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President Authorizes ISIS Airstrikes
This is our mess. The blood of so many innocents is on the hands of the Bush administration. We on the left knew this would happen, but ISIS is evil on a Hitler scale. Here's a link to Vice News. ...
La Gitane 08/07/2014 15 16 - -
"Rape Culture" does not equal "Pro-Rape" (with poll)
Let's just get this straight, because it has become entirely obvious that a lot of people aren't understanding just what we mean when we say "rape culture". Jump, please.
La Gitane 05/30/2014 15 13 - -
GOP Releases #Benghazi! Hearing Preview
Actually, they make more sense than usual. I'm a little impressed. Discuss.
La Gitane 05/13/2014 7 4 - -
Tea Baggers Obediantly Take the Obamacare Bait
One of my conservative Facebook friends just posted this meme, and it seems to be pretty popular. This is the lie making it around the world while we're still putting our pants on; it's an easy, ...
La Gitane 03/03/2014 32 10 - -
Hey GOP: Stick a Rainbow On It. Love, San Diego
San Diego just gave the Republican Party a very obvious clue as to how they can win and stay viable in 2016. After our mayoral licking last night (Faulconer 54.5%, Alvarez 45.5%), I am now convinced ...
La Gitane 02/12/2014 2 10 - -
Rebuttal to CNN's Hit Piece on Mayor Zimmer
I had a couple requests to re-post my comment in the rec-listed diary "CNN does hit job on Dawn Zimmer" as a diary, so here it goes... Note: there were virtually no facts to rebut in this ...
La Gitane 02/03/2014 18 144 2 -
Just spent 45 minutes with student debt loan collector UPDATED WITH DOCUMENTS
I have to get to work so I'll make this quick - I just want to share what I am going through. Here's the email that I sent to them; apparently you can "dispute" your balance. No one's ever told me ...
La Gitane 01/23/2014 232 156 5 -
I just watched Boogie Man, the Lee Atwater story
I know I may be a late comer to the party on this one, but this movie was jaw-dropping for me. Not that it told me anything I didn't know (except a few very interesting details about Atwater himself)
La Gitane 01/11/2014 49 61 2 -
2013 is almost in the bag, so what's on your list for 2014?
My brain is out to lunch today - wandering thoughts do not an efficient worker make. Instead, I started contemplating these past five or six years since the crash and how they have affected me, ...
La Gitane 12/05/2013 14 2 - -
Our Own David Harris Gershon in San Diego!
You all know David Harris Gershon , aka The Troubador, from his many great diaries here at the dKos. Well, he's got a new book out, What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill ...
La Gitane 11/04/2013 6 10 - -
My Letter to Senator Warren - a Student Loan Story
I have entered into a conversation with EdFinancial, the company that now has the government contract to collect student loan debt. You will find my letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren, describing ...
La Gitane 07/05/2013 17 15 - -
Let's just put this myth to bed
Today while driving I was behind an elderly white guy whose car had a bumper sticker that read: The second amendment makes all the other amendments possible Well, no it doesn't. I've been hearing ...
La Gitane 01/19/2013 20 27 - -
My only Meta diary, ever
So I'm confused. Everyone's saying this site sucks, it's not like it used to be. I've been here for over four years, and I still consider dKos home. I am still proud to be a Kossack. I still ...
La Gitane 01/06/2013 285 126 1 -
18 little pairs of 'cold, dead hands'
What are you gonna say, NRA? "If those children were armed, this wouldn't have happened!" When was the last time you heard of a gun saving someone's life? Is it really that important to you? Is ...
La Gitane 12/14/2012 8 5 - -
Republicans Reject White House "Fiscal Cliff" Proposal
I haven't seen this diaried yet, so I decided to ;) This afternoon, Geithner submitted the White House proposal to the Republican leadership. Not that it's a big surprise or anything, but ...
La Gitane 11/29/2012 28 11 - -
Mitt's Facebook Page Losing Fans As You Watch
Ah, schadenfreude in the age of social media.... I came across this from Dangerous Minds. Imagine trees (all the right height, of course) at the beginning of autumn. One leaf turns color, then ...
La Gitane 11/12/2012 27 4 - -
More Teabaggery Stoopid
This was so indicative of what we have to deal with that I just had to share. A Facebook friend posted this quote from George Washington: I am sure the mass of citizens in these United States mean ...
La Gitane 07/19/2012 28 24 2 228
Howard Dean stumps for Saldana in CA-52!!
Governor Howard Dean came to San Diego on Tuesday to lend his support to and announce Democracy for America's endorsement of Lori Saldana. I have already written a few diaries about this race; you ...
La Gitane 05/25/2012 2 6 - 45
San Diego Kossacks MeetUp tomorrow!!
Tomorrow night is our monthly meet-up here in San Diego! Come and join us - 8pm The Whistle Stop Bar South Park See you there!!
La Gitane 05/17/2012 1 2 - 27
My mom(+200K people!) loses her UI TODAY-no warning. Happy Mother's Day.
So, it turns out that in the last round of UI benefit extension/payroll tax cut extension talks, a teeny weeny thing was quietly changed that is now resulting in an estimated 200,000 Americans ...
La Gitane 05/12/2012 15 37 2 262
Why is it important for candidates to release their tax returns?
As we know, the FEC already requires candidates to disclose their finances, as well as quarterly campaign financial reports. Some of our wealthier candidates - on the left as well as on the right - ...
La Gitane 04/17/2012 10 9 - 66
SD Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner joins San Diego Kossacks!
A bunch of San Diego Kossacks have been meeting up every third Friday at the Whistle Stop bar in South Park for about six months now. It's really a blast! This Friday we will have a special guest -
La Gitane 04/16/2012 10 7 - 63
ACTION ALERT: ProPublica needs our help in Pennslyvania
I don't live in Pennsylvania, but I got this from ProPublica, the independent news service, today: Pennsylvania: Help Keep TV Political Ads Transparent I thought that since Kossacks have done such ...
La Gitane 04/10/2012 2 7 - 32
My New Strategy for Arguing With Republicans
Two words (well, two words and a letter): George W. Bush Seriously. I don't think we bring this up nearly enough; we have all these idiot GOP candidates out there, talking like the crash is all ...
La Gitane 04/08/2012 9 22 - 195
UPDATE: Lori will be answering questions today! We Don’t Need Another Corporate Dem in Congress!!
California District 52 (San Diego) is a great opportunity for a dem pickup this year. Mother Jones called Lori Saldana one of the ten mostly likely electable Occupy candidates, saying her prospects ...
La Gitane 04/07/2012 24 51 2 295
Lori Saldana, Progressive Candidate CA-52 w/DEBATE VIDEO
I've been writing diaries about Lori Saldana, a grassroots progressive who is challenging republican incumbent Brian Bilbray in the newly-drawn California 52; you can learn more here Lori was a ...
La Gitane 03/19/2012 8 4 - 49
It's the third Friday, so that means we are getting together once again for good times, libations, and wonky banter! 7:30 at The Whistle Stop bar, in South Park . Hope to see you!!
La Gitane 03/16/2012 7 2 - 28
Debate Party Tonight w/Beer!! CA-52
Hey San Diego Kossacks! Come to the Whistle Stop bar in South Park at 5:30 to cheer on progressive congressional candidate Lori Saldana as she faces off against Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray ...
La Gitane 03/14/2012 2 1 - 21
CA-52 One of PPP's 12 Likely Dem "Pick-Ups"-DEBATE PARTY WED W/BEER!
According to Public Policy Polling , back in October, they chose California 52 - Rep Brian Bilbray (R) as one of the 12 most likely pick-ups for house dems in 2012. -In California’s 52nd ...
La Gitane 03/12/2012 5 4 - 61
Has a Bag of Groceries Ever Made You Cry?
I am going into my fourth year now of severe financial challenges. My fellow architects and myself, we're at the end of our ropes. There's only so many times you can look for barista jobs, ...
La Gitane 03/08/2012 202 469 8 1886
Hate Backfires!
I'm sorry, but this is hilarious: Florida Anti-Sharia Legislation May Outlaw Orthodox Jewish Divorces More schadenfreude below the fold....
La Gitane 03/07/2012 7 11 - 224
“Mini-Mitt” Trying to Beat a REAL Progressive in San Diego!
I’ve posted a few times about a great, true progressive candidate in CA-52, Lori Saldaña, who can beat Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray. Read here to find out more about Lori, and why this is ...
La Gitane 03/04/2012 4 5 - 44
Progressive Challenger is BEATING Republican Incumbent Bilbray!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Since 2010, the district has been redrawn into what is now a very likely pick-up opportunity ...
La Gitane 03/03/2012 6 28 - 181
Progressive Challenger is BEATING Republican Incumbent Bilbray!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Since 2010, the district has been redrawn into what is now a very likely pick-up opportunity ...
La Gitane 02/28/2012 15 23 - 231
(WINNING!!) Progressive Candidate in CA 52 needs our help!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Since 2010, the district has been redrawn into what is now a very likely pick-up opportunity ...
La Gitane 02/27/2012 5 18 - 74
(WINNING!!) Progressive Candidate in CA 52 needs our help!!!!
We have a grass-roots progressive fighter here in California's 52nd (San Diego) that needs our help!! Southerly adjacent to Darrell Issa's 49th district, the newly redrawn 52nd is currently ...
La Gitane 02/25/2012 11 17 - 84
In San Diego? Join us tonight!! The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park, 8pm. See you there!!
La Gitane 01/20/2012 2 3 - 33
We are meeting for drinks!!! This Friday, January 20, at 8pm at The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park. Hope to see you there!!!
La Gitane 01/17/2012 8 4 - 55
Are you a kossack in San Diego? Well, we are planning a holiday San Diego Kossacks meet-up next Friday, the 16th, at 8pm at the Whistle Stop in South Park. Please join us!!!!
La Gitane 12/09/2011 2 3 1 28
ATTN: San Diego Kossacks
Not really a diary - just an announcement. A few of us are getting together tonight at 8pm at The Whistle Stop in South Park. See you there!
La Gitane 11/18/2011 8 5 - 49
San Diego City Council WALKS OUT on OSD!!!
Occupy San Diego appeared at the weekly City Council meeting today to speak during public non-agenda items. Not only was Occupy given very little time to speak (3 minutes), but during that time ...
La Gitane 10/25/2011 240 253 4 2227
At this moment, San Diego police are evicting OSD protesters from Civic Center Plaza . There is a ...
La Gitane 10/13/2011 53 39 2 365
Lunch in Tijuana or Midnight Express??
Okay, well, maybe I exaggerate. Just a little. But the mere fact that I can say that "it wasn't so bad - at least they didn't give me a body search" is pretty damn wrong. Twice in the past two ...
La Gitane 08/27/2011 35 18 - 191
Fasting Against Cuts - A Call to Kossacks!
Today I just learned about the growing fast in protest of the horrendous upcoming budget cuts. I, like many other Kossacks, have been struggling for the past several years to keep my head above ...
La Gitane 04/05/2011 3 4 - 30
Potential Gov't Shutdown Just Cost Me a Paycheck.
It's starting. The fallout from a potential government shutdown has just begun. As some of you may know, I'm an architect with my own (relatively successful) practice that has been struggling ...
La Gitane 02/25/2011 10 3 - 72
Will our representatives continue to appear in public?
So what now? In a country that institutes naked body scanners after one nut tries to blow up his underwear, what will be the repercussions from today's attack?
La Gitane 01/08/2011 5 3 - 41
I'm Just Working More & It's Not Getting Better
Catfood Commission Watered-down health care reform Tax holidays for the wealthy Toothless Wall Street reform Mediocre stimulus legislation and on and on and on....
La Gitane 11/19/2010 26 11 1 50
My Mom Lost Her Job Today
Alright, so fuck you. Fuck you GOP. More invocations below the fold.
La Gitane 10/14/2010 19 22 1 68
A$$holes Come in All Colors
Last night I had a conversation with a conservative that really put this election, and the challenges ahead of us, into perspective. More below the fold...
La Gitane 09/25/2010 31 39 - 230
Geez Louise.... When will this end? The latest hyberbole to be spit out of the giant GOP piehole is that Tricare (the SOCIALIST healthcare system for our veterans) will be moved to the "department ...
La Gitane 03/25/2010 12 10 - 90
ACTION - Are we that burnt out? *sigh*
UPDATE: Maybe it's a slow day. But I sure would like to know who the 18 senators are who are willing to go on the record against the PO. I'd like us to create a list of where ...
La Gitane 02/01/2010 8 6 - 29
Mommy, Where Do Little WingNuts Come From?
Well, dear, I can't explain it to you until you're 21. And you can't look it up on the internets, because mommy blocked your access. And now you can't look up "teabagging" in the dictionary, ...
La Gitane 01/27/2010 44 14 1 31
The Land of the Employed and the Unemployed; No In-between
I need to rant today. I have a (very) small architectural practice that was quite successful until mid-2008. Since then I have seen many of my colleagues lose their jobs or go out of business. I'...
La Gitane 01/18/2010 24 14 - 24
The Ant and the Grasshopper (with poll!)
I know most of you have seen this email. It's an old one, but apparently it's making the rounds again as a tea bagger call to arms. Here it is, with my response, below the fold...
La Gitane 01/09/2010 11 3 1 109
New Teabagger Email - Need to RANT!!
I just got this email from an a-political friend of mine. I'm guessing she thought it was quaint and harmless, and that alone pisses me off. I got booted from Facebook last week (have no idea why -
La Gitane 12/30/2009 32 8 1 41
UPDATED-Billionaires 4 WealthCare local chair reports-Tea Party Express Kick-off in San Diego!
We got great press - whole account, lyrics, links and vid below... Diane von Deathpanel reporting... (call me Di...) The Tea Party Express kicked off its national tour here in San Diego yesterday ...
La Gitane 10/26/2009 64 51 1 47
I got some ice cream I got some ice cream and you don't have none you don't have none 'cuz you can't afford it you can't afford it... Remember that? That's exactly what ...
La Gitane 10/06/2009 2 - - 69
GREAT video of the anti-reformers...
SHEESH!!! These guys are really crazy; this is another video taken at the San Diego rally, but focusing on the teabaggers, and really sums up their "arguments" Vid after the jump...
La Gitane 09/02/2009 15 3 - 39
The Uber-Rich Thank Middle Class in San Diego (VIDEO)
Wow, what a day... You see the nutjobs on the teevee and the internets, but it's nothing like actually seeing them face to face. The stupid was getting all over me - EEEWWWWW!! Video below the ...
La Gitane 08/31/2009 126 228 4 79
John King, What is Your Problem?? (with poll)
Just watched enough of State of the Union to make me puke. The title of the segment was "Reset Health Care Reform?" The illustrious right-leaning panel included Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Indiana, Sen.
La Gitane 08/23/2009 15 8 - 28
Billionaires for Wealthcare in San Diego!!
Live in San Diego? In the mood for some performance snark? COME JOIN US NEXT SATURDAY!!
La Gitane 08/22/2009 11 5 - 16
Am I a Have or a Have Not?
I began writing this as a comment to shanikka's GREAT diary What "...
La Gitane 08/02/2009 30 7 - 22
Fiscal Father, Forgive Me My Bills
Please, please, just for six months. Give me a chance to put a little away, to get caught up on my rent. I think the Good Great GoldiSachs would be ever so nice and take care of you in the meantime.
La Gitane 07/13/2009 6 5 - 14
I Just Want What My Parents Had - WITH POLL - UPDATE
When I was a kid in the 70's and 80's, we had a good life. We weren't rich, but we were comfortable. We had a nice house, a big yard. We went on modest vacations once a year. We had new clothes ...
La Gitane 07/06/2009 137 30 - 50
Musings on Women and Marriage: with UPDATE
Many things have come to light as I recover at home from a hysterectomy, regarding my own life-long struggle with depression and lack of self-worth, as well as similar issues with my friends and ...
La Gitane 05/30/2009 52 13 3 250
Wordle Clouds compare Obama's & Cheney's speeches
I love Wordle, and was just dying to use it to compare the two speeches. They turned out great, and basically say it all... If you want to try it yourself, definitely check ...
La Gitane 05/22/2009 20 19 - 46
Grand Theft America - just shut up and take it
To date, the treasury and federal reserve have spent, or have committed to spend, $4,284,500,000,000.00 Yes, just let that sink in a bit... CNBC has been keeping a running tally ...
La Gitane 11/17/2008 13 2 2 3
Watch Live NOW - empty seats at The Call
In case you haven't heard, 70,000 crazy evangelicals were supposed to descend on San Diego today for 12 hours of fasting and prayer, asking for mercy on California and to protect marriage (only for ...
La Gitane 11/01/2008 16 3 - 7
The Upside-Down World of Redneck Feminism
I am seething, more than usual, at a new twist on the disturbing behavior of supporters at McCain/Palin rallies. This time, it's not the hatred and bigotry directed at blacks, arabs or muslims, but ...
La Gitane 10/19/2008 16 11 2 11
An Atheist's Wish for an Obama Nation
My greatest hope for an Obama victory is that FINALLY, once and for all, we can begin to put to rest the religious right's hyperbolic influence on American politics. ...but no religious ...
La Gitane 10/18/2008 37 8 - 7
California Teachers donate $1M to No on Prop 8!!!
What great news! The LA Times is reporting this morning that: The California ...
La Gitane 10/17/2008 12 34 - 37
Obama's BIG Election Night Party!!!
The Hill is reporting that the Obama campaign: eying either Chicago'...
La Gitane 10/16/2008 23 6 1 5
Yet ANOTHER Palin Fairytale - Energy Independence for the US?? Or Alaska?
Drill, Baby, DRILL!!! But she forgot to follow that up with "so we can sell it to Asia for twice as much"
La Gitane 10/15/2008 1 7 - 10
Would President Obama Close Guantanamo? *WITH POLL*
Would President Obama shut down Guantanamo? What would he do with the prisoners? These were just some questions I was asking this morning, after reading the NYT ...
La Gitane 10/12/2008 29 2 - 1
Today - The Fed's Stealing Ideas from the dKos!!
There were many of us here on dKos wondering why congress et al couldn't come up with a plan to help from the bottom up, by directly loaning money to businesses, since the lack of short term credit ...
La Gitane 10/07/2008 19 13 1 4
Add a BUSINESS TAX BREAK to the bailout????  WTF???
Did I read this right?? Senate to Vote Wednesday on Bailout Plan - NYT Senate leaders ...
La Gitane 09/30/2008 62 16 1 3
Pimping the Maverick
There's a big story on the front page of the New York Times today breaking yet another stinky story about McCain's web of lobbyists. Turns out that the motivation behind the noble Abramoff ...
La Gitane 09/28/2008 3 2 - 31
Documenting the Chain of [lack of] Custody (with graphics!!)
DEREGULATION + GREED => EXPONENTIAL GROWTH - OVERSIGHT => HUGE TAXPAYER FUNDED BAILOUT Due to my frustration with conservatives and independents that refuse to understand the relationship between ...
La Gitane 09/27/2008 2 3 - 29
A Little Bit of Blame Where it's Due
Lately I've been hearing little blips and blurbs (not cogent arguments, of course) from my more conservative-leaning friends and garden-variety wingnuts on the radio about how this crisis is somehow ...
La Gitane 09/25/2008 4 5 1 3
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