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Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for not taking the easy way out
Nancy Pelosi will continue to serve as House minority leader, in part, she said, to do more promotion of women and minorities in Congress.
JenniferGranholm 11/15/2012 68 305 1 -
Not Voting? The Koch Brothers Thank You
I don't know what's worse: Is it that a party would deliberately seek to deny American citizens the right to vote knowing full well the extraordinary sacrifices that went into securing those rights? ...
JenniferGranholm 10/25/2012 51 160 4 -
An Energy Jobs Race to the Top
As last week’s jobs numbers reminded us, emerging from the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression isn’t going to be easy. We need to be creative and daring. We need a moon ...
JenniferGranholm 12/09/2010 16 28 - 144
Governor Granholm Live: State of the State and Budget
Hello to all DailyKos readers, especially those who care about Michigan's future. Michigan is facing a fiscal crisis, and we are at an economic crossroads. Last week in my State of the State ...
JenniferGranholm 02/12/2007 183 91 1 97
Granholm on Kos 4pm Monday
On Monday at 4pm, Governor Granholm will be posting a diary and responding to questions and comments. She will be focusing on her economic plan and the investments that she layed out in her State of ...
JenniferGranholm 02/09/2007 72 24 1 29
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