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'Think of the wren' - Rest in Peace, Galway Kinnell
The great poet Galway Kinnell died Tuesday at his home in Vermont. His poetry was a large influence on me. I took a few classes from him and he was a warm, generous man, as well as a brilliant ...
Kevvboy 10/30/2014 4 10 - -
ACA enrollment success! How sweet it is!
Have seen many, many diaries decrying the disaster that is the Obamacare site. I have had my problems too, as has just about everybody. It seems that the easiest time was had by those whose states ...
Kevvboy 10/16/2013 36 29 - -
What would Gandhi do? A memory of 9/15/2001
This is an essay I published on September 15, 2001. What Would Gandhi Do? I'm fine here on Ninth Street, but like everybody in New York, every day I'm finding out about more friends-of-friends who ...
Kevvboy 09/10/2013 5 5 1 -
We lost a great lady today. RIP
She made such a difference in millions of lives.....
Kevvboy 04/08/2013 148 352 1 -
Is the post-election vitriol due to Romney's graceless "concession" speech? w/poll
Folks, I don't know about you, but I have been shocked by the outpouring of post-election vitriol on my Facebook page. "Friends" of "friends," most of them Southern, have been showing up in huge ...
Kevvboy 11/09/2012 75 22 - -
Oh goody! Freepers up in arms over Christie praising Obama
I went to Free Republic - so you don't have to..... 2016 GOP nominee anyone? CBS playing politics....see see Odungo is great, Bush bad bad I’m a big Christie fan, but if Romney wins Tuesday, he�
Kevvboy 10/30/2012 75 46 - -
Please help me get this important tool to the President before Tuesday!
When President Obama debated Mitt Romney, he signified his astonishment at Romney denying he'd ever held any of the right-wing positions he had been spouting on the campaign trail for the previous ...
Kevvboy 10/13/2012 14 3 - -
"Have you all lost your goddamn minds?" A rant to savor and share
This is an extremely entertaining spine-stiffening piece that everyone needs to read as soon as possible. What happened to chess? Yeah, fuck chess, we had a few bad poll days, time to go beat our ...
Kevvboy 10/09/2012 21 28 - 343
The best Obama ad of the whole election
Just watch it. I dare you not to cry. I DARE YOU. Follow me below the Orange Whipped Cream Blob if you managed not to cry.
Kevvboy 10/01/2012 165 443 7 3416
The warmth, wit and wisdom of Ann Romney: w/poll
Stop it!
Kevvboy 09/21/2012 9 4 - 236
Won't you please help Ann Romney put Mitt into "context?" with poll
Ann Romney says Mitt was taken out of context. That’s right. Lovey Howell says Thurston’s remarks about the 47 percent should be put fully into context. As good, honest liberal bloggers, it ...
Kevvboy 09/19/2012 12 6 1 93
Kossacks, here's memorial fund for officer killed in Obama motorcade (UPDATE: online memorials)
From the Jupiter, Fla. town website: In Memory of Officer Bruce St. Laurent Officer St, Laurent Officer Bruce St. Laurent was born in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1957 and has been a resident of ...
Kevvboy 09/10/2012 39 197 1 794
You can help Anne Lamott elect Obama 2-nite! with poll (Updated: WOW!)
A good friend of mine is the writer Anne Lamott. A few days ago she put up a fundraising page for Obama and asked her 80,000 Facebook followers to give a little. In four days she has raised $35,000.
Kevvboy 09/06/2012 6 8 - 70
Here's the video: Teddy demolishes Romney
The Republicans are acting all offended because the Democrats showed this video of Mitt Romney being dismantled by Teddy Kennedy. NOW they have decided to show Teddy respect? HA!
Kevvboy 09/04/2012 27 30 1 225
How I Became A Billionaire In 1 Day On the Internet (w/poll!)
As a freelancer in the creative field, I have to guard every penny against the next long stretch of nothing-much-coming-in-through-the-mail-slot. I guard those pennies. I guard those dimes. ...
Kevvboy 08/27/2012 6 11 - 135
They thought it was a special effect.
That is the part of today's mass murder in Aurora, Colorado that won't let me sleep. What a comment on our age.
Kevvboy 07/20/2012 24 6 - 165
We are going to beat Mitt Romney by 100%. Today. Here's how.
I'll bet almost every Kossack just got the email from OFA: But if not: Subject: One-Term Fund? Message: Hey, Mitt Romney's campaign just came out with a "One-Term Fund" that aims to raise a ...
Kevvboy 02/02/2012 14 10 1 160
Get yer red-hot "Barack sings Al Green" ringtone here! Free!
Now this is what I call a great campaign freebie: The official "our fricking cool President sings a soupcon of Al Green and sets hearts aflutter everywhere" ringtone.... Get it now, get it free. ...
Kevvboy 01/22/2012 8 8 - 141
Get yer red hot "Barack sings Al Green" ringtone now! Free!
Now this is what I call a great campaign freebie: The official "our fricking cool President sings a soupcon of Al Green and sets hearts aflutter everywhere" ringtone.... Get it now, get it free. ...
Kevvboy 01/21/2012 18 18 1 201
November 22, 1963 - Do you remember? w/poll
I was six years old, a first-grade student at J.E. Prass Elementary School in Kettering, Ohio. It was a cold and cloudy day. We were out on the playground at lunchtime when a rumor raced through ...
Kevvboy 11/22/2011 320 106 3 796
A new investigation: Did Romney help Rick Perry launder $1 million?
You might want to check out this investigative Salon piece by uber-journalist Mark Hertsgaard: To ...
Kevvboy 10/03/2011 1 6 1 100
Sarah Palin says "Herb Cain" is just the "flavor of the week" (with poll)
God, I love Sarah. Run, Sarah, run! Last night on Fox News, she ...
Kevvboy 09/28/2011 35 11 - 234
Greatest speech of Obama's presidency?
When President Obama gets fired up, .....he is ready to go. If you haven't seen the speech, you should. If you haven't read the speech, you should. He's not just talking to African-Americans.
Kevvboy 09/26/2011 24 13 1 160
What would Gandhi do? A letter from 9/14/01
Dear Kossacks: On 9/11/2001 I was in my apartment on 9th Street in Manhattan, writing an email to a friend about the weird Michael Jackson tribute concert I'd attended on 9/10/2001. Then I heard a ...
Kevvboy 09/09/2011 13 4 - 64
"Not, with certitude, my weiner"
Okay folks, well I wonder if anybody here is old enough to have lived through this feeling before -- this very specific feeling, of having gone out on a limb rhetorically in support of someone you ...
Kevvboy 06/01/2011 50 1 - 247
Bush was eating souffle when Obama called
Don't know if you caught this report from our down-home Ex-Prez: He was EATING SOUFFLE at a very fancy restaurant. Apparently he had to go home to take the call because he doesnt have the football ...
Kevvboy 05/13/2011 66 21 1 363
Alabama governor says non-Christians 'are not my brother'
What a way for the latest in the long string of fools to occupy the governor's office in Montgomery to kick off his term in office.
Kevvboy 01/18/2011 74 11 - 113
Aretha Franklin has some advice for you all.
When you see the kind of news that broke today -- apparently Aretha Franklin has pancreatic cancer, the very worst kind you can get -- it tends to lend some perspective to silliness like the mania ...
Kevvboy 12/08/2010 17 7 - 28
Poll: What happens to the economy if the Goopers win?
I have my own self-interest in mind here, I confess from the start, but then again that is what our Republican would-be masters want from us. Self interest. Ayn Randian individual initiative. As ...
Kevvboy 11/01/2010 29 4 - 22
Breaking NYT: Taliban's Elite Join Afghan Peace Talks
Could this be the Afghan solution that everyone has been convinced President Obama didn't have? Here is the breaking ...
Kevvboy 10/19/2010 51 13 - 57
I flew over Deepwater Horizon today
No, I'm not involved in the spill in any way. I'm not doing a damn thing to help clean it up besides watching and waiting and not being able to watch the news. I was just a passenger on a jet ...
Kevvboy 06/07/2010 43 66 - 26
Classic hilarious video:  Dale Peterson gets totally PWND
As an expat Alabamian, I know that Alabama has some of the most highly-evolved rightwing politics in the world, and it has been ever thus since long before George Corley Wallace put us on the map. (...
Kevvboy 05/19/2010 18 13 1 40
Record your Oscar picks and win a billion dollars!
Okay, maybe you won't win a billion. Maybe you won't even win a dollar. But you will win OFFICIAL BRAGGING RIGHTS to having guessed more Oscar winners right than anyone on Dkos. ...
Kevvboy 03/07/2010 87 11 1 28
Breaking:  Rove admits errors advising Bush on Iraq - with poll!
NEW YORK (AP) - Republican strategist Karl Rove says in a new memoir that the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq badly damaged the Bush administration's credibility and ...
Kevvboy 03/03/2010 38 9 - 26
RIP Barry Hannah, 1942-2010
“A man's got to do what a man's got to do. A woman must do what he can't.” -- Barry Hannah He was the author of the novels * Geronimo Rex (1972) * ...
Kevvboy 03/01/2010 11 21 - 30
A real, bold, diplomatic global-warming breakthrough:  on Thanksgiving!
Okay all you Kossacks who whine that Obama has been ineffective, read it and weep: China Joins U.S. in Pledge of ...
Kevvboy 11/26/2009 45 36 - 123
Steal Sarah Palin's book - for God's sake don't buy it
Every book stolen counts against her bottom line. Every book bought is a dollar in her piggy bank. I would never, ever, ever advise Kossacks to do anything illegal.
Kevvboy 11/14/2009 93 6 - 191
$1 trillion works out to a dollar a day. You do the math
The next time some Gooper lawmaker or commentator gets to frothin' and a fumin' about the TRILLION DOLLAR government takeover of health care bill, you might invite him to follow you below the fold ...
Kevvboy 11/09/2009 41 5 - 36
Watch Franken slice and dice the nice wingnut lady (updated w/transcript)
If you haven't watched the junior Senator from Minnesota as he continues his ascent to the #1 spot in the Senate ... you are going to love this video.
Kevvboy 10/22/2009 686 1178 20 1264
Thank you, Mr. President, for the DADT promise.
What a cap to a perfect week.... Obama bombs the moon to see if there's enough water for our return. That same day he wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Then on Saturday night he promises to overturn ...
Kevvboy 10/11/2009 97 11 1 21
Edwards promised mistress a Dave Matthews wedding! w/poll
If this story on Huffington Post is true ... and as of this moment it's just a book proposal, John ...
Kevvboy 09/19/2009 219 5 - 174
Where were you 8 years ago today?  w/poll
Eight years ago this morning, I was in my bathrobe at my desk looking out on a beautiful clear Manhattan morning. I had been to a concert the night before -- weirdly enough, the Michael Jackson "...
Kevvboy 09/11/2009 130 41 2 31
Won't somebody please just Think Of The Children?  w/poll
WASHINGTON - Sept. 8 - President Barack Obama's speech to the schoolchildren of America went horribly wrong today, sending thousands of children streaming into the streets with blood running from ...
Kevvboy 09/08/2009 5 8 - 2
I will not let my child hear the Obama speech! w/poll
1. I don't believe in Negroes. 2. I don't believe in Negro Presidents. 3. I don't believe in Negro Presidents trying to tell my white children what to do. 4. I don't believe in white school ...
Kevvboy 09/05/2009 19 10 1 21
Battle Cry:  A Memory
One peculiarity of those who live in the Southern part of the country: we like to fight. Don’t forget that they were Virginians who led us into our first two wars against England, and South ...
Kevvboy 08/23/2009 3 3 - 18
Amazon now blames the ranking snafu on a "glbtch"
...and I am not buying it. (Thanks to "the fan man" for the "glbtch" idea!) According to a story just sent out ...
Kevvboy 04/13/2009 84 24 - 32
Live blogging the Grammys!  (Updated w/spoilers!)
Hey it's a slow Sunday night, and the appearance of Whitney Houston doing her best Mad TV imitation of herself with that weird cracky voice and those big heavy lids, I knew somebody needed to live ...
Kevvboy 02/08/2009 488 27 - 16
Breaking:  Text of Bush's "secret" letter to Obama, w/poll
This just in: the text of the President's handwritten letter has not been corrected for spelling or grammer; editors wait for correction before moving this story across the wire. WASHINGTON (AP) 8:...
Kevvboy 01/20/2009 24 8 - 7
A great way to say goodbye to George W. Bush! Please help!
We are all enjoying the last day of the Bush (Fraudulent) Presidency and wondering what else we can do to celebrate. Unfortunately, I will not be among the happy millions thronging the capital of ...
Kevvboy 01/19/2009 22 6 - 4
I just drove by the Bushes' new house!  (Now I need help)
It's a sunny Sunday morning here in the Big D, so me and my Garmin set out to scope out the new digs of our soon to be X-President. An odd place for him to land ... it's not the finest part of town,
Kevvboy 12/28/2008 49 11 1 17
Urgent email: "Barack needs your help now." Please help!
This will be a short diary to show you the email I have just received from the Obama campaign.... Friends -- Barack needs your help now -- our data indicates that the results will be ...
Kevvboy 11/04/2008 14 65 1 25
Why I will miss Sarah Palin, w/poll
Just now, in an ill-fitting Anchorage-Consignment jacket with her lovely hair and makeup just so, Sarah the Magnificent uttered a really beautiful condensed version of her whole campaign in one ...
Kevvboy 11/03/2008 89 4 - -
Share your political Halloween costume idea
Okay, first the first inclination is to put on a pink hoodie, scratch a backwards B on my right cheek, do that raccoon-eye thing with the left eye, and call it a day. But that would ...
Kevvboy 10/28/2008 26 2 - 1
Bachmann claims she "stepped into a trap!" w/poll
You can read it for yourself, but those who click on the ...
Kevvboy 10/21/2008 108 47 - 18
Obama's greatest Palin-McCain smackdown EVER!  Updated
Thanks to TomP for this excellent tip -- it's in the prepared remarks for Obama's appearance in Tampa, Florida today: I am hopeful about the outcome. We were thrilled yesterday when a ...
Kevvboy 10/20/2008 73 53 - 27
Freeper reaction to Powell: Watch their heads explode!  Updatex2
It is only at moments like this that I dare to cross the line into the Devil's den, also known as Free Republic. Follow me below the fold to watch their ...
Kevvboy 10/19/2008 118 67 3 18
Poll: Is Lorne Michaels trying to help Sarah Palin?
It has been well documented that Lorne Michaels is a dyed in the wool Gooper and friend of McCain. SNL only takes a lefty viewpoint because Michaels is smart enough to know his demographic. Tonight,
Kevvboy 10/18/2008 93 11 - 63
Breaking:  Joe the Plumber is Eric Cartman's mother!  w/poll
You can't believe it! And yet It's so good you just want to know it's true. Joe the Plumber is the secret father of Eric Cartman! He killed Kenny! Or is he the secret father of Trig Palin, and ...
Kevvboy 10/16/2008 88 8 - -
Brand-new favorite Palinism: "Simple talker!" w/poll
She's a beauty, all right. Not just a beauty QUEEN, but the kind of gal who used to be referred to by tough-talking Teamster as a REAL BEAUT. This may be my favorite ...
Kevvboy 10/14/2008 48 11 - 1
Help MichGirl keep the lights on at HQ! Please sir, spare a REC?
I know that diaries pimping other diaries are not always welcome, but this is such an excellent cause that I felt the need to keep the generosity chain going.
Kevvboy 10/11/2008 18 29 - 19
Japanese markets are crashing ... w/poll
You can watch CNBC here.... The Nikkei Index at the moment is off about 10 percent in the first hour of trading. Other Asian markets seem poised to ...
Kevvboy 10/09/2008 149 18 - 19
LiveBlog:  Tina Fey's SNL debate skit upcoming!
Looks like a good one, to judge from the teaser they just ran: Don't read this thread if you're on the West Coast and don't want spoilers! UPDATE: And here's a shoutout to the Forgotten Time Zones,
Kevvboy 10/04/2008 305 50 1 15
A Poll: Is the Republican action an act of treason?
1. Treason, sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one's country or its government. Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to ...
Kevvboy 09/25/2008 16 1 - 6
Did everybody miss the MONEY QUOTE from McCain??? Updated
Our side got rather excited yesterday at the InstaFlipFlop yesterday from McCain, in which he channeled the ghost of Herbert Hoover and revealed just how closely he and his buddy George W. Bush ...
Kevvboy 09/16/2008 335 1157 24 32
"But the fundamentals are strong."
Folks, we've got people sleeping under interstate overpasses in Houston tonight. But John McCain says the fundamentals of our economy are strong. Lehmann Brothers, the bedrock of the financial ...
Kevvboy 09/15/2008 22 6 - 4
RIP: The brilliant David Foster Wallace is dead.
Forgive an extremely short diary. David Foster Wallace is dead. The author of "Infinite Jest," "The Broom of the System," "Another Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again," and other brilliant ...
Kevvboy 09/13/2008 24 15 - 7
Is "lipstick/pig" controversy a racist trap? with poll....
With Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on “Today” declaring that, even after they heard and understood Obama’s quote in context, they still felt it was “unfortunate” and &
Kevvboy 09/10/2008 31 - - -
Let's talk about sex, baby! Drill baby drill! W/poll...
It's not just the T-shirts that say "The Hottest Governor from the Coolest State." It's not the come-hither poses for Vogue magazine. It's not the photo of the "Babe" in a red-white-and-blue ...
Kevvboy 09/05/2008 16 1 - 6
Happy trails until we meet again! Go Dems! (w/ GBCW)
Since it has become quite the fashion among Clinton supporters to depart these shores with long, heartfelt, moving descriptions of their decision to stop posting on DailyKos, I think another one ...
Kevvboy 03/08/2008 67 16 - 4
Breaking: Hillary photo doctored to make her appear more female!
I am really shocked. SHOCKED! I have never been quite so shocked. What more will they do to our poor Hillary? Now they are running photos of her in a DRESS. Trying to emphasize that she is a ...
Kevvboy 03/04/2008 188 34 1 9
A lovely hatin-Hillary piece of viral email just landed in my Inbox
This was sent to me by a friend of mine who received it, probably as spam, this morning. Although my friend supports Obama and I support Clinton, we both thought this smacks of an old-fashioned ...
Kevvboy 02/26/2008 108 2 - 7
Breaking: McCain relationship with female lobbyist, updatedx2
The New York Times has just posted this story. New York Times report Will Cindy McCain flash her with ...
Kevvboy 02/20/2008 314 95 1 17
Want to be an Obama Fainter? Sign up here! w/poll
Item currently running on Drudge Report: FIRED UP AND FALLING DOWN: String of Crowd Fainting Incidents Hits Obama Rallies... Just back from tonight’s Obama rally ...
Kevvboy 02/16/2008 128 11 1 17
“Well- behaved women seldom make history.”
A friend of mine is a well-known author with a decidedly liberal bent who, like me, was for John Edwards all year. She's been floundering around in the days since he split the race, looking for ...
Kevvboy 02/11/2008 150 11 1 2
Cute Li’l Puppies and Tiny Hopeful Children Sing “We Love Obama!”
Today in Los Angeles a whole bunch of cute li’l puppies and tiny hopeful children gathered on a flowery hillside to link their hands and sing “We Love You, Obama,” a new song ...
Kevvboy 02/09/2008 89 10 - -
Why did Obama fall so flat in California? w/poll
With many excited thousands pouring into his last-minute California rallies, ecstatic press coverage, glittery star events with surprise guest appearances by Shrivers and Kennedys and Winfreys and ...
Kevvboy 02/07/2008 146 7 - 7
Hillary returns-watching party - FIVE! Woo hoo!
Come on in, we're still having fun. Boilerplate to fill out three paragraphs. Blahblahblah. They can spin all they want on the front page, but here it looks to us like Hillary Clinton managed to ...
Kevvboy 02/05/2008 197 33 - 21
Slate: "Confessions of a Young Hillary Supporter"
"....or How I Became The Loneliest Guy On Campus." This is a really charming piece by a young guy who found himself just about the only kid around Georgetown U. working ...
Kevvboy 02/04/2008 46 18 1 -
Poll: Would you vote for Hillary as a last resort? UPDATE IV
PLEASE RECOMMEND THIS DIARY SO WE CAN GET A BIG SAMPLE! Thanks! Five times in 2007 I took this poll, with the exact same diary title and the same ...
Kevvboy 02/02/2008 227 42 1 45
Breaking: Secret script from last night's debate REVEALED!!!!!!
Wolf: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We at CNN are doing everything we can to bring you four more years of Republican rule, because we hope they will start another war that ...
Kevvboy 02/01/2008 7 7 - -
Breaking: I just got off the phone with the Clinton campaign!
Let me first say that I was a big-time Mike Gravel supporter but then I decided that the name "gravel" sounded kind of itchy and scratchy. I don't really like gravel when it gets wedged between my ...
Kevvboy 01/31/2008 65 41 - 7
Overheard on a train: Rick Santorum trashes McCain!
I can't take credit for this delicious piece of hearsay. turns out the guy sitting behind me was Rick Santorum, which makes it all the more fun and all the more interesting. So ...
Kevvboy 01/26/2008 23 6 - -
Is Obama's Reagan comment his Dean Scream? w/poll
I've been an Edwards supporter all year long, though I'm not a really rabid type. Meaning I could be persuaded by pretty much any of his rivals for the nomination should he fail and they take up ...
Kevvboy 01/18/2008 176 16 - 14
Live Blogging! "We Are The Idiots!" GOP S.C. debate
There are SO MANY burning questions on our minds as we prepare to settle down with a bowl of hardened, crispy fat-bearing chips and a whole bunch of cranky old white men who want to ...
Kevvboy 01/10/2008 58 14 - 8
Poll: Why is DKos readership declining?
I was fascinated by onemadson's provocative thread yesterday noting the steady decline of site visits at DailyKos since ...
Kevvboy 12/29/2007 147 15 - 12
Live Blog: The showdown in Des Moines
When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, "what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich?" Here's what she said to me, Que sera, ...
Kevvboy 12/13/2007 213 37 - 11
Is the O-mentum real? Or just a flash in the pan? W/poll
There's no doubt that Barack Obama scored a major media coup with the endorsement of Oprah Winfrey and their barnstorming tour of Iowa and today South Carolina. Some people on these threads have ...
Kevvboy 12/09/2007 59 2 1 -
What should the country name for George W. Bush? w/poll
A comment in an Open Diary got my mind to working. Even the worst presidents get things named after them. God knows that Kossacks who have to travel through Washington "Reagan" National Airport ...
Kevvboy 12/06/2007 145 21 - 8
Live Blog: Dear Leader's press conference!
Come on, people now. Smile on your brothers Everybody get together Try to love one another right now.
Kevvboy 12/04/2007 478 82 2 20
LA Times brands CNN the "Corrupt News Network"
On the night of the most recent debate, a lot of Kossacks noted the incredibly slanted round of questions "selected" from YouTube by CNN for the purpose of framing the debate. Now ...
Kevvboy 12/03/2007 16 14 - 8
Would you vote for Hillary as a last resort? UPDATED w/poll
PLEASE RECOMMEND THIS DIARY SO WE CAN GET A BIG SAMPLE! Thanks! This is the fourth time in 2007 I have taken this poll, with the same diary title and the same questions phrased ...
Kevvboy 11/16/2007 86 18 - 9
Why I cannot support Stephen Colbert
First off, I don't like his vote on Iraq. I told him not to vote that way. I don't like that he refused to apologize for it either. I don't like his fancy $400 haircuts either. And he doesn't ...
Kevvboy 10/17/2007 89 21 - -
The witchification of Hillary Clinton
Now that a recent spate of polls has shown Hillary Clinton putting some distance between herself and the other candidates for the Dem nomination, the right has begun rolling out what may seem a new ...
Kevvboy 10/09/2007 212 18 - 3
Would you vote for Hillary as a last resort? Updated w/poll
I've taken this exact same poll on DKos in February 2007 and August 2007, and I think it would be interesting to take it again as the "frontrunner" meme has taken hold recently. If you want to ...
Kevvboy 10/06/2007 242 33 - 1
Poll: Would you vote for Hillary as a last resort?
In February 2007 I wrote a diary that included the following poll:
Kevvboy 08/14/2007 70 6 - 3
Think ... before you drink. A (true) cautionary tale...
A good friend of mine is in the hospital tonight. When he gets out of the hospital he will go to jail. It started with a few glasses of wine at lunch, a jovial lunch with old friends. And a bad ...
Kevvboy 03/07/2007 36 33 - 11
Poll: Would you vote for Hillary as a last resort?
I've been reading so much anti-Hillary commentary on Kos lately that I got to thinking about the 2000 race. I remember exactly the same sort of commentary made by Naderite and certain Dem factions ...
Kevvboy 02/03/2007 126 26 1 3
Come on! Be brave! Use the "L" word - landslide! (w/ poll)
Kevvboy 11/09/2006 6 1 - -
GUT CHECK POLL! Guess the margin of victory!
Kevvboy 11/07/2006 29 2 - -
Tony Snow says big deal, they're "simply naughty emails" (updated)
Kevvboy 10/02/2006 356 193 2 192
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