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Why Tamir Rice has not yet been buried six months after being shot and killed by Cleveland police
Tamir in a photo taken in the month before he was shot and killed by Cleveland police Shot and killed by Officer Timothy Loehmann of the Cleveland ...
Shaun King 05/05/2015 106
How race plays an ugly role in the drastic underfunding of sickle cell research and advocacy
Did you know that sickle cell anemia is the single most common life-threatening genetic disease in the United States? I sure didn't. Over 100,000 Americans suffer from sickle cell disease and it ...
Shaun King 05/05/2015 6
Out of 50 largest US cities, only one has a police force that isn't whiter than the population
Which is it? Atlanta . This is a problem. Day in and day out, in every major city across America, police officers are driving in from out ...
Shaun King 05/05/2015 66
Baltimore Police Union has the gall to start a 'My Life Matters' campaign after 6 officers arrested
New hashtag promoted by the Baltimore Police Union What in the world? After six Baltimore police officers were arrested on felony charges in ...
Shaun King 05/04/2015 126
SC refuses to release 'horrible and offensive' dashcam video of officer killing unarmed black man
Officer Justin Craven after being charged with misconduct in the shooting death of Ernest Satterwhite On April 7, two white police officers in South Carolina were arrested for shooting and ...
Shaun King 05/04/2015 135
Had you ever even heard of police doing rough rides before Freddie Gray? They're everywhere.
Freddie Gray being loaded into a van by Baltimore Police On April 12th, six Baltimore police officers assaulted Freddie Gray and took him on something I'll admit I've never heard of ...
Shaun King 05/01/2015 242
White Detroit prosecutor states that Baltimore Police should literally shoot Freddie Gray protestors
The actual Facebook post by a prosecutor in Detroit American ugliness is a real thing and it's dangerous. The Assistant Prosecutor of Detroit, Teana Walsh,
Shaun King 05/01/2015 70
Updated route of Baltimore Police van proves they were deliberately off course with Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray being loaded into the Baltimore Police Van. Again, because the Baltimore Police refuse to release any real statements from the officers involved in the April 12th arrest and April 19th ...
Shaun King 05/01/2015 77
She's overseeing Freddie Gray case; both parents, grandfather, 2 aunts, 3 uncles are police officers
Marilyn Mosby 5/1 UPDATE: Marilyn Mosby just charged all six officers with crimes ranging from assault to murder in the death of Freddie Gray. I seriously doubted that someone with such deep ties ...
Shaun King 04/30/2015 398
A complete takedown of the lies spread by the Baltimore PD and Washington Post on Freddie Gray
It was only a two-minute drive between the police station and where Freddie Gray was arrested. Why, then, did it take 30 minutes? So many egregious ...
Shaun King 04/30/2015 228
As with Mike Brown, conservatives feel the need to lie about the life and death of Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray in the hospital after surgeries attempting to save his life Exactly what is it about being conservative that makes one want to lie about young black men who have been killed by police?
Shaun King 04/29/2015 140
Powerful video interview of Crips and Bloods disputing claims of the Baltimore police
Bloods and Crips uniting and disputing the claims of the Baltimore Police Yesterday, immediately after the funeral of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Police Department released an ...
Shaun King 04/28/2015 249
Whistleblower immediately transferred after exposing Atlanta police trainees for cheating on tests
William Lyons, a whistleblower who reported cheating within the Atlanta Police Department Just a few weeks ago, a dozen former teachers and administrators in Atlanta were sentenced ...
Shaun King 04/28/2015 21
Cash-strapped Chicago has paid half a billion dollars in police brutality settlements since 2004
Rekia Boyd, shot and killed by Chicago Officer Dante Servin With 49 elementary schools closing this summer , with pensions being slashed, and with public services being cut all over Chicago, the ...
Shaun King 04/27/2015 53
SC police officers to mentally ill woman: I'll let you go if you let me Taser you in the forehead
South Carolina officers Eric Walters and Franklin "Frankie" Brown After pleading guilty to federal charges of deprivation of rights, two Marion, South Carolina, police officers ...
Shaun King 04/27/2015 109
Black men w/ no criminal record applying for jobs treated same as white men fresh out of prison
Shaun King 04/27/2015 90
Beginning of the end: The details that will destroy the Tulsa Sheriff's Office
Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz Tulsa journalists Ziva Branstetter and Dylan Goforth just released a report that spells the beginning of the end for Sheriff Stanley Glanz and the Tulsa Sheriff's Office.
Shaun King 04/24/2015 114
Smoking gun: Prosecutor Anita Alvarez deliberately undercharged officer who killed Rekia Boyd
Rekia Boyd On Monday, Judge Dennis Porter made a decision that shocked lovers of justice across the nation. Presiding over the case against Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin, who shot and killed ...
Shaun King 04/24/2015 90
Video from 2013 shows biking man shot four times in the back by Florida police
Dontrell Stephens being shot in the back This is a national epidemic . In cities and states all ...
Shaun King 04/24/2015 255
Arrested for sagging pants, Ervin Edwards tasered to death in custody; police lie in report
Ervin Edwards, arrested for sagging pants, dead in his cell after being Tasered to death On November 26, 2013, 38-year-old Ervin Edwards, partially deaf and mentally ill,
Shaun King 04/24/2015 344
Brown family files 44-page lawsuit against Darren Wilson, the police chief, and the city of Ferguson
Mike Brown Nothing can bring Ferguson teenager Michael Brown back, but this new lawsuit filed by his family is one step toward justice for ...
Shaun King 04/23/2015 64
Tulsa judge overseeing case of Deputy Bob Bates is a longtime deputy himself
Judge James Caputo The rabbit hole in Tulsa just goes deeper and deeper ...
Shaun King 04/23/2015 79
Sick irony clearly lost on Baltimore Police Union as it calls peaceful protestors a 'lynch mob'
Shaun King 04/23/2015 91
Explosive 2009 report from Tulsa reveals deep corruption concerning Deputy Bob Bates
Tulsa Reserve Deputy Bob Bates on the left. Eric Harris less than an hour before dying on the right. This ...
Shaun King 04/23/2015 123
The real possibility that Prosecutor Anita Alvarez deliberately tanked the Rekia Boyd murder case
Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez This is the type of blog post that really won't make much sense unless you watch the video below the fold. It's the most important video I've shared in months ...
Shaun King 04/22/2015 109
Baltimore Police Bill of Rights gives them 10 days after killing someone until they have to talk
Freddie Gray in the hospital before dying of his injuries Imagine your son or brother or husband having his spine 80 percent severed, his vertebrae broken, his brain swollen, and him slipping into ...
Shaun King 04/22/2015 74
NYPD extends courtesies to wild coyotes in Manhattan that it rarely extends to African Americans
Wild coyote spotted in Chelsea. NYPD chases it for an hour with Tasers before subduing it with a tranquilizing dart. This morning I saw a weird headline in the New York Times that really piqued my ...
Shaun King 04/22/2015 60

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