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On Mars: Today NASA Announced the Science Package for the Next Rover
While Curiosity continues to perform groundbreaking science in Mars' Gale Crater, NASA today announced the scientific instruments and capabilities for the ...
LeftOfYou 07/31/2014 9 21 1 -
On Mars: Women
It takes 102 people to run daily operations for the Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity Rover mission. Today, NASA recognizes and honors women on the project, assigning 76 of those rolls to women.
LeftOfYou 06/26/2014 14 21 - -
On Mars: It is Not Yet Time for Humans to Go
Hopefully, humans will not be going to Mars within the ...
LeftOfYou 06/05/2014 98 18 1 -
On Mars: Republicans of all Stripes Should Probably Hate This
Christian Fundies should hate it because it belies the possibility of young Earth. Tea Partyers should hate it because their taxes help pay for it. Wall Street should hate it because they can't find ...
LeftOfYou 04/03/2014 19 26 - -
On Mars: One Photo which says everything
For a really gee whiz look at this image from NASA's Curiosity Rover go to the JPL web site, here . The perspective of tiny Earth viewed from one of her closest planetary neighbors, tells us all ...
LeftOfYou 03/09/2014 125 215 2 -
On Mars: For Valentine's Day -- Curiosity Dates a Rock
Not only that, the unfaithful robotic tart intends to date other rocks, too, as she continues her Quixotic search for Mr. Goodbar Organic Carbon. An expose of the affair is in this YouTube. A ...
LeftOfYou 02/15/2014 5 22 - -
On Mars: Curiosity Finds a Good Swimmin' Hole!
The discovery of water on ancient Mars isn't news, of course. Orbital observations and the work by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and other NASA rovers have confirmed numerous locations where ...
LeftOfYou 12/14/2013 13 84 1 -
Curiosity finds water on Mars.
Curiosity's SAM Instrument Finds Water and More in Surface Sample The first scoop of soil analyzed by the analytical suite in the belly of NASA's Curiosity rover reveals that fine materials on the ...
xxdr zombiexx 11/19/2013 155 263 1 -
On Mars: Curiosity Confirms Meteorites' Origin
For decades, scientists have hypothesized that some meteorites striking Earth originated on Mars, after being blasted into space when other space objects slammed into the Red Planet or by explosive ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2013 8 36 - -
On Mars: Us?
We may all be Martians. Evidence is building that Earth life originated on Mars and was brought to this planet aboard a meteorite, said biochemist Steven Benner of The Westheimer Institute for ...
LeftOfYou 09/01/2013 18 21 2 -
On Mars: A New Milestone for Curiosity
Even after Curiosity and the Mars Science Laboratory have sojournied on Mars for over a year, NASA and the team at JPL are still deploying new capabilities for the robust robot scientist. This time, ...
LeftOfYou 08/29/2013 20 41 - -
On Mars: Extreme Sports
This is JPL's idea, not mire. But it is very, very cool. Will astronaut snowboarding become an Olympic event? Here is a transcript of the video: Serina Diniega, JPL Systems Engineer: We ...
LeftOfYou 08/14/2013 12 22 1 -
On Mars: What Do Turbo the Snail and the Curiosity Rover Have in Common
Nothing. Turbo, the high speed snail CGA character in the recent Dreamworks release now gracing America's theater's would probably be faster than Curiosity even if the little mollusk wasn't ...
LeftOfYou 07/17/2013 3 15 - -
On Mars: Mount Sharp or Bust
After the Curiosity Rover alighted at Bradbury Landing last year, carrying the Mars Science Laboratory, all of its operations have taken place less than one kilometer from the landing site. Already, ...
LeftOfYou 06/26/2013 12 32 - -
On Mars: Smile, You're On . . . Mars
Alan Funt's Candid Camera was an early and very successful reality TV format watched by generations of Americans. Long before the NSA started watching our every move, Alan Funt was watching, and ...
LeftOfYou 06/17/2013 9 22 - -
On Mars: Manned Missions Will be Trickier, More Expensive and Take Longer to Design
Sometimes scientific measurements provide inconvenient results. Newly reported measurements from the Curiosity Rover mission will force NASA to design better radiation shielding for manned Mars ...
LeftOfYou 06/01/2013 25 22 - -
On Mars: Spring Break is Over
There is a reason that Mars Curiosity news has been scarce lately, a reason that Newton and Copernicus and Galileo would appreciate. This spring, Mars and Earth have been in Solar Conjunction, that ...
LeftOfYou 05/15/2013 4 19 - -
Curiosity: "Grey Mars" had the ingredients for life
Underneath the oxidized red skin of Martian rocks, there is a grey Mars made of a mix of oxidized and reduced chemicals that could once have driven prokaryotic metabolisms. The chemical analysis ...
atana 05/15/2013 23 24 - -
On Mars: Incredibly Exciting Findings
Those aren't my words. They are from NASA Scientist Hero Team member Joel Hurowitz. What are we talking about? It's a BFD. Curiosity has proven the sustained existence, on ancient Mars, of fresh, ...
LeftOfYou 04/10/2013 109 340 5 -
"From what we know now, the answer is yes."
NASA MSL PASADENA, Calif. -- An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA's Curiosity rover shows ancient Mars could have supported living microbes. Scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, ...
xxdr zombiexx 04/10/2013 21 51 - -
So, This is Mars. (Updated)
The components used to assemble the following Curiosity images of Mt. Sharp on Mars were from last year, but the results of the new processing are stunning.
Troubadour 04/10/2013 172 222 5 -
3D mapping of buried flood plains on Mars
NASA Helps See Buried Mars Flood Channels in 3-D PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has provided images allowing scientists for the first time to create a 3-D reconstruction of ...
xxdr zombiexx 04/10/2013 9 30 1 -
On Mars: A Milestone in Science
There is a reason that rock hounds carry those little hammers. They really like cracking open rocks to see what is inside. It can tell them a lot about where the rock came from and what has been ...
LeftOfYou 02/16/2013 10 40 - -
On Mars: Getting Ready to Drill, Baby, Drill
There's a full transcript of this video report out in the tall grass. This report is already more than a week old, so it seems like news about the 1st drill test should break any day now. Here ...
LeftOfYou 01/27/2013 7 33 - -
On Mars: How to Drive a Mars Rover
I'm still learning new things about the capabilities of our plucky robot science lab, Curiosity, now exploring Gale Crater on Mars. This new JPL video describes an autonomous navigation capability ...
LeftOfYou 01/08/2013 8 29 - -
On Mars: A Clean Sweep
On the drive home from the train park n' ride tonight, I remarked to Mrs. Left that I was on pins and needles for NASA's first use of Curiosity's impact drill to obtain a test sample from the inside ...
LeftOfYou 01/07/2013 15 77 - -
On Mars: Happy New Year
Also, too, Happy New Year from LeftOfYou, Kossacks on Mars and the Left household. In 2013, may progress abide and obstruction abate. Our country has work to do. For all of my Mars diaries and ...
LeftOfYou 01/01/2013 9 12 1 -
SciTech with Yuri and Rick: EP 2 Mars and Fukushima
We discuss the newest chemistry results from the SAM instrument (Sample Analysis at Mars) of the NASA Curiosity Rover in the introductory segment. Short answer: organics detected, not certain of ...
yuriwho 12/24/2012 5 8 - -
On Mars: Curiosity Spending the Holidays at Grandma's House
Happy Holidays to all. In this latest video from the scientists who are operating the Mar Science Lab mission, they too wish happy holidays to all and explain how they have programmed the robot ...
LeftOfYou 12/24/2012 5 22 - -
Understanding the Chemistry of the Mars Missions
We have started a brand new Show on Netroots Radio called "SciTech with Yuri and Rick". Both Rick and I are Science oriented Canadians who also care about US Politics. In our first show we introduce ...
yuriwho 12/05/2012 17 11 - -
On Mars: The Reason NASA Walked Back NPR's Story of "One for the History Books"
What really happened on November 20, the day that John Grotzinger looked up from the screen on his office desk as NPR was setting up to interview him, and announced that "one for the history books" ...
LeftOfYou 12/05/2012 14 40 - -
Netroots Radio "SciTech with Yuri and Rick" 6pm EST
Our new show about Science and Technology will be going live on Netroots Radio at 3pm pacific/6pm eastern today. Your hosts Yuri (thats me) and Rick ( Hatamoto here on DKos) will be doing this as a ...
yuriwho 12/03/2012 1 4 - -
Life (sort of) on Mars
Short NASA: "life," or at least organics, on Mars. Longer NASA: still not sure if they are Martian in origin or not. More research needed. Meet me over the Kos squiggly.
zaynabou 12/03/2012 120 145 1 -
On Mars: NASA Walks Back Grotzinger's "One for the History Books" comment to NPR
On Wednesday, November 21 On Mars reported on project leader Dr. John Grotzinger's interview with NPR where he had made his "one for the history books" remark, ...
LeftOfYou 11/29/2012 33 26 - -
On Mars: Happy Birthday, Curiosity
It seems fair to think of the date of launch of an interplanetary exploration mission as the same as a birthday for you and me, the day we start our independent life and strike out on our own. ...
LeftOfYou 11/27/2012 8 24 - -
On Mars: Weather Report and . . . OMG WHAT is THAT?
H/t to Phil in Denver who, yesterday, brought our community the breaking story of impending, blockbuster science news from Curiosity. I thought some analysis of what happened and what we know could ...
LeftOfYou 11/21/2012 166 229 - -
Mars pix and an appeal
The Mars Science Laboratory rover, aka Curiosity, is currently in its 102nd sol (Mars day) since landing. As it takes pictures with its 17 different cameras the images are released on NASA's raw ...
jmknapp 11/21/2012 12 30 1 -
NASA Scientists: Earthshaking Discovery On Mars
This diary will be short and sweet. Basically NASA scientists have apparently discovered something very significant in their most recent test results on Mars. They aren't saying what it is, but they ...
Phil In Denver 11/21/2012 355 185 4 -
On Mars: Curiosity Discovers "Thermal Tide"
Curiosity continues to explode the breadth and depth of human knowledge of the Red Planet. The latest comes from measurements that describe a planetary atmospheric tide that has the spherical ...
LeftOfYou 11/16/2012 29 129 2 -
On Mars: Investigating Planetary Flatulence
I didn't feel comfortable saying fart in the title, but in the spirit of Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles , I really wanted to. The fact is, though that NASA scientists are very interested in the passing ...
LeftOfYou 11/10/2012 11 28 - -
On Mars: Jewels! Better yet, my Wife's Birthstone
As NASA announced last week , and has now explained even better in their latest video, "Much of Mars is covered with dust, and we had an incomplete understanding of its mineralogy," said David Bish,
LeftOfYou 11/04/2012 9 28 - -
On Mars: Halloween
Just for fun. For this year's "space-o'
LeftOfYou 10/31/2012 3 6 - -
On Mars: They Are Talking About Hawaii Again
PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has completed initial experiments showing the mineralogy of Martian soil is similar to weathered basaltic soils of volcanic origin in Hawaii . This ...
LeftOfYou 10/30/2012 10 23 - -
On Mars: The Mystery of the Bright Grains
Expect the unexpected may soon become the unofficial motto of NASA's roving science lab on Mars. First, the rover landed right on an ancient riverbed , uncovering evidence of the ancient flowing ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 49 45 1 -
On Mars: NASA Briefly Distracted by Shiny Object
But first, get your geek on. This silent film (it is fun to make very faint whistling noises like the thin winds of Mars while watching) begins with this description. This video clip shows the ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 7 24 - 172
On Mars: One Scoop or Two?
In the previous diary of this series, we talked about NASA's plans to use sand to scour the "oily film" of life on Earth from the surfaces of the material handling tools and the analytical ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 7 26 - 114
On Mars: Curiosity Stops to Do the Dishes
Who knew? Earth is unavoidably dirty. It doesn't matter what we do. Consider a NASA clean room. I reckon it would be far cleaner than any operating theater that I have ever occupied, that is to say, ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 22 107 5 637
On Mars: 2000 AD Space Robot Held Together with 2000 BC Technology
Ancient Egyptians used knots for purposes both practical and mystical. Ancient Inca used knots to record information. Modern sailors use knots for seamanship. NASA uses hand tied knots (caution PDF)
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 16 31 2 221
On Mars: Sol 52 Update
Here is NASA's summary of the activities today. On Sol 52 (Sept. 28), Curiosity drove about 122 feet (37.3 meters) eastward toward the Glenelg area, using visual odometry to assess and adjust for ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 10 26 1 122
On Mars: A River Ran Through It
Wow. Today's NASA press conference at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory taught me more about how the Mars mission is working than all the research for the numerous Mars diaries I've posted so far. H/t ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 47 84 4 478
On Mars: Curiosity Does Contact Science
Watch NASA's fascinating video simulation of the movements of the robot during this weekend's investigation of the target rock, Jake Matijevic. For the last couple of days, and finishing today, ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 14 42 1 215
On Mars: Obama and Biden Campaign This Week
Maybe things are going so well here on Earth that the campaign is going ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 6 10 - 50
On Mars: We have found an Interesting Rock
The Curiosity Rover and the Mars Science Lab it conveys continue to creep across a quiet desert plain under the thin atmosphere of our nearest planetary neighbor. The lab is now about halfway from ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 157 348 3 2848
On Mars: Let the Science Begin
Curiosity Rover and the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) that it transports have begun a new phase of the mission. The actual exploration and scientific investigation began today. Up until now it has ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 19 34 - 167
On Mars: Super Rover has X-ray Vision
Our geek heroes at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have almost finished their testing of the instruments on the Mars Science Lab (MSL) in preparation for a trek by the rover toward its next objective, ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 3 25 - 143
From Mars: Here's Looking At You, Kid.
Don't you ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 3 32 - 188
From Mars: SAM Takes a Deep Breath and Flexes his Arm
The Mars Science Lab (MSL) aboard the Curiosity Rover continues on its way ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 22 83 - 491
Will Curiosity Mission Finally Vindicate the Life Science Results from the 1976 Viking Lander?
Meet SAM, the Sample Analysis at Mars suite of instruments in the Mars Science Laboratory aboard the Curiosity Rover. Curiosity is on the way to the first investigational site of the mission, a ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 63 88 - 751
What Curiosity Can Do on Mars and in this Election
So far I have posted four diaries about NASA's fantastic achievement in successfully landing, initiating, and testing many of the enormously capable scientific instruments and engineering systems ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 18 27 - 243
What Curiosity Can Do, Part 2.
My post earlier this week discussed the Mars Curiosity rover's first test of one of its extraordinary scientific instruments, the ChemCam , a laser induced spectroscopy device. But ChemCam is only ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 2 12 - 66
Ray Bradbury is Honored Today on Mars
Ray Bradbury would have been 92, today. The author was an iconic figure in science fiction and fantasy in the 20th Century. Ray Bradbury's name seems forever linked to the Red Planet, at least as ...
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 56 141 4 663
Mars Curiosity Rover -- Meet the ChemCam
I've said so before and still think that the growing success of the recently landed Curiosity Rover on Mars has positive ramifications for the President's reelection campaign.
LeftOfYou 10/20/2012 10 28 1 143
Mars Once Had Rivers - Ancient Streambed Found by Curiosity Rover
NASA's Curiosity rover has found conclusive evidence that Mars once had large amounts of flowing water. A streambed and alluvial fan, similar to those found in the southwestern United States has ...
FishOutofWater 10/20/2012 140 358 9 1827
Have you ever seen another moon in an alien sky?
The Curiosity rover turned its cameras upward for a first-ever clear, daylight color photograph of Phobos over Mars.
Troubadour 10/20/2012 155 288 4 1897
Curiosity transmits Martian video
This video of thumbnail images from the Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) on NASA's Curiosity rover shows the heat shield dropping away from the rover on Aug. 5. It covers the first 25 seconds of MARDI ...
Meteor Blades 10/20/2012 145 215 6 1533
New Curiosity Images Bring Home That Mars is a Real Place, We'll Be Seeing Soon With Our Own Eyes
Until now, images from the surface of Mars, while always breathtaking, have never come with the sense of immediacy of actually being there: The shots were either too obviously the result of ...
Troubadour 10/20/2012 283 188 5 1532
Mars Curiosity: TOUCHDOWN!!
Mission control reports Curiosity is safe on the surface of Mars!!! Images from Odyssey orbiter and rover coming in! Images will be posted here !
DarkSyde 10/20/2012 406 169 5 1587
    Curious About Curiosity?    Live Blog of a Mars Landing
Curiosity Landing Live ...
palantir 10/20/2012 471 151 5 1616
Open thread for night owls: More Curiosity porn
Meteor Blades 10/20/2012 163 50 2 328
Curiosity Rover - A Few More Details
The successful entry, descent, and landing of the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity was a thrilling event to watch Sunday night and Monday morning. I want to personally thank all of the ...
jim in IA 10/20/2012 45 46 1 260
Curiosity's Russian Grandfather
Curiosity now roams Mars. And it landed safely via a totally unique lander system with the designers and engineers sweating bullets millions of miles away. It carries on the tradition of planetary ...
FarWestGirl 10/20/2012 29 42 - 254
Curiosity On Mars - Live Blog Tonight
Join other kurious kossacks tonight at SciTech as we live blog the Curiosity rover landing. The diary is scheduled to publish at 10:30 CDT. Join in the suspense as palantir and yours truly comment ...
jim in IA 10/20/2012 67 35 - 229
Final Resting Places: The Curiosity Debris Field
A picture worth thousands of words:
xxdr zombiexx 10/20/2012 34 29 - 205
The Mars Curiosity Rover Can Detect Chiral Compounds.
This will be a very brief note. In the comments section of my last diary on this website, The Transplutonium Element Curium Found On Mars , I remarked, in response to a question that the Curiosity ...
NNadir 10/20/2012 23 29 - 298
The Transplutonium Element Curium Found On Mars
It is, you know. (Someone put it there.) Curium, named for the great nuclear chemist Marie Curie, was discovered by Glenn Seaborg. Tomorrow Darleane Hoffman, the great nuclear chemist - now in ...
NNadir 10/20/2012 50 14 - 417
Why we should celebrate NASA's Mars rover
Cross-posted from Real Economics . The Mars rover Curiosity landed safely on Mars early this morning. The rover weighs over one ton and is larger than a full-size American automobile (notice the ...
NBBooks 10/20/2012 16 9 1 65
On Mars: Kossacks on Mars
I have been contentedly posting my On Mars diaries on Astro Kos and I will happily continue to do so, but I thought it would be useful to have a group where the focus wasn't just on space, like ...
LeftOfYou 10/16/2012 9 19 - -
Mars Rock Stuns NASA Scientists
NASA has been holding back results of rover Curiosity's examinations of Mars rock 'Jake Matijevic' for several weeks. Now we know why. The ChemCam and APXS analyzers came up with unexpected results ...
FishOutofWater 10/16/2012 162 412 11 -
On Mars: Clues to the Red Planet's Wet Past Continue to Pile Up
In my previous diary, On Mars: We Have Found an Interesting Rock we discussed NASA's decision on the first target selected for "contact science", this rock that they named after a recently ...
LeftOfYou 10/16/2012 27 41 1 -
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