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The Republicans will not repudiate racism because many of them are not Republicans but Racists.
The Village is sure that any minute now a surge of Moderation will sweep through the GOP and they will turn away from the racism they have used to win every election they have won since 1968 and ...
John Roy 11/24/2012 132 225 3 -
The Insanity of Conservative Thinking
Having unfortunately heard Phyllis Shlafly's radio address today, I was dumbfounded by how bizarre the thinking process of conservatives is. But it did give me some insight into why they are losing ...
John Roy 11/06/2008 10 8 - -
Who will our GOP opponents be post '08?
Whether or not we win this one, and I think we have a very good chance, we will still have an opposition going forward. It is well documented that the GOP is in disarray. And it is. So what will ...
John Roy 10/12/2008 86 6 1 -
To what degree do you think the MSM will parse Palin's statements?
With the general consensus being Palin did okay, didn't melt like the Wicked Witch of the West, and fought Biden to a loss or tie, will the pundits spend the next few days taking seriously the ...
John Roy 10/03/2008 8 3 - -
Good Sistah Souljah Moment for BO: Attack Maher on "lying"
Barack could use a good "Sistah Souljah" moment to come out and show the nervous Reagan/Hillary Dems that he's one of them and not the elitist prick the McCain/Palin camp paints him as. I think a ...
John Roy 10/01/2008 149 5 1 23
Open Campaign Strategy Questions for Kossacks
I don't have all the answers to Obama's campaign strategy, but I know there are some wise minds here at DailyKos who may. So here are the questions I have at this juncture in the campaign and I ...
John Roy 09/19/2008 4 - - -
Ways to attack McCain
The whole country just saw his weak sauce speech. He sucked. Now it's time to kick him in the balls hard and repeatedly. Here are some lines of attack that will help bruise the old codger good.
John Roy 09/06/2008 10 3 2 -
An Obama Ad I believe would be effective.
This election seems to be about simple messages. Well, here's a message every American can understand. Repeated ad infinitum, it's one that Obama can win on. And it takes away a valuable ...
John Roy 09/04/2008 13 5 - -
It is shocking to me that the GOP has offered no policies.
As I watch this convention, it has become increasingly bizarre to me that the GOP have offered absolutely nothing in the way of specifics as to what you get if you vote for them. What is their ...
John Roy 09/04/2008 11 3 - -
Paint Palin as "Brownie Dobson" to peel off Independents
In Thomas Frank's book, "What's the Matter with Kansas?" he describes how the moderate Johnson County Republicans, affluent fiscal conservatives who value education and are moderate on social issues,
John Roy 08/31/2008 8 8 1 3
McCain Attacks Not At Swift Boat Level
While I certainly believe the time is now for Obama to attack and define McCain as a confused ancient flip flopping hothead lying fool who loves Bush so much he can't contain himself, I don't think ...
John Roy 08/01/2008 36 3 - -
Got a little fresh optimism today after a pessimistic week.
And it wasn't just because Barack gave a great speech, or even because the media seems to be, on the whole, recognizing it as such. It was because, as pessimistic as I've been this last week about ...
John Roy 03/18/2008 1 - - -
McCain's policies are the GOP's future. We must learn to fight them.
The Limbaughs and Coulter and Dobsons can cry all they want. They can imagine the future in which they will return the GOP to some version of Bushism with a little immigrant bashing added in, but ...
John Roy 02/07/2008 11 8 - -
Unreported Clinton blunder
By asking voters to imagine Obama as a vulnerable Democratic nominee in the general election, Hillary also unintentionally asks them to imagine Obama as the Democratic nominee, a devastating ...
John Roy 12/15/2007 36 12 - -
From MSNBC : Perfect Dem Frame for N. Korea Test
John Roy 10/10/2006 48 23 - 12
Military Inustrial Complex holding up life saving device in Iraq
John Roy 09/05/2006 6 4 - -
Dems must rally behind Afghan Christian facing death
John Roy 03/22/2006 17 9 - -
Fox hypocrisy on religious speech
John Roy 03/13/2006 15 8 - -
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