ...
RonK 07/03/2014 97 57 1 -
Ancient America: Hunting Mastodons
The Cordilleran Ice Sheet began to spread across present-day Washington state more than 17,000 years ago. The ice blocked the Strait of Juan de Fuca and moved down the eastern side of the Olympics ...
Ojibwa 06/29/2014 62 89 2 -
Wolf Advocacy Groups Support Montana Wolf Conservation Stamp
Wolves of the Rockies, Living with Wolves, Endangered Species Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife and the Montana Wildlife Federation all spoke up in favor of a Wolf Stamp at a public meeting of the ...
ban nock 06/04/2014 8 11 - -
Coastside Fishing Club Will Acclimate 360,000 King Salmon This Year
The Coastside Fishing Club will receive 360,000 young king salmon from the state-run Feather River Fish Hatchery in Oroville this spring and release them into the ocean after feeding them and ...
Dan Bacher 06/03/2014 5 11 - -
Baby deer, "if you care, leave them there"
It's that time of year. Across most of the United States ungulates (deer, moose, elk, antelope) have either dropped their young or are about to. The reason they all do it at the same time is ...
ban nock 05/30/2014 77 137 - -
10 Reasons Hunting Should be a Woman's Sport of Choice
Reprinted in full by permission. Below is Ms Eckstrom with a turkey. 1. Coming face-to-face with a bull elk could add that necessary element of danger your day job is lacking - because avoiding ...
ban nock 05/23/2014 92 11 - -
How Wildlife Is Thriving Because Of Guns and Hunting
Graphics heavy just so you know before you open.
ban nock 05/17/2014 245 15 - -
Justice Kagan Shot Bambi's Mom!
The Supreme Court now has two hunters, one appointed by Reagan and the other by Obama. Justice Kagan tells her own story better than I could, it begins at about the 2 minute mark but the whole ...
ban nock 03/31/2014 156 18 - -
A Billion Dollars for Conservation and Recreation
In a record year, hunters, anglers, target shooters, scary black gun purchasers, zombie slayers, and boaters, contributed $1,100,000,000 to conservation via a special tax on equipment, and mostly ...
ban nock 03/26/2014 30 7 - -
California recreational ocean salmon season to open on April 5
The long-awaited recreational salmon fishing season will open in California’s ocean waters on Saturday, April 5, 2014, from Horse Mountain in Humboldt County (40° 05' 00" N. latitude) south to ...
Dan Bacher 03/20/2014 3 5 - -
We are close to eating bait and jelly fish as big fish numbers plummet.
"When you're young, you look at the world and think what you see has been that way for a long time. When you're 5, everything feels "normal." When things change in your lifetime, you may regret what ...
Pakalolo 03/17/2014 256 435 14 -
Learn to Kill in Seven Days or Less (a review)
"Maybe you're a natural-born killer. I am not. I've long been city-dwelling, animal-positive. But all of a sudden, I felt the urge to reconnect with the great outdoors from my childhood, to commune ...
ban nock 03/14/2014 3 11 - -
What not to do if you see a moose. In one short vid.
All wildlife is potentially dangerous. If pushed they can attack you, attack is a natural defence mechanism, especially for moose. This snowmobiler made a mistake at about the 10 second mark when ...
ban nock 02/27/2014 284 23 - -
The firearms controversy no one will talk about
I have no particular opinion on this issue, but before I even get started some rules of the road. I know strong feelings are attached to anything to do with those seven little numbers appearing in ...
ban nock 02/23/2014 54 14 - -
Big Week for Public Lands in Congress
It looks like the farm bill might have shook loose congress a little bit to pass some legislation. There is a lot going on or coming up just now regarding public lands. Some Wilderness areas in ...
ban nock 02/06/2014 3 5 - -
President Obama signs off on shooting 3 Endangered Species
it was a rider on the budget bill and I'm glad, here's why. Down in Texas they have this deal where you can go shoot animals that are native to Africa and Asia without leaving the US. There are ...
ban nock 01/25/2014 64 17 - -
A Socialist Dem contrarian view on the Second Amendment
Gads, it has been nearly 2 years since I have published a diary. My narcissistic self says WTF. At any rate, please read my bias...and my the body of this diary.
Randolph the red nosed reindeer 01/13/2014 261 19 1 -
Wolf Management in Central Idaho
The wolf control efforts in the Frank Church River Of No Return Wilderness and other actions at the nearby town of Salmon Idaho have garnered some press lately and I thought it might be worth a ...
ban nock 01/12/2014 24 6 - -
Colorado Bans Use of Drones for Hunting or Scouting
Friday the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission voted to ban the use of drones for any hunting or scouting in Colorado making Colorado the first state to do so. Many observers believe most states ...
ban nock 01/11/2014 20 14 - -
I just bought 13,000 acres and I'm giving it to the Forest Service
Well, to be more precise my dues helped pay for the purchase, but what a choice piece of land. Abutting a wilderness area, the headwaters of a river, home to four federally listed birds and four ...
ban nock 01/01/2014 158 268 - -
Last fall Marv Hoyt shot three elk, taking the meat from one and leaving the other two to rot covering one with branches to make it less visible. That much we know.
ban nock 12/28/2013 68 91 - -
Last Remaining Large Mammal of the Great Plains
I put a few hundred miles on the soles of my boots in the late 70s up on the high plains between the Bighorns in Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota at a place called the Powder River Basin. ...
ban nock 12/22/2013 58 136 - -
Why Hunting Is Seeing An Increase In Popularity
Ever since the last census hunting groups, wildlife agencies, and industry groups have been trying to figure out why the sharp uptick after falling off for so many years. As with a lot of things ...
ban nock 12/10/2013 71 18 - -
A Message From America's Hunters to President Obama
Most of the major groups representing America's 20 million hunters wrote up a readable twenty page book of recomendations to President Obama available as a PDF. Wildlife for the twenty first ...
ban nock 12/08/2013 15 10 - -
Nelson Mandela the Big Game Hunter
While celebrating Nelson Mandela's amazing life I thought I'd chime in and mention the contributions he made to conservation in South Africa. While many species have declined across Africa in South ...
ban nock 12/07/2013 24 12 - -
Ancient Europe: Altamira Cave
In 1879, avocational archaeologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola decided to explore one of the caves on his Spanish estate in a hill called Altamira. The cave had been discovered earlier by a hunter ...
Ojibwa 11/24/2013 56 145 3 -
An Elk Hunt Gone Wrong
It was the first day of the season and two high school buddies hiked up on top of a rock with a good view to glass the small high flats below them. Now in their 50s Ben had been hunting the area ...
ban nock 11/05/2013 152 90 - -
Why Shoot Predators - The Conservation Hunter
If you're like me you probably grew up hearing "shoot only what you eat". I learned it from my dad and he was taught the same from his dad. The idea is not to be wasteful. If you are going to kill ...
ban nock 11/02/2013 95 12 - -
Stephen Colbert rips into black rhino hunters
Last night, Stephen Colbert tore into the Dallas Safari Club , which is auctioning off a permit to hunt and kill an endangered black rhino in Namibia... in order to "protect" the black rhino. I don'...
BruinKid 10/25/2013 15 16 - -
Second Day of Second Season
I should probably explain that the second season isn't really the second one, it's the fourth, but that's what we call it. A more technical explanation below the photo. This is yesterday afternoon, ...
ban nock 10/21/2013 6 12 - -
First day of second season
Yesterday I took a walk. The woods are a piece of public land roughly a couple miles long and a little over a half mile wide. The elevation is 8600 feet, it's about six miles E of the continental ...
ban nock 10/20/2013 16 30 - -
On Your Own - A Montana Hunter
I've never seen this TV show, I don't watch TV. I just today looked at the short video clip excerpts so I could at least say I've seen a couple. On Your Own Adventures is a popular series of shows ...
ban nock 10/13/2013 87 44 2 -
A gun hater's kid takes up hunting.
The New York Times last week on it's parenting blog had a post by a transplanted mom titled A Park Slope Mom Raises a Hunter . I have to assume Park Slope is where Zsa Zsa Gabor of Green Acres fame ...
ban nock 10/06/2013 156 31 - -
A Strategic Purchase Yields New Access to 18,000 Acres of National Forest.
Many more miles of the Lewis and Clark National Forest, much of it Wilderness Area, will now be accessible due to a strategic land purchase. This is a perfect example of how local knowledge and good ...
ban nock 09/15/2013 4 19 - -
Hunters and Environmentalists: Why Don't They Like Each Other? (2)
The response to my last diary on hunting and conservation made me decide to continue this series and I have also formed a group - Hunters and Environmentalists - which I invite everyone to join so ...
blip1944 09/12/2013 35 11 1 -
Hunters Versus Tree-Huggers: Why Don't They Like Each Other?
Why do hunters and conservationists dislike each other? It wasn’t always that way. In fact, the modern American conservation movement that appeared in the 1880’s was started by hunters, ...
blip1944 09/11/2013 57 10 - -
Conservation Begins With Wildlife
One of the issues that keeps coming up in the argument about banning lead ammunition is that substituting non-toxic materials for lead will drive up the price of ammunition, making it ...
blip1944 08/23/2013 41 12 1 -
Why I Hunt: Thoughts from a Wolf-Loving, Elk-Killing Tree Hugger
"The mountains are calling, and I must go." John Muir Grand Tetons, taken from Blacktail Pond overlook, Jackson WY The ...
Lisa Lockwood 08/22/2013 45 30 1 -
Longshaw Hall, the Peak District and ‘The Glorious Twelfth’
shortfinals 08/13/2013 16 18 - -
Wolf Delisting by USFWS, a fact based perspective
I’ve been reading alot about the proposed delisting of the gray wolf from the list of endangered species, both here and in the popular press. The issue is fraught with much emotional baggage. It’...
ban nock 06/23/2013 16 3 - -
Falcon Eye View of a Duck (youtube)
As near as I can tell you are getting a view from right about between the shoulder blades looking forward. Falcon seems to be flying with it's head slightly below the area seen by the camera. I ...
ban nock 05/19/2013 9 6 - -
Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Program 2012 Interagency Annual Report
The US Fish and Wildlife in collaboration with the state Wildlife Departments of the Northern Rockies as well as Native American Tribes and the Blackfeet Nation issued a very upbeat annual report.
ban nock 04/20/2013 15 13 - -
Public Access to Public Lands
ban nock 04/05/2013 30 11 - -
Good News About Gunz
Sometimes of late the stink at the old DK is worse the the air at the indoor shooting range after the ventilation system goes out. Bad news guns this, bad news guns that, after a while all the ...
ban nock 03/20/2013 41 29 - -
A Desperate Plea To Save Africa's Lions
Writing in today's New York Times , Alexander N. Songorwa Director of Wildlife for the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, spoke directly to the people of America and said, "As ...
ban nock 03/18/2013 27 4 - -
I'm an Elkaholic
and I'm an unrepentant one at that. Elk fascinate me, they make deer seem a bore. They're huge, fast, smart, gorgeous, and elusive. Take ten seconds and click on the vid, it'll take less time ...
ban nock 02/03/2013 91 79 1 -
Happy Bday Aldo Leopold
“A peculiar virtue of wildlife ethics is that the hunter ordinarily has no gallery to applaud or disapprove of his conduct. Whatever his acts, they are dictated by his own conscience, rather than ...
ban nock 01/11/2013 13 14 1 -
Hunter Population Jumps 9% Over 5 Years
The populations of US hunters took a significant jump during the five year period 2001 to 2011 according to a survey by the census bureau.
ban nock 01/06/2013 78 15 - -
Deer Hunters Support Food Agencies
Hunger in America exists for over 50 million people. That is 1 in 6 of the U.S. population, including more than 1 in 5 children. This group exists to raise awareness of the complexities of the ...
Melanie in IA 01/04/2013 28 24 - -
Flattops Wilderness - Devil's Causeway/China Wall Area
Taponas Colorado with Flattops in the background. From a walk I did early last fall. Above is my first view of the flat tops while driving across the flats south of Taponas Colorado in early July. ...
ban nock 12/23/2012 17 26 - -
Who owns wildlife? - The Public Trust Doctrine
This is a pretty good video for those interested in who owns wildlife (I'll cut to the chase and tell you we do, we the people of each state) and what is the background for our current legal way of ...
ban nock 12/22/2012 22 8 - -
I have been a gun owner for more than 30 years...
I hunt. Much of the meat that my family eats during the year comes from local wild game and I derive great satisfaction from the experience of hunting and the ability to feed my family locally ...
OldJackPine 12/15/2012 466 1083 21 -
GOP stiffed the NRA --- big time
After the election, without warning, the GOP in a party line vote failed to support a bill that had NRA written all over it. It's doubtful this signals a full fledged separation of the two ...
ban nock 12/08/2012 39 32 - -
Sportsmen’s Act - Will pass the senate Monday
By a huge bipartisan majority The Sportsmen’s Act will pass the senate Monday sometime after 5:30 PM. It's widely believed that something very similar to the senate version will be accepted by ...
ban nock 11/25/2012 93 26 - -
Waitin on Tom - a fun Thanksgiving video with some turkeys
Scott Ellis does turkey calls throughout the vid. He's a world champion turkey caller. Yes they have competitions and judges and stuff. The love interest is the very fetching Rebecca Wolfe. Her ...
ban nock 11/22/2012 2 2 - -
14 year old young woman traps wolf
Meagan just doesn't fit the stereotype. I like the tools she has beside her. I love the woven basket type packs, I have one of bamboo myself, great for carrying things that would otherwise dig into ...
ban nock 11/10/2012 29 4 - -
On Deer and the Changing Seasons of Life
I’ve woken up the past few mornings, and taken the dog out, while my wife and baby are sleeping contentedly away – to greet the sun with a nip of frost in the air, and the smell of leaves ...
MusicFarmer 10/11/2012 46 49 1 189
Hunting and Eating Pigeons in New York City
ban nock 09/27/2012 32 6 - 223
UPDATED! MT-Sen: Mason-Dixon has Denny Rehberg (R) With A Slight Lead Over Senator Jon Tester (D)
Uploaded with The Missoulian released a poll yesterday from Mason-Dixon Research which shows Tea Party Republican challenger, Denny Rehberg, with a slight lead over incumbent ...
poopdogcomedy 09/26/2012 6 8 - 170
Vegan vs. Meat Eater
3 minutes Steven Rinella has some hunting TV show that focuses more on the woodsy aspects of the activity,,,, I think. I think because I've never actually watched the show, only read about it. I ...
ban nock 09/17/2012 29 7 - 108
Wear Orange in the Woods
It's that time of year again. I've been out hiking in National Forest and Wilderness for the past couple of days. Like just about everyone else I didn't wear any sort of orange to identify myself ...
ban nock 09/17/2012 22 20 - 114
Grand Prize - Best of Show at International Wildlife Film Festival
Make sure your sound is turned on. I'd already seen this video because it was produced by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation a conservation group, I'm on their email list. Glad to see it is ...
ban nock 09/08/2012 3 13 1 80
Number of US Hunters Increases 9% in 5 Years
In their twice a decade comprehensive survey of hunters and anglers the US Fish and Wildlife service has measured a significant increase in the number of hunters and anglers. Hunter numbers up 9% ...
ban nock 08/17/2012 45 16 - 122
Bigfoot hunting legal in Texas, but not in California
Don't try Bigfoot hunting in California - it could result in your arrest and conviction, according to the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG). The DFG issued a statement in response to ...
Dan Bacher 06/08/2012 30 4 - 141
Lead Bullet Bans aren't about lead or bullets
Things never begin well by busting a rib, but that's what happened. After the rib the bullet plowed through another two and a half or three feat of tough animal and slipped out between two more ...
ban nock 06/08/2012 67 9 - 298
This Kossack Did An Amazing Thing
I just wanted to point out that one of our own, wmspringer, has done an unbelievable thing that I'm not aware any other kossack has done up to this point. He read this article about Governor Scott ...
slinkerwink 05/26/2012 98 600 10 2381
Hunting on Public Lands is Communism
Last weekend, Magorn posted an excellent diary about Scott Walker having appointed a "deer Czar", who appears to believe that it's his mission to do away with hunting on public lands in favor of ...
wmspringer 05/26/2012 91 227 3 958
Wisconsin: Assembly Natural Resources committee to hear testimony on a wolf-hunting bill
On Wednesday February 1, 2012 (9:31 AM, 417 North [GAR Hall], State Capitol) Wisconsin's Assembly Natural Resources Committee is going to hold a hearing on Assembly Bill 502. The bill directs the ...
OldJackPine 05/23/2012 5 2 - 65
"We're Losing our grip on science"
That is according to Steve Urbon, who writes a twice weekly column for the The Standard-Times of New Bedford, MA and echoed on-line at . His May 4th item was largely an entirely ...
Gary Hurd 05/19/2012 23 26 1 175
I was fishing the other day
I was fishing at Catalina Island yesterday aboard the Fury out of Dana Warf. The crew were, as always, exemplary; friendly, and actively helpful. We had the first day this year of a solid calico ...
Gary Hurd 05/08/2012 7 7 - 53
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