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Mass shooting in Texas - at least 6 dead, 4 were children
Breaking now: Deputy constables say at least five people have been killed in a shooting in northwest Harris County. The shooting happened late Wednesday afternoon in the 700 block of Leaflet in ...
JR 07/09/2014 163 134 1 -
Agency fees survived today, but maybe not for long
Here's today's opinion from Harris v. Quinn, the case that, it was feared, might destroy the union movement. I urge folks to give Kagan's excellent dissent a read, since it provides a good picture ...
JR 06/30/2014 7 10 - -
They'll probably tell Han Tak Lee today.
Sometime today, when the state of Pennsylvania can get a Korean translator out to the penitentiary, Han Tak Lee will learn that he won in court last week . Until that happens, it'll be just another ...
JR 06/16/2014 4 9 - -
Raúl Labrador displays his "leadership" as Idaho GOP convention disintegrates into chaos
Remember when Raúl Labrador announced his plans to run for House Majority Leader earlier this week? The Majority Leader is one of the people tasked with uniting the Republican caucus, so this ...
JR 06/14/2014 109 195 1 -
This is what happens when the NRA can't turn off the fear-mongering
Sometimes things just devolve into silliness. From the NRA's Annual Meeting "Hotel & Travel Information" page : Looks like a pretty generic conference accommodations page, right? Look closer:
JR 04/30/2014 19 27 1 -
Cliven Bundy and the worst paragraph in American history
Cliven Bundy isn't alone: the country is still full of people who are convinced that slavery wasn't so bad, and that the "welfare state" (a laughable description for anyone who's remotely familiar ...
JR 04/26/2014 7 6 1 -
Ominous Subject Lines from DCCC: are we really this screwed?
A good subject line will often make the difference between a successful e-blast and a dud. Every organization with an ounce of sense and a list of over a few thousand names will employ A/B Testing ...
JR 03/18/2014 10 16 2 -
WV Water Emergency: No clue when crisis will end
For those just joining us: a chemical spill in the Elk River has tainted the water supply for all or part of nine counties around Charleston, WV, affecting around 250,000-300,000 people and ...
JR 01/10/2014 106 55 2 -
UPDATED: Chemical Leak in Charleston WV water supply, "Only safe use is to flush or put out fire"
MAJOR UPDATE: THE DO NOT USE WARNING HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO ADDITIONAL COUNTIES: The warning now applies to all WV American Water customers in Kanawha, Boone, Putnam, Lincoln, Logan, Clay, Roane and ...
JR 01/09/2014 126 178 1 -
A crazy man with a "fighting rifle"
On March 10th, in the small town of Middlefield, Ohio, James Gilkerson took a right turn too fast onto the State Route 608. Two local police officers--Erin Thomas and Brandon Savage--were patrolling ...
JR 05/04/2013 133 198 6 -
I was just surveyed by the Boy Scouts about their anti-gay policies
I'm an Eagle Scout and former Assistant Scoutmaster who left the Scouting Movement and refuses to contribute to it financially because of its policy of active discrimination against the GLBT ...
JR 03/12/2013 34 17 1 -
Send Her Victorious! The Queen to endorse women's, gay rights
I haven't seen this diaried yet but, if this is accurate--and I expect that it is, given that multiple outlets are now reporting it--then it could well prove to be a huge development : The Queen ...
JR 03/10/2013 20 28 - -
The Winners of the Antonin Scalia Award for Legislative Courage have been announced!
Dedicated to the Bravest of the Brave - Those with the courage to vote against bills with "wonderful" names. "Even the name of it is wonderful: The Voting Rights Act. Who is going to vote against ...
JR 02/28/2013 4 5 - -
Exonerating the Innocent: Jeff’s Been Down There Before, and He Knows the Way Out.
"This guy's walkin' down a street when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep he can't get out. A doctor passes by and the guy shouts up, ‘Hey you! Can you help me out?’ The doctor writes ...
JR 02/26/2013 15 94 5 -
Jelly Omelettes at the Blue Colony Diner
The first time I ate at the Blue Colony Diner --late one Sunday night--was the result of a big mistake. I was applying to take the Connecticut Bar exam, but had waited too long to request a driving ...
JR 02/19/2013 11 14 - -
You know, I don't think it's ever come up: Gun Control in the Inaugural
While I was waiting for a train home, surrounded by signs about service on Inauguration Day, I was reading a news story about President Obama's impending proposals to stem the tide of gun violence ...
JR 01/15/2013 3 1 - -
Mitt's Core Problem
No matter how some people might claim that "my job is my life," we are never fully defined by our jobs. Still, what we do for work is a very large part of who we are as individuals. We learn the ...
JR 09/19/2012 5 1 - 39
Today's Other Big Story that Mitt Wants You To Ignore
As we all know, Mitt's not exactly great at the whole "diplomacy" thing , having managed to achieve a disastrous run of screw-ups that any mildly competent official should have been able to avoid. ...
JR 08/21/2012 4 25 - 243
The Right's New Lie: Obama Suing to Keep Soldiers from Voting
Another of the great zombie lies--that Democrats want to stop military members from voting--is rearing its ugly head once again. This is a story on Breitbart, by editor/lying hack Mike Flynn, that ...
JR 08/03/2012 9 24 2 178
Public Unions: the Best Defense
I just read a letter posted by Josh Marshall over at TPM from one of his readers who doesn’t seem to understand why public employee unions are necessary. I’d like to help him understand his ...
JR 06/07/2012 17 7 - 87
It was a hell of a day for a birthday.
Today is my niece’s first Valentine’s Day, as well as her first full day on this earth. --- I didn’t get to see my sister before she went into the Labor/Delivery wing yesterday morning. I ...
JR 02/14/2012 33 116 - 404
Flashback: Newt campaigned on child labor laws in '96
"Massive, adulterous, hypocritical [temerity]." That was my first thought* when I read JLfinch'...
JR 11/20/2011 20 33 - 178
The Man Who Beat Bull Connor Has Died
There was another time when peaceful demonstrators were routinely attacked by police, at a level of brutality unfathomable to modern sensibilities.
JR 10/06/2011 61 188 4 637
The first shot was fired a long time ago.
I just saw this video of Andrew Breitbart in ...
JR 09/19/2011 8 16 - 99
Another solid second-bester appointment.
I'm glad that the expected outrage at President Obama for naming someone other than Elizabeth Warren to head the CFPB has been, thus far, pretty muted. There's been ...
JR 07/17/2011 16 7 - 92
SuperPACs: Al Franken is Very, Very Wrong, and Russ is Right.
I really had trouble believing my eyes when I read Sen. Al Franken's comments about ...
JR 06/21/2011 23 4 - 138
No, they can't remove Giffords from office.
The Washington Post ran a story on Monday suggesting that Rep. ...
JR 01/19/2011 13 14 - 91
Award the Presidential Citizens Medal to the Heroes of Tucson
We all know what happened. On January 8, 2011, an assassin fired 31 rounds at an event in Tucson hosted by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The Congresswoman was shot in the head, and six others ...
JR 01/09/2011 13 13 - 110
Texas' death penalty is on trial for its life
No State shall...deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. -14th Amendment That constitutional guarantee ...
JR 12/03/2010 8 17 - 86
Harry Reid's Wrong Answer
I watched last night's Nevada Senate debate on C-Span, and for the most part thought it was a battle of Milquetoast versus Moronic. Sharron Angle clearly would be out of her depth in Washington, ...
JR 10/15/2010 44 5 - 62
"Epic Hack" takes down DC online voting program
A few years ago, the District of Columbia adopted one of the most voter-empowering elections codes in the country. Among the legal processes the new law established was a requirement that all ...
JR 10/08/2010 117 50 2 106
The Power to Assassinate a Citizen
By now we've all heard that Department of Justice attorneys are asserting the constitutionally dubious "state secrets" doctrine ...
JR 09/29/2010 228 24 1 63
When Quarterbacks Become Cheerleaders, It Ain't Pretty
Ladies and Gentlemen, Karl Rove:
JR 09/23/2010 9 3 - 45
You want progress? You want change? Here's step one:
We all have things we want to see accomplished during President Obama's administration. An Apollo plan for clean energy. Truly universal health care. Workplace protections for GLBT Americans. ...
JR 06/15/2010 15 15 - 98
Mooting Kagan - or: "She'll be the judge of that!"
Every now and again, while on vacation, I come up with some half-baked, harebrained idea that--having nothing better to do with my day--I decide to post here. Sometimes they'...
JR 05/16/2010 7 2 - 30
Pam Karlan for SCOTUS: worth going to the mattresses over
Obama picks some good nominees. "BFD" Biden; Hillary Clinton; Sonia Sotomayor; Eric Shinseki and Tammy Duckworth at VA; Eric Holder as AG; Neal Katyal as Deputy SG; you've probably never heard of ...
JR 04/15/2010 61 27 - 102
The 19 billion pound elephant in the room on drilling
I was as taken aback as everyone else by President Obama's announcement that he was preemptively caving on a major Republican demand in climate negotiations and expanding offshore drilling. Until ...
JR 03/31/2010 36 20 - 54
Willingham: Timeline of a Cover-Up (ACTION ALERT)
Tomorrow, Texas plans to execute Hank Skinner, a death-row inmate who has been begging for the right to have tested the DNA evidence found at the scene of the crime for which he was convicted. ...
JR 03/23/2010 2 4 - 93
"Teabaggers" or "Tea Partiers?" A misguided attempt to define the difference.
There has been no shortage of indignation over the use of the term "teabaggers" to describe the right-wing anti-government hordes that have become such a prominent part of our national politics. ...
JR 03/22/2010 43 8 - 118
A favor, dear right-wing media elites: (UPDATE)
In August of 2008, an assassin murdered Bill Gwatney, the chair of the Arkansas Democratic Party, in cold blood while standing in party headquarters in Little Rock. Last year, amid the town hall ...
JR 03/20/2010 24 27 2 67
Politico's abject journalistic failure (Volume 8,374)
I don't often read Politico. It's free in paper form around the city, and I'm online almost all day, every day, but I have no use for a site that is essentially just another distribution system for ...
JR 03/19/2010 18 18 1 28
How "Rock Lobster" Saved a Gay Student's Prom (w/a special video update!)
While the Connie McMillen prom saga continues in Mississippi (and please,
JR 03/15/2010 75 229 1 557
Segregation in America: from the Air Force to the Prom
For the most part, I was overwhelmingly grateful for the outrage and offers of assistance that arose from my diary a few days ago about the decision of the Itawamba County, Mississippi school board'...
JR 03/14/2010 9 9 - 15
An INCLUSIVE Prom for Constance: Contribute Here!
You guys are amazing: the reaction to yesterday's post about the bigots of the Itawamba County School Board and their craven decision to cancel prom for Itawamba Agricultural High School, rather ...
JR 03/12/2010 27 50 - 53
Bigots Cancel Prom rather than let Lesbian attend (BIG UPDATE!)
In 1962, the city of Jackson, Mississippi realized that it would have to desegregate its five public swimming pools. Rather than face the prospect of having to share a swimming pool with blacks, ...
JR 03/11/2010 513 570 6 984
UPDATE 10:07 - Looks like we have our answer, courtesy of the WaPo traffic reporter's ...
JR 03/03/2010 25 8 - 53
NY Sun impressed by Palin, blue cars
Mr. Burns: And a stunt like that impresses people? Homer: Oh yeah, and I'm not easily impressed. Wow! A blue car! - The Simpsons , "Monty Can't Buy Me Love"* Normally,
JR 02/11/2010 11 2 - 27
Inauguration: One Year Ago Today (photo diary)
My wife had to work, so I took the train into the city alone, riding next to a poster that MoveOn had placed on the wall. It had a simple message: I Stand With Obama.
JR 01/20/2010 12 4 1 69
A Salute to the 'General'
Back in May of 2004, I had just returned to Atlanta after my semester ended to start working for the longest of longshot bids: a liberal, African-American, anti-death penalty, pro-AWB, pro-choice ...
JR 01/17/2010 35 48 2 267
Re: Terminal Housekeeping
I don't want to be the guy who piggybacks off of such a phenomenal piece of writing, but exmearden's powerful personal ...
JR 01/11/2010 11 14 - 53
We're Democrats - we just learned how to type.
As I sit snowed in, I find myself pondering the incredible idiocy Chris Matthews displayed earlier this week with his declaration that we in the netroots aren’t “real Democrats,” ...
JR 12/19/2009 9 4 - 45
Mike is Missing. I Think He's Dead.
I haven't seen Mike in a month. I used to see him every day. I think he's dead. --- I first saw Mike back in Fall of 2008. Truth be told, he was pretty damn hard to miss. I had just started ...
JR 12/12/2009 345 631 10 166
A small way to help our forces in Afghanistan
We all know what's coming tomorrow , and like it or not, a lot more troops are ...
JR 11/30/2009 23 20 4 71
Pass it or piss off.
I just got a text from the DSCC: DSCC UPDATE: All Senate Dems just voted to advance historic health care reform. I've gotten seven fundraising emails from DSCC just since ...
JR 11/21/2009 11 7 - 141
Tonight at 9, this man will be killed.
At 9 p.m. tonight, November 10th, John Allen Muhammad, the terrorist who brought the D.C. area death and fear in October 2002, will be injected with a lethal cocktail by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
JR 11/10/2009 238 60 - 148
LA Times SLAMS Rick Perry's obstruction of justice
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy : Gov. Rick Perry's sudden decision to ...
JR 10/23/2009 21 30 2 119
Todd Willingham: On Burn Patterns and Stupid Lawyers
Last week, a Texas attorney named David Martin made an ass of himself and likely violated his ethical obligations when, during an interview on Anderson Cooper 360, he repeatedly declared that his ...
JR 10/19/2009 24 36 - 566
BREAKING: Robert Wexler leaving Congress (updated: may head Mideast center)
(Haven't seen it diaried yet - obligatory apology for the "breaking" and the thin content.) Just coming in on the wires: Wexler will announce his resignation at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Boca. Rumors ...
JR 10/13/2009 305 194 1 200
Rick Perry's coverup of Todd Willingham's murder begins! [UPDATE: KBH dips her toe in the water]
There's no more denying it: Rick Perry would rather get his bloody hands even dirtier than admit he helped kill an innocent man. But even I'm shocked at the depths to which he'll go to avoid ...
JR 09/30/2009 9 30 - 87
Jimmy Carter knows racists when he sees them.
After all, he lost a major election to one. No, not THAT guy . He was a saint! I'm talking ...
JR 09/17/2009 399 289 7 425
MAJOR Death Penalty News out of Texas
Take a very, very good look at the faces in this picture.
JR 08/25/2009 650 1144 31 1920
Dear Right-Wing Friends, Let's Play Pretend.
Let's pretend it's 1983, and Ronald Reagan--one of the steeliest leaders this nation ever had at its helm--is still the President, and is going from city to city holding town hall meetings. Let's ...
JR 08/20/2009 15 15 1 85
Health reform: Doomed since 1787?
Our party controls about 59% of the lower house, 60% of the upper house, and the Presidency. Yet it now appears the most likely health reform this Congress will offer is non-universal, non-single ...
JR 08/17/2009 16 5 - 26
Gone Long Before He Died: A story of End-of-Life Care
I found out later that I left about fifteen minutes before Nana--my father's mother--finally died. She had been in Orlando on an actual date--one of her first since Papa died a few years earlier. ...
JR 08/14/2009 7 16 1 21
Hey, GOP, can I ask you something else? It's about health care.
First, thanks for answering ...
JR 08/07/2009 18 24 - 60
Umm, GOP? You got a second? I want to show you something.
And I have a question I want to ask. But first, I want you to glance at a mirror for a moment.
JR 08/04/2009 691 1099 73 1074
The Commute
I'm typing from the bowels of Wheaton Metro at 11:20 in the morning, the day after the ...
JR 06/23/2009 14 16 - 247
The Three Lives of Jeffrey Deskovic
We sat on a bench facing what passes for a quadrangle on this miniature campus. Me, the pampered law student with a wife, a dog, a moderately priced home in the suburbs. Him, quiet but direct, ...
JR 06/10/2009 25 37 1 208
75 Years, yesterday
Seventy-five years ago yesterday, at 1 p.m., a white man named Raymond Stewart was found murdered in his home in eastern Mississippi. Seventy-five years ago last night, a black man named Ellington ...
JR 03/31/2009 7 19 - 88
MN-SEN: The Race That Launched a Thousand Sh!ts
I walked to class last Wednesday with a Minnesotan who is, as of January 5th, under-represented in the United States Senate. She and the millions of other Minnesotans who we expect to abide by the ...
JR 03/30/2009 51 36 - 24
The Tale of Ozzie the Fry Cook
At a town hall meeting in Ft. Myers, FL, President Obama fielded a question from a young man named Julio Osegueda :
JR 02/14/2009 3 4 - 7
The Terrorist Bought Me Starbucks.
Daniel, Sam and I had picked him up at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in my cramped, early-model Jeep Wrangler. The name of the airport, and the fact that he (of all people!) isn't on ...
JR 11/19/2008 349 792 25 44
The Lieberman Bail-Out
Guys, we know that mistakes have been made in the past. Failed leadership? You bet. Poor decisions? Almost daily. Public embarrassment? I mean, the dude was in the freakin' Straight Talk ...
JR 11/12/2008 12 6 - 17
Live to 110, Justice Stevens, and never retire.
Generally, when someone has held a job--at the top of his field, no less--for thirty-three years, I am loathe to suggest he deny himself his well-earned retirement and the enjoyment of his pension. ...
JR 11/06/2008 31 7 1 8
On The Ground in VA, Because We're Out Of Chairs
There are about 30 people in this room, all busy, either making calls or inputing data or greeting walk-ins. There are two other rooms just as full and just as busy--this was the one with the most ...
JR 11/02/2008 342 611 11 64
New Michele Bachmann: "You're all idiots"
That has to be the "logical" basis of this unintentionally hilarious screed posted on Politico this evening: Despite ...
JR 10/20/2008 98 50 - 21
You're f&*%ing kidding me, right?: a rant about floods
This is what John McCain is currently mailing to voters in Iowa, via Jonathan Martin:
JR 10/13/2008 22 18 - 162
Just sayin'.
Right now, here are some of the stories gracing the front page of "The Drudge Report" : BAD ECONOMY: Obama pays $961,000 for Half-Hour Ad...
JR 10/10/2008 18 4 - 2
Tucker Bounds makes me smile
I swear, even if Sarah Palin had never signed onto her long, national nightmare, the McCain campaign would have had no shortage of dumb and oblivious comments to point to with pride. Case in point: ...
JR 09/30/2008 72 35 2 40
Send Sarah!
Apparently, Senator McCain hasn't heard of this wonderful telephonic communigraph that allows someone in Mississippi to talk to someone in Washington with the press of a few buttons, so he needs to ...
JR 09/24/2008 8 5 - -
1,145 - 4,580
Anywhere from forty-two to one hundred sixty-seven. That's how many rape kits Sarah Palin could have funded just with ...
JR 09/17/2008 16 11 - 3
GOP VP Speculation THREAD I
[Final Update 10:21] Thanks, everyone. FoxNews is reporting that this is now a Tale of Two Planes: a LearJet that originally left Anchorage two days ago and flew to Flagstaff (the airport ...
JR 08/29/2008 553 105 1 28
A funny thing about the Veep choice:
Obama could pick Jimmy Carter, but not Bill Clinton. He can't pick Jennifer Granholm, but he could pick Luis Gutierrez. And Dick Cheney didn't really have to change his registration to ...
JR 08/19/2008 20 7 - -
He won.
He won. And now the bar is set for John McCain when he shares a stage with Obama, who will be more than willing (unlike Rick Warren) to call McCain out when he lies, obfuscates, misleads, or ...
JR 08/16/2008 59 23 1 17
Historic: Texas Re-Examining a Wrongful Execution
For the first time in history, a state is reviewing whether it executed an innocent man. A ...
JR 08/15/2008 27 35 2 316
TN-09: Cohen OWNS it (80% reporting, STILL up 60 points)
Seems as though WMC-TV Memphis has called it for Cohen : US House of Representatives Dist 9 Tennessee State and ...
JR 08/07/2008 189 46 - 50
Meta on Meta
A brief thought as we enter the last 90 days of the campaign season, and look forward (pleasepleaseohsweetlordwecanttakeanymorepleaseplease) to a political situation wherein much of the Netroots ...
JR 08/05/2008 16 1 - 2
Unit-Y: America's Secret Weapon!
"The Adventures of Unit Y" Episode I: "America's Secret Weapon" Ah, to flourish! Real evil doesn’t seek to accomplish any particular goal beyond self-promotion, and with the ...
JR 06/25/2008 7 5 - 9
The Most Important Congressional Primary Ever
Cross-posted at OpenLeft After Dennis Kucinich introduced his impeachment resolution in the House earlier this month, the Huffington Post featured an analysis by occasional contributor ...
JR 06/24/2008 12 19 1 24
Action Alert: Contact the Zimbabwean Embassy
News outlets are now reporting that police in Zimbabwe have detained opposition presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai (CHAHN-gear-...
JR 06/04/2008 23 12 1 1
The Post-Primary Grace Period
Once our party has a nominee, anyone campaigning against that nominee is fair game. So what should we make of this ?
JR 05/29/2008 16 7 1 1
What are you doing up at 3:30?
In continuing my recent meta-fetish, I can't help but notice something odd: It's 3:30 eastern time. And I'm on a frakkin' blog. I've got a really nice bed. My recently deceased grandmother (we ...
JR 04/14/2008 54 3 - 11
Hit Barry Welsh Again!...
...on ActBlue! After hearing about the attack on Indiana congressional candidate and longtime kossack Barry Welsh and a reporter by a local ...
JR 04/09/2008 7 23 - 38
Metapocalypse: the Netroots Reformation begins
Metapocalypse is an ongoing act of protest against the vituperation and invective that has permeated the Netroots during the Presidential primary. Until there is a ...
JR 03/15/2008 27 8 - -
Metapocalypse: the definition of DailyKos
Metapocalypse is an act of protest against the vituperation and invective that has permeated this site during the Presidential primary. Until there is a presumptive ...
JR 03/04/2008 20 13 - 181
To recap: ~today will decide nothing, ~the denizens of MyDD and TalkLeft will call anything but an Obama sweep proof that he can't "close the deal," ~the consensus here and among newshounds will be ...
JR 03/03/2008 20 17 - 20
Netroots 2.0: The Coming Netroots Reformation
As we saw in 2004 and again in 2006, the Netroots can serve as a rallying point for activists, even those in notably inactive areas of the country long overlooked by the national party. With the ...
JR 02/26/2008 20 25 2 157
The problem with superdelegates is NOT just whom they support (another damn SD diary)
Rob Fournier at the AP reminds us that the Superdelegates are not a monolithic bloc, and many have their ...
JR 02/14/2008 13 1 - -
Vox Populi, semper insaniae proxima sit
Yes, I voted this morning in Virginia. I walked to the polls, like I do every election, through freezing rain and stood in line. And nothing that was written by any candidate partisans or ...
JR 02/12/2008 14 7 - 8
Clearing it up: Who was the first woman to win?
A recent diary, DCDemocrat's "The First Woman To Win The Opening Primary" , created a pleasant diversion from the usual bickering ...
JR 01/11/2008 8 5 - 19
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