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Jon Stewart takes to the silver screen with 'Rosewater,' his directorial debut
Earlier this week, I had a chance to screen Rosewater , Jon Stewart's directorial debut, which opens nationwide on Friday. Rosewater , which was also written by Stewart and is distributed by ...
Jed Lewison 11/13/2014 21 70 - -
A new chapter in the same book
Yesterday marked a big change for me: It was my last day as a full-time blogger. It’s been seven years now for me, all of them as a member of the Daily Kos community, including the last six ...
Jed Lewison 11/12/2014 93 215 - -
Scott Walker's plan to reduce dependence on foreign oil is to import more foreign oil
Genius Genius plan from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Republicans in ...
Jed Lewison 11/11/2014 163 41 2 -
GOP operative calls party's immigration policy a 'slow-moving car wreck'
Sean Hannity and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, co-chairmen of the GOP's Latino Outreach Committee Apparently, the only way a Republican can take a reasonable ...
Jed Lewison 11/11/2014 101 30 - -
Some Democratic senators counting on filibuster to give them leverage
In one corner, we have a handful of senators in the Democratic caucus from purplish and reddish states who think ...
Jed Lewison 11/11/2014 76 20 - -
Scott Walker leaves little doubt he's running for president
Over the weekend, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made it abundantly clear that wants to run for president in 2016. Exhibit A, this exchange with ...
Jed Lewison 11/10/2014 68 26 - -
Rand Paul: Benghazi is Hillary Clinton's 'main Achilles' heel'
Every so often, I catch myself wondering if Kentucky Sen. ...
Jed Lewison 11/10/2014 143 19 - -
Hillary Clinton 2016 begins, Reince Priebus claims to be delighted
Actual scene from Hillary's first debate with the likely GOP 2016 nominee, the RNC Squirrel Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign is here,
Jed Lewison 11/07/2014 233 24 1 -
Politico on 2014: 'Now there could well be as many as 10 or 20 Bachmanns coming to Washington'
I'm not always a fan of Politico, ...
Jed Lewison 11/07/2014 96 43 - -
New GOP spin: Midterms were a repudiation of Hillary Clinton
Hahaha, check out the headline on this Republican National Committee ...
Jed Lewison 11/06/2014 152 20 - -
Right-wing chatter machine furious Obama failed to offer resignation after midterm election
Apparently, Pres. Obama ...
Jed Lewison 11/06/2014 288 97 - -
President Obama holds post-midterm press conference, #3
First thread and embedded video here .
Jed Lewison 11/05/2014 209 24 - -
President Obama holds post-midterm press conference, #2
First thread and embedded video here .
Jed Lewison 11/05/2014 103 24 - -
President Obama holds post-midterm press conference, #1
President Obama is scheduled to give a post-midterm press conference today at 2:50 PM ET from the White House. The big question: Will he give the GOP what it wants—the image of a chastened ...
Jed Lewison 11/05/2014 212 23 - -
Senate GOP prepares to taste gridlock
Bloomberg's Richard Rubin and Kathleen ...
Jed Lewison 11/05/2014 167 47 1 -
Congrats, GOP: You just won control of Congress with a Democratic president
An open letter to Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and their crew, from yours truly:
Jed Lewison 11/05/2014 502 198 6 -
Arkansas may finally end prohibition, Alabama considers banning foreign law to gird against Sharia
In half of Arkansas, selling this is currently illegal It's Election Day, and for most Republicans the only question that matters is whether they manage to obtain a slim Senate majority for the ...
Jed Lewison 11/04/2014 55 13 - -
McConnell defends 'Election Violation' mail campaign, tea party spokesman calls it a 'scare tactic'
Eastern Kentucky news coverage of the McConnell mailer If you haven't already seen it, late last week the Kentucky GOP sent a mailer on Senate Minority Leader Mitch ...
Jed Lewison 11/03/2014 68 63 2 -
Biden says he expects congressional Republicans will be constructive next year, Cruz begs to differ
Biden needs to start channeling his spirit of 2012 Vice President Joe Biden'...
Jed Lewison 11/03/2014 82 20 - -
McCain's 'new' gang warns Obama against easing deportations
President Obama can't completely fix our immigration system on his own, but he can ease the nightmare of deportations ...
Jed Lewison 11/01/2014 27 23 - -
After conservative freakout, McConnell confirms that he will fast-track Obamacare repeal
Mitch McConnell, showing the number of positions he's willing to take on any given issue Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell alarmed his ...
Jed Lewison 10/31/2014 50 39 1 -
Ted Cruz slaps the dreaded 'Dole-McCain-Romney' label on Jeb Bush
This isn't what Ted talks were supposed to ...
Jed Lewison 10/30/2014 53 31 1 -
Democratic group calls Christie's bluff on 'sit down and shut up' bluster
Jed Lewison 10/30/2014 160 119 3 -
Boehner scrambles on lawsuit, but says he still plans to sue Obama for something, maybe
Republican solutions: Sue Obama, for something, ...
Jed Lewison 10/30/2014 83 53 - -
Congressional Wingnut Caucus unveils post-election agenda and it's exactly what you expect
GOP 2016 game plan?
Jed Lewison 10/29/2014 52 17 - -
McConnell campaign spent $75,000 buying 'volunteer' enthusiasm from late-September to early-October
McConnell is so naturally likable his campaign had to copy and paste a dog ...
Jed Lewison 10/29/2014 29 30 - -
McConnell claims he never supported Social Security privatization
Jed Lewison 10/29/2014 36 17 - -
McConnell flip-flops on West Africa travel ban days before election
Mitch McConnell: A man of two positions who takes them ...
Jed Lewison 10/29/2014 14 19 - -
Social Security emerges as an issue in Kentucky Senate race
Greg Sargent on relatively quiet,
Jed Lewison 10/29/2014 50 59 2 -
Reince Priebus dusts off GOP 2012 playbook in new attack on Hillary
Jed Lewison 10/28/2014 50 15 - -
DSCC returns to airwaves in Kentucky: McConnell 'working for himself, not us'
Here's the ad that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will run in Kentucky in the wake of their decision last week to commit $650,000 in television ads ...
Jed Lewison 10/28/2014 20 35 - -
Mitch McConnell is so dang likable he needed to copy and paste this dog over and over to prove it
Mitch McConnell wants voters in Kentucky to know something important: That he's likable. Really, really likable. So, to demonstrate just how authentically likable he is, his political team decided ...
Jed Lewison 10/28/2014 110 49 3 -
Walker walks back finger-pointing at Christie, but is still making excuses
Wisconsin Gov. Scott ...
Jed Lewison 10/28/2014 16 19 - -
Scott Walker starts pointing fingers
Jed Lewison 10/27/2014 59 51 2 -
Mitch McConnell finally confirms he wants to repeal health insurance for 500,000 Kentuckians
Jed Lewison 10/27/2014 87 103 3 -
Oops: John Boehner appears to have forgotten to file his lawsuit to stop Obama's dictatorship
More evidence for teapartiers that Boehner is enabling the Obama ...
Jed Lewison 10/27/2014 64 66 1 -
Student speaks out on Don Young's offensive remarks on suicide and same-sex marriage
Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young's remarks blaming friends and family of suicide victims ...
Jed Lewison 10/24/2014 24 23 - -
George Will says Alison Grimes was only nominated because she's a woman
George Will before his banishment to ...
Jed Lewison 10/24/2014 79 37 1 -
School shooting north of Seattle
CNN is reporting an active situation involving an active shooter opening fire inside the Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville, WA, about 45 minutes north of Seattle, with at least two ...
Jed Lewison 10/24/2014 180 68 1 -
McConnell boasts of 2005 effort to create private Social Security accounts
This is how much you should trust Mitch on ...
Jed Lewison 10/24/2014 45 48 4 -
GOP congressman now says 'government largesse' also to blame for suicide
GOP Rep. Don Young of Alaska isn't just standing by his assertion to Wasilla High School students that friends and family of suicide victims are ...
Jed Lewison 10/23/2014 84 35 1 -
Cotton uses propaganda video from people trying to terrorize America ... to terrorize America
The latest ad from GOP Rep. Tom Cotton in his bid to replace Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor has a simple ...
Jed Lewison 10/23/2014 23 24 1 -
Mitch McConnell dodges question about paying people to support him at rallies
West Virginia's WVNS TV, whose broadcast market extends into Eastern Kentucky, catches up with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and asks him about his campaign's tactic of reimbursing ...
Jed Lewison 10/23/2014 58 45 2 -
Republicans promise to target IRS if they win control of Congress
Republicans say control of the Senate will ...
Jed Lewison 10/22/2014 37 14 - -
DSCC sees Grimes gaining ground against McConnell, reserves airtime for final push in Kentucky
The Democratic Senatorial ...
Jed Lewison 10/22/2014 116 57 - -
GOP congressman tells school children they are to blame for classmate's suicide
Rep. Don Young of Alaska reminding us once again just how classy Alaska Republicans can be during a question and answer session at—where else?—Wasilla High School:
Jed Lewison 10/22/2014 166 84 3 -
Tom Cotton ships $292,000 to mystery group with K Street address
GOP Rep. Tom Cotton is staying mum on the ...
Jed Lewison 10/21/2014 17 23 1 -
Politico says Thom Tillis finally has it figured out, citing his campaign talking points as evidence
Politico says NC GOP Senate Candidate Thom Tillis finally has "it figured out" in his campaign against Democratic Sen. Kay ...
Jed Lewison 10/21/2014 25 18 - -
Mitch McConnell knows enthusiasm isn't free!
Jed Lewison 10/21/2014 65 51 - -
Politico in disarray
Jed Lewison 10/20/2014 73 46 1 -
Oops: Pro-McConnell lobbying group sends out endorsement mailer saying Mitch is 'For Sale'
An instant classic campaign fail from the National Association of Realtors in their endorsement mailer backing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:
Jed Lewison 10/20/2014 52 67 - -
Public backs Supreme Court on allowing marriage equality to move forward, even in states with bans
Jed Lewison 10/17/2014 13 29 - -
Politico: Rand Paul says GOP may win 33 percent of African-American vote in 2016
Jed Lewison 10/17/2014 86 46 - -
Rand Paul warns cocktail party attendees to be on the alert for Ebola
Jed Lewison 10/17/2014 125 39 1 -
Reince Priebus uncovers evidence Democrats trying to influence election by persuading people
Uh-oh, Reince ...
Jed Lewison 10/15/2014 32 29 1 -
As Georgia early voting begins, 40,000 new registrations remain unprocessed
As early voting got ...
Jed Lewison 10/15/2014 28 38 5 -
Inside the GOP's 'secret school' on how to not become the next Todd Akin
Jed Lewison 10/15/2014 38 36 2 -
Michelle Nunn leads proud outsourcer David Perdue in latest poll
Another day, another piece of ...
Jed Lewison 10/15/2014 57 34 1 -
U.S. Supreme Court bars Texas from closing abortion clinics during appeals process
The real-world impact of SB2 A small bit of good news: ...
Jed Lewison 10/14/2014 16 41 - -
Biggest issue of 2014: Who did Alison Lundergan Grimes vote for in 2012?
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know it wasn't ...
Jed Lewison 10/14/2014 208 30 1 -
National media falling in love with unpredictable South Dakota Senate race
Democratic candidate Rick Weiland has a real shot of winning the wide-open race. Whether or not ...
Jed Lewison 10/14/2014 30 25 - -
For the right, Ebola is the new Benghazi
Move over Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious, and Bill Ayers, ...
Jed Lewison 10/11/2014 57 24 - -
Rick Weiland, singing his way to the U.S. Senate to take back our country
People in South Dakota like the tune Senate candidate Rick Weiland is singing,
Jed Lewison 10/10/2014 30 53 2 -
Five things worth knowing about Brad Schimel, Scott Walker's choice for Wisconsin attorney general
Jed Lewison 10/10/2014 23 41 1 -
President Obama plagiarizes Mitt Romney's economic pledge ... two years ahead of schedule
Jed Lewison 10/09/2014 83 50 2 -
Marco Rubio putting squeeze on Boehner to force post-election shutdown drama over Obamacare
Former Republican savior thirsts for shutdown ...
Jed Lewison 10/09/2014 29 24 - -
Republicans try to move past 'elections are like wedding dresses' message with new web ad for women
Last week's attempt by the GOP to woo women with a message that boiled down to "Elections are like shopping for wedding dresses, little lady" went over like a lead balloon, but today they are back ...
Jed Lewison 10/09/2014 61 40 1 -
Tea partiers see silver lining if Democrats hold Senate: No more Mitch
Please, tea party: Do us all a favor and spare us from Mr. Turtle! Tea partiers may have failed in their effort to ...
Jed Lewison 10/08/2014 27 24 - -
Mitch McConnell gets testy during live interview on Kentucky Sports Radio
Transcript below the fold Earlier Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell decided to call into the live broadcast of Kentucky Sports Radio, a popular radio show catering to fans of the ...
Jed Lewison 10/08/2014 55 50 1 -
Same sex marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada overturned
Another happy couple Two more bans on marriage equality ...
Jed Lewison 10/07/2014 33 19 1 -
Republicans go viral, and Politico is impressed
Maybe going viral isn't the best thing for the GOP after all Great news for the GOP! Republicans can already claim a 2014 victory in one of the fastest growing campaign battlegrounds: viral videos.
Jed Lewison 10/07/2014 55 43 1 -
Land's end: National GOP pulls out of Michigan Senate race
When it comes to financial support from the Senate GOP's campaign committee, It's the end of the line for Terri Lynn Land, who has consistently trailed Democratic Rep. Gary Peters in Michigan's U.S.
Jed Lewison 10/07/2014 48 47 1 -
Republican senator uncovers President Obama's secret plot to steal the midterms by bombing ISIS
New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte has exposed our plan As everybody in the ...
Jed Lewison 10/06/2014 45 20 - -
GOP 2016ers vs. President Obama and Rick Perry on Ebola
President Barack Obama talks with Texas Gov. Rick Perry as they travel aboard Marine One from ...
Jed Lewison 10/06/2014 33 13 1 -
Mitch McConnell on climate change: 'I'm not a scientist'
Clearly, Mitch McConnell only feels comfortable handling things about which he's an expert. Senate Minority Leader Mitch ...
Jed Lewison 10/03/2014 55 29 - -
Lindsey on 2016: If nobody starts talking like 'me and McCain,' I'll run
Lindsey Graham better hope nobody in Teahadistan sees this photo. The GOP's 2016 presidential ...
Jed Lewison 10/03/2014 57 13 - -
House Speaker John Boehner's statement on unemployment falling to 5.9 percent
Heck, even Eric Cantor found a job In the ...
Jed Lewison 10/03/2014 183 81 2 -
John Boehner says he hasn't spoken to Ted Cruz since 2012, is eager for a Jeb Bush 2016 bid
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has been dubbed the unofficial Speaker of the House for his ability to sway conservative members, but House Speaker John ...
Jed Lewison 10/02/2014 36 13 - -
Appeals court: Texas can start closing abortion clinics immediately
The real-world impact of ...
Jed Lewison 10/02/2014 53 44 1 -
Stupid budget cuts made it harder to prevent Ebola outbreak
Health workers remove the body of Prince Nyentee, a 29-year-old man local residents ...
Jed Lewison 10/02/2014 38 43 3 -
Translating the newest Republican rebranding reboot
The more the GOP is rebranded, the more it stays the same Under the leadership of Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus,
Jed Lewison 10/02/2014 46 43 2 -
Reince rolls out another Republican rebranding reboot
Oh how I love hilarious ledes like this: Republicans ...
Jed Lewison 10/02/2014 82 44 2 -
Cory Gardner claims 'there is no federal personhood bill' ... but there is, and he co-sponsored it
This clip of Rep. Cory Gardner from from Denver's KDVR TV is nothing short of amazing because he spends nearly two minutes trying to claim that legislation that he co-sponsored —the federal ...
Jed Lewison 10/01/2014 43 42 1 -
Perdue proposes economic policy ripped straight from dictator's playbook
A few weeks ago, Georgia's Republican nominee for U.S. Senate David Perdue appeared before his state's Chamber of Commerce to tout what he described as his views on the fundamental "precepts of ...
Jed Lewison 10/01/2014 27 30 - -
One year ago, Republicans shut down the government to stop Obamacare
House Speaker John Boehner on Sep. 30, 2013, ruling out a clean bill to prevent a shutdown Exactly one year ago, House Republicans did what should have been unthinkable: They shut down the federal ...
Jed Lewison 09/30/2014 45 29 - -
Mitt 2016!
Can't get enough of Cruz 2016 ? Well how ...
Jed Lewison 09/30/2014 106 33 1 -
Either Cruz 2016 is for real or this is the most cruel tease in political history
They love him for his charisma ...
Jed Lewison 09/30/2014 135 29 - -
As colleagues run for cover, Lamborn claims he didn't say what he said
No surprise here: With the November elections just five weeks ...
Jed Lewison 09/30/2014 110 56 2 -
'Unblemished' Trump blames 'someone unknown' for his endorsement of McConnell for Speaker
Two days after tweeting this ...
Jed Lewison 09/25/2014 44 21 - -
Cheney outraged that Obama mentioned Ferguson in speech
Toward the end of President Obama'...
Jed Lewison 09/25/2014 286 115 2 -
Pat Roberts signed document declaring Virginia home as his 'principal residence'
Jed Lewison 09/25/2014 91 62 4 -
Boehner endorses debate over air strikes in Iraq and Syria. In 2015. Maybe.
House Speaker John ...
Jed Lewison 09/25/2014 29 16 1 -
Report: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to resign
NPR: Eric Holder Jr., the nation's first black U.S. ...
Jed Lewison 09/25/2014 279 55 1 -
Pat Roberts doubles down on 'national socialism' schtick
Sen. Pat Roberts is doubling down on his Sep. 22 claim that under President Obama, 'our country is headed towards national socialism' It's abundantly clear that Virginia resident Pat Roberts—who ...
Jed Lewison 09/24/2014 53 23 - -
Grimes goes after McConnell on wage, equal pay, and veterans issue in new ad
Alison Lundergan Grimes's newest ad features a video of her at a rally, making the case that Mitch McConnell is the epitome of what's broken with Washington, DC, and outlining three meaningful ...
Jed Lewison 09/24/2014 28 19 - -
Congress shows support for Obama's campaign against ISIS by doing nothing
Steve ...
Jed Lewison 09/24/2014 46 16 2 -
Darrell Issa is jealous that Lois Lerner talked to Politico
When former IRS official Lois Lerner decided to give ...
Jed Lewison 09/23/2014 91 39 - -
Pat Roberts: 'Our country is headed for national socialism'
Behold Virginia resident and Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts' new campaign speech, delivered on September 22, 2014, in Dodge City, Kansas, and captured by American Bridge: Yes, that's Bob Dole in the ...
Jed Lewison 09/23/2014 79 36 - -
The GOP plan to save Sen. Pat Roberts' seat: Trash his independent opponent
Roberts can't make the case for himself, so his campaign is going to go negative on his opponent instead Based on ...
Jed Lewison 09/23/2014 46 33 - -
Obama delivers statement on ISIL
Amid leaks from "officials" to media outlets like CNN that ISIS is planning to attack "the homeland," President Obama is scheduled to deliver a statement on ISIL and U.S. strikes that were ...
Jed Lewison 09/23/2014 164 24 - -
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