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Air-Minded: Planes of Fame Photoblog
During a recent motorcycle trip, I visited the Planes of Fame Museum in Valle, Arizona . The main Planes of Fame Museum is located in Chino, California ; the Arizona adjunct is what I would describe ...
pwoodford 04/30/2015 17 15 - -
Valentina Tereshkova: The First Woman in Space
Most Americans assume that Sally Ride, who flew on the Space Shuttle in 1983, was the first woman in space. But in reality, the first women had flown in orbit almost 20 years before--and she was a ...
Lenny Flank 04/28/2015 10 29 - -
The other ones - overlooked aircraft of WWII
I struggled to come up with a decent title for this one. This is about the planes that were overshadowed by their more glamorous counterparts. Everybody loves Mustangs, Spitfires and Hellcats. I ...
Major Kong 04/28/2015 232 177 3 -
Icons of Aviation: Fokker D7
In April 1918, just six months before the end of the First World War, Germany introduced what would be the best fighter plane of the war. Although it came too late to prevent Germany's defeat, the ...
Lenny Flank 04/15/2015 31 40 - -
Stars who served
I had a request to do a diary about entertainers who served in the military. Turns out it wasn't as easy as I thought. This is in no way a comprehensive list. There were just too many to work with. ...
Major Kong 04/06/2015 630 449 26 -
The Lafayette Escadrille
When the First World War broke out in August 1914, the United States declared its neutrality. But from the time the war had started, there were already Americans fighting in France--volunteers who ...
Lenny Flank 04/02/2015 40 35 1 -
Solar Impulse - Flying Around the World on Solar Power, as Renewable Energy Takes Off
The BBC has been doing a nice job following Solar Impulse 2 on the different legs of its journey, flying around the world on nothing but solar power. The Solar Impulse project is not just ...
xaxnar 03/31/2015 5 29 - -
Tornado Season - Aviation History
Chances are, if you happen to mention a Tornado in connection with flying machines, people will assume you're talking about the Panavia Tornado , a multi-role ground attack, fighter ...
xaxnar 03/29/2015 12 23 - -
Air-Minded: Letting the Team Down
I don't have any brilliant thoughts or insights about Germanwings Flight 9525 , where the co-pilot is suspected of committing mass murder by flying a plane full of passengers into a mountain in ...
pwoodford 03/27/2015 20 17 - -
F-104 Starfighter Part II - In which I get schooled
It seems my earlier diary about the Lockheed F-104 caught the attention of a former USAF F-104 driver. He felt that I (and the USAF) didn't give the plane its due. My first thought was "You mean ...
Major Kong 03/25/2015 126 165 1 -
Space Toilets: How to "Go" in Space
It's the question that every nine-year old asks (and every adult wants to ask but is too embarrassed)--how do astronauts go to the bathroom in outer space? The answer is surprisingly complex.
Lenny Flank 03/24/2015 40 40 1 -
NOAA's Orion: More than a Hurricane Hunter
This came to my attention today. Once I got over the "Wow, what *is* that?" reaction I had to the photo, (Thank you, Major Kong, for the aircraft ID!) found in a Twitter stream, I read ...
BlackSheep1 03/24/2015 11 33 - -
Update on Harrison Ford
Plane & Pilot Blog has a commentary by Marc Lee on Harrison Ford and his recent crash at Santa Monica Airport. (The crash was diaried here and here .) Lee ...
xaxnar 03/17/2015 35 97 1 -
The USS Vincennes and Iran Air Flight 655: When the US Shot Down a Civilian Airliner
In 1988, during the Iran-Iraq War in the Middle East, the US Navy shot down a civilian passenger airliner over the Persian Gulf, killing 290 people, making it the seventh most-deadly air incident in ...
Lenny Flank 03/17/2015 95 37 - -
B-52s for Israel? Oy vey!
B-52H dropping high-drag bombs and IR decoys (flares). There's been some talk lately about giving surplus B-52s to Israel, presumably so they can use them on you-know-who. I believe the latest ...
Major Kong 03/14/2015 284 246 - -
Air-Minded: "I've Never Seen the Knife More Dull"
Institutionally, the military services have never forgotten the crippling constraints imposed upon the conduct of the air war in Vietnam : Target lists were reviewed at the White House in the ...
pwoodford 03/10/2015 25 20 - -
Divertissement: Come Fly with Me (Again!)
Nearly seven years ago, I was able to relay the good news that the restoration of New Orleans' WPA-era gem, the Lakefront airport, was underway and to celebrate the announcement with a photo diary ...
Crashing Vor 03/08/2015 7 35 1 -
Air-Minded: Propellers of the Stars
I am the Nancy Grace of celebrity plane wrecks. When I saw the first photos of actor Harrison Ford's crashed airplane on the golf course in Santa Monica, I immediately zeroed in on the propeller. ...
pwoodford 03/07/2015 83 60 - -
Harrison Ford injured in plane crash
Actor Harrison Ford was injured, though not too seriously according to early reports, in the crash of a single engine plane he was piloting. USA Today has a story here ; a local NBC ...
xaxnar 03/05/2015 30 19 - -
Ugly Duckling - PBY Catalina
Not the prettiest thing but it got the job done. Just about any job you could think of. In military aviation there are the "glamor girls" like the P-51, Spitfire and B-17 that get all the attention.
Major Kong 03/05/2015 71 79 - -
Tenerife: The Deadliest Aircraft Accident
On March 27, 1977, two 747 jumbo jets collided on the runway at an airport on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. Of the 644 people on board the two planes, 583 were killed.
Lenny Flank 03/04/2015 26 31 - -
Sunday Afternoon Aviation Potpourri
For those with some time this weekend, I thought I'd put out some air-related links I've been accumulating. As always, the BBC is a good place to turn up the story or two. Major Kong had an ...
xaxnar 03/01/2015 14 13 - -
Air-Minded: Heritage Flight Photoblog
Once a year, civilian warbird and USAF fighter pilots meet at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona, to practice close formation flying for the upcoming airshow season. The program, which features ...
pwoodford 02/27/2015 11 18 - -
Massive Retaliation: A History of US Plans for Nuclear War
At the end of the Second World War, the United States possessed one complete atomic bomb ready for use and was making enough plutonium to potentially produce two more bombs per month. But, President ...
Lenny Flank 02/25/2015 75 50 2 -
Bears, Foxhounds and Typhoons Roaming the Skies of Europe - Watching Me Watching You
With a nod to an old Jethro Tull song , while Europe has been scrambling fighters to track Russian Bear bombers , the Russians have been looking back. It made the news a few days ago when ...
xaxnar 02/22/2015 27 17 - -
February 21, 1922: Fifteen Years Before the Hindenburg, the Air Disaster America Forgot
Fifteen years before the crash of the Hindenburg galvanized the nation and effectively put an end to lighter-than-air commercial travel, the fate of the Roma made headlines – and then was ...
Richard Riis 02/21/2015 92 197 2 -
Alcock and Brown: The First Transatlantic Flight
Everyone "knows" that Charles Lindbergh in the Spirit of St Louis was the first person to make a nonstop airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean, in 1927. And everyone is wrong.
Lenny Flank 02/19/2015 13 41 1 -
Niihau Island: How a Lone Shot-Down Pilot Led to the Wartime Imprisonment of Japanese-Americans
In February 1942, President Franklin D Roosevelt issued Executive Order 1066, authorizing the forcible relocation to detention camps of all people of Japanese descent who lived along the Pacific ...
Lenny Flank 02/17/2015 34 41 - -
Airports - the good the bad and the ugly
My job frequently involves what we call "deadheading". This has nothing to do with the Grateful Dead, in fact there's little to be grateful about. It involves me being just another business traveler ...
Major Kong 02/17/2015 213 102 5 -
The F-84 series aircraft was one of the more versatile designs used in the 1950's. It first flew in 1946 and was the second jet fighter to enter mass production for the USAF. Built by Republic ...
scurrvydog 02/15/2015 14 13 - -
The A-10 Soap Opera,
As many of you know, the A-10, The Warthog, was designed during the Cold War, to take on Warsaw Pact armour close in and low, and demonstrated it's ability at this task stellarly in both Gulf Wars,
JayFarquharson 02/11/2015 38 22 - -
When airliners attack!
No, this isn't about A-10s or airliners turned into bombers (it never works well). It's about what happens when the automation we take for granted turns around and bites us.
Major Kong 02/11/2015 256 250 2 -
The Boeing P-26 Peashooter painted in the colors of the 19th Pursuit Squadron of the 18th Pursuit Group Wheeler Field, Hawaii 1938. Updated with video
scurrvydog 02/05/2015 11 20 - -
Plane Crash Destroys TV Station's Tower
A pilot has been killed in a plane crash in East Lubbock that also destroyed a local TV station's broadcast tower. The affected station is KCBD TV; it is located near US 84 and Avenue A in Lubbock, ...
BlackSheep1 02/04/2015 29 23 - -
Fatal Selfies in Flight
Darwin Awards and the auto-thanatos side of auto-pilot. other fatal crashes have occurred with pilots texting during flight A pilot taking selfies in the cockpit likely ...
annieli 02/04/2015 54 13 - -
Air-Minded: Sabres & Horseshoes
The F-86 Sabre has been on my mind lately. The Sabre was a pure air-to-air jet fighter with a high-mounted seat and 360-degree visibility, father of the F-15 Eagle, grandfather of the F-22 Raptor.
pwoodford 02/03/2015 17 22 - -
The not quite right stuff - F-104 Starfighter
One of the best looking aircraft of all time. Everything about it says "Built for speed". The F-104 is one of those planes that seemed to have everything going for it. It's a specialized fighter, ...
Major Kong 02/02/2015 168 212 4 -
Venera: The Soviet Program to Study Venus
In October 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first satellite, Sputnik. For the next 20 years, the Space Race saw the USSR and the USA vie with each other in a series of space spectaculars as each ...
Lenny Flank 01/31/2015 44 27 - -
Pan Am: The World's First International Airline
The first regularly-scheduled passenger airline in the world began in 1914, with seaplane service between the cities of Tampa and St Petersburg, Florida. But it wasn't until 13 years later that the ...
Lenny Flank 01/24/2015 22 26 1 -
Speed of Heat - SR-71 Blackbird
Probably one of the most photographed aircraft of all time. For a 50-year-old design it still looks futuristic. Few airplanes in history have the mystique of the SR-71 Blackbird. Capable of ...
Major Kong 01/18/2015 266 281 7 -
In 2015, There May Be Two... Two flying B-29s that is. For years now, Fifi has been the only operable B-29 Superfortress , but if all goes as hoped, Fifil will be joined by Doc. ...
xaxnar 01/13/2015 6 19 - -
Great Might Have Beens - Convair 880
Textbook definition of "ground effect". This was probably not standard operating procedure. What looks like a 707 but isn't? A DC-8 of course but there was another. The annals of aviation history ...
Major Kong 01/12/2015 23 42 - -
Are Electric Airliners Possible?
Electric cars are a hot topic these days but I recently have read some interesting stuff about electric aircraft. Airbus thinks that they may be able to field a large electrically powered ...
Major Kong 01/10/2015 256 157 2 -
F-35 CAS updates, updated
Several recent diaries have focused on the A-10 , the F-35 , and CAS (Close Air Support). They've also focused on the controversies surrounding the two aircraft. The most ...
xaxnar 01/08/2015 76 14 - -
The Other Guys - Soviet Airliners
We got to see the Tupolev 104 a while back, now let's take a look at the other Russian airliners. Any time you're talking about Soviet airlines you have to keep a couple things in perspective. They ...
Major Kong 01/07/2015 73 84 1 -
Air-Minded: the Army & the A-10
Army A-10s? Not gonna happen, folks. USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II (photo credit: unknown) Here's something I ...
pwoodford 01/06/2015 112 71 1 -
British Steel - The V Bombers
In the years directly after World War II the British were afraid that the United States might return to pre-war isolationism and began development of their own nuclear strike force. The first ...
Major Kong 01/03/2015 73 98 - -
The Wright Model B Airplane and the Patent Wars
After the Wright Brothers first flew in 1903, they made the Model A Flyer and the 1909 Military Flyer, but did not produce any of their designs in quantity until 1910, when the Model B went into ...
Lenny Flank 12/30/2014 27 35 - -
Air-Minded: Taildragger Tales
I found some faded and blurry photos of the Great Lakes biplane I used to fly, and, as old photos always do, they brought back memories. Who's that behind those Ray-Bans? In ...
pwoodford 12/30/2014 42 60 1 -
Updated: Possible AirAsia debris and (now confirmed recovered) bodies spotted. This is an extensive timeline in local time. 4:29pm: The Associated Press reports ...
MTmofo 12/30/2014 8 44 - -
F-35 Year End Update
An email Daily Report from Air Force Magazine has the latest on F-35 deliveries: Lockheed Martin delivered the 36th and final F-35 strike fighter of the year on Dec. 22 to the Defense ...
xaxnar 12/28/2014 81 27 - -
A Retrospective: 60 Years of the B-52
B-52 "Iron Butterfly" on display at Dyess AFB Linear Air Park, Abilene, TX I ran across a CNET tribute to the B-52 just the other day, from back in April of 2012. ...
xaxnar 12/26/2014 82 21 - -
The Evolution of the Nuclear Bomber
At the end of World War II in August 1945, the United States had a total of 15 B-29 strategic bombers capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Today, the US maintains a ready strategic fleet of 76 B-...
Lenny Flank 12/18/2014 67 36 - -
Getting Around
In these days of satellite GPS systems, smart phones that tell us where we are and where to go to find things, it's hard to remember that it wasn't always so. Heck - a map and compass is a ...
xaxnar 12/14/2014 13 10 - -
Dangerous Games in the Air, For Real
Following Major Kong's review of AirLand Battle , it seems apropos to note that in recent months, there has been an increased tempo of Russian aircraft operating in areas of concern to NATO, i.e.
xaxnar 12/13/2014 24 15 - -
Game Review - AirLand Battle
I don't play a lot of modern warfare games. I tend to prefer the Medieval and Napoleonic eras. Medieval warfare is largely a variation on "rock paper scissors". Cavalry beats archers (usually), ...
Major Kong 12/12/2014 19 21 1 -
A Good Landing Is...
...Any landing you can walk away from, as the saying goes. The " Miracle on the Hudson " is the well known story of a potential air disaster that ended remarkably well, thanks to the skill of ...
xaxnar 12/11/2014 7 15 - -
Icons of Aviation: Macchi C.202 Folgore
The C.202 Folgore ("Lightning Bolt") was the best Italian fighter plane to be produced during the Second World War. It was fast and maneuverable, and was the plane of choice for the Italian fighter ...
Lenny Flank 12/11/2014 12 16 - -
My thoughts on the whole A-10 vs F-35 thing
A-10 pilots used to say their plane was ugly but well hung. I've been asked to do a diary about the current controversy surrounding the A-10 vs the F-35. I've done my best to research the topic. I'...
Major Kong 12/10/2014 303 207 2 -
The Only Jet Airliner - Tupolev TU-104
TU-104 on display in Russia. Yes, it's true. There was a brief period from around 1956 until 1958 when the only operational jet airliner was Russian. How could this be? Well, the British beat ...
Major Kong 12/07/2014 78 144 2 -
Air-Minded: PASM Photoblogging
I think it's time to post another batch of photos from the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, where I volunteer as a walking tour docent. As always, you can click on the individual photos ...
pwoodford 12/05/2014 24 38 - -
UPDATED x 2!! We Have Liftoff for Orion - and Splashdown
NASA is preparing to launch Orion again. Yesterday's launch attempt was canceled due to several minor hardware issues and weather. Today "All systems are go and weather remains green." You ...
xaxnar 12/05/2014 30 39 - -
The Golden Age of Air Travel - A Look Behind the Scenes
The Thanksgiving holiday in America is the biggest travel holiday of the year, by many measures. Flying can be challenging enough at regular times of the year - dealing with a surge of ...
xaxnar 11/29/2014 26 25 - -
Warthog "Dilgermobile" to Iraq !!
George Bush gave Iraq to Iran. Then he gave $100-billion in military equipment to the Iraqi Army. Who gave $30-billion of it to ISIS. Who transported dozens of ex-President Bush's tanks to Syria.
waterstreet2008 11/28/2014 65 24 - -
Soviet Hot Rod - MiG-25
I find the MiG-25 interesting because it's the perfect example of Cold War intelligence gone wrong. In short, the Soviets built a plane to counter a plane that we never built. We in turn completely ...
Major Kong 11/22/2014 126 136 1 -
Russian state press runs fake MH17 shoot-down photo
US dismisses Russian MH17 pictures that blame Ukraine for disaster Russian state media shows purported satellite images of fighter jet intercept but White House says claim is ‘preposterous’ ...
Simplify 11/20/2014 39 17 - -
Aviator Extraordinaire
If you've never heard of Eric "Winkle" Brown (I hadn't), this BBC profile is an eye opener. Brown's exploits run through some of the most momentous events of world history. He was at the 1936 ...
xaxnar 11/16/2014 7 20 - -
Remembrance Day - A Soldier Comes Home
A friend e-mailed me this message a short while ago, and I thought I'd pass it along to everyone here. FOR REMEMBRANCE DAY - A SOLDIER COMES HOME My lead flight attendant ...
Gwennedd 11/11/2014 6 9 - -
The Tuskegee Airmen
They may today be the most famous fighter squadron of the Second World War, but when the Tuskegee Airmen took to the skies in 1943, in the first all-African-American fighter squadron, they were ...
Lenny Flank 11/11/2014 11 41 - -
Air Force Slang
Here's a little fun to take your mind off the election. Military slang goes back at least to the ancient Greeks and probably before that even. A Greek Hoplite's spear had a point on the front but ...
Major Kong 11/09/2014 85 46 1 -
Air-Minded: US Military Aircraft Insignia (updated/corrected)
This all started when I posted a cool photo on Facebook: F-84F Thunderstreak air show low pass (photo: unknown) When I posted that photo I didn't bother to identify the ...
pwoodford 11/06/2014 18 39 - -
That Airpower Thing... Updated
While arguments ensue over how big a military we need, how much money we're wasting on aircraft, etc. etc. it's occasionally useful to remember it's not all about us. There are other ...
xaxnar 10/31/2014 60 13 1 -
Air-Minded: Coffins
Enter the museum, if you dare ... bwa ha ha ha ha! Earlier this week the Pima Air & Space Museum stayed open late for its annual ...
pwoodford 10/30/2014 11 22 - -
Just a Heads-Up: Tonight on PBS
On the PBS Nova series: "The First Air War". "Program Description When World War I began in 1914, the air forces of the opposing nations consisted of handfuls of rickety biplanes from which pilots ...
Lenny Flank 10/29/2014 9 19 - -
Museums 101: Airplane Art in the Museum of Flight (Photo Diary)
Shown below is some of the art on the airplanes which are on display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.
Ojibwa 10/24/2014 13 28 - -
The American Carrier Attacks on Pearl Harbor
It is a Sunday morning in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The rows of battleships anchored off Ford Island are quiet, much of the crew barely awake. Suddenly a wave of carrier-launched airplanes screams over ...
Lenny Flank 10/22/2014 74 74 1 -
Air-Minded: a Cars & Planes Photoblog
Back-to-back car shows this weekend. Saturday's show , an all-car affair I photoblogged on my personal site, was an annual event at Tucson's St Gregory Academy; Sunday's, which I'm sharing here, was ...
pwoodford 10/22/2014 9 13 - -
The Mystery Spaceplane Is Back
I just picked up a BBC report on the return of the X-37B this Friday morning at Vandenberg AFB . The craft looks something like a mini-space shuttle, but does not carry humans. It just ...
xaxnar 10/17/2014 40 37 - -
Breaking News: US Senate Candidate Doug Butzier (L-IA) Killed in Plane Crash
I haven't seen this posted anywhere, so I thought I'd post it. Libertarian candidate, Doug Butzier was killed in a plane crash Monday night. He was running in a tight race against Joni Ernst (R) and ...
AmBushed 10/14/2014 109 126 - -
A Gas Truck in the Sky
I was out on a dolphin-tour boat on Tampa Bay this afternoon near MacDill Air Force Base when I happened to catch a tanker plane circling around. Some long-distance snaps:
Lenny Flank 10/10/2014 19 13 - -
Unsung Hero - The KC-135
While I will always be a "bomber guy" I actually spent more than half of my career flying tankers in the Air National Guard. At the time I just wanted a job, but the tanker has its own charms, which ...
Major Kong 10/10/2014 100 117 - -
Where Do Airplanes Go When Their Time Is Up?
Since the Wright Brothers first managed to beat everyone else into the air with a powered, controllable heavier than air flying machine ( details here for those interested ), a lot of ...
xaxnar 09/24/2014 33 31 - -
White Bird: The Disappearance of Charles Nungesser
Few people in aviation history were as colorful as the Frenchman Charles Nungesser. He began his flying career in the French military, became one of France's highest-scoring aces in World War One ...
Lenny Flank 09/24/2014 6 23 - -
Just another day at the office
It's 3:00 AM and I wake up to the sound of the phone ringing in my hotel room. No good ever comes from that sound. "Oh what fresh hell is this?" to quote Dorothy Parker. "This is crew scheduling. ...
Major Kong 09/24/2014 120 293 1 -
Light Plane Crash in St Petersburg FL
I was taking my usual along-the-seafront walk early this afternoon when I came upon a surreal scene--a mashed-up small airplane sitting in the middle of Vinoy Park. Since the cops already had the ...
Lenny Flank 09/15/2014 32 17 - -
Museums 101: 1930s Monoplanes (Photo Diary)
The Port Townsend, Washington, Aero Museum occupies several hangers at the Port Townsend Airport. The main gallery displays a collection of rare small aircraft which have been meticulously restored ...
Ojibwa 09/12/2014 12 28 - -
US Missionary Flies Orphaned Baby Elephant To Safety In 4-Seater Plane
I don't, I must confess, have a lot of time for most missionaries. I regard the majority of them (and I've met quite a few on my travels) as narrow-minded bigots who imagine that they know what's ...
Retroactive Genius 09/11/2014 9 26 1 -
Master Sgt Michael Arooth: The Forgotten Ace
During World War 2, Master Sgt Michael Arooth of the US Army 8th Air Force shot down 17 enemy aircraft to reach triple "Ace" status. But he wasn't a fighter pilot. In fact, he wasn't a pilot at all .
Lenny Flank 09/11/2014 10 27 - -
Challenging Airports
I had a request for a diary about the best and worst airports. Like most things, the answer depends on what criteria you're using. Am I going in there as a pilot or as a passenger? What am I flying?
Major Kong 09/05/2014 218 204 3 -
Milestones in Space Exploration: Surveyor
When President John Kennedy set the goal of landing a human safely on the Moon, the US had a grand total of fifteen minutes' worth of manned spaceflight, and astronomers knew next to nothing about ...
Lenny Flank 09/02/2014 11 27 - -
Icons of Aviation: Winnie Mae
The Lockheed Vega was one of the premiere aircraft of the 1930's. Designed in 1927 as a long-distance passenger plane capable of carrying six passengers and a crew of two, the reliable and rugged ...
Lenny Flank 08/31/2014 7 23 - -
Getting Home
People frequently ask me "where do you fly out of?". The answer is "It's complicated". Like most airline pilots, I commute to and from work. Which explains how I find myself sitting in the passenger ...
Major Kong 08/30/2014 93 180 - -
Museums 101: Some 1940s Monoplanes (Photo Diary)
The Port Townsend, Washington, Aero Museum occupies several hangers at the Port Townsend Airport. The main gallery displays a collection of rare small aircraft which have been meticulously restored ...
Ojibwa 08/29/2014 12 29 - -
Happy 60th Anniversary Hercules!
An "A" model C-130 Hercules on display at Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX This Saturday, August 23, 2014 is a special day for the C-130 Hercules. Sixty years ago on this date was the first flight of ...
xaxnar 08/22/2014 23 19 - -
The Avro Sisters - History in the Air
There's a spectacle taking place in England; the last two flying Avro Lancaster Bombers have been flying in formation with the last flying Avro Vulcan Bomber . This is part of an extended ...
xaxnar 08/22/2014 6 15 - -
Mathias Rust and his Flight to Moscow
In 1987, at the height of the Cold War, a West German teenager flew a single-engine Cessna into the Soviet Union and landed in Red Square--and helped to change the world.
Lenny Flank 08/20/2014 18 17 1 -
58 Years Ago Today,
We said "I do" and meant it. We had 55 years. I have never forgotten our anniversary. Never will as long as I draw a breath.
Otteray Scribe 08/19/2014 41 104 - -
A Hairy Day - Dad in his B-17 Bomber
OregonWetDog 08/19/2014 59 120 1 -
I was riding the jump-seat home a while back in one of our Airbus A300s. One of the plane's air conditioning units was down for maintenance, so they were limited to 25,000 feet. Since they couldn't ...
Major Kong 08/17/2014 113 65 - -
✬ airventure2014 - odds & osprey ✬
blueyedace2 08/16/2014 12 31 - -
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