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Former Florida Charlie Crist brought a small table fan to the Florida Governors' debate tonight and Governor Rick Scott tried to invoke "stand his ground" by refusing to take the stage.

Governor Scott relented after a few minutes of extreme awkwardness and finally took the stage to a mix of applause and boos.

Later in the debate. Gov Scott continued to refer every time to his opponent, not as the respectful "Gov. Crist", but "Charlie".  He repeated "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie about 20 times.

Think Progress

Huffington Post story

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a an extremely peculiar situation right now," debate moderator Elliot Rodriguez of CBS Miami told the crowd, as the camera panned to two empty lecterns onstage. Seconds later, Crist walked onstage, but Scott was absent.

"We have been told that Governor Scott will not be participating in this debate," Rodriguez explained. "Governor Crist has asked to have a small fan placed underneath his podium. The rules of the debate that I was shown by the Scott campaign say that there should be no fan. Somehow there is a fan there, and for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, I am being told that Governor Scott will not join us for this debate."

Members of the audience booed loudly.

"That's the ultimate pleading of the Fifth I've ever heard in my life," Crist said.

The local North Carolina Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a Koch funded organization based out of Raleigh was sending out voter information cards with incorrect and conflicting information.

Hundreds of people have contacted the State Board of Elections to complain.

From the Raleigh News Observer:

The form includes incorrect or conflicting information, as outlined below, according to the State Board of Elections.

• At the top, the form states voter registrations are due 30 days before an election to the State Board of Elections’ office. Below, in smaller type, it states the deadline is 25 days before the election.

The deadline to register to vote is actually 25 days before the general election, but people should send information to their county elections board, not the state board, Lawson said. If voters do send their information to the state board, it will be forwarded to the appropriate county board, Lawson said.

• The first page also states people should return the registration to the N.C. Secretary of State’s office, though the envelope is addressed to the State Board of Elections.

• It states the Secretary of State’s office has an elections division and can answer questions about registration.

The Secretary of State’s office does not handle elections, Lawson said, though other states do house their elections division within their secretary of state’s office. The form also gives the wrong phone number for the Secretary of State’s office – the number is actually for the State Board of Elections.

• The form states that after voters mail in their information, they will be notified of their precinct by their local county clerk.

“There’s no county clerk that would do these things,” said Lawson. “It would come from the county board of elections or the elections director, under their signature.”

• The registration form also includes the wrong ZIP code for the State Board of Elections. The ZIP code associated with the board’s post office box is 27611, and the board’s office ZIP code is 27603

Read more here:

There were at least hundreds of people and one cat who received the mailing.

Of course, no one would ever accuse the poor persecuted Koch Brothers and their AFP- lackeys of intentional malfeasance in confusing voters. I certainly am not doing so here.........

The only thing I know, is that another recent organization, also starting with an "A", was accused of phony electoral shenanigans and was put through the congressional ringer until it lost donor funding and ceased operating as an organization---- Remember ACORN?

At the very least, this shows the shallowness and incompetence of this organization funded by the Koch Brothers.

D- Kay Hagan is running against Koch backed Thom Tillis (R) for US Senate and possibly control over the Senate. Americans for Prosperity- NC have been staging "Call Out Kay" events throughout North Carolina.

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More whack job Republican behavior in Minnesota. A GOP endorsed candidate for Minnesota Legislature is being sued by a neighbor for taking a power saw to that neighbor's garage over a property dispute.

From the Duluth News Tribune.

Roger Weber of rural Nashwauk is being sued by Mark Besemann of Iron after Weber used a power saw to bisect the building. Weber then removed half of the garage he insists was built, decades ago, on property that he now owns.

Besemann is suing Weber for $20,000 in damage to the garage and $20,000 in punitive damages. Besemann also is seeking a small portion of Weber’s land adjacent to the garage to act as a buffer to any additional actions Weber might take.

Bluestem Prairie

Weber is the Republican endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 6A.
He is running against DFL Incumbent Representative Carly Melin, one of my favorite legislators. Weber faces an uphill battle in the solidly blue Iron Range area.

Weber's action is the logical progression of the Tea Party's selfish behavior and unwillingness to work people with differing viewpoints. What's next? --Duels?

This lawsuit is another headache for the Minnesota GOP with such scandals as Michelle MacDonald, GOP endorsed candidate for Supreme Court, who was recently convicted of DUI and banned from the GOP State Fair Booth.

And don't forget, the GOP Minnesota State Auditor candidate is also having some issues.

These scandals are taking attention away from the GOP slate of Candidates, including races for US Senate and Governor.


Mon Sep 15, 2014 at 08:45 PM PDT

One of Thom Tillis's worst legacies

by Intheknow

As Speaker of the State House of North Carolina in the General Assembly, Thom Tillis wielded considerable power in North Carolina Politics.

As Speaker, Tillis controlled the House agenda. Time after time Tillis quashed politically embarrassing votes on amendments by Democrats, by allowing unlimited GOP "laying on the table" of the amendments. Most importantly, rarely if ever anything Tillis was opposed to was brought up for a floor vote.  Further, he allowed floor votes where timely public notice was lacking, including the fracking bill and budget. Tillis allowed non confrontational technical bills to be loaded with controversial policy changes.

Tillis and his allies are touting their education record as something to be proud of. Cough, Cough. As a candidate for US Senate, Thom Tillis wants to do for the country what he did as Speaker of the North Carolina House.

Whether it be fracking, cuts to schools, raising class sizes, or denying Medicaid expansion, one of the stupidest cuts in terms of economic growth goes into effect October 1.

From the News-Record

About 12,000 kids statewide will no longer get reduced-cost child care under the new state budget that Gov. Pat McCrory says he will sign this week.

The budget legislators approved late last week will tighten the income eligibility requirements for the child care program, reserving the subsidies for younger and poorer kids. Some families will also have to make higher copayments to participate.

So let say you are a lower to middle income family in North Carolina. You can get a subsidy to help bring your kids to a licensed child care facility. There are 110,000 kids whose families receive subsidies in North Carolina. Thom Tillis helped pass a law that will throw up to 12,000 kids off the subsidy.

This means families and working men and women will have to face a terrible choice- either quit work, possibly going on social benefit programs such as food stamps or WIC- or place their children in unlicensed unregulated childcare facilities. These facilities may be unsafe. Or kids may be dropped off at home to become latchkey kids.

Families qualify to participate based on how much they earn. Families make a copayment of 8 percent to 10 percent toward the cost of care, and they will continue to pay that rate until their eligibility is reviewed under the new income guidelines.
In Guilford County last fiscal year, the program paid an average of $381 a month per child, according to the Department of Social Services.
The new state budget doesn’t cut the overall funding for the program, but it does shift around the costs, in part to provide higher payments to child care providers. The new guidelines will further limit which families qualify for the subsidy — especially for school-age children.
If there ever was a social program that encouraged work and helped lower income families, it is the reduced cost child care program in North Carolina. This is pro family, pro-economy, and ultimately smaller government because it keeps people off of social welfare programs. These working people buy things, eat at local restaurants, and shop at local stores. If anything, to help the poor and middle income folks, they should expand the program.

Thom Tills is allowing 12,000 kids to be kicked off or suffer reduced child care subsidies. The battle for control of the Senate starts and ends in North Carolina. Thom Tillis has no heart nor brain. Let's send him back to the land of Oz.


   Thank you for helping to explain to my kids there are jerks in this world who think nothing of others. Thank you for helping me to instill the value of cleaning up the neighborhood while we don gloves, and garbage bags cleaning up after you. Even though we wear protective gear, I just hope you don't suffer from some disease like herpes, or hepatitis. Every week, you are out there, leaving your mark on the neighborhood. Every week, I will be out cleaning up after you.

   You are welcome to continue to use our front yard as your garbage dump. I see from walking around the neighborhood that you cheat on us occasionally and dump on the next street over. The people of the over street are not as careful to pick up after you, so your handiwork is more noticeable.  

I try to imagine who you are:
North Carolina's finest wannabe good-ole-boy, you drive an old rusty pickup truck. You like to drive fast, so I have probably seen you speeding on the way or back to work. I know you like fast food, vodka, and Bud Light. You have a developing beer belly from too much fast food, so you think Bud Light will help. You drink a lot because your are a henpecked husband who married too early, and already have teenage kids who already have criminal drug records. Your job and your boss suck the life out of you everyday. You are in debt up to your eyeballs, and know stopping all the eating out could help control your budget. To add insult, your wife's cooking sucks.

Most interesting is you are distantly related to a North Carolina GOP legislative leader. You agree with favoring business over the lazy poor and blame the welfare state on your personal troubles.  You called the GOP leaders heroes for pushing fracking while your uncle is poised to make a fortune off of selling his land rights to the oil and gas companies in nearby Rockingham County. Too bad you shot his cat while drunk that one night 10 years ago.

So go on Sonny, keep living your litterbug life, your comeuppance has already come to fruition. There are some great people in this State. But you are not one of them. Meanwhile, I'm getting my revenge. My family recently bought a house in a very classy looking area of town. Our new neighbors will be a firefighter, a dentist and a teacher. We will live on a cul-de-sac, so the only foreign substance on my yard I expect will be the occasional neighbor doggie doo doo. That might take up another diary some day.  

As I diaried yesterday, the sad but entertaining saga of MNGOP Supreme Court endorsed nominee Michelle MacDonald came to a head today as she attempted to enter the Minnesota State Fair GOP Booth after being banned for being under criminal charges.

Ms. MacDonald was arrested in 2013 for Suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated. In the last couple weeks, she was ticketed for Driving Without a Valid Driver's License.

Michelle MacDonald,  despite her legal troubles, still won the GOP Endorsement for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice. She is to face incumbent Supreme Court Associate Justice David Lillehaug in November. During her GOP State Convention Speech, she famously waved the bible.

Yesterday, the MNGOP leadership voted to ban MacDonald, the GOP endorsed candidate from using the official GOP booth at the Minnesota State Fair, normally reserved for endorsed candidates.  What made it more juicy was her pledge to ignore the party and to enter the GOP Booth anyways.

Here is the coverage of what happened today on the first day of the Minnesota State Fair

From Star Tribune:

MacDonald defied party leadership by showing up at the party's booth on the fair's first day Thursday. She was asked several times to leave before she finally did.

She says she isn't trespassing and plans to return every day unless the party takes legal action against her.

From Politics.MN with video

Here is the Twitter reaction:

From a Capital Reporter:

The MNGOP appears to be handling this situation with style:

She goes away and then comes back!

 A cheeky tweet by a local scribe:

Michelle MacDonald's erratic behavior has caused her to lose support among even the most die hard Republicans.

On Friday Michelle MacDonald has vowed to come back. I wish I was there with a footlong pronto pup and cheese curds watching from a nearby bench. A local attorney and radio personality Ron Rosenbom posited that the GOP has a duty to allow MacDonald to use the booth as long as she is still the endorsed candidate.

Also- think about this:

This is getting good. The Minnesota GOP endorsed candidate for Supreme Court, Michelle MacDonald, could be getting ready for a fight Friday Morning at the Minnesota State Fair over access to the official Republican booth reserved for endorsed candidates.

From Politics.MN

MacDonald was informed this afternoon about the decision by Keith Downey, the chairman of the  Republican Party of Minnesota. MacDonald was banned from the fair booth by an e-mail vote conducted by members of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s State Executive Committee in the last 24 hours.

The vote to ban MacDonald from the Republican Party of Minnesota’s fair booth was confirmed by multiple members of the executive committee.

MacDonald has an upcoming trial next month after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest in 2013. MacDonald was also ticketed earlier this month by the Minnesota State Patrol on Interstate 94 in Monticello, for violating conditions of her limited license to drive.

Here is a previous Daily Kos story on MacDonald famously waving a bible during her GOP Convention speech. (Video included)

Per Politics.MN- MacDonald still will plan on entering the GOP booth. If she does, she could face arrest according to sources.

She is facing Democrat David Lillehaug. The State DFL Party does not endorse Supreme Court nominees.

Grab the pronto pups and Sweet Martha's Cookies. I will update if anything happens Thursday on the first day of the Minnesota State Fair.  This is another headache for the Minnesota GOP, 2 weeks after Deputy Minnesota GOP Chair Chris Fields made national news for his stupid tweet and fruitless defense of himself while pimping his governor candidate in response to someone's heartfelt tweet mourning the passing of Robin Williams See my previous diary on Deputy Chair Chris Fields


 I was minding my own business at home, following the events today on Daily Kos, when a lady in an older Lexus stopped at home to give me some Anti-Kay Hagan propaganda. She was middle aged and had some sort of Christian symbol on her shirt with some stickers.

She asked for a prior resident name. I told her there was no one here by that name.

She asked, "Are you from North Carolina?"

I say-  " I live here, I must be."

She beats around the bush mumbling and finally comes out with her sales pitch.

"Kay Hagan is supporting taxpayer money for abortions and sending money to China encouraging Chinese forced abortions."

I say, "Wow, I never knew. Hey what about Hobby Lobby? Do you support them?"
She nods her head. Her eyes widen like I'm on to something,  " Do you know most of their products are manufactured in China where residents may be forced to undergo forced abortions?"

She frowns and changes the subject back. "Are you supporting Kay Hagan and forced abortions?  

 I say- "You betcha I am voting for Kay Hagan..." (I am originally from Minnesota) "I am a proud Democrat. Are you going to shop at Hobby Lobby?"

She persists "What about that Obamacare?" She inflects her voice to make it seem like Obamacare is a form of fascism.

I say. "I love Obamacare. It has covered over 15 million people. Is has saved my parents $1100 per month on health care costs."  (I filibuster) "My father, who fought for this country developed cancer from Agent Orange, he recently had a stroke, my mother had arthritis, and cancer but were too young for Medicare. Obamacare saved them $1100/ month. They were able to afford a to buy a new car and drive across country to see their grandkids this summer. That is pro-family.

She is incredulous and at a loss for words. I don't think she has ever heard from someone who supports Obamacare.

She tries to change the subject but stammers, "Well I'm a Christian........."

I interrupt..." I am a Christian too and I know some people would like to get rid of government programs and have the churches take over."

She nods in agreement...

I say "Well then, I know firsthand that Churches do not have the money and resources to handle everyone." That is why as a Christian, I believe there is a role in government to help the needy. There are good programs like Medicare, Social Security....
Yes, there are people taking advantage of the government, but I am not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think government should help the poor."

When I mentioned I was a Christian, she visibly winced..... As if I was A "proper" Christian.

At that she said " Thank you and have a good day."

She rapidly dismounted my steps and drove the hell out of my driveway.
I'm sure she is praying for my soul now.

I wanted her to come back to ask her if it was okay to have forced fracking on the people of North Carolina where disclosure of the chemicals is a crime. I wanted to ask her if cutting public education was fitting with her Christian Values?   I wanted to ask her if denying 92 year old folks and college students the right to vote was within her Christian Worldview. I wanted to ask her if making the poor pay for tax cuts to corporations and the 1% was a good Christian value.

Anyways, I will be here if she wants to come back.


In what has to be the most tasteless political tweet of the night, Minnesota GOP Deputy State Director Chris Fields, responding to a DFL staffer's tweet mourning the passing of Robin Williams by requesting voters vote for GOP Governor Candidate Jeff Johnson in Tuesday's Minnesota Primary.

Chris Fields responded by tweeting:

Ellen C Anderson, lists her occupation as Director of Digital Media and Social Organizing with (the) Minnesota DFL. Later  she tweeted an explanation of her thoughts related to family issues with depression.

People sometimes do make poor tweets. Good people know when they are wrong, insensitive, or perhaps make an ill timed joke. I am willing to forgive this.

However, Deputy Director Fields just spent the last hour doubling down on his tweet defending it and criticizing the people criticizing him.

GOP Governor Candidate Jeff Johnson has a world class jerk of a Party Deputy Director helping him try to defeat Incumbent Democrat Mark Dayton. Perhaps Mr. Fields should delete his tweets and go to bed.

Here is a local blog that has picked up the story - The great Bluestem Prairie  They have more tweets.


Hundreds of police have gathered in the Ferguson, MO area to attempt to quell a crowd originally gathered to protest the shooting of an unarmed teenager.

The protest has has become a full fledge riot with many stores being looted. Fires have been set, and shots have been reported.


Police scanners:

Live  local news coverage:

Lots of reports of shots fired. Police/ EMS pulling back of areas.

It looks like a long night.

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Twitter is currently blowing up regarding an incident tonight at a local dirt track at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in upstate New York.

From preliminary reports, Tony Stewart, who is known to race at local dirt tracks that happen to be close his day job racing for the NASCAR Sprint Cup series, spun a driver named Kevin Ward, Jr.  Kevin, reportedly got out of his vehicle after bouncing into the wall and walked towards Stewart's car.  Tony Stewart then hit Mr. Ward, sending or dragging him up to 25 feet. The car reportedly fishtailed, hitting Ward with the back tire.

Mr. Ward was at least in serious condition, I am not ready to report some Twitter rumors on his condition, but it sounds bad. Racing was cancelled for the night after the incident.

The facts will come out soon. Anything earlier is speculation.

Having moved recently to North Carolina, I have witnessed some local track racing. There is one track in particular- Bowman Gray in Winston-Salem which has deteriorated to "wrestling on wheels". I have said recently that someone would get killed soon, due to tempers. I hope that what Tony Stewart did was not intentional, and I will pray for the other driver, Kevin Ward Jr.

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Baptist Pastor and Tea Party favorite Mark Walker has pulled out a sort of political upset in North Carolina's 6th Congressional District by ousting establishment GOP favorite Phil Berger Jr. Mr. Berger, a local district attorney, is the son of powerful State Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger. Berger Jr was also a Karl Rove's favorite.

Greensboro News Record

The congressional seat is open due to 30 year Congressman Howard Coble's (R) retirement.

Walker defeated Berger Jr. in a runoff today after finishing behind Berger Jr. in the previous primary. No candidate reached 50% in the original primary and a runoff was triggered.

The Democratic Party Nominee, Laura Fjeld, tonight issued a statement "congratulating" Walker by calling on supporters of Phil Berger Jr to join her campaign:

Fjeld Statement on Republican Primary:

Mark Walker won the bitter Republican runoff tonight by appealing to far-right Tea Party voters.

Democratic congressional candidate Laura Fjeld welcomed Republican supporters of Phil Berger Jr. to join her campaign, stating, “Those mainstream Republican voters who are disappointed with their extremist nominee have a home in my campaign.  I represent mainstream North Carolina values, and will work with Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to create jobs and improve education.”

Laura outlined the differences between her and Walker, stating, “Mark Walker is a radical extremist who doesn’t share the values of North Carolinians.  He wants to raise taxes on millions of working families.  Walker believes that women who are the victim of rape or incest should be forced to carry the resulting pregnancy. Walker would even outlaw some forms of birth control.  This is 2014, we should be talking about jobs, not banning birth control.”

 Laura concluded by stating that, “Walker’s extremism has blinded him from the issues that matter. I am laser focused on the issues people care about: creating jobs, fixing our roads, improving our schools, and cutting wasteful spending.  I will work with both sides, be a consensus builder, and get the results we need to help families here in North Carolina.  I will work to end the Washington gridlock while Mark Walker’s extremism will make it worse.  I will be a voice for everyone; Mark Walker will be a voice only for the most extreme segment of our society.”

Here is a series of answers to questions posed to Mark Walker recently:

On Taxes:

We must reduce the overbearing corporate taxes on small and large businesses
On Abortion:
We must defund Planned Parenthood now! Since 1972, the American taxpayer has provided six billion dollars to an organization that has single-handedly ended the lives of millions of babies........I will work diligently to pass legislation that clearly states that all life begins at conception.
On the ACA:
We need immediate legislation that allows any business to opt out of the job-killing Affordable Care Act. This unconstitutional legislation is adding another trillion dollars to the backs of our people
Mark Walker has also reportedly said he would back Trey Gowdy for Speaker of the House while stating Boehner has been too willing to work with President Obama.

Here is a seat the Democrats can pick up this Fall.

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