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Coming Out: A Lighter Side
As many others have said, coming out is a process that usually takes years. (I think this was especially true in the past but the process may be faster today.) So most gay folks have not just one ...
Ian S 06/30/2014 14 31 - -
Obamacare Looking Good in Arizona!
Headline above the fold on page one in today's Arizona Republic: Arizonans’ costs low under new health law I have to give kudos to the Republic for its coverage of the Affordable Care Act (...
Ian S 09/26/2013 9 17 - -
Arizona Utility Wants To Kill Solar
Arizona Public Service has proposed new rules for its residential customers who install solar. The extra charges proposed for those ratepayers would effectively kill off rooftop solar in this sun-...
Ian S 07/12/2013 67 37 - -
Ho Hum: Another Day, Another (Alleged) GOP Child Molester
Oh boy, here we go again: Arizona Sen. Rick Murphy, a foster and adoptive parent who identifies himself as a leader on child-welfare issues, is under investigation by Peoria police and state Child ...
Ian S 06/28/2013 10 15 - -
Sad Day: Put Our Dog Down
Milo in healthier times. Milo, our 14 y.o. Kerry Blue terrier, has been battling kidney disease and nasal carcinoma for 15 months. We were treating his cancer with a new oral drug, Palladia and it ...
Ian S 05/18/2013 69 53 - -
Thank FSM for Libertarians!
We have some extremely close House races in Arizona. They may not be decided for days as provisional ballots are counted. Ron Barber is slightly behind in CD2 while Kirsten Sinema and Ann Kirpatrick ...
Ian S 11/07/2012 3 1 - -
Arizona Republic Newspaper Endorses Penzone over Sheriff Joe!
I did not see a diary on this yet but the largest newspaper in the state endorsed Paul Penzone over incumbent Sheriff Joe on Sunday in a lengthy and detailed editorial. Of course, the newspaper just ...
Ian S 10/08/2012 22 22 - 148
Breaking: Feds Drop Investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Short and not so sweet diary. No charges to be filed against Joe.
Ian S 08/31/2012 29 17 - 455
Russell Pearce Goes There, Blames CO Victims
The notorious former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, architect of SB-1070, proves he's not a one dimensional asshat. According to the Arizona Republic, the racist buffoon doesn't feel the ...
Ian S 07/22/2012 179 154 2 1423
Breaking: Brandon McInerney, Killer of Gay Teen gets 21 Years
Story from LA Times, teen to take plea deal and serve 21 more years in prison for murder Second degree murder plea. Not sure how to ...
Ian S 11/21/2011 22 3 - 125
NBA Suns' Gay CEO Resigns
Above the fold front page headline in today's Arizona Republic: "Personal Life Leads Suns CEO to Resign." You may recall Rick Welts'
Ian S 09/10/2011 13 13 - 181
My $.02 on $.14
A popular diary on the rec list purports to show how little an effect some proposed changes to how Social Security COLA's might get calculated would have on recipients. However, there is a ...
Ian S 07/07/2011 33 34 1 280
5 Shot Dead in Yuma Arizona
Happened this morning in Yuma which is about halfway between Phoenix and San Diego on Interstate 8. Not a lot of details yet but ...
Ian S 06/02/2011 77 20 - 548
Is Palin Moving to Scottsdale?
According to this story , it's a ...
Ian S 05/21/2011 17 10 - 262
A Key Provision in the President's Plan
I did not expect a great number of specifics in President Obama's speech last night, mostly just passion to pass real reform. But the President surprised me especially with a very important and ...
Ian S 09/10/2009 6 4 - 6
McCain Townhall Just Ended
Just returned from the latest McCain town hall here in Phoenix which is the first one I've attended. And folks, boy did we dodge a bullet last November! Follow me below the fold for why I believe ...
Ian S 08/26/2009 44 21 2 29
Coming-Out Anecdote From an Immigrant
As an immigrant to the U.S., I have a somewhat different story to tell. A quarter century ago when I was applying for a green card (permanent residency), I was still in the closet. I had known I was ...
Ian S 10/11/2008 9 16 - 15
Hell just froze over in the AZ desert!
As I'm sipping my Sunday morning coffee and opening up the Arizona Republic (once was "Republican"; they dropped the "an" some years ago) newspaper, I see they have their endorsement for Maricopa ...
Ian S 10/05/2008 28 57 3 85
Did McCain just have stroke on TV?
Americablog has the details . I'm coming to believe there is really something physically wrong with McCain ...
Ian S 10/01/2008 67 16 - 36
Party Registration vs. Party Membership
Sarah Palin has come under increasing scrutiny today over her ties - past and present - to the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP), a political organization that supports the secession of Alaska from ...
Ian S 09/02/2008 5 1 - 32
Gee, Thanks Gov. Napolitano
Janet Napolitano, the Governor of Arizona, is frequently mentioned as VP material but folks who do so should be aware that, like another Arizonan, her national reputation is a little different from ...
Ian S 07/02/2008 34 8 - -
Impeachment Of Bush is a Mistake
Impeachment would be a serious mistake unless that you believe all Bush deserves is a slap on the wrist for the crimes he has committed. Make no mistake: impeachment would be a slap on the ...
Ian S 06/10/2008 37 2 - 1
McShame/Bush Fundraiser Chased Out of Phoenix!
According to Jeff Farias on KPHX in Phoenix, next week's fund raiser for McSame will no longer been in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently, the prospect of a major demonstration against Bush, ...
Ian S 05/23/2008 15 27 2 19
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