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Trolling, AG's, TU's...oh my!
I think I got this Kos thing down. I will no longer make comments. Just diaries until my Xbox 360 is returned.
Jacks Smirking Revenge 01/15/2008 164 2 - 5
Xbox 360 still in repair....
Breaking News from Illinois where an Xbox 360 has sat in the state for a week without going to it's proper destination, McAllen, Texas.
Jacks Smirking Revenge 01/14/2008 13 - 1 -
What I've learned on the Daily Kos
Apparently I have a "few things to learn" here at the Daily Kos. So enlighten me if you will. See if I got a few things straight.
Jacks Smirking Revenge 01/13/2008 230 5 1 8
Ned Lamont's Thread
A sense of humor only goes so far when it's a jab at someone you just backed, a factual jab at that.
Jacks Smirking Revenge 01/11/2008 21 - - 15
Which Company Will You Support?
It is no stretch to say that the blogs as of late have consisted of which Democratic Candidate a person supports. So lets get to meet the people behind the candidates shall we?
Jacks Smirking Revenge 01/09/2008 11 7 1 1
Diary of a Second Generation Welfare Recipient
Note: This is not a "poor me" blog, rather it is one of empowerment (i hope) for those who either identify somewhat with the story or have problems in life that led them to political action too.
Jacks Smirking Revenge 01/05/2008 71 15 - 6
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