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SurveyUSA: Obama +3 in Ohio - Stable Since Last Week
UPDATE: Looks like Obama is at only 70% with black voters. Even though there's probably at least a 10% margin of error on that subsample, it suggests the poll is significantly understating Obama's ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 10/23/2012 67 16 - -
Nate Silver Exposes Gallup's Frequent Misses
Nate Silver just did a great job of explaining the role of Gallup in his surveys and why he believes it should essentially be viewed "in context", which is to say, in view of the fact that when it ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 10/18/2012 16 31 - -
FiveThirtyEight: Obama up to 66% in Forecast, ~290 EVs
Good news. It appears the president is rebounding in both the Nov. 6th forecast and the now cast. He is now at 64.8% in the now cast and 66% in the Nov. 6th forecast. Interestingly enough, ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 10/15/2012 94 110 2 -
Stop Making Obama the Focal Point
Look, I'm not going to try and convince anyone that this deal to raise the debt ceiling is good. Sure, I would prefer that jobs be the focus right now, but obviously that isn't going to fly in the ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/31/2011 25 19 1 113
Omar Little's Advice for Scott Walker
One of the things that sticks out to me about the anti-union actions that Gov. Walker is taking in Wisconsin is the absence of a cohesive strategy on his part to outright defeat the unions in the ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 02/20/2011 2 3 - 33
Top 11 Sober Reflections on Tonight
1. The House is being disproportionately blamed for the Senate's failures. 2. The way to fight messes the special interests created is not to compromise with the special interests themselves. 3. ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 11/02/2010 29 8 - 69
Kucinich is a typical politician too. Why so sensitive?
I really don't get this, guys. I made some comments in another diary suggesting that Dennis Kucinich is not as worthy of our limited resources as other Democrats like Tom Perriello or even other ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 10/31/2010 100 10 - 54
Talking About Polls More Accurately
Hi everybody. I haven't posted in awhile, and generally I avoid it, but I wanted to put in my two cents about how I'm seeing political polls being interpreted here by a lot of people. Before I begin,
I said GOOD DAY sir 10/26/2010 5 3 - 83
Goodbye, or the Slow Death of My Sense of Purpose
Long long ago (so it seems) when I was in college, I still believed that we could take build a big Democratic majority that would change the country. Two years ago, when we actually elected a big ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/22/2010 175 20 - 50
FAIL: Dems to do BP spill bill, nothing else
Pulling the trigger on the gun pointed at our heads. Again.
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/22/2010 98 5 - 98
There ain't no tipping point. Never was.
One of the things that a lot of liberals (myself included) got swept up in in 2008 was the idea that this smart, young courageous US Senator was going to swoop in and solve our problems. He was so ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/03/2010 25 13 - 35
I need to stop coming back here, but...
But I really don't know how... I think some of my problem stems from the fact that I got a masters in public policy recently. As a result of that, I tend to think of public policy and politics in a ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/27/2010 76 12 - 31
Amazingly, Obama's Pandering Can't Slow Climate Change!
I'm sure you all are aware of the diary atop the rec list that trumpets our fearless (chuckle) President's decision to reject a few MTR permits. While this in itself is not a bad thing (and has ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/20/2010 55 11 - 50
Kill the So-Called "Comprehensive" Energy Bill.
Yeah, you heard me. It's time to kill the "energy-only" legislation being cooked up by the corporate interests in our Congress and Senator Reid. If we need to pass a bill to deal with the oil ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/19/2010 68 12 - 72
How Nuance Died at Daily Kos
I hope you all are proud. I remember when this place used to be a place where happy, fired up activists had real conversations about progressive politics, where we all stood on important issues, and ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/16/2010 89 18 - 39
EPA CO2 Regulation is NOT a Substitute for a Cap!
Tomorrow, as many of you know, there will be a vote on what's called a Resolution of Disapproval that seeks to nullify the endangerment finding made last year by the EPA that carbon dioxide is a ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/09/2010 14 6 - 264
Common Ground on I/P: A Pox on Both of Their Houses
I don't tend to comment on I/P issues, since a lot of the time, I don't particularly think one side is a whole lot more right or wrong than the other. But I'll tell you what I don't like. I don't ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 05/31/2010 160 14 - 42
VA AG Stands With "God Hates F*gs" Protesters at Military Funerals
As a bit of a prologue, a few months ago, I donated some money to a gentleman named Al Snyder. His son was killed in Iraq in 2006, and at his funeral, Fred Phelps and his homies from the Westboro ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 05/28/2010 66 45 - 155
Breaking CT-Sen: Simmons Drops Out
This is good news. While Blumenthal was acting ridiculous, Linda McMahon overcame Rob Simmons at the CT GOP Convention. As a result, Rob Simmons, the much more dangerous general election candidate, ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 05/24/2010 33 20 - 25
Ambinder: Charlie Crist Calls Rahm, Fishing for WH Support?
Now THIS is a delicious little rumor/nugget...although if it's from Ambinder, it's probably true ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 04/28/2010 82 13 - 52
Breaking: Compromise Floated: Energy Now, Immigration in Nov.
In a move that could potentially get the climate bill back on track, it looks like bill supporters have possibly found a way to get Lindsey ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 04/27/2010 145 21 - 44
Breaking: McConnell Unable to Hold Caucus on Financial Reform
In what must be a horrifying embarassment to Mitch McConnell, the GOP appears to be ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 04/15/2010 342 407 5 111
Breaking WI-Sen: Tommy Thompson "Unlikely" to challenge Feingold
This is potentially really good news for us and Russ Feingold: A local news radio station reports ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 04/14/2010 27 12 - 39
dKos, we need to adjust our expectations on energy.
Hi, everyone. I wanted to take a few minutes here to get a few things off my chest about energy policy and about the upcoming debate on climate and energy that we are going to have this summer. I ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 04/08/2010 95 19 - 35
dKos Opposition to Drilling is Right for All the Wrong Reasons
Today, as you all know, the administration decided to open up a significant portion of federal waters in the southeastern United States to oil drilling. I have a lot of problems with this decision, ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 03/31/2010 134 22 1 46
UPDATE: DNC Smacks Romney for MASSIVE HCR Flip-Flop!
I hope that this doesn't pass our notice today: Mitt Romney plans on joining the push for "repeal" of the HCR bill that just passed. Problem is, he not only supported the same system in his home ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 03/22/2010 61 27 - 65
Quick, Point and Laugh! The GOP and the Teabaggers FAILED.
We now have a starter universal health system in the United States. We have now begun to fulfill the vision of more than 15 presidents, including our greatest legislator (LBJ) and executives (both ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 03/21/2010 10 11 - 92
Breaking: Rep. Arcuri (D-NY) a Firm No. Primary Challenge?
Rep. Mike Arcuri is now a no vote on health care reform. The bastard won't even vote to get it out of the rules committee. I just don't get it. He voted for the public option, but this bill isn't ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 03/18/2010 49 17 - 56
BREAKING: Pelosi Calls Stupak's Bluff: NO compromise!
Brava, Madame Speaker. The AP just reported that Bart Stupak's 15 minutes are up: there will be no more negotiation with Stupak or any other anti-choice Democrats. I guess it takes a woman to have ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 03/11/2010 302 522 5 141
A Concern About Bill Halter
I want to say that I am so glad that we have a primary challenger for Blanche Lincoln. Perhaps now we can pressure the senator to support the President's agenda, at least until the primary and ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 03/01/2010 103 8 - 24
NYT: Gov. Paterson & State Police Cover Up Aide's Assault
I don't think there's any coming back from this one for Gov. Paterson: Last fall, a woman went to court in ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 02/24/2010 11 4 - 21
Sarah Palin "offended" by Family Guy joke about Trig
This is why Sarah Palin will never be elected president. I'm sure I wouldn't like being called out by Family Guy for something I don't like about myself or my life (maybe I would be honored, I'm ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 02/16/2010 88 5 - 92
If we don't succeed now, what is the point?
Many a time have I leapt atop my soapbox to say that we should let things happen, not jump to conclusions and give the President a chance. Many a time have I thought it was a good idea to shut up ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 02/02/2010 42 6 - 13
Guys, it's a FREEZE. Not a CUT.
It's never popular with many folks when budget cuts hit. Often it could mean less perks, less vacation time, less of the little things that make an office fun. But folks, the President isn't ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/25/2010 68 18 2 20
Breaking Up the Bill: Terrible Policy, Fabulous Politics
First of all, I want to get one thing out of the way: I'm a policy guy. I care first and foremost about getting good public policy out there. As such, I distrust politicians, despite the fact that I ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/21/2010 50 9 - 25
Barney Frank is PATHETIC (UPDATE: Ezra Klein SMACKS him down!)
And now for a big bag of ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/19/2010 122 31 - 23
Top Dems "Calm" about HCR, Progressives Open to 'Plan B'
As I predicted sunday , it appears clear that HCR will pass. Or, at least, the ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/19/2010 56 18 - 27
Health Care Reform WILL pass. Here's 5 reasons why...
I'm going to lay out a bold prediction: by hook and by crook, there will be a health care reform bill. There is no serious chance that a bill will not pass, not even if Scott Brown wins. There are ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/17/2010 98 19 1 39
Good News: MA-SEN Turnout Expected to Be VERY High UPDATED
According to the Herald , who is not exactly very sympathetic to Coakley's chances:
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/16/2010 188 88 - 33
Everyone, I'm on my knees. I'm sorry.
DISCLAIMER: I absolutely PROMISE this is not snark. I'm really upset right now, and I really want to come together with all of you I have put down over health care. We need to work together.
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/15/2010 302 23 - 35
Don't Panic about MA-Sen. It Doesn't Mean Much for 2010.
I think people are justifiably upset today. It's no fun seeing polls you don't want to see out there. Scott Brown looks like a complete tool too, which doesn't help matters at all. But I would look ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/15/2010 27 8 - 11
State Dept. Official: "Very Optimistic" About Climate Bill
Well look at this. Goes to show that not everything is so terrible right now:
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/13/2010 12 6 - 10
F*** Harry Reid. Let him burn.
Could you guys explain this to me? So...we hate the Senate health care bill, we hate how Obama and Reid handled it...but we want to "stand with" him? Fuck that. This is the craven, whiny fraction ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/12/2010 78 9 - 37
Harry Reid is Not Worthy of Defense, But Schumer Is.
I think we need to follow Senator Feingold's lead and try to replace this man before it's too late: "I'm thinking about that and we're going to be getting together as a caucus next week ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/11/2010 44 7 - 8
An Olive Branch: Two Reactions to the Same Disappointment
I think one of the most interesting things about the fight that's been going on here since the Senate bill passed is that it reflects one of the most damaging fights that the left has been having ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/09/2010 79 14 - 28
MA-Sen: No Climate Bill = East Coast Underwater
Just wanted to add on to the spirit of the headline of the diary just a few below this one. Guys, if you want to save the planet, we need to get this MA-Sen shit under control. For real. I don't ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/09/2010 16 11 - 9
A Fresh Take On 2010: Dems are Likely to be OK.
Hey guys, good Friday night to you. I wanted to share something that hit me today with all of you. Today, I noticed an aspect of the 2010 cycle that has a very strong similarity to the 2008 ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/08/2010 68 24 - 27
Bitter McCain: Obama on a "Crusade to Bankrupt America"
Well, count this as the moment that the old John McCain, the supposedly principled Senator, was lowered six feet under. In order to save his delicate political ass, he's climbing aboard the ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/07/2010 91 28 - 33
From Now 'til November, Stand and Fight
I know that the last few weeks have been really hard for a lot of people here. Certainly, most of us had high hopes for the health care bill. Many of us assumed that a hard push for the public ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/06/2010 17 5 - 8
GOPer: Fighting Dems More Important Than Fighting Terrorists
Just in case you needed a reminder why it's better to fight the GOP than each other... If there's one good thing about the Tea Partiers over George Bush's GOP, it's that they at least they come out ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/04/2010 42 21 - 29
The Shockingly Partisan Pettiness of Olympia J. Snowe
Many people here have been understandably upset about how the Senate health care bill turned out. While progressives have looked for the strongest possible public option, the work of "moderate" ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/23/2009 13 14 - 47
Do you guys have the guts to stand up for our planet or not?
A week ago, I decided to leave this site. But I later decided that I couldn't do that until I knew that I did my absolute best to get our side as charged up as slinkerwink got you all about health ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/22/2009 32 22 - 49
DK GreenRoots: How Taxing Carbon Works
Early next year, one of the major bills that the Senate will take up will be a comprehensive clean energy bill. According to Sen. Reid, this bill will be taken up after financial reform and prior to ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/22/2009 18 26 - 77
Quick, point and laugh at the Senate GOP! UPDATED
They have officially failed to block health care reform. I'm coming out of retirement for this one.... NOBODY can take THIS away from me:
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/20/2009 553 406 2 128
It's Time For Me to Go.
I want to keep this short. I've really appreciated people here over the 5 long years I've been here as jkennerl and as i said GOOD DAY sir. But in this last few days, I've seen the writing on the ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/16/2009 82 8 - 29
UPDATE: Nate Silver agrees. How f***ing stupid are you guys?
Seriously? Kill the bill? I guess all the people who will get insurance should just shut up and die already, right? RIGHT? I can see your bleeding noses lying on the ground in front of you. Come ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/14/2009 178 34 1 35
Why are we doing this to ourselves? UPDATED
Tonight, I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the progress of the governance agenda that the Democrats and President Obama have at least theoretically agreed to try to enact. I also want to ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/08/2009 115 13 1 53
Breaking TPM: Deal = Trigger+FEHBP+Expanded Medicare (but No medicaid expansion)
Just wanted to pass along this item from TPM: In its place will ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/08/2009 62 14 - 43
We just got trial balooned on Afghanistan
MSNBC reporting the White House is shooting it down. Hope you all noticed that. So to all of you guys who ended up saying that you're "giving up on him for good", for-real-this-time-I-totally-...
I said GOOD DAY sir 11/09/2009 90 3 - 97
Teabaggers Endanger 2010 GOP Senate Pickup Opportunities
Disclaimer: I know I stopped commenting for awhile because I'm tired of health care, but I said I'd be back for elections. We are now in the midst of the final days of a very interesting one in ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 10/31/2009 54 28 1 24
GBCW ('til around election time)
Okay, before you get ticked with me... I'll try not to lecture you all here, because lecturing people usually doesn't work. But we need to talk. It's not you guys, it's me. Okay, maybe it's a ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 10/03/2009 41 10 - 66
Perceptive Analysis of Health Care Reform in WaPo Today!
I know the guy works at AEI, but I think you would be hard pressed to find a more objective and knowledgable observer of the lawmaking process than Norman Ornstein. I personally respect his opinion ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 09/01/2009 17 13 - 25
Breaking: Obama to Reappoint Bernanke
I suspect the man is itching for a fight over the stimulus and about the tenor of economic recovery. Not to mention that he wants to continue to ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 08/24/2009 83 8 - 25
Obama: I'm willing to be a one-term president over health care and energy
This is what a real leader sounds like: Rep. Leonard ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 08/13/2009 835 699 14 175
UPDATE: Grassley/Enzi Trying to Kill Bipartisan Deal. Baucus got Played & Senate Dems are PISSED.
Sometimes I just want to hit Dems like Baucus with a sockful of nickels... Two Senate Republicans negotiating on health care reform say a bipartisan deal is out of reach before the ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/29/2009 653 570 5 60
Rahm: HCR Floor Action Next Week, Thanks the GOP for "Honesty"
Good news from the always-controversial White House Chief of Staff. In an interview with NPR , he brought some good news:
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/24/2009 59 48 - 20
UnF***ingbelievable: Harry Reid Delays HCR Vote FOR THE GOP!!
I am so pissed right now... Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today that the Senate would not attempt to pass ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/23/2009 1138 846 12 169
UPDATE: Obama Says "Give Me The Ball" on Health Care: Goal is for SFC to pass a bill by FRIDAY
It looks like President Obama is going to come out fighting on health care.
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/19/2009 365 309 1 32
CBS: 33% of GOP consider Palin qualified to be President
LOL Only 33 percent of Republicans ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 07/14/2009 96 16 - 13
I'm getting frustrated.
I'm starting to not like coming here anymore. Yeah, you can look at my recent comments, I lost my temper, I know. I'm a trusted user, I know, I should know better. But a lot of it's because I ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/18/2009 164 21 - 16
Forget the headlines: What's Obama's real angle on health care?
I had a thought that I wanted to share with you all. I know that the prevailing view is that, despite all that has been said about the importance of the strong public option, we are this close to ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/16/2009 10 - - -
CIA Director Panetta: Cheney WANTS us to be attacked again!
WOW. Snap. Leon Panetta tells it like it is with a thunderous smackdown. This seems pretty sure to rile all of ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/14/2009 146 243 2 28
I want to say something very carefully about Health Care.
As someone who really cares about this site and community, I believe that diarists like nyceve and others who write about the murder by spreadsheet practices in America are doing us and the world a ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 06/10/2009 34 12 1 12
Historic Energy Bill/Cap and Trade Passes Out of Comitttee!!
This is a great day. I don't care if you think it got watered down. Henry Waxman did a great job getting this bill to final passage, and I think it bodes really well for House passage, and even ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 05/21/2009 45 27 1 20
How to Sell Cap and Trade to a Climate/Green Jobs Skeptic
It must be frustrating for all of you who care about the environment to watch the current debate over ACES (the Waxman-Markey bill). It's maddening to sit there and watch Joe Barton deny that ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 05/18/2009 33 9 - 5
DHS' implicit definition of "Right Wing Extremism" Is WAY out of line.
I know I could potentially get flamed pretty hard for this, but I guess I just wanted to make my thoughts known. First, I wanted to say that I thought that ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 04/14/2009 134 3 - 39
Can we stop doubting his political skills now?
Can we stop saying he's "losing the debate"? Can we stop being faithless and assuming that this man has no strategy? He doesn't know HOW to lose a debate. He. doesn't. know. HOW. The fact is, he ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 02/09/2009 139 44 - 35
Not Cool. Obama picks Raytheon's Top Lobbyist for DOD #2
Generally speaking, I have been on board with how Obama has picked his Cabinet. While I don't completely love the centrism of several nominees, I have enough faith in his executive judgment that ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/08/2009 97 23 1 18
Senate Dems: Blago "Called our Bluff"
From CNN and the Department of Blinding Obviousness, we have the story that pretty much explains the Congressional ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/07/2009 97 13 - 14
It's Time to Go, Sen. Reid.
Some of you may remember my diary of a few days ago , in which I said that if Harry Reid made certain, ah, ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/05/2009 57 6 - 18
If Reid "Provisionally" Seats Norm Coleman, It's Time
I can't say that being the Senate Majority Leader isn't a difficult job. After all, the only person in history who was able to fully force their will (a la a Speaker of the House) on the Senate was ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/03/2009 354 523 5 37
WTF? Burris to be Physically Blocked from ENTERING the Senate.
This is nuts. It sounds like the Senate Dems are learning their Bushian tactics: (CNN) -- The man ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 01/01/2009 125 16 - 19
McCain defends Obama?
Now I can see why he's their Lieberman... John McCain, reminding GOP partisans why they ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/14/2008 26 9 - 24
Arlen Specter to Obama: F*** you and the DOJ
Looks like Snarlin' Arlen is at it again . If I remember correctly, he was the one who was so ...
I said GOOD DAY sir 12/10/2008 394 313 2 175
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