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BREAKING: Kurds Defeat Daesh(ISIS) in Kobane
A little over four months ago, Daesh assaulted the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria, on the border to Turkey. They threw thousands of their best fighters against Kobane, including ...
Lawrence 01/26/2015 177 170 2 -
French Anti-Terror Units End Stand-Off
From the Guardian: 42s ago 16:36 Police raid siege locations There seems to have been a coordinated and decisive response to the two hostage situations in France. It appears that the Charlie ...
Lawrence 01/09/2015 79 62 - -
World's 85 Richest Billionaires Now Own More Than 3.5 Billion People Do
Yep, you read that right... 85 people now own more than 3.5 billion other people on this planet: Here's how bad it is: Oxfam now calculates that the 85 richest billionaires on the planet, including ...
Lawrence 11/08/2014 12 10 - -
ISIS' "Caliph" Al Baghdadi Critically Wounded After Being Hit by Airstrike
This is a breaking news item, so it won't be much of a diary. Al Arabiya is reporting that Daesh(ISIS) "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been critically wounded in an airstrike in Iraq that was ...
Lawrence 11/08/2014 163 120 1 -
Alaska And Oregon Legalize Marijuana
There is a sprinkling of good news in the otherwise catastrophic 2014 Midterm Election: Oregonian and Alaskan(!) voters both passed recreational marijuana legalization ballot initiatives. They now ...
Lawrence 11/05/2014 7 7 1 -
Kurdish Crowd Chants "Thank You, USA" After Airstrike Hits ISIS
Yep, you read that right. People in the Levant are cheering U.S. airstrikes on ISIS. As reported by Derek Henry Flood, a photographer who has been following the battle for Kobane from the Turkish ...
Lawrence 10/15/2014 22 33 1 -
All of us Can Help The Syrian Kurds Resist ISIS
Many feel helpless when they read about or hear about the thousands of people that ISIS is beheading, the thousands of women that they are forcing into slavery, and the genocidal manner in which ...
Lawrence 10/13/2014 53 17 - -
President Obama Sends in The Cavalry to Save Syrian Kurds
Well, it wasn't exactly the cavalry, but it was its modern day equivalent: The Air Force. To be more specific, it was a U.S. Air Force B-1 Lancer that seems to have made all the difference. And, ...
Lawrence 10/07/2014 359 106 2 -
Lowest Unemployment Rate in 6 Years!
Yep, that's right - the President whom the rightwingers love to hate has overseen one of the greatest economic recoveries in the history of the United States of America. And this despite a world ...
Lawrence 10/03/2014 14 8 1 -
Americans Resoundingly Support Obama Administration's Airstrikes Against ISIS
According to the latest poll by Marist, a whopping 76% of Americans support airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. 76% of Americans approve of U.S. air strikes against ISIS in Syria, and 19% disapprove.
Lawrence 10/02/2014 83 9 1 -
Brave Wisconsinite Joins Syrian Kurds in Fight Against ISIS
President Obama has stated that we wouldn't have any troops fighting in Syria and Iraq, but one brave Wisconsinite has joined the Syrian Kurdish People's Militia(YPG) in their fight to protect the ...
Lawrence 10/01/2014 42 7 - -
Have They No Shame? "Separatists" Are Looting Plane Crash Site.
Adding insult to injury, the so-called "separatists" in Eastern Ukraine have been looting the valuables at the crash site. The Dutch, who have mostly been silently grieving the loss of its 192 ...
Lawrence 07/19/2014 372 183 1 -
Numerous Leading AIDS Researchers Were on Shot Down Malaysian Airliner
Yesterday, we had to face the tragic news that nearly 300 innocent civilians from around the world were killed when a Malaysian Airlines was shot down over a part of Eastern Ukraine that is ...
Lawrence 07/18/2014 158 234 - -
BREAKING: Malaysian Boeing 777 Shot Down Over Ukraine
A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 has crashed over Eastern Ukraine. From the BBC: Malaysia airliner crashes in Ukraine - reports Breaking news A Malaysian airliner with 295 people on board has ...
Lawrence 07/17/2014 61 42 1 -
Obama White House Finally Gets Solar Panels!
Three and a half years ago I wrote a diary about President Obama's plans to put solar panels back up on the White House and thus officially and visually bury Ronald Reagan's anti-renewables legacy: ...
Lawrence 05/09/2014 24 31 3 -
Putin: Internet is a CIA Project
Well, well, it looks like the man who controls one of the world's largest militaries also is one of the world's greatest conspiracy theorists: Russia's Putin Calls the Internet a 'CIA Project' ...
Lawrence 04/24/2014 49 8 - -
BREAKING: Vice News' Simon Ostrovsky Abducted in Eastern Ukraine
Many have been following Russian Roulette, Simon Ostrovsky's excellent video series from Ukraine. It seems that the Russian/Pro-Russian armed men that have occupied Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine don't ...
Lawrence 04/22/2014 112 105 1 -
Large Pro-Unity Demonstrations Held in Eastern Ukraine
This probably won't be widely reported, since the media generally is more fond of news that involves blood and violence, so I'm going to write a quick diary about it.
Lawrence 04/18/2014 11 12 1 -
Ukraine Moves Against Pro-Russian Forces
During the past week, highly-trained, uniformed, armed men have been storming police headquarters and other govt. buildings in the Donetsk Oblast of eastern Ukraine. Evidence has been trickling in ...
Lawrence 04/15/2014 147 31 1 -
Taliban Fail Badly at Disrupting Afghan Election
Today, Afghans are voting for a new President and new regional councils. For the past months, the Taliban have been issuing non-stop threats that they will turn the election into a failure by ...
Lawrence 04/05/2014 14 18 1 -
BREAKING - Ukrainian Defense Ministry: Russia Attempts To Invade Mainland Ukraine
It looks like Putin is going all-in. Live updates on at the Guardian: Kiev claims it repelled Russian troops in south Ukraine - live updates LIVE The defence ministry says soldiers repelled a ...
Lawrence 03/15/2014 42 20 3 -
Tens of Thousands Hit The Street in Moscow to Protest Against Invasion of Ukraine
I doubt that Putin is very happy about this: Thousands protest Crimea action in Moscow BY AFP | MARCH 15, 2014 , 3 : 36 PM GST Kiev: Thousands of people rallied in central Moscow on ...
Lawrence 03/15/2014 88 60 2 -
Woah, Vice News Reporter Gets Nabbed on Camera in Crimea
Vice News, known for their gritty reportages, has had reporter Simon Ostrovsky on the ground in Crimea, Ukraine since almost the beginning of the Russian invasion there. He has been doing some of ...
Lawrence 03/11/2014 8 12 - -
Ukrainian Jewish Leaders to Putin: You Lie, Leave Ukraine in Peace.
For the last couple of weeks we have been hearing lots of scare-mongering about the Ukrainian Revolution being a bunch of "fascists" and "Neo-Nazis" from the Kremlin-financed media, the Kremlin ...
Lawrence 03/06/2014 308 38 - -
A currently reclisted diary claims that Neo-Nazis and fascists are in charge of Ukraine. I'd like to offer "supporting" evidence for that claim with some videos.
Lawrence 03/06/2014 130 16 - -
NSA Spying Sinks Multi-Billion Dollar Fighter Jet Contract With Brazil
In addition to damaging the reputation and moral standing of the U.S., the NSA spying scandal is damaging U.S. economic prospects by making U.S. tech companies less competitive . Now the economic ...
Lawrence 12/19/2013 184 130 1 -
Faux News' Ignorant Dana Perino: People Who Discuss Global Warming Don't Help Poor People
For the past week I have been doing nothing but working and trying to drum up disaster relief aid for the Philippines. Little did I know that - as someone who cares greatly about addressing man-...
Lawrence 11/15/2013 6 9 - -
President Obama Preparing to Order Massive Relief Operation For The Philippines
As all of you well know by now, the Philippines has been hit with a one-two punch of a massive earthquake and now a typhoon that is already considered the greatest natural disaster in the history of ...
Lawrence 11/12/2013 70 101 1 -
Pope Francis Surprises Again
I am really starting to enjoy watching this Pope in action. Pope Francis has decided to consult church members about important current issues. From NBC News: Pope Francis' latest surprise: a ...
Lawrence 11/05/2013 119 176 1 -
Bam! JP Morgan to Pay $13 Billion in Damages
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that JP Morgan is going to have to fork over $13 billion for its involvement in the mortgage-backed securities business that led to the financial crisis. This ...
Lawrence 10/20/2013 30 32 2 -
Are You Serious, NSA? How Much Dumber Could You be?!
So, we have a situation right now where France's President Francois Hollande is the only major European ally willing to stand by our side if we decide to move militarily against the Assad Regime for ...
Lawrence 09/01/2013 26 12 - -
Out of Control NSA Spied on U.N., E.U.
This is getting frigging ridiculous. According to the German magazine, Der Spiegel, the NSA spied on internal videoconferences at the United Nations and on European Union embassies in 2012 . http://
Lawrence 08/25/2013 214 157 3 -
Situation in Egypt Stabilizing: Curfew Cut by Two Hours
Well, it looks like the "expert analysts" predicting a civil war in Egypt were pretty far off the mark. Relative calm has returned to the streets of Egypt and the interim government has decided to ...
Lawrence 08/24/2013 27 9 - -
Uruguayan Parliament Passes World's Most Progressive Marijuana Law!
Finally a country is passing a marijuana law that is comprehensive, applies common sense, and gives citizens multiple options for enjoying the effects of one of the world's most widely-used, ...
Lawrence 08/01/2013 15 22 - -
Progress Marches Onward: Same-Sex Marriage to Become Legal in England and Wales!
This won't be much much of a diary. I just wanted to share the good news from Europe today: UK parliament legalises same-sex marriage Britain’s same-sex marriage bill was approved by lawmakers ...
Lawrence 07/17/2013 11 4 - -
Scarborough: "Republicans got a Minority of Votes in House Races."
Now we even have Republicans acknowledging that Republicans basically cheated themselves into a House Majority. On Meet The Press, Scarborough used the fact that Republicans didn't get a majority ...
Lawrence 01/22/2013 28 32 - -
President Obama has Evolved Into a Strong Advocate for Marriage Equality
It sure is nice to have a President who is able to become better and better while in office. After endorsing the concept of civili unions over gay marriage for the majority of his first term, ...
Lawrence 12/30/2012 15 7 - -
Good News For Disenfranchised Florida Voters: Charlie Crist now a Democrat!
Well, well, well.... it looks like the chances just became very good that Rick Scott will be replaced by a Democratic governor in Florida in 2014....
Lawrence 12/08/2012 20 15 - -
2013 Car of the Year is an Electric Car!
Yep, that's right. In gas-guzzling America, the consensus is that the Tesla Model S is the best car of 2013. Motor Trend even went so far as to call it the most important new car since the Model T.
Lawrence 11/12/2012 206 155 3 -
Pennsylvania Voter I.D. Law Postponed Until After Election, But...
Needless to say, this is good news for John McCain!
Lawrence 10/02/2012 11 5 - 73
70 yr. old Ohio Republican Voter: "I’ve Never Seen Such HATE as This Year in the Republican Party"
The Columbus Dispatch just released a poll from Ohio that has Obama up by 9(!) points, 51 to 42 percent. The Dispatch also printed an article that explains why Obama currently has such a large lead ...
Lawrence 09/30/2012 122 500 4 3904
Surprise, Surprise! Producer of Anti-Islam Film is a Bank Fraudster With Ties to Christian Right.
As real journalists keep digging, they are figuring out that the stupid anti-Muslim film currently causing all the uproar was produced by some very shady characters. I guess Mitt Romney thinks that ...
Lawrence 09/14/2012 99 107 3 1176
BREAKING: Libyan Govt. Makes First Embassy Killing Arrests
Well, that was fast. I guess this is what happens when the U.S. is well-liked in a North African Islamic country. Mitt Romney can blab about how he thinks President Obama is weak on foreign policy ...
Lawrence 09/14/2012 89 165 2 1085
New Libyan Prime Minister's Response to Death of Americans in Benghazi
The flood of news about the vile attack by Islamic extremists on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and the resulting death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, 3 other embassy staff, and multiple Libyan ...
Lawrence 09/13/2012 9 21 - 96
Three Polls show Obama Blasting Past Romney in Pennsylvania.
The MSM has been trying to whip up the horse race factor by continually calling Pennsylvania a swing state and battleground state. Well, the polling sure doesn't match their narrative.
Lawrence 08/25/2012 143 162 6 1533
More Solar PV to be Installed in U.S. in 2012 than was Cumulatively Installed in Entire Time Before!
After years of foot dragging and renewables prevention strategies by the Bush Administration and all the Big Fossil, Inc. Republicans, the U.S. has finally become one of the top three global solar ...
Lawrence 08/23/2012 33 46 2 247
NREL Study: Solar Power could provide 100 Times the Amount of Current U.S. Electricity Needs!
The NREL(National Renewable Energy Laboratory) recently did a study on renewable energy potential in the U.S. and the results certainly expose the lies spouting from the mouths of the Republican(Big ...
Lawrence 07/31/2012 251 218 11 1220
Romney and Al Qaeda's Leader have Something in Common.
No, this isn't hyperbole. As incredible as it first sounds, it's true. Mitt Romney and Ayman al-Zawahiri both don't like the new, democratically-elected government in Tunisia.
Lawrence 07/30/2012 1 3 - 56
Libya: First National Elections in Nearly Half a Century.
For the first time since 1964, Libyans will be holding a national election today. When one considers that their revolutionary war ended a mere eight months ago and that these elections are self-...
Lawrence 07/07/2012 74 12 - 183
Uruguay likely to legalize Marijuana!
It looks like Uruguay is about to blaze an innovative, new path in cannabis policy by legalizing state-controlled marijuana. From the BBC: 21 June 2012 Uruguay government aims to legalise ...
Lawrence 06/21/2012 23 19 - 122
Japan about to experience Huge Renewable Energy Boom!
Ever since Japan shut down its nuclear power plants, of which the vast majority still remain shut down, it has had to replace missing electricity generation from nuke plants with increased capacity ...
Lawrence 06/21/2012 119 156 5 1011
New Poll: Obama Stomping Romney in Pennsylvania!
This won't be much of a diary. Just a news blip to help cheer up those who are bummed out about Walker's pyrrhic victory in Wisconsin yesterday. The latest poll out of Pennsylvania shows President ...
Lawrence 06/06/2012 32 57 - 555
Bad News for Romney: U.S. Auto Sales are the Strongest in 4 Years!
It looks like Romney is going to have an increasingly hard time making his case this year, as the economy continues to show signs of recovery in many areas. And his "brilliant" plan to let Detroit ...
Lawrence 05/16/2012 8 13 - 96
Obama up by 7 in New Reuters/Ipsos Poll
Well, things are not looking too good for Rmoney according to this latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll of registered voters. President Obama leads Rmoney 49 - 42 in this national poll. This comes on the ...
Lawrence 05/08/2012 17 29 1 262
British Study: Wind Turbines are NOT Bird Killers. Republicans: "We Hate Wind Power"
For years on end opponents of clean, renewable energy from wind farms have been portraying wind turbines as big, mean bird-killing machines. A new, British study shows that this is just plain not ...
Lawrence 04/12/2012 116 114 4 700
New Reuters Poll spells Trouble for Republican Presidential Contenders
Not only has President Obama's approval rating inched up to 50% in the new Reuters/Ipsos Poll, he also....
Lawrence 03/13/2012 31 50 - 609
GOOD NEWS: More Americans Accept Climate Change as Reality.
Back in the spring of 2010, many of us were appalled when polling showed that only a slight majority(52%) of Americans accepted Climate Change as reality. It was a huge drop from the 3/4's of ...
Lawrence 03/01/2012 10 14 - 107
"Winter Deep Freeze Will Cause Breakdown of German Electric Grid"
Well, at least that is what pro-nuke advocates predicted when Germany shut down its eight oldest nuclear power plants last year and decided to drive towards a renewable energy future. The recent ...
Lawrence 02/08/2012 245 185 7 1576
Koch Brothers Pledge $ 60 Million to Defeat Obama
It's been pretty clear for some time now that the Big Fossil 0.1 percenters are going to be going all in to prevent a second Obama term. And with the cover of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ...
Lawrence 02/05/2012 97 126 4 774
Gotta Love Obama's First Ad for 2012!
Republicans thought they had President Obama cornered when they forced him to make a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline. I guess they didn't realize that the Obama team has gone into campaign ...
Lawrence 01/19/2012 18 20 1 195
Belgium to phase out Nuclear Power Completely by 2025.
In 2003, the government of Belgium had decided to phase out nuclear power. With the so-called Nuclear Renaissance, however, by 2009 there were plans to extend the running times of the nuclear power ...
Lawrence 10/31/2011 28 13 - 123
BREAKING: Siemens Withdraws from Nuclear Power Business
Germany's Spiegel Online magazine is reporting that Siemens, one of the world's largest companies, is divesting itself completely of its involvement in nuclear plant construction and ...
Lawrence 09/18/2011 197 166 5 1076
The Arab Spring and the Dawn of the Solar Century
Many have been wondering what the effects of the Arab Spring in North Africa on renewables would be. There were plans in place to considerably boost renewables in North African countries, and then ...
Lawrence 09/05/2011 29 34 3 163
Who are the Libyan "Rebels"?
This is a question that has been asked over and over again in the West, despite tons of information about the Libyan Revolution being available from both quality journalists and the Free Libyans ...
Lawrence 07/18/2011 92 46 2 481
Obama Administration looking to raise CAFE Standards to 56 mpg!
The lobbying groups that are leaning on Senator Carl Levin may not like it, and the Republicans and Big Oil sure the hell won't like it, but it seems that the Obama Administration is about to get ...
Lawrence 06/28/2011 44 44 2 219
The Most Incredible Video of the Libyan Revolution
If a picture speaks a thousand words, then this video about the early days of the Libyan Revolution speaks millions. Not only does it clearly show that the Revolution was initially peaceful, but ...
Lawrence 06/28/2011 95 20 2 277
SEC Probing Goldman Sachs, Others, for Possible Bribery Violations.
It looks like the Arab Spring uprising in Libya may lead to Goldman Sachs and others having some major problems. The focus on Libya has brought to light some very odd investment transactions ...
Lawrence 06/09/2011 31 92 2 381
Why Voting Matters - California Senate bans Styrofoam
This won't be much of a diary, but I'd like to cheer the good news from California, brought to us by our good Democratic Senators from California and all the people who got their asses out to the ...
Lawrence 06/07/2011 46 29 1 181
You Know that the 21st Century Will Be the Solar Century when....
... the largest company in the U.S., G.E., projects that solar power will be competitive with fossil fuel generation within 3 to 5 years and one of world's largest oil and gas giants, Total S.A., ...
Lawrence 06/03/2011 23 20 - 184
Birth of a New Nation.
The results are in from Southern Sudan's referendum on independence: a whopping 99% of voters voted for secession from Sudan.
Lawrence 01/30/2011 6 7 - 108
SoD Gates Orders Pentagon to Cut Spending
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is following through on his previously stated intent to reduce our defense spending: Pentagon to cut spending by $78 billion, reduce troop strength By ...
Lawrence 01/06/2011 49 21 - 111
Holder DOJ Cracks Down on Financial Fraud
This won't be much of a diary, but it is nice to see the DOJ successfully executing a national campaign against financial fraud. Hopefully this will be the first of many campaigns targeting ...
Lawrence 12/06/2010 26 26 1 82
"Weak" Obama Admin: Wind, not Oil!
The current, popular narrative here at DailyKos seems to be that President Obama is weak and "capitulates" to Republicans more often than any of us can say capitulate between breakfast and lunch.
Lawrence 12/01/2010 53 31 1 89
The Gallup poll is bunk! GOTV!
Gallup's polls have been used by both the main stream media and our very own front page to predict doom and gloom for the Democrats tomorrow. The odd thing is that hardly anyone has been looking at ...
Lawrence 11/01/2010 25 32 - 85
Obama White House going solar!
Jimmy Carter started it all by installing solar panels on the White House and pushing hard for renewables and energy independence. Then came Reagan/Bush and 30 years of a Republican-driven agenda ...
Lawrence 10/05/2010 318 446 7 142
The South Rises Again - and Skews National Polls
We've seen tons of hand-wringing and doom & gloom predictions for Democrats in the Media and elsewhere of late. But, as is so often the case, we don't get much of a deeper analysis of the national ...
Lawrence 08/12/2010 27 22 - 55
Largest U.S. Wind Farm Being Constructed in California
This may not turn out to be the most germane of diaries, as my head had an unfortunate encounter with a rather nasty rock while hiking the other day, but I do want to write a few lines about this, ...
Lawrence 07/28/2010 27 33 - 103
Action Diary: Bernie Sanders' petition for Elizabeth Warren
This will be a short diary, as it is an action diary. Please sign Bernie Sanders's excellent petition in support of Elizabeth Warren as director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.
Lawrence 07/24/2010 44 28 - 122
Reagan Era judges kill Obama offshore drilling moratorium
There has been much discussion of just how much damage the Republican Administrations have done over the last 30 years. Today, as the Obama Administration tries to prevent further damage to the ...
Lawrence 07/09/2010 34 19 - 49
France joins Germany in massive push for Saharan Solar Power
France, often touted as the "Nuclear Energy Economy", has been increasingly pushing for renewables since they held the Grenelle de l’Environnement meetings, where unions, the ...
Lawrence 05/20/2010 44 18 - 51
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