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200,000 truckers are needed in this country
My husband decided, at age 62, to change his life. We have been self employed artists for 35 years. We are tired of starving, so he decided to get a grant and go to to go to commercial truck driver ...
Kevanlove 05/28/2013 28 39 2 -
WA state police selling confiscated guns
Well, this is just great. At least 6 counties and the State Patrol sell guns that they have confiscated in crimes back to people in the community. They have even sold an assault rifle to someone. ...
Kevanlove 02/05/2013 41 21 1 -
Does Gloria Allred have something on Mitt? (with poll)
This could be nothing or it could be something. I don't know about you, but I'm hoping it's something. I'll take anything to keep Mitt Romney from being president.
Kevanlove 10/20/2012 45 7 - -
Obama's 20 pt lead in poll no one is talking about
There is one extremely accurate poll (it's never been wrong in it's 12 year history) that no one is talking about. It is a poll that surveys millions of people every election, not just 1000 like all ...
Kevanlove 10/09/2012 29 15 - 594
"You have the best dog EVER!!" Bungee's photo diary
We need something to lighten us up this weekend. Yesterday we took a trip up the Hood Canal, across the ferry to Seattle, up to Sultan to buy something we found on Craigslist. Bungee took my ...
Kevanlove 09/10/2011 24 20 1 154
Spring is upon us in the northwest!! A photo blog.
We love the El Nino winters here in the NW. All the time the rest of the country has been under siege with blizzards and it's snowing in Florida, up here in Washington and Oregon it's been a ...
Kevanlove 03/04/2010 25 25 1 173
Avatar: was it really all that?
I can't tell you how much flack I have received from people for not liking this movie. I didn't hate this movie, I just found it seriously disappointing after all the hype. I was very up for ...
Kevanlove 01/07/2010 230 8 - 39
Photography: The river that runs through my life
I don't want to talk about politics on Christmas. I'm going to try to refrain completely. I'm sure I will fail, but I'm going to try and that's the important thing. ;-) So, I thought I would share ...
Kevanlove 12/24/2009 41 29 3 343
Photo blog: Roadtrip through red states
I take a lot of photographs. My Dad used to take a lot of them too. We have thousands of slides from our life growing up outside of Washington, DC. But I have a whole lot more.:-) We just got ...
Kevanlove 12/06/2009 133 217 4 153
Where did all that good will go?
I distinctly recall polls after the election that showed a great majority of Americans said they were willing to give the new president time to fix the incredible mess this country was in when he ...
Kevanlove 12/03/2009 104 1 - 226
My parents are both buried at Arlington
Both of my parents are buried at Arlington cemetery on a hill that overlooks the Pentagon. My Dad served in the 82nd Airborne, 325th glider infantry. If you saw Saving Private Ryan that scene with ...
Kevanlove 11/11/2009 24 29 1 341
Memories of my Dad and the Kennedys
This is my very first diary. I've enjoyed reading other people's diaries and commenting, but today was the first time I felt moved enough to write one of my own. Because the buried Teddy today and ...
Kevanlove 08/30/2009 22 50 6 177
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