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Bill Kristol: "Iraq was safe and peaceful" when Bush left office in 2008
This is what is called a trial balloon. Bill Kristol, the biggest cheerleader behind the Iraq invasion, Sarah Palin and a host of other disasters, claimed on ABC's This Week with George ...
Intheknow 02/24/2015 17 14 - -
Michael Moore disses Fox News and Right Wing Critics in the best way
"Here's the truth they can't or won't report: I'm the one who has supported these troops - much more than the bloviators on Fox News," After a week of enduring Right Wing criticism over his ...
Intheknow 01/26/2015 118 441 4 -
A Seismic Shift on TV Watching - Sling TV
This is not too overtly political but I wanted to share this. I think this is a good start to change the face of home and mobile entertainment. Eventually this has the power to loosen control of ...
Intheknow 01/08/2015 12 1 - -
"Go Kill a Cop" chant a Fake!- Duplicitous Editing Job by Fox Affiliate
Remember the march to protest police brutality in Washington DC? Remember the outrage on right wing radio and news outlets picked up a chant saying clear as day- " Kill a Cop"? I had my Facebook ...
Intheknow 12/22/2014 257 356 3 -
Yahoo going to the gutter with President Obama
Piss off Your mail service is constantly down. I have observed more and more conservative stories infiltrating it's home page news feed. They link stories to pseudo journalism outfits ...
Intheknow 12/16/2014 11 4 - -
We are holding your GOP feet to the fire
Remember this face over the next 2 years Hey GOP. Newsflash: You won. We lost. Your time legislating for dough- voting for show has come to an end. You are no longer able to be the party of "NO". ...
Intheknow 11/07/2014 12 2 - -
Has anyone purchased a new gas can lately?
Before I recently moved across country, I disposed of my old 2 gallon gas can. Its the small gas can you use for the lawn mower and snow blower. 1300 miles away in my new state, I looked for a ...
Intheknow 11/06/2014 50 14 - -
Exposé on GOP Rep John Kline's protecting For Profit Colleges to rip off taxpayers and students
John Kline is a patriot. He is a decorated war veteran who was trusted to carry the nuclear football for President Reagan. As a Republican, the congressman for Minnesota's 2nd Congressional ...
Intheknow 10/29/2014 2 5 1 -
Koch Brothers spending $ on ads sending youth to NC "Weed Candidate".
A Koch Brothers group is trying to get Thom Tillis elected to US Senate in North Carolina by steering younger voters to the 3rd Party Libertarian "Weed" Candidate. The strategy is meant to siphon ...
Intheknow 10/23/2014 4 9 - -
Family decries GOP ad taking political advantage of their 4 year old boy's death
Little Eric Dean's time on earth was spent in hell. His Stepmother is in prison for the rest of her life for her abuse that killed little Eric Dean. This is a horrible situation. This was a ...
Intheknow 10/23/2014 1 13 - -
UNC admits widespread academic fraud
From the Washington Post An eight-month probe has estimated that the “shadow curriculum” that existed at the ...
Intheknow 10/22/2014 25 16 - -
NC School District panics as Administrator returns from Africa (South Africa)
South Africa is, according to Google Maps, approximately 5500 miles from Monrovia, Liberia. If you were to drive straight from Fairbanks, Alaska to Mexico City, you would not drive even 5000 miles.
Intheknow 10/20/2014 20 15 1 -
Breaking! Rick Scott invokes "stand your ground" over Crist debate Fan
Former Florida Charlie Crist brought a small table fan to the Florida Governors' debate tonight and Governor Rick Scott tried to invoke "stand his ground" by refusing to take the stage. ...
Intheknow 10/15/2014 187 126 - -
Koch Funded AFP- NC Chapter sends out incorrect voter information
The local North Carolina Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a Koch funded organization based out of Raleigh was sending out voter information cards with incorrect and conflicting information. ...
Intheknow 09/26/2014 22 52 2 -
MNGOP House candidate saws neighbor's garage in half
More whack job Republican behavior in Minnesota. A GOP endorsed candidate for Minnesota Legislature is being sued by a neighbor for taking a power saw to that neighbor's garage over a property ...
Intheknow 09/22/2014 26 21 - -
One of Thom Tillis's worst legacies
As Speaker of the State House of North Carolina in the General Assembly, Thom Tillis wielded considerable power in North Carolina Politics. As Speaker, Tillis controlled the House agenda. Time ...
Intheknow 09/15/2014 2 12 - -
To the litterbug tossing liter in front of my house- Thank you
Thank you for helping to explain to my kids there are jerks in this world who think nothing of others. Thank you for helping me to instill the value of cleaning up the neighborhood while we don ...
Intheknow 08/24/2014 34 9 - -
Holy Pronto Pups! Banned MNGOP'er bum rushes GOP State Fair Booth
As I diaried yesterday , the sad but entertaining saga of MNGOP Supreme Court endorsed nominee Michelle MacDonald came to a head today as she attempted to enter ...
Intheknow 08/21/2014 23 53 1 -
GOP endorsed candidate banned from State Fair booth for GOP endorsed candidates
This is getting good. The Minnesota GOP endorsed candidate for Supreme Court, Michelle MacDonald, could be getting ready for a fight Friday Morning at the Minnesota State Fair over access to the ...
Intheknow 08/20/2014 10 19 - -
A RWNJ made the mistake of knocking on my door
I was minding my own business at home, following the events today on Daily Kos, when a lady in an older Lexus stopped at home to give me some Anti-Kay Hagan propaganda. She was middle aged and had ...
Intheknow 08/15/2014 363 884 10 -
State GOP Deputy Director's tasteless Robin Williams Tweet
In what has to be the most tasteless political tweet of the night, Minnesota GOP Deputy State Director Chris Fields, responding to a DFL staffer's tweet mourning the passing of Robin Williams by ...
Intheknow 08/11/2014 138 68 1 -
Massive Riot in North St Louis Area over Mike Brown shooting
Hundreds of police have gathered in the Ferguson, MO area to attempt to quell a crowd originally gathered to protest the shooting of an unarmed teenager. The protest has has become a full fledge ...
Intheknow 08/10/2014 234 105 - -
NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart involved in serious incident at dirt track
Twitter is currently blowing up regarding an incident tonight at a local dirt track at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in upstate New York. From preliminary reports, Tony Stewart, who is known ...
Intheknow 08/09/2014 50 7 - -
Laura Fjeld (D) NC-06 calls on mainstream GOP to join campaign against "extremist" Mark Walker
Baptist Pastor and Tea Party favorite Mark Walker has pulled out a sort of political upset in North Carolina's 6th Congressional District by ousting establishment GOP favorite Phil Berger Jr. Mr. ...
Intheknow 07/15/2014 8 10 1 -
Chris Hayes Interview Perfectly Summarizes Ramrodding of NC Fracking Bill
The North Carolina Fracking Bill is about to become law pending a Governor's signature. The Senate gave final approval with no debate. This follows House passage earlier this afternoon. Fracking ...
Intheknow 05/29/2014 7 25 1 -
UPDATED!Thom Tillis &NC House to ramrod Fracking bill through chamber - Live Video now! According WRAL, the House Bill has been passed through two committees and is now going to the House Floor to be debated any minute now. ...
Intheknow 05/28/2014 9 17 - -
Urgent! Live video of North Carolina State Senate Debate of Fracking bill
North Carolina is about to allow fracking in the state Here is a link to the live video on the bill to lift a moratorium on fracking. Debate started at 2:25 EST.
Intheknow 05/21/2014 12 7 - -
MN-2 Mike Obermueller Commercial: This is how a Democratic Candidate Should Defend the ACA
Democrat Mike Obermueller has an uphill battle for Congress. He faces longtime incumbent Republican John Kline in a +6 Republican suburban district. Last election, in his first run for Congress, ...
Intheknow 05/16/2014 8 9 - -
Crime victim database published online for over a year exposing names, personal data
North Carolina Department of Public Safety is scrambling to apologize after a reported exposed a potentially harmful data breach involving thousands of crime victims. The database was designed to ...
Intheknow 04/12/2014 1 4 1 -
MN GOP'er: Bully debate is attack on Christians
The Minority Republicans in the Minnesota House are attempting a de facto fillibuster by tying up debate on the Safer Schools Act . The bill has already passed the State Senate. Since the motion ...
Intheknow 04/08/2014 25 12 - -
Be very afraid- NCGOP cites Tens of Thousands of Illegal Voters
A fascinating political whodunnit. 155,000 people in North Carolina are registered in additional states, according to allies of Republican State Senate Majority Phil Berger Who is getting ...
Intheknow 04/08/2014 9 11 - -
My diary about Hobby Lobby mentioned in Washington Post
Hello everyone, Thanks a million everyone for recommending my diary yesterday on the investment practices of Hobby Lobby. Last I checked, there were over 12k likes on Facebook. It is the highest ...
Intheknow 04/02/2014 10 33 - -
Hobby Lobby- Retirement Plans Invest in Companies Manufacturing Contraceptives
Mother Jones Wow! According to an analysis of financials for Hobby Lobby. Reporters for Mother Jones discovered $73 million in mutual funds with ...
Intheknow 04/01/2014 143 304 5 -
Major Updates on Issa/ Lerner Testimony
Salon is reporting that, contrary to his statement on Fox News last Sunday that Lois Lerner of the IRS would in fact testify, Rep. Darryl Issa (R) California knew that Lois Lerner planned to take ...
Intheknow 03/06/2014 5 17 - -
Darryl Issa cuts off Mic and Walks Out on Democrat Cummings at IRS Hearing
Committee Chairman Darryl Issa's fantasy world of mass Obama conspiracies is caving in. Reality is beginning to set in. With Sunday's unexpected grilling by Fox News , Darryl Issa is getting ...
Intheknow 03/05/2014 150 230 2 -
North Carolina GOP to 3rd Graders: Pass these Tests or Flunk!
We have heard all the horror stories about the bad legislation coming out of North Carolina lately, whether it be Voter ID, School Vouchers, Freeze on Teacher Pay, Eliminating Tenure, Banning ...
Intheknow 02/24/2014 21 11 - -
GOP Civil War Continues -Conservative Daily Caller calls out Tea Party Groups
The Daily Caller has had enough of Tea Party Super PACs raising money off of ordinary Joe's and Jane's, only to spend their money on anything but on candidates. Daily Caller The new Tea Party ...
Intheknow 02/13/2014 16 22 - -
GOP Disses Stay at Home Parents-is Now the Anti-Family Party
The sky is falling... After the CBO report on Obamacare: "Obamacare is creating a disincentive to work." "A body of rest will stay at rest" "Obamacare will result in cutting 2 million jobs" Ever ...
Intheknow 02/10/2014 49 150 4 -
ALEC Bans Mother Jones from its Annual Conference
Journalist Andy Kroll applied for credentials for the annual ALEC- three day conference in Washington D.C. According to Andy, his credentials were rejected due to his current situation- working ...
Intheknow 12/08/2013 70 73 2 -
"Wellstone! The Movie" available to watch online
The Late Paul Wellstone is and always will be a hero to me. Here is the little guy who fought for workers and the poor against the forces of special interests and big business. Paul Wellstone often ...
Intheknow 10/31/2013 19 57 1 -
Maddow catches Sen. Rand Paul Plagiarizing Eugenics speech
Senator Rand Paul- R-Ky will be facing some questions as to why he lifted full paragraphs from the Wiki Page about the movie Gattaca. His speech video (From ...
Intheknow 10/28/2013 195 205 1 -
Let's play the GOP New Demands Game
The GOP will try to obtain major concessions by the Obama Administration to save face with it's rabid base during budget negotiations. Since they are not getting and concessions to the ACA, I ...
Intheknow 10/12/2013 5 2 - -
NC Repub policy helps force Health Clinic for the poor to close leaving 20K without health care
Much has been made of the Republican legislature running a muck in North Carolina. For the poor, effects are already being felt. Expect more to come. The closing of HealthServe Community Health ...
Intheknow 07/31/2013 9 10 - -
Legendary Stormchaser, Son, and Partner killed chasing during Oklahoma tornado outbreak
Tim Samaras, who held records for lowest measured pressure in a tornado, was killed Friday along with his son and longtime chasing partner Carl Young.
Intheknow 06/02/2013 127 143 6 -
I saved a dog's life today
The Minnesota glacier has finally receded. So, with the sun peeking out and temps around 50, I took my daughter to a playground. The playground is in a suburb of the Twin Cities called Burnsville.
Intheknow 04/25/2013 70 180 1 -
Shooting scare at Minnesota school (everyone reported safe)
For Updates Multiple reports of ZERO injuries. School officials , police, and parents confirming. As of 9:45 CST Police are still running secondary searches. All clear has been issued: 11:30 ...
Intheknow 03/20/2013 11 5 - -
Does MN-GOP State Senator Dan Hall have a personal beef with gay Senator Scott Dibble?
There's nothing better than using a choice of sex offenders or parks to try to embarrass a political opponent. See below the fold for details. Here's the background: In January 2012, openly gay ...
Intheknow 03/15/2013 14 10 - -
Democratic Governor ventures bravely into the lion's Chamber
Governor Dayton met with 600 Minnesota business leaders typically hostile to Democrats. As part of Minnesota Chamber at the Capitol Day, Dayton spoke with these business representatives. Typically, ...
Intheknow 03/13/2013 4 6 - -
Anti-Gay MNGOP Rep shows off his (formerly) gay friend on the State House Floor during session
The Minnesota Legislature has two chambers. The smaller more cordial Senate and the larger House. It is a common practice during a floor session for a member ask the body to pause business and ...
Intheknow 03/11/2013 13 8 - -
(Live Feed) MN GOP defacto filibuster on Health Exchange Legislation to protect Insurance Companies
Health Exchange legislation is coming to Minnesota. With a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate and a Democratic Governor Mark Dayton, passage is assured. Bill text Here The House has ...
Intheknow 03/07/2013 2 5 - -
Holder answers Rand---- It's a no. Rand to allow vote on CIA Director
Senator Rand Paul Second Letter ...
Intheknow 03/07/2013 17 4 1 -
Scathing Report- Big Banks Illegally Foreclosed on 700+ Military Personal
Imagine being deployed in service of your country 7000 miles away from home. While you are on patrol, looking out for snipers and IED's, in the back of your mind is the fact that your family house ...
Intheknow 03/04/2013 8 24 - -
GOP: "We already raised revenue"- What if we could all rest on our laurels everyday?
Imagine, you do a good job at your job one day. You get your work done in an exemplary fashion. You might get an award, you might get a cash bonus, you might get a trophy, you might get a simple ...
Intheknow 03/03/2013 10 7 - -
State GOP Senator (also Pastor) says he prefers to go to jail than marry gays
State Senator Dan Hall (R- Burnsville) from Minnesota finally spoke and inserted his foot in his mouth. Poor Pastor Dan Hall, his hatred for gays does not allow him to see beyond this group of ...
Intheknow 02/27/2013 24 14 - -
Republicans sure make for sore losers- Minnesota Edition
Imagine my nightmare of being a Republican today. I am the all knowing truth seeker. My knowledge and understanding of the world and conventional wisdom is infallible. My views should not be ...
Intheknow 02/18/2013 17 40 - -
Mindy McCready and her 10,000 Angels- RIP
Country singer Mindy McCready has been found dead at age 37 apparently of a self inflicted gun shot wound. She leaves behind two children, the youngest is 10 months old. The father of the ...
Intheknow 02/17/2013 16 14 - -
Microsoft Office 2013- Only ONE license per unit allowed
If somone goes out to purchase a new retail copy of Microsoft Office 2013 you are only allowed to use one license for one single install. What does this mean for the average consumer? (revised link)
Intheknow 02/14/2013 75 29 1 -
Dorner gun battle underway in Big Bear
Early reports 2 officers shot. Gun battle outside cabin in Big Bear. Dorner had tied up two residents. One captive escaped and notified police. Police surrounding cabin. Dorner believed to be ...
Intheknow 02/12/2013 67 10 1 -
2x UPDATED:Large tornado strikes Hattiesburg MS
This is a breaking event. A large wedge long track tornado has struck the NW side of Hattiesburg, MS this afternoon. Reports are that the University of Southern Mississippi has sustain some damage.
Intheknow 02/10/2013 45 50 - -
Scariest Horror Movie - not the Exorcist, it's the PBS documentary on the Texas Board of Education
Please make some time to watch this before 2/28/13 when it will be taken off of Called The Revisionaries , brought by PBS and their Independent Lens feature, this is an important piece of ...
Intheknow 02/07/2013 63 127 6 -
Statewide CA manhunt for ex-cop suspected of killing cop and 2 others- 3x Update
From CNN LA and surrounding communities are on high alert for Christopher Jordan Dorner, accused of 3 murders, including killing a cop. I have seen reports of 3 cops shot. Police are concerned ...
Intheknow 02/07/2013 30 8 - -
A Kick Butt State of the State Address- MNGov-Mark Dayton
What a good time to be Democrat in Minnesotan right now- DFL controlled Legislature and a DFL Governor. Governor Mark Dayton laid out a kick ass State of the State address tonight. With full party ...
Intheknow 02/06/2013 11 11 - -
Republicans' plan to destroy American and Obama here on PBS Frontline video
3 hours after President Obama's inauguration, key Republicans met at a restaurant to discuss how they could continue to scuttle the economy and the country while opposing the President at every ...
Intheknow 01/16/2013 6 8 - -
Michelle Bachmann still hasn't paid her presidential campaign staff more than one year later
Our favorite Congresswomen is back in the news. From Over a year after she dropped out, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has refused to pay five staffers from her failed presidential ...
Intheknow 01/10/2013 54 48 1 -
Proof from Fortune 1000 Company - Republicans are STILL sabotaging the economy
MSC Industrial Supply (MSM) is a Fortune 1000 publicly traded Industrial Supply Distributor. They supply tools and industrial supplies to other companies. Their biggest competitors are Grainger and ...
Intheknow 01/10/2013 6 12 - -
PBS's Downton Abby and Noblesse Oblige
One of the best shows on broadcast TV out there is the British Import, Downton Abby. (PBS Sunday nights). It takes place as a period piece in a British Castle in the early 1920's. Downton Abby is ...
Intheknow 01/07/2013 31 9 - -
FYI, An online local newspaper to share your views with your local communities
Most everyone is familiar with their local newspapers and the Letters to the Editor sections. But are you familiar with your local online newspapers? I wanted to bring to your attention the ...
Intheknow 01/05/2013 3 4 - -
Make Repubs own their cuts
Getting a Republican to actually suggest a specific cut to the budget is like getting an NFL coach to detail their Wild Card playoff game strategy. It's not gonna happen. In Minnesota when ...
Intheknow 01/02/2013 4 8 - -
Why guns are bad for schools- Adventures with the Polyester Patrol
Back 20 years ago I was enjoying my sophomore year in high school. I had grown into a somewhat strapping handsome athletic young man. I had my fair share of girls showing interest in me. I was ...
Intheknow 12/28/2012 7 10 - -
Sound advice for election day- Take a hike
I am tired of this election cycle. I am tired of doorknocking, phone banking, political ads, lies, distortions, debates, everything else political. I have been walking around with feeling like I ...
Intheknow 11/05/2012 10 11 - -
I watched the movie "Rudy" today and thought about President Obama
The movie "Rudy" played on NBC tonight. It is the quintessential underdog story. "Rudy" is the story of how a young man through nothing but hard work and heart achieves the unthinkable for a 5 foot ...
Intheknow 11/03/2012 13 5 - -
MNGOP tweets- Disabled GOP Veteran lawmaker "Piece of Sh*t for disagreeing on Marriage Amendment
Battle for control of the Minnesota Legislature- The Republicans are eating their own. John Kreisel (R) Cottage Grove, MN whom I have diaried before about, is a disabled veteran from the Iraq War. ...
Intheknow 11/02/2012 5 9 - -
Full Interview version of Viral WHO-AM 2007 Romney video
Twitter is going nuts on this. A previous diary regarding the 5 minute clip was on the Rec list earlier tonight. posted by BSWright
Intheknow 11/01/2012 1 - - -
Interesting video of Mitt discussing religious views
I think what people are interested in is who is the real Mitt? Where does he get his beliefs from? What is his real system of beliefs? An angry confrontational Mitt deals with Mormonism. abortion ...
Intheknow 11/01/2012 19 15 1 -
With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies Mr Romney? (Awesome Video)
h/t to the Huffington Post It's a video mash up of Republicans dissing Romney.
Intheknow 10/31/2012 9 11 - -
What a "privatized" FEMA looks like
Son gets arrested for trying to confront fire chief for standing there allowing his parents house to burn down. (all over a $75 protection fee)
Intheknow 10/30/2012 57 120 4 -
I am listing some links to live streaming coverage of Hurricane Sandy as it strikes the East Coast. Check back for updates: I am not endorsing any of these sites. Feel free to update more sites in ...
Intheknow 10/29/2012 6 28 2 -
Best ad of the Minnesota Marriage Amendment fight
A Republican State Representative gave a moving speech on the House Floor during the debate on the constitutional Amendment to permanently enshrine discrimination against gays in the Minnesota ...
Intheknow 10/26/2012 8 4 - -
Republican debate spin "Hey, the goalpost is movable"
"Women didn't like the aggressvie Obama " "Romney looked presidential because he was (sleepy looking) " "Romney won because he looked calm" So, if you are aggressive, smart, in command of the ...
Intheknow 10/22/2012 3 7 1 -
MN-2 Rep. John Kline(R) FAIL on his first TV ad.
I finally saw my first John Kline ad on Tuesday Oct 16th. I saw it repeated on a couple of the local TV stations. I get the sense that Representative Kline is 3 weeks away from the election and he ...
Intheknow 10/17/2012 4 5 - -
Romney's 9/11 comments prove his Libya attack is nothing but politization
I had placed this link in the comments section under Troubadour's important diary,
Intheknow 10/17/2012 3 1 - -
An Educational Idea that Works
Last week, I drove over to my son's elementary school around noon to watch him take his half mile run in gym class. Parents were sent home notes inviting us to watch and to cheer. The temp was about ...
Intheknow 10/12/2012 19 23 1 -
(MN-SH 56B) State House Candidate plays doctor-announces Gov. Dayton is mentally unbalanced w/ Video
Please jump to 2:35 of the video. After the typical diatribe of Republican positions....... Roz Peterson, of Lakeville, Minnesota and Republican candidate for state legislature, said the ...
Intheknow 10/11/2012 1 5 - 4
(MN-Marraige Amend) The most ironic sign ever
Oh....the stinking irony....... In my neighborhood today, I came across an interesting sign. One of my neighbors had recently posted a sign signaling his belief to the world that marraige should ...
Intheknow 10/10/2012 20 14 - 206
Emerging new video from Romney's previous visit to The Villages
Even if you do not get the snark.... Please enjoy the song. Mothers of River City! Heed the warning before it's too late! Watch for the tell-tale sign of corruption! The moment your son leaves ...
Intheknow 10/09/2012 4 4 - 158
Video that will make you cry
A father, husband and soldier surprises a family at halftime of a college football game. From This video is exactly why US foreign policy has to make sure we go to war for ...
Intheknow 10/09/2012 3 7 - 33
Rising Star Alert- Ryan Winkler-DFL-MN
I have been closely watching a young Democratic Politician in Minnesota lately. He is a lawyer with a sizzling tongue. Ryan Winkler is the DFL State House member out of St. Louis Park Minnesota. ...
Intheknow 10/06/2012 5 5 - 40
Need help fr/Debate- Do companies get tax breaks to offshore?
From last night's debate, a contentious moment erupted over the subject offshoring businesses. President Obama claimed that companies could receive a tax break for moving jobs overseas. Romney ...
Intheknow 10/04/2012 15 1 - 55
Oh my, President changes his accent to appeal to voters
and a certain presidential candidate tries to woo voters with a fake accent. lso holds for presidential candidate or how about the outrage for this accent?
Intheknow 10/03/2012 4 2 - 127
Words of encouragement for President Obama facing the first debate tonight
As an athletic coach, I try to get my teams in a positive mind frame before a game. This is what I would say to President Obama before he goes on stage tonight. President Obama, As the economy ...
Intheknow 10/03/2012 2 3 - 31
The reason Obama will win the debates
To sum up my premise in one word. Arrogance After a strong start, arrogance will doom the Romney debates. 1st debate: Romney will come on the attack. He will pop in his memorized zingers and ...
Intheknow 10/02/2012 27 6 - 157
10 Reasons Mitt Romney is like an NFL Replacement Referee
After this weekend's debacle in NFL Refereeing, I thought some ...
Intheknow 09/24/2012 5 1 - 65
Ryan:" Young people have a diminished future"
At Paul Ryan, AARP speech Per Think Progress Meanwhile, younger Americans are burdened by an ever-growing national debt and a diminished future. Obama should be all over this. No, We do not ...
Intheknow 09/21/2012 10 11 - 88
Remember that Romney fundraising advantage? Poof.. Gone....
This is amazing news! Do you know why Mitt Romney had a light campaign schedule last week? Do you wonder why Mitt, using the supposed 60 million cash on hand advantage in August , hasn't saturated ...
Intheknow 09/20/2012 20 10 - 184
Help wanted: Campaign BS machine broken
How bad is the Romney campaign right now? They cannot even keep their bull sh*t straight. As I reported last night, Ann Romney, in attempt to give a friendly interview from a Fox affiliate to ...
Intheknow 09/19/2012 5 2 - 59
Tool of the year Fox 31 helps with video "Romney Doesn't Disdain the Poor"
Romney campaign has released this video entitled "Romney Doesn't Disdain the Poor." See it here:
Intheknow 09/18/2012 4 3 - 130
Romney unintentionally endorses unions and more
This probably the 36th diary related to the Mitt Romney fundraiser videos. Here is a new angle........(snark alert) Mitt Romney and his ilk who agree with him on the supposed 47% must have ...
Intheknow 09/18/2012 1 1 - 39
Kristof: Romney, a Foreign Policy Bull in a China Shop
Nicholas Kristof has written an interesting opinion piece the New York Times. He makes some interesting comments on Mitt Romney's recent foreign policy exploits.
Intheknow 09/15/2012 8 19 - 165
Romney jumps the Rovian shark
This morning on GMA, Mitt Romney accused Barrack Obama of being fact challenged in debates.Has there ever been a more egregious version of the pot calling the kettle black? MITT ROMNEY: I didn't ...
Intheknow 09/14/2012 7 16 1 202
Whoa... Mr Romney, Isn't this you apologizing for America?
We have heard over and over from Mitt Romney that President Barrack Obama goes around apologizing for America. I will let the other diaries published destroy his argument from today's Romney press ...
Intheknow 09/12/2012 2 6 - 119
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