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The Fierce Urgency of Us Versus Them
Last weekend, we remembered the galvanizing protest march in Selma, Alabama that - 50 years ago - propelled the civil rights movement forward. Given many of the events of the past several years (...
JBtakenote 03/12/2015 1 1 - -
It Was a Joke? A Joke? Are You Kidding Me?
Let me start this diary with a scenario. A group of high school kids, as a prank, call in a bomb threat to their high school. It happened in my high school. It's happened in lots. The school ...
JBtakenote 03/11/2015 17 28 - -
Here's Where I Throw in the Solo Towel and Ask for Advice
Many of you are very kind to me when I post my diaries (no, not all of you, but you know what they say about apples and barrels), and I hate to get into personal stuff - I've done it only twice ...
JBtakenote 02/23/2015 28 8 - -
Hey Rand Paul - Ssshhhhhut Up
So, I'm sure by now you have probably caught the interview Senator Rand Paul gave on CNBC when he hushed the woman reporter (who's name escapes me) while giving the following opinion on vaccinating ...
JBtakenote 02/03/2015 8 2 - -
And Then, There's Indifference
America is at one of those rare political moments when it gets to stare some ugly truths in the face and do something about them. Change is hard. Changing habitual behavior is harder. The racists ...
JBtakenote 12/09/2014 1 3 - -
"...the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die."
When I was a teenager, I watched Senator Edward Kennedy's speech at the 1980 Democratic Convention. He was conceding the nomination to President Carter, so - like lots of people - I thought he was ...
JBtakenote 12/04/2014 4 9 - -
Campaign 2014 - When 3 Waves Collide
About two weeks ago, I posted a diary about how I thought that this mid-term election was an anti-incumbent election. Now, I think that's about a third of it. The reason we have so many close ...
JBtakenote 10/31/2014 2 5 - -
Ebola!!! Campaign 2014 Ebola Ebola Ebola!!!
Talk about an October surprise - an illness impacting the midterm elections? Really? Republicans are hoping so, and they are buying into it in a big way. I just saw a figure on MSNBC that over ...
JBtakenote 10/29/2014 8 4 - -
No, this diary is not about Chuck Todd (although I do want to thank Chucky for the inspiration). This is about the big, giant, 900 pound elephant meta-issue in the room: What happens when this ...
JBtakenote 10/26/2014 191 438 11 -
Throw the Bums Out?
Oh for all the hemming and hawing by the GOP that this was going to be a vote against the President. Well, how fun for them. Of course, I'm sure that the tea baggers will turn out to express their ...
JBtakenote 10/09/2014 7 16 - -
Some Questions to Ponder About this Really Strange Midterm Election
We have just about one month until election day, and in spite of the attempts of the political talking heads to define and prognosticate, this has been a very unusual campaign season so far - one of ...
JBtakenote 10/02/2014 7 7 - -
And the Republican Response to the Decision to Attack ISIL is... Politics
The Republican Party has a very rigid set of rules about their politics. Among them are: 1. Never let President Obama win on anything, even if we agree with him 2. The campaign never, ever stops,
JBtakenote 09/16/2014 7 4 - -
2014 is Definitely Not Like 2010, but it Could be Like 2002
Up front I want to warn readers that I'm going to talk about the new campaign against ISIL/ISIS/IS (or whatever) in purely political terms. I am not trying to minimize the human impact of our ...
JBtakenote 09/14/2014 7 10 1 -
Morally Bankrupt
One always should be loathe to generalize, right? I'm mean - it's completely unfair to paste an entire political party with a label. After all, Republicans have won all sorts of elections that way -
JBtakenote 09/04/2014 38 91 1 -
Ferguson, Missouri: Asking Questions and Digging Deeper
We all know now about the tragic events that have unfolded over the past several days: The death of an unarmed, innocent African-American man at the hands of the police. The apparent unwillingness ...
JBtakenote 08/14/2014 4 9 - -
I Blame Both Sides
It is very clear that there are people on this site who have very impassioned opinions about the Israelis and the Palestinians. There always are, every time any violence breaks out. I am Jewish, ...
JBtakenote 08/05/2014 28 7 - -
"Your Dead Kids Don't Trump My Constitutional Rights"
Well thank you Joe the Plumber. That's who gave us this treat of a quote that is the headline of this diary. It didn't take them long this time, did it? This is the sort of thing that makes you ...
JBtakenote 05/28/2014 5 6 - -
OK GOP: After Abe Lincoln, Then What?
As the retrospective of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act continues in Texas, and is celebrated by Republican and Democratic ex-Presidents alike, I'd like to take a good hard look at the ...
JBtakenote 04/10/2014 28 3 - -
Baruch Atah I'm Annoyed
As a Jew, here's what bothers me about Sheldon Adelson. Honestly, I'm not mad that he's rich. He's entitled. And he's entitled to his opinion and if he wants to throw his money around in support ...
JBtakenote 03/31/2014 65 56 - -
In New Jersey It's More of the Same
When I was in college, I took International Relations. As I recall, the people in leadership positions during crises are referred to as "actors." A lot of what we learned had to do with patterns ...
JBtakenote 03/28/2014 7 7 - -
The Right's Praise of Putin - There is History to This
I don't profess to be an expert on the history of Eastern Europe. It is clear, however, that Vladimir Putin is motivated by some nationalism, some political vendetta-ism, and some need to keep that "
JBtakenote 03/20/2014 9 3 - -
2 Quick Thoughts About the Christie - NJ Scandal(s)
I'm watching Rachel Maddow continue MSNBC's authentic journalism as they turn up the details on the growing Christie/Bridge/Hurricane Relief scandal. Or is that scandals? And - of course - two ...
JBtakenote 02/19/2014 92 147 2 -
Some Background on NJ Politics and Players
Once upon a time, before there was the Daily Kos, the Internet, MSNBC, or intrepid journalists like Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Steve Kornacki: I was very involved in politics in New Jersey. I ...
JBtakenote 02/03/2014 29 50 1 -
You've Seen One Cruz, You've Seen them All
This is a true exchange between my 10 year old twins and I over the weekend. I hope you all find it as entertaining as I did: We were all playing in the living room while watching MSNBC (or I ...
JBtakenote 09/23/2013 3 3 - -
Syria, Politics and Reality
I love that Daily Kos is about opinions - thankfully almost always at least somewhat progressive. Some of us rant, some us opine, and some of us are just - well - very emotionally vested in topics ...
JBtakenote 09/03/2013 4 5 - -
The NRA Can Go to Hell
Unfortunately, I can speak with experience on what it is like to lose a child. I buried three of them - triplets - that were born too early, but not so early that it was a miscarriage. That was - ...
JBtakenote 12/14/2012 18 44 - -
That's Not a Bump, That's a Wave
I believe we are watching a historic first: A series of election wave-generating events one week before election day. The patterns below happen a great deal to Presidents, but never that close to ...
JBtakenote 11/01/2012 27 27 - -
2012 and 1984
After all of the concern over the past week (and the subsequent joy of watching Joe Biden be Joe Biden last night), I was thinking about this nagging thought in the back of my head. This election ...
JBtakenote 10/12/2012 29 14 - -
Romney Campaign Fantasyland
Always remember, the Romney path to victory is - just be the anti-Obama, don't get specific, and everything will be fine. Well, life doesn't always cooperate, so there are lots of plan B's to that ...
JBtakenote 10/06/2012 1 3 - 51
Dropping Unemployment and the Politics of Annulment
Mitt Romney is a terrible candidate. OK, he can give a bullying, breathy debate performance, but he lacks a core. His biggest argument for being "not Obama" and getting votes for that has been the ...
JBtakenote 10/05/2012 3 2 - 43
Never, ever, in my political awareness lifetime, has there been a Presidential nominee so horrendous, so incredibly unqualified, and so badly managed as Mitt Romney. To me this is a fact. And that ...
JBtakenote 09/21/2012 2 5 - 58
What Becomes a Landslide Most
So now that Mitt Romney has apparently shown us really is the un-American candidate in the race twice this week by disowning at least half of the country in a truly disgusting manner at his ...
JBtakenote 09/20/2012 10 - - 93
Getting Ready for the GOP Onslaught
Things are looking good for us Democrats right now. The Romney campaign is clearly in a death spiral. They are running an incompetent strategy featuring an unqualified and horrible candidate. ...
JBtakenote 09/19/2012 6 3 - 84
Baruch Ata I'm Annoyed
Actually, that's an understatement. The analyst in me will return with an entry about what Romney's video tapes might do to the GOP, never mind his sorry ass, in a day or so. But, I'm not just ...
JBtakenote 09/17/2012 6 18 - 92
Game Over
I know we had a diary the other day about the upcoming Rolling Stone Article. It's out, and here: Go ...
JBtakenote 08/30/2012 13 11 - 195
The MSNBC Crew of Justice Takes Down Scott Walker on Live TV!
I just watched what was - for me - the best moment of this lousy, angry, bunch of liars nominating this horrendous fraud was just now, on MSNBC! Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Reverand Al Sharpton ...
JBtakenote 08/29/2012 122 322 9 2626
Are You Finally Motivated Now?
Now that we have the Todd Akin experience, it behooves us to take a step back for a moment. You see, Will Rogers did have it right - we are not an organized political party. We are Democrats (or ...
JBtakenote 08/21/2012 2 4 - 34
Lying, Cheating, Stealing - This Year's GOP Effort to Win it All
Somewhere, in the deepest, darkest recesses of the last vestiges of conservative intellectual thought, there is the desire to have a political debate. It doesn't have to be a civil one necessarily, ...
JBtakenote 08/16/2012 6 8 1 86
Where the Race Stands - Now that We Know All the Players
We go into pre-convention with the Presidential/VP pair set on both sides, and President Obama solidly ahead. It isn't even as close as the media makes it seem, and over the past month it easily ...
JBtakenote 08/11/2012 7 3 - 85
Jon Huntsman Speaking Democratic National Convention?
Coming on the heels of speculation that Jon Huntsman, Sr. is Senator Reid's source for the claim that Romney didn't pay any taxes for 10 years, and Mr. Huntsman's statement that he wasn't, that Mitt ...
JBtakenote 08/10/2012 30 6 - 379
Romney's Knees Are Wobbling - Now Is the Time to Finish Him
I know we've all been engaged in concern over the economy, the President's own weaknesses, the vitriole and energy on the extreme right, etc. But, seriously, I don't thing there has ever been a ...
JBtakenote 07/13/2012 10 11 - 150
Mittens Fundraising Outside the USA? Oh...Really, Now!
Check out this article from Politico, which says Mitt "I Don't Want to Set My Hair on Fire" Romney is holding fundraisers in London during the Olympics and then again in Israel. It's here. http://...
JBtakenote 07/11/2012 26 17 1 164
Severely Cheating?
Last night I had 10 minutes of time to myself and I watched the top story on Rachel Maddow's show. It was about Maine - and the fact that clearly the GOP in Maine was attempting to throw the Caucus ...
JBtakenote 02/16/2012 7 7 - 73
No Apologies
I just read an article on Yahoo news that MSNBC has apologized to Mitt Romney for reporting the story that he has been using a tag line similar to the one the KKK used in the 1920's. It's right here:
JBtakenote 12/15/2011 6 - - 54
Romney's Path Wide Open? Not Really.
I was struck today by the NBC news analysis today that equated Mitt Romney's potential nomination with the history of Bob Dole in 1996. Sure, Republicans like their primaries to be neat affairs, ...
JBtakenote 11/11/2011 9 3 - 67
How Herman Cain Could Win the GOP Nomination (and What Happens if he Does)
"Mr. 9-9-9." "This month's surging candidate." "The Tea Party Flavor of the Minute." What if he isn't? What if there is something real here? I'm not saying there definitely is, but there may be.
JBtakenote 10/14/2011 28 7 - 204
The B Team and the Mean Team
I'm not sure if I'm alone in this thinking from this side of the fence: If you are not a tea party Republican, you couldn't vote for any of these freaks. And President Obama is head and shoulders ...
JBtakenote 09/12/2011 1 1 - 71
We Came to a Fork in the Road and We Took It
I really wasn't planning on writing a 9/11 diary. Honestly, I feel like that I, having not lost a loved one in the attacks, not having been anywhere near the World Trade Center or the Pentagon - I ...
JBtakenote 09/11/2011 2 3 1 54
Asshats of the Week
It's getting a bit too tense up here in New England, what with hurricanes and earthquakes and all. So, I've decided to have some fun. Who are the biggest political idiots this week? Let's look, ...
JBtakenote 08/26/2011 8 1 - 96
My Family Is Battling My Wife's Mental Illness
Up front: I want to be clear that I have read people with diaries of extreme tragedy. Some of you may remember I have been there, too. This is not that kind of diary. I actually consider myself ...
JBtakenote 07/26/2011 93 22 - 297
President Obama Takes the GOP to School and (Probably) Wins 2012
You know what? It has been a while (like 6 months) since I posted anything here. I understand everybody has opinions, and yada, yada, yada, but I don't think it's very constructive to backyard ...
JBtakenote 07/15/2011 451 301 8 2633
The Marketing Cult Takes Control
There are lots of ways to look at the Republicans/Tea Party. They are an extreme party. They are idealogues. They are self-centered and corrupt. They are bigots. They are stupid. They are ...
JBtakenote 01/07/2011 5 7 - 29
Of Politics and Governance
I love this community. This is a group that is ultra supportive on a personal level (I have experienced this personally with one diary). We are united in alot of ways. But, we all have opinions.
JBtakenote 12/10/2010 2 2 - 40
Wave Versus Wave?
Bear with me while I indulge what could turn out to be a fantasy - but maybe not. It goes something like this:
JBtakenote 10/22/2010 22 11 - 28
Teabagger Nightmare at 30,000 Feet (Updated)
This event actually took place a year ago this past September. It was, to say the least eye opening. It is a true story. Here is what took place as I was traveling from my home in Rhode Island ...
JBtakenote 10/07/2010 161 108 - 88
Somewhere in Hell Strom Thurmond is Laughing
In 1948, after President Harry Truman desegregated the US Army, Senator Strom Thurmond and a bunch of other racist, white Southern Democrats walked out of the Democratic National Convention and ...
JBtakenote 10/07/2010 14 9 - 65
Could This Be More Like 1998 than 1994?
In a new strategic document, James Carville and Stan Greenberg (for Democracy Corps) argue that their polling shows not just that the GOP wave has crested (very nicely diaried already on this website)
JBtakenote 10/06/2010 22 13 1 78
How the Republicans Blew the 2010 Midterm Election (Updated)
I know that we haven't counted a single vote yet, and I know the polls still look bad (although not as dire as they did). And I certainly don't want to create any sense of complacency. However, ...
JBtakenote 10/05/2010 34 37 - 122
Campaign Bomb #2:  Jan Brewer Won't Debate Anymore, Because She Doesn't Know How
OK, everybody, it's time for tonight's Campaign Bomb: Governor Jan Brewer (Deer-In-Headlights) - AZ. Just to remind you, the purpose of this is to create a coordinated "attack" across the web, ...
JBtakenote 10/01/2010 8 11 - 61
Introducing the Campaign Bomb
Yesterday, I posted a diary that detailed the idea of using social networking to help impact the vote this year. I did a very poor job - I didn't elucidate why we should do this, and why it will ...
JBtakenote 09/30/2010 9 4 - 56
Social the Vote!
OK, so I was driving home this evening when I heard an NPR report on the state of the funding of independent campaign ads, super pacs, and - naturally - the Republicans were ahead in this game by a ...
JBtakenote 09/29/2010 3 1 - 61
Taking "Their" Country Back
So while we banter back and forth about the "progressiveness" or effectiveness of President Obama, Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi and the dozens of other Democrats who didn't do this or that thing ...
JBtakenote 09/29/2010 5 3 - 50
Corrupt and Incompetent meets Stupid and Insane
Meet the face of the 2010 Republican party. It still sports the likes of Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, etc., who are tactically and politically amoral. But now it includes the louder voices of ...
JBtakenote 09/17/2010 8 2 1 26
Looking at the Midterms Through Rose-Colored Glasses
OK, well maybe more like the glass is half-full, instead of half-empty. Now that the primaries are just about over (Lamantogne has not put Ayotte away yet, but it's so close there that it doesn't ...
JBtakenote 09/14/2010 38 13 - 40
The History of What We Did
In 2000, an extraordinarily undemocratic thing happened in our elections: The Republicans stole the election in the courts. Remember the anger you felt? Remember this?
JBtakenote 09/12/2010 3 1 - 11
Who is Behind Reverend McBurnsAlot?
I'm not a conspiratorialist, but honestly - look at the facts here and ask yourselves: How on earth can Reverend Terry Jones (Church of the Sacred Lighter Fluid) have put himself in the position ...
JBtakenote 09/10/2010 25 5 - 35
Burn This, Muth******ers
I know that I'm usually the guy with the analysis and the logical arguments against the right wing. But I think I've just about had enough with the Republicans and the Tea Party today. Yes, I'm ...
JBtakenote 09/08/2010 26 26 - 51
It's My Constitution, Not Yours - Now Get Off My Lawn!
I was motivated yesterday to write this after seeing the idiot-savant in Kentucky on Countdown on MSNBC tell a television news reporter that Muslims could not have a mosque next to his flower shop ...
JBtakenote 08/25/2010 9 17 1 219
Unfiltered, Unrepentent, Unintelligent and Still Dangerous
I was watching Keith Obermann interview Eugene Robinson this evening about the Republican party's apparent attack on the unemployed, when he made in important and interesting point: These goofy and ...
JBtakenote 06/30/2010 11 16 - 32
Senator Robert Byrd - An Icon of Transformation of the Democratic Party
With the passing of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, we have heard much about the Senator - his failings, his great moments, and - most of all - his longevity and service to his constituents.
JBtakenote 06/28/2010 6 7 - 92
Winning the Midterms:  The BP Strategy
This is the first in a series of ideas I want to put forth on how Democrats can blunt the midterm doldrums - which really means that they get the Democrats and like-minded independents to turn out ...
JBtakenote 06/18/2010 19 4 - 58
Get Over Yourselves, and Let's Beat the GOP
You know what? I'm astounded at the amount of cannibalizing going on right now. I understand that we can't all march in lock-step 100% of the time... why, then we would be Republicans. Democrats,
JBtakenote 06/17/2010 143 45 1 45
The Biggest Republican HCR Lie of All
Republicans like to win, and they are not exactly immune to crossing all sorts of moral lines to get there. During this long health care reform debate, we've had claims that the bill will kill ...
JBtakenote 03/19/2010 20 25 - 40
The $20 Million Question about Massachusetts
It's true that Martha Coakley was an unscintillating candidate on the stump - but those candidates have won before. She ran a lousy campaign - there's no doubt. And it's true that the Tea Party, ...
JBtakenote 01/19/2010 13 3 - 1
Change We Can Believe In? Hell, Yes!
Isn't it great to have a smart President? I know most of us would rather not have a single troop in Afghanistan, but that deed was done years ago. By. The. Dumbest. President. Ever. Remember him?
JBtakenote 12/01/2009 18 19 - 69
New RNC Media Guru Loves Al Qaeda's Media Strategy
I have not seen this diaried yet, and - frankly - this is probably another giant gift from the Republican warfare machine to us Democrats. Caught on video while he was still at Microsoft, the RNC'...
JBtakenote 11/05/2009 2 2 - 69
Michael Steele:  The GOP is "transcendent?"  Oh, please!
I know, I know, Republicans are jubilant about their wins yesterday. And we progressive Democrats are worried - why didn't our voters show up? What does this say about President Obama? What does ...
JBtakenote 11/04/2009 15 4 - 131
News Story Shows Why Right Wing Hate Speech Is Not "Just Talk"
It's 2009 right? Well, this little gem from the AP is the perfect example of why the hateful - and often racist - railings for the right wing talkers give cover to people who then choose to make ...
JBtakenote 10/16/2009 15 5 - 68
Help for the Tsunami Victims in American Samoa
I work in travel marketing, and I know the folks at the American Samoa Tourism Office, which is where this information comes from. When the tidal wave struck, I actually contacted both American ...
JBtakenote 10/03/2009 2 2 - 18
This is What Having a Smart, Dynamic President is Like
We forget, because we didn't have one for 8 years, and - frankly - only briefly with President Clinton. I think it is clear to many here that President Obama has a brain and he's not afraid to use ...
JBtakenote 10/02/2009 25 36 - 25
It's Not About Them, It's Really About Us
Yes, they are racist, crazy, and crossing all sorts of boundaries they shouldn't. But is there a reason behind the lunacy? Is there a connection between Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachmann,
JBtakenote 09/28/2009 6 4 - 27
Everything I Know About Right-Wing Politics I Learned From My 2nd Grader
Let's have some fun at their expense. It really is this simple: Everything I know about right-wing politics, I learned from my 2nd grader. 1. Even though the rules say I can't, even though ...
JBtakenote 09/25/2009 8 5 - 7
Baruch Atah I'm Annoyed (Updated w/imbedded vid)
Before anybody pounces on me for this article title, let me caveat that I'm Jewish, and I can have a sense of humor when it comes to the likes of Glenn Beck. And Glenn Beck clearly is missing a ...
JBtakenote 09/21/2009 60 13 - 54
Yes, Yes They Are
There is quite a bit of debate about the source of the emotionalism driving the core of the opposition to President Obama's agenda. You know, the ones that show up at the town halls with signs that ...
JBtakenote 09/19/2009 34 18 - 44
Best. Presidential. Address. Ever.  Let's support it!
Update 1: OK, OK, I get it, I'm tramping all over history. But seriously, many Presidential addresses have had memorable, even great, lines. I understand that. Maybe I should amend and call it ...
JBtakenote 09/09/2009 22 15 - 22
Anderson Cooper and Roland Martin Destroy Jim Greer over the School Address
Update 3: Thank you Kossacks, apparently Tweety interviewed Greer earlier this evening - link here: Still no link for CNN though. Update 2: Greer is ...
JBtakenote 09/03/2009 36 29 - 44
The new Republican road to violence
I have my theories about why we may be watching the GOP turn into a real-world version of Monty Python's "Very Silly Party" in front of our very eyes, but those almost pale in comparison to my ...
JBtakenote 09/02/2009 10 3 - 2
Teddy Kennedy, My Father and Me
Update 1: Grammar correction duly noted and made. Like many Kossacks, the past several days have been emotional ones for me. But that emotionalism has reached a peak today, and I have spent the ...
JBtakenote 08/29/2009 5 8 - 2
Updated: Just Back from Acapulco - A Diary of Waiting and Worrying
I was at a business conference in Acapulco until Wednesday, and returned to LA Wed night, back home to RI on Thursday. Here is what I know, what I saw, and what I'm thinking about as I attempt to ...
JBtakenote 05/01/2009 31 6 - 4
Palin says she would run in 2012 (Updated x4 w/request to Unrec)
CNN is reporting that Sarah Palin is interested in "leading the Republican party" after a loss on Tuesday. Whoops... Caribou Barbie is the gift that keeps on given. Dana Bash says that a GOP ...
JBtakenote 10/29/2008 249 184 4 180
McCain and the GOP - Palling Around with Racists
Since 1948, the Republican party has had a history of reaching out to the right-wing fringe in this country on various occasions. But never - and I mean never - since that time, has the GOP so ...
JBtakenote 10/17/2008 7 9 - -
How Sarah Palin Lost the Debate
UPDATED (x4) - Keith did bring it up, with Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan. Rachel pointed out that Palin's response was tone-deaf. Buchanan didn't comment on Palin's response but thought it was a ...
JBtakenote 10/02/2008 848 1137 24 404
Taking Note Campaign Analysis:  State of Play 7 Weeks Out
With less than 2 months left in the Presidential election, I thought it would be helpful to my fellow Kossacks to take a weekly look at the state of play of the race. This is not necessarily just a ...
JBtakenote 09/24/2008 5 5 - 12
Taking Note Campaign Analysis: Rovean Strategy Fails the McCain Campaign
I write this diary with some trepidation. After all, the 2008 campaign so far has been like a crazy car, with the predictable falling by the wayside time after time. But, now time is running short ...
JBtakenote 09/16/2008 19 20 1 -
(UPDATED x1) John McCain, meet Herbert Hoover
As any student of history knows, the Republican party as we now know it (you know, the one that trade marked Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt but threw all their ideas under the bus) really came ...
JBtakenote 09/15/2008 21 9 1 10
Taking Note Campaign Analysis: How to Take it To McCain
OK, so we Democrats had a good convention. The Republicans had a good convention. The race is pretty much all tied up, which is where it was before both conventions started. So, how do we win ...
JBtakenote 09/09/2008 2 1 1 -
The Entire GOP Convention was All About the Republican Base
It should come as no surprise to anyone who watches politics that John McCain is as conservative as he finally declared himself to be tonight. And - yes - he attempted to be that conservative while ...
JBtakenote 09/04/2008 11 6 1 -
Taking Note Campaign Analysis:  How to Deal with Sarah Oops
As of now, John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin to be his VP nominee has done him worlds of harm and no good. Like kids in a candy store, it's really tempting to be distracted as one thing after ...
JBtakenote 09/02/2008 28 7 - -
Taking Note:  McCain Clearly For Politicizing Gustav Before He was Against It
Even as Hurricane Gustav takes aim at the Gulf Coast, causing the need for massive evacuations and leaving another 100,000 potential victims who couldn't or didn't evacuate - there was one candidate -
JBtakenote 08/31/2008 9 7 1 -
Taking Note Campaign Analysis: Of Katrina, Sarah, and John
It was this week three years ago that Hurricane Katrina struck the United States and a major American city drowned. President Bush and his party were more than complicent in this - they were ...
JBtakenote 08/30/2008 6 5 - 13
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