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The Perils & Pitfalls of Mistakenly Sniffing Koch Even Just The Once
The Kochs want to "help" fix the criminal justice system. For the little guy, of course. Let me tell you a story. The story of how the Kochs became so committed to reform. Once upon a time in ...
LeftHandedMan 04/04/2015 56 91 3 -
Tying My Father's Shoes
My father scared the hell out of me the other day. He appeared like a little elderly ninja. Poof. Most times I hear him before I see him. I hear a familiar hesitant shuffling. I hear him moving ...
LeftHandedMan 03/27/2015 40 103 3 -
The Constant Perils of Movement Conservatism's Unbloodied Nose
When was the last time you heard a specific indictment of the failures of modern Conservatism? Not on a liberal blog. Nor in a progressive magazine. But bluntly before low-information America. A ...
LeftHandedMan 03/06/2015 164 263 6 -
House Republicans Gleefully Bend Down to French Kiss the American Third Rail
Fellow Democrats, after an extremely demoralizing off-year election cycle for our Party, in a time where there have been so many issues and arguments that have divided the Party into bickering ...
LeftHandedMan 01/07/2015 138 361 5 -
Dear Village Gasbags Crying Over the New Republic's Still Quivering Corpse
If there was something shitty simmering on the political stove, TNR was there to stir the pot. Michael Kelly's Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Betsy McCaughey's awful "No Exit". Marty Peretz. Bring ...
LeftHandedMan 12/06/2014 86 205 2 -
Mr. McCulloch's America Can't Stand
I have never lived a day in the mythical America that is immortal and above decline or reproach. That is one of the few gifts of being born poor in a nation that so celebrates wealth and power. ...
LeftHandedMan 11/26/2014 145 241 16 -
Earth To Entitled Conservatives: Quoting You Isn't Smearing You -Nevada Edition
When you are a leader in a political party that has been mainstreaming offensive fringe beliefs? The last thing that you want to see is an actual journalist with a camera and a live microphone. If ...
LeftHandedMan 11/24/2014 10 24 1 -
Nobody Should Shed A Single Solitary Salty Tear Over Senator Mary Landrieu
Senator Mary Landrieu is likely about to lose her powerful political job in a crushing defeat. Because of how the Senator operated while she was in a position to do that important job. Not ...
LeftHandedMan 11/19/2014 361 372 2 -
Mr. Pierce, a Scotch and Prestone Please
To wash down all the lovely news. Some 12 year old Scotch, Hell, make it a double, to go along with the Warren promotion and the President's "Fail Mary" Landrieu and immigration reform defiance, ...
LeftHandedMan 11/15/2014 9 14 - -
A Disturbing Bar Lowering That Shouldn't Get Lost In The Rain
I am reminded of the first time I'd ever heard Bill O'Reily describe quoting him as smearing him. Meanwhile, the Des Moines Register has come under strong criticism from Iowa Democrats and ...
LeftHandedMan 11/07/2014 36 27 1 -
Glenn Beck Speaks, Bad Faith Oozes, and I Hear a Smattering of Clapping
It's probably late at night where you are, I doubt that this will be read by very many people, but I just had to get this nagging.... thing off of my chest. I gave it a day to fade away, but it ...
LeftHandedMan 06/18/2014 100 143 5 -
Very Serious People
Have I mentioned I hate Fred Hiatt? And fwiw, the WaPo editorial board over the last two decades has done more damage to this nation than 1000 Edward Snowdens.
LeftHandedMan 05/30/2014 12 8 - -
The Derpy Notion of Defining "Tolerance" via Bigot's Rights
A sportswriter, the president of "The First Amendment Center", and a winger all walk into a bar. From Dan Snyder to Don Sterling to Augusta National Golf Club, we've been told how to think and ...
LeftHandedMan 05/14/2014 57 50 1 -
A Village of Fools Will Always Consider the Wise Their Idiots
The Village loves the GOP. Almost as much as its mancrush on itself. The rules that apply to the GOP? They do not apply to anyone else. The rules that apply to everyone else? They do not apply ...
LeftHandedMan 04/25/2014 10 16 - -
Dear Masters Charles and David Koch, Sen. Harry Reid was Right About You
Mr. Charles Koch Is Sick Of "Collectivists" Calling him and his Baby Brother Un-American. I know this, because he told me. Us. I like to imagine that brother nodding as he typed. I can only hope ...
LeftHandedMan 04/03/2014 18 30 - -
Slogging Waist Deep in the Big Muddy While the Lucky Ducky Few Press On
"Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!" — Justine Sacco, IAC Communications Director, Shat Via Twitter on December 20, 2013 "I work in Public Relations," Joy said ...
LeftHandedMan 12/21/2013 29 64 1 -
If a Drone Killed Your Child What Explanation Would Make it Okay?
Wedding Party Mistaken for Al Qaeda Convoy in US Drone Attack; At Least 15 Killed Yemeni government officials said the attack took place in the city of Radda, the capital of Bayda province, and ...
LeftHandedMan 12/14/2013 395 189 2 -
A Socialist in Seattle Won With What Should be the Democratic Party Brand
Socialist Kshama Sawant will be on the next Seattle City Council. Longtime Seattle City Council member Richard Conlin conceded to challenger Sawant Friday evening, after new election numbers ...
LeftHandedMan 11/15/2013 187 187 4 -
For the Love of Pete, Always Vote! Virginia AG Election Edition
Mark D. Obenshain. Tea Party Darling, Virginia Scalito Federalist Society-type Edition. Will fight the state level adoption of the ACA, marriage equality, and making Virginia a model for 21rst ...
LeftHandedMan 11/11/2013 32 84 1 -
Thank You Barbara Buono, I Won't Ever Forget Your Choice to Stand Up for NJ
The New Jersey gubernatorial election of 2013 will take place on November 5th. "We watch this craziness in Washington D.C., where these people don't do anything anymore except yell and scream at ...
LeftHandedMan 11/04/2013 41 50 1 -
The Magical Thinking Behind Thinking a Grand Bargain Changes Everything
Senator Dick Durbin said some really dumb and unhelpful things on Sunday. Sadly, he has been saying some really dumb and unhelpful things for years. Thankfully, with Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting ...
LeftHandedMan 10/21/2013 28 29 - -
The Rightwing No Longer Understands What the Heritage Foundation was For
Jim DeMint is destroying the Heritage Foundation. "No, Lefty, he's just making it over in his own image, it's like he is turning it into another FreedomWorks or American Crossroads. Just one ...
LeftHandedMan 10/19/2013 116 201 3 -
A Fake Viking, A Racist Football Brand, and Dan Snyder All Walk Naked Into a Bar
During halftime of the Dallas-Washington Sunday Night Football Bob Costas said the following: "With Washington playing Dallas here tonight, it seems like an appropriate time to acknowledge the ...
LeftHandedMan 10/15/2013 65 25 - -
Where You Are Absolutely Free To Be A Gay Married Pot Smoking Debt Slave
I've been thinking a lot these days about the hardcore Huckabites. After the Great Default. When the savage terrible reckoning comes down. When they all become the Judas Goats for every single ...
LeftHandedMan 10/09/2013 20 8 - -
There are No Get Well Soon Cards for America's Political Suicide Bombers
So, I see that the crazy fake Christian motherfuckers for Mamon of the Movement Conservative Right shut down the Government. Well. Ain't that a fucking peach. They followed their own inner Supply-...
LeftHandedMan 09/30/2013 8 25 1 -
Require Voter ID? Then It Must Be Free.
Want to see a Movement Conservative pushing Voter ID laws flummoxed into just stammering? Tell them flatly that all forms of mandatory voter ID required by law to vote in an election anywhere in ...
LeftHandedMan 08/04/2013 43 20 1 -
How Will the Austerians Handle the Return of the Clinton Rules to DC?
Pete Peterson. Alan Simpson. Every caviar fueled Very Serious ratbastard fuck in 'Fix The Debt'. The legions of conventional wisdom pimps, pearl clutchers, and DC fainting-couch vapor divers. ...
LeftHandedMan 05/16/2013 4 7 - -
A Bombing in Boston Leads to Musings on Othering Evil to White Privilege
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. "White Hat." Tamerlan Tsarnaev. "Black Hat." Chechens. Born of Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Muslim, yes, but not the Muslims of the first fever swamp freak-outs always politically ...
LeftHandedMan 04/19/2013 126 111 6 -
"Hell no!" Why Toss 'Enrage the AARP' into an Already Tough 2014 Haul As Is?
2014 was always going to be a tough one, right out of the box, with no extra poisoned frosting. An off-year election of a sitting President's second term with that President's party on defense.
LeftHandedMan 04/11/2013 86 152 6 -
The Opportunistic Bigot as Newly Minted Oppressed Minority in Defeat
I can't stand it anymore. " I'm not a homophobe, anti-gay, or a bigot just because I'm very pro-traditional marriage !" pleads the wildly backpedalling Opportunistic Bigot in a full-on state ...
LeftHandedMan 04/04/2013 21 26 1 -
This is Really the Best Defense of Democrats Embracing Chained CPI?
Okay. From the moment Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid both joined with President Obama, and all openly began sticking all of their necks way out on a Chained CPI being on the table, I have been ...
LeftHandedMan 03/16/2013 571 315 9 1
The Village and the Case for Expanding the Maddow PolitiFact Model
I am a strong proponent of Progressivism adopting the Rachel Maddow PolitiFacts model with the Right and the Village. I think she has put forth a blueprint we should all adopt as a movement. But. ...
LeftHandedMan 03/16/2013 5 10 1 -
American Crossroads, 2014, and the Brand Crushing Not-So-Grand Bargain
Get ready for this in 2014, because it is coming in HD to a tv screen near you: "Social Security is a sacred promise to all of our Seniors. This is why I opposed the Obama/Democrat Party Social ...
LeftHandedMan 03/15/2013 70 29 - -
GOPers Threatening Voters, Employees, and Customers Is A Sign of Weakness
"Class warfare is a form of bigotry; it shouldn’t be tolerated any more than we would other forms of bigotry in public life. Most people think of bigotry only in terms of race, religion, ...
LeftHandedMan 10/20/2012 82 184 6 -
Taking It To Them Really Works
Obama won tonight. Added to VP Biden's win, that's Team Obama 2-1 in debates. Obama got Romney laughed at. Fucking laughed at. Taking it to them is better. Taking it to Movement Conservatism ...
LeftHandedMan 10/16/2012 6 11 - -
No Conservative Has Ever Reduced the Size and Intrusive Power of the Federal Government
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are running to be in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth. They are doing so as budget men without any numbers to budget, policy fixers with no specific policy to ...
LeftHandedMan 10/13/2012 52 129 7 8
The GOP is in Full-On Loser Mode, So Let's Bury Them All In Anvils
So. We had the first Presidential debate. Obama frankly didn't do very well, but no fatal errors. He's a calm and measured man whose opponent is an unprincipled sociopath who wants a promotion he'...
LeftHandedMan 10/06/2012 150 457 19 2885
The Village Balls its Fists, Frowning More in Sorrow Than In Anger
"Wow. You have got to read Joe Klein's (savage/brutal) takedown of Mitt Romney." Sigh. Okay. Okay. Okay. You win only college roomate I enjoyed living with. Friendly ex-Girlfriend who used to ...
LeftHandedMan 09/23/2012 212 866 46 4320
When the History Books are Written about the 2012 Campaign
This election cycle should be another utter disaster for the Democratic Party. Should be. But it doesn't look like it will turn out that way. At all. I think that when the history books are ...
LeftHandedMan 09/01/2012 145 207 5 1231
Our Crappy Media Doesn't Understand "Swiftboating"
Just when you think the lazy Village news media can't get any worse: "Bain Boating". The Obama campaign is going retro, circa 2004. Back then, President Bush supporters attacked then-Democratic ...
LeftHandedMan 07/18/2012 33 12 - 107
The Darker Side of Romney Fail
The post-Republican primary Romney campaign against President Obama has been full of weakness and weirdness on the Governor's part, but something he does gives me extra pause. It's a disturbing ...
LeftHandedMan 07/14/2012 37 30 1 203
Dear Congressional Teahadi, Blame AEI and Heritage for ACA Not Marx
Hey Paul Ryan and company, it must truly suck to be you right now. I'm not talking about the whole 'John Roberts... he... he just... he fucked us, man' business. (Although your rage-gasm has been ...
LeftHandedMan 07/01/2012 15 14 - 92
Inquisitor Issa's Witchhunts
Darrell Issa. “Issa has become the chief antagonist to Barack Obama,” brags spokesman Kurt Bardella. “He has the best job in Republican politics right now. When he puts an inquiry out there, ...
LeftHandedMan 06/21/2012 8 15 1 83
If Scalito Destroys the ACA
If the Movement Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court kill the ACA, and do so out of raw ideological zealotry to hurt President Obama, they are even bigger buffoons than many imagine. There is ...
LeftHandedMan 06/17/2012 45 13 - 225
There is No Reason for the Media to Stop or Change
I am about to suggest something wildly unreasonable, completely uncivil, and borderline insane. 'When the lazy conventional wisdom pimps of the traditional media smear the Democratic Party or ...
LeftHandedMan 06/12/2012 3 3 - 76
Not Pro-Choice on Anti-Choice Terms II
Michelle Goldberg said it best: Sex-selective abortion is a problem worldwide, but not in our country. Sex-selective abortion is odious. But banning it means allowing the government to decide ...
LeftHandedMan 06/07/2012 59 58 1 335
What the OverClass Fails to Understand
What the American OverClass fails to understand is that the more they get their way, the more they lose in the longterm. They are, quite literally, destroying the middle class in proportion to how ...
LeftHandedMan 06/06/2012 11 15 - 108
CNN is Dying Because CNN is Awful
CNN was born at 5:00 p.m. EST on Sunday June 1, 1980. Today, thirty two years later, it has gone from it's glory days as a revolutionary new cable news channel to an utter embarassment. A slowly ...
LeftHandedMan 06/01/2012 373 410 4 2870
A Democrat in PolitiFact Nation
Mitt Romney is the most blatant and openly brazen liar that I've ever seen run for US President as the standard bearer of the Republican Party in the post 1964 Movement Conservative era. That's ...
LeftHandedMan 05/15/2012 6 7 - 98
I'm Damned Proud of Our VP Joe Biden
I've found another log to toss on the great pile or reasons to loathe the Very Serious People of DC and the traditional media. The perpetual eye-rolling to outright sneering directed at our VP. I ...
LeftHandedMan 05/13/2012 132 275 3 972
Movement Conservatives Against Pinko Commie Lefty Movement Conservatism
As a non-Movement Conservative lost in a political era in American history that has largely been dominated by the Movement Conservative Right, I find watching what I see as Conservative on ...
LeftHandedMan 04/01/2012 13 10 1 86
Snowe's Obama Jeer Should be a Democratic Party Breaking Point
Soon-to-be Ex-Senator Olympia Snowe, being interviewed by ABC News about President Barack Obama and why she was leaving the US Senate, gave him a near "F" for failure when it came to bipartisan ...
LeftHandedMan 03/28/2012 302 542 14 4325
All the Things the Right Despises...
-exist because of the bad politics, failed policies, stupid practices, and shameless principles of the Right and their greedy, moneyed, and too much catered to masters all coming to a head. Every ...
LeftHandedMan 03/04/2012 4 5 - 45
Not Pro-Choice On Anti-Choice Terms
I am Pro-Choice. I believe in, and fully support, a woman's right to fully control her own reproductive destiny. I believe that any woman should be able to obtain, or to opt of her own free will ...
LeftHandedMan 02/20/2012 28 68 1 286
The Lesson I Learned In Seachlight
This is the lesson that I learned in Searchlight Nevada a couple of years back now: It began with the Tea Party. The Tea Party when they were all widely fawned over by our wise beltway press like a ...
LeftHandedMan 02/14/2012 1 6 - 47
Rep. Joe Heck's Letter to my Elderly Parents
Recently a rare offering from the Desk of House Rep. Joe Heck ([R] NV-3) showed up in the mail at my folk's place in Henderson Nevada. I know this, because my parents called me after they'd noticed ...
LeftHandedMan 02/10/2012 56 193 - 1437
Republican Extremism Saves the Democrats from Themselves
The great Super Committee is dead, it just basically hasn't stopped squirming and kicking on the floor. Thank God. All that needs to be suffered through is the non-stop wanking to come of bad faith ...
LeftHandedMan 11/21/2011 5 7 - 77
Wasting Precious Liberal Air Time
We, as moderates and liberals alike, are not in a debate with Movement Conservatism. We are no more in a debate with the Right than a mugging victim is in a debate with his or her mugger. There is ...
LeftHandedMan 11/11/2011 25 20 1 128
Movement Conservatism, Triumphant
"Washington DC is broken." "Our system of Government is broken." "Our politics are broken." Bullshit. All of it total utter bullshit. There isn't a hippy punch big enough ...
LeftHandedMan 07/31/2011 19 5 - 74
The Curse of the Status Quo
So how has not making an argument against Movement Conservatism, but appearing reasonable by comparison as an alternative to partisanship, worked out so far for the Democratic Party as a tactic? ...
LeftHandedMan 07/15/2011 12 8 - 54
Winning by Default is Not Winning the Argument
First "We Suck, but they are Worse" and today "Winning by Default for Not Being Republicans". Nikola Tesla wasn't as brilliantly inventive as Democrats are with avoiding making an argument. The best ...
LeftHandedMan 07/07/2011 7 8 - 79
There are no "Grand Bargains" to be Had
Every House Republican but four, less than a handful, have all proudly voted to kill Medicare. Not merely to cut the program, but to destroy it utterly. Destroy it, and then "replace" it with some ...
LeftHandedMan 04/17/2011 32 33 1 169
Paul Ryan is my Parent's Death Panel
My Parents are older Americans. People who both dearly depend on Social Security to get by and Medicare to get well when the worst happens and one of them gets sick or injured. My father is 85, ...
LeftHandedMan 04/16/2011 91 76 2 325
America can Seize Just like an Engine
I bet Rush Limbaugh loves his black Mayback 57S. I bet he can't help unconsciously beaming like a kid at Christmas whenever his mind wanders and suddenly he's daydreaming about the feel of it's hand-...
LeftHandedMan 02/26/2011 18 18 - 125
Dealing with Pain Constructively
Today, a lot of people at a blog that I greatly respect and admire are upset and feeling rocked to the core on the proposed Obama/GOP Bush Tax Cut deal, and with good reason. Politically, today ...
LeftHandedMan 12/06/2010 7 6 - 41
Being Specific on Specific Israelis
"Israel" committed mass murder. "Israel" slaughtered these innocents. The "Israelis" are cold blooded in repressing and oppressing the Palestinian people. Let's face it "Israel" is. The Israeli ...
LeftHandedMan 06/01/2010 42 19 - 33
The Canary in the Coal Mine
The liberal blogs were the canary in the coal mine for the Democratic Party elite in DC. Our party doesn't know how to negotiate. Our party turned what should have been a triumph into ...
LeftHandedMan 01/20/2010 8 2 - 10
Thank You Dark Red State Dems
Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, and the Democrats have gained in both the US House and in the Senate. Last Night was a triumph of hope over fear, of truth over lies, and ...
LeftHandedMan 11/05/2008 26 21 - 4
Nigerian Email Scam
With the primary season heating up, I try to fiercely attack the amount of clutter trying to weasel its way into my inbox. I resent it trying to take my focus away from bigger and better things. In ...
LeftHandedMan 01/24/2008 21 15 - 2
House GOP to Keep Terrorist Cash
The National Republican Campaign Committee (the NRCC) has chosen to keep donations made by one of their major contributors, Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari. According to the United States Attorney ...
LeftHandedMan 02/27/2007 18 20 - 18
Ladies and Gents... Conservative Comedy!!!
We dirty John Stewart Watchin' Amurka Hatin' hippies betta watch out... the Queen of Rightwing Comedy Julia Gorin (yeah, I know. Who?) has a new wingnut friendly comedy show to fight back against ...
LeftHandedMan 12/01/2006 76 14 3 5
The 'Lynx' Spamming of the Daily Kos
LeftHandedMan 10/18/2006 199 23 2 5
Red State SuperCoward Kills a Bear
LeftHandedMan 08/16/2006 31 37 - 8
A Positive Lamont in '06 Take.... by an MSGOP Pundit??
LeftHandedMan 08/08/2006 21 15 - 13
Another Massacre? BBC Claims it Has a Video Tape
LeftHandedMan 06/01/2006 141 118 2 10
New Conservative Plagiarism Allegations
LeftHandedMan 03/25/2006 21 16 - 4
A Headache for the Bay State GOP
LeftHandedMan 03/02/2006 3 1 - 3
Behind The Blowback Over Citgo's Home Fuel Aid
LeftHandedMan 02/23/2006 7 15 - 74
60 Minutes Refusing to Play by Fox News Rules
LeftHandedMan 02/21/2006 223 402 20 96
MSNBC on the Daily Kos & Co. on Hackett exit
LeftHandedMan 02/14/2006 59 13 1 - Redux
LeftHandedMan 02/12/2006 7 9 1 70
Doug "Wyle E. Coyote" Clifton Gets Smooshed
LeftHandedMan 07/23/2005 3 4 - 2
Miller, Bush, Rove, and America's Values
LeftHandedMan 07/11/2005 8 8 - -
Operation 'Pro War? Then Get Going!'
LeftHandedMan 07/01/2005 9 10 - -
LeftHandedMan 06/14/2005 9 20 - 13
Custer Battles Outrage: Banned Making Warbucks Again
LeftHandedMan 06/12/2005 18 12 - -
Rambo IV: Holy War
LeftHandedMan 05/29/2005 7 2 - -
Congressman 'Freedom Fries' regret
LeftHandedMan 05/24/2005 25 11 - 10
Kick Microsoft for Caving.... Download the FireFox Browser!
LeftHandedMan 04/20/2005 20 8 - -
Of Boiling Men Alive In Our Name
LeftHandedMan 04/20/2005 168 569 - 55
Naive GOPer Gets A Dose of the Real GOP
LeftHandedMan 04/18/2005 14 20 - 1
Thank God for the DailyKos Muckrakers
LeftHandedMan 02/15/2005 12 18 - -
The New GI Bill Of Rights Act of 2005
LeftHandedMan 02/07/2005 40 9 - 7
Alan Keyes Casting Out his Daughter
LeftHandedMan 02/04/2005 202 84 - 50
The Iraqi Election Turn-Out Truth in Media Auction!
LeftHandedMan 02/04/2005 11 12 - -
Bush Social Security 'Plan' Revealed?
LeftHandedMan 01/28/2005 8 2 - -
Democrats to Delay Rice Full Confirmation?
LeftHandedMan 01/19/2005 6 2 - -
Corp. Suing their Union Bustin' Lawyers
LeftHandedMan 01/07/2005 5 3 - -
Tin Soldier: Using the Media for Fun and Profit
LeftHandedMan 01/05/2005 1 1 - -
Treasons Greetings?
LeftHandedMan 12/29/2004 6 9 - 8
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