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House Republicans launch direct attack on Earth Sciences slashing $300 to $500 million from NASA
Republican shills for Big Carbon are launching a direct assault on NASA funding designed to gut any future enhancements to the Earth Sciences capabilities to monitor changing conditions on our ...
Lefty Coaster 05/02/2015 17 33 - -
Video: Oakland PD & Bart officers throw intoxicated woman to the floor smashing her face
This shows the routine brutality by law enforcement when a suspect is uncooperative. The woman was on her way home at a BART station after drinking heavily on St. Patrick's Day of 2014 when police ...
Lefty Coaster 05/01/2015 30 20 1 -
Koch funded Heartland Institute sends scientists to correct Pope Frances on Global Warming
The Koch funded Heartland Institute is sending some of its industry compliant scientists to Rome to correct Pope Francis ideas about Global Warming. Koch-backed group sending ‘real scientists’ ...
Lefty Coaster 04/26/2015 84 59 3 -
Poll shows only Conservative Republicans are still holdouts against US Consensus on Global Warming
A new Gallup Poll shows Conservative Republicans' views on Global Warming diverge radically from the mainstream of American thought which increasingly matches the overwhelming scientific consensus. ...
Lefty Coaster 04/23/2015 8 7 - -
Speaking from Everglades on Earth Day Obama Forcefully Rejects Gov. Rick Scott's Climate Censorship
President Obama speaking on Earth Day in the threatened Florida Everglades forcefully rejected Florida Governor Rick Scott's prohibition against state officials mentioning Global Warming or Climate ...
Lefty Coaster 04/22/2015 3 26 - -
Obama slams Warren over opposition to TPP making claims that can't be verified in secret treaty
President Obama is slamming Senator Elizabeth Warren and opponents of TPP, making claims about the contents of the secret treaty that can't be supported by the text of the treaty which is still ...
Lefty Coaster 04/21/2015 253 272 4 -
Republicans running House Space Committee are upset about NASA studying Earth from Orbit
Ever since George Bush's prohibition against NASA from undertaking any scientific research that might potentially bolster the case for Anthropogenic Global Warming ended when Republicans left office ...
Lefty Coaster 04/17/2015 81 168 2 -
Bad for planned Pacific NW Coal Mega-Ports: China's demand for imported coal fell 42%
The business case for ever building two coal export mega-terminals in the Pacific Northwest is falling apart. From the Guardian: China's coal imports fall nearly half in 12 months as anti-...
Lefty Coaster 04/13/2015 47 98 2 -
Dick Cheney sets new low for Unmitigated Gall, calls Obama "the worst president we’ve ever had"
In an appearance today on The Hugh Hewitt Show former Vice President Dick Cheney joined his party in clamoring for a new war and as he attempted to whip up jingoistic feelings in his audience Cheney ...
Lefty Coaster 04/07/2015 302 132 2 -
Obama sidesteps GOP run Senate; sets a target of 26% to 28% cut in Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2025
As the Catastrophic , Effects of Global Warming continue to come to light President Obama has announced that the US will cut its Greenhouse Gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by the year 2025.
Lefty Coaster 03/31/2015 20 40 - -
Obama sets a target of 26 to 28 percent cut in Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2025
As the Catastrophic , Effects of Global Warming continue to come to light President Obama has announced that the US will cut its Greenhouse Gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by the year 2025.
Lefty Coaster 03/31/2015 11 25 - -
Corrected Diary: Liz Cheney spouts Likudnik propaganda on Fox News Sunday Bob Woodward calls meme BS
Earlier I published a diary attributing comments to PBS's Judy Woodruff that were in fact made by Liz Cheney. Because that's who the comments were attributed to by the Fox News transcript on its ...
Lefty Coaster 03/22/2015 33 53 - -
California Dream'n: A Big Sur Photo Diary
Earlier this month I took a trip down through Big Sur. Rocky coastline with Point Sur in the far distance. Pfeiffer Beach A few minutes after taking this photo I saw a Grey Whale's flukes ...
Lefty Coaster 03/20/2015 18 32 - -
Netanyahu stood before our Congress and lied to them, receiving standing ovations
May 24th 2011 Text of PM Binyamin Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress We must also find a way to forge a lasting peace with the Palestinians. Two years ago, I publicly committed to a solution ...
Lefty Coaster 03/17/2015 384 285 1 -
Entire Island Nation Devastated by "Monster Cyclone" Amplified by Global Warming
For the first time an intense enormous storm that Global Warming has contributed to devastated an entire island nation. Aid officials expressed shock at the levels of the destruction. Aid Workers:
Lefty Coaster 03/17/2015 25 73 - -
Letter from climate researchers says pace of Global Warming is accelerating published in Nature
The rate of Global Warming is accelerating at a faster pace and will continue to warm for decades to come. That is the alarming conclusion in a letter written by climate researchers to the ...
Lefty Coaster 03/15/2015 43 103 1 -
In case you missed Maddow on the Redistricting Majority Project and the GOP's takeover of Congress
Redmap stands for the Redistricting Majority Project I didn't see much notice here of this very important topic that that will have very serious repercussions for the governance of this country ...
Lefty Coaster 03/10/2015 25 42 - -
3 LAPD officers shoot an unarmed homeless Black man following altercation
Three LAPD officers opened fire shooting and an unarmed homeless man after attempts to tazer him failed. The suspect had reportedly attacked a transient. Homeless man attacked transient before ...
Lefty Coaster 03/02/2015 20 10 - -
Poll 2/3 of Americans think "combating climate change is a moral issue that obligates them" to act
According to a new Reuters/IPSOS poll 2/3 of Americans see taking measures to reduce Global Warming as a moral duty. Something we need to do for future generations. Most Americans see combating ...
Lefty Coaster 02/27/2015 17 36 - -
Harper's RCMP secret memo rants:“highly organized & well-financed anti-Canada petroleum movement"
RCMP called ‘anti-petroleum’ critics a potential security threat The RCMP had identified “anti-petroleum” critics as a potential security threat, according to a threat assessment dated ...
Lefty Coaster 02/20/2015 20 28 - -
Oil Train Derails Catches Fire in W. Va. Disaster Declared 2 Towns Evacuated
This is the second fiery oil train derailment in just the last three days. LATEST: More shelters set up in connection with train derailment 7:30 p.m. UPDATE: West Virginia Governor Earl Ray ...
Lefty Coaster 02/16/2015 18 48 1 -
Washington (State) shows way toward a Low Carbon Future looks at Ending Coal Burning
Its starting out as a very bad year for Big Coal, and its likely to get worse. Norway's national sovereign wealth fund (world's largest) says NO to Coal and Tar Sands investments Bills in ...
Lefty Coaster 02/14/2015 24 39 - -
1st Openly Transgender former member of SEAL Team 6 will primary Steny Hoyer!
We desperately need a better Democrat to take over Steny Hoyer's seat. In his Hous leadership position as whip Hoyer has been a constant drag on trying to incorporate progressive policies in ...
Lefty Coaster 02/13/2015 14 30 - -
Norway's national sovereign wealth fund (world's largest) says NO to Coal and Tar Sands investments
World Financial Markets are beginning to show that there isn't much of a future in digging up more Coals or Bitumen. Our dirtiest Fossil Fuels will need to be strictly regulated in the near future ...
Lefty Coaster 02/06/2015 18 39 1 -
Ted Cruz's Attempt to Obstruct Lynch Confirmation SLAPPED DOWN by Republican Senate Caucus
Ted Cruz's knee jerk attempts to obstruct every initiative by the Obama Administration in the Senate has fallen into disfavor with the rest of the Republican Caucus. Now that Republicans are running ...
Lefty Coaster 02/05/2015 16 35 - -
Israeli officials try & "fail to quell Democratic revolt" over Bibi's speech to Congress
It just keeps looking worse each day for the Boehner Bibi duo, and their Likud campaign extravaganza/ Photo Op coming up in the Capitol Building. Israeli officials fail to quell Democratic revolt ...
Lefty Coaster 02/04/2015 202 263 1 -
Politico reports many Democrats may skip Netanyahu's speech
The possibility that a substantial number of Democrats may skip Netanyahu's campaign speech to the Congress seems to be a reaction to Boehner and Bibi teaming up to snub President Obama. And it is ...
Lefty Coaster 02/03/2015 26 40 2 -
This century starts as hottest on record, and UN says its almost certain to continue that way
With 14 of the 15 hottest years occurring in the 21st Century the United Nations World Meteorological Organization expects that this will be the hottest century on record. 21st century ‘hottest’
Lefty Coaster 02/02/2015 3 19 - -
How Global Warming creates Volcanic Eruptions with a New Photo Dairy of an unrelated Eruption
Global Warming can have such a drastic effect on our planet it can melt glaciers allowing the earth's crust to rebound when the glacier's weight is removed, and even produce volcanic eruptions in ...
Lefty Coaster 01/31/2015 38 53 1 -
5 yrs after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Obama wants to drill in the Atlantic from Va. to Ga.
Five years after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico President Obama unfortunately has joined the "Drill Baby Drill" chorus. The Obama Administration wants to start leasing tracts ...
Lefty Coaster 01/29/2015 25 23 - -
All the Commentators are Unanimous: Obama and Republicans agree on US Trade Policy
After President Obama's SOTUS every commentator on all the various networks mentioned that one area of agreement between the Republicans and Obama was on US Trade Policy. Specificly on the Trans ...
Lefty Coaster 01/20/2015 27 31 1 -
Albuquerque PD lieutenant shoots undercover police officer multiple times
The Albuquerque PD has shot another victim and this time its one of their department's own officers working undercover. The circumstances surrounding this latest shooting have yet to be released. $...
Lefty Coaster 01/12/2015 195 297 4 -
Steven Brill & 60 Minutes show why letting lobbyists write the ACA was an Enormous Blunder
In 2009 when the Affordable Care Act was being crafted together a calculation was made not to challenge the entrenched power of the big stakeholders in the American Health Care system no doubt to ...
Lefty Coaster 01/11/2015 210 134 1 -
Chilling video of a Toddler playing with their parents gun
This is shocking. This video comes a week after a 2 year old toddler shot and killed his mother in an Idaho Walmart. Teaching any child that a gun is a plaything is a prelude to a potential ...
Lefty Coaster 01/11/2015 90 28 - -
Map of State Governments' Dependence on Federal Money
This is a very illuminating map from the Tax Foundation showing which state governments are most dependent on Federal dollars as a percentage of state government spending. Naturally the states ...
Lefty Coaster 01/10/2015 36 16 1 -
Australia's Fires consume "largest amount of territory in more than three decades."
Wildfires in Australia have long been part of the continent's wildlands. Now these wildfires are increasingly moving into more developed areas, as the country is having its worst fire season in 30+ ...
Lefty Coaster 01/07/2015 10 26 - -
West Virginia's School Board votes to dumb down standards for teaching Climate Science
The School Board that sets the state of West Virginia's teaching standards for all public schools in the state has altered the science curriculum to give climate denialism an equal standing with the ...
Lefty Coaster 01/06/2015 35 21 1 -
Massey Energy's Don Blankenship "symbolized lethal greed"
Massey Energy president Don Blankenship has become Dirty Energy's poster boy for insatiable greed and disregard for public safety and health. Disgraced coal baron Blankenship of Massey Energy ...
Lefty Coaster 01/04/2015 33 104 1 -
Pope Francis prepares to issue Vatican teachings on Climate Change to 1.2 Billion Catholics
Pope Francis wants the Church's 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide to take action to reduce the impacts of human caused Global Warming. Pope Francis Calls for Action on Climate Change & Capitalism ...
Lefty Coaster 01/01/2015 109 146 3 -
29 yr old Woman shot and killed by her toddler son when he grabbed a concealed gun in her purse
This is so sad. Toddler accidentally shoots Hayden Walmart shopper A woman was shopping with four kids, when one of the kids reached into her purse and accidentally discharged the weapon, ...
Lefty Coaster 12/30/2014 24 38 - -
Time to choose: Which of these future worlds do we want for our Grandchildren?
We face a stark choice which world we will leave to our grandchildren and their grandchildren.
Lefty Coaster 12/27/2014 3 19 - -
The 'Buy Nothing Christmas' movement is growing rapidly
I LOVE this! Local families embracing 'buy nothing Christmas' By Matt Markovich SEATTLE -- The Christmas buying season is almost over ...
Lefty Coaster 12/25/2014 105 157 - -
Twas the Night Before Congress
Twas the night before Congress, when all through the House Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse. Lobbyists were busy writing new bills with care, In hopes that their words would make things ...
Lefty Coaster 12/24/2014 13 43 - -
Twas the night before Congress
Twas the night before Congress, when all through the House Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse. Lobbyists were busy writing new bills with care, In hopes that their words would make things ...
Lefty Coaster 12/18/2014 13 4 - -
Enbridge pipeline ruptures 1,350 barrels of oil spilled at Regina, Saskatchewan pumping station
Enbridge's pipeline number 4 ruptured last night releasing 1,350 barrels of oil from a pumping station in Regina, Saskatchewan. Pipeline number four, the largest pipeline carrying Canadian oil into ...
Lefty Coaster 12/18/2014 7 19 - -
Washington Governor Jay Inslee proposes a Carbon Charge for big polluters
I had the opportunity to talk with then Congressman Jay Inslee at length at Netroots Nation 2009 in Pittsburgh. We spent most of that time talking about transitioning to sustainable energy. He ...
Lefty Coaster 12/17/2014 14 40 - -
Triggerhappy Albuquerque PD strikes again! - Man accidentally shot as he sat in his own apartment
The Albuquerque Police Department already found by a U.S. Justice Department report to have "too often used deadly force in an unconstitutional manner," has struck again. Officer accidentally ...
Lefty Coaster 12/15/2014 21 31 1 -
Peggy Noonan discovers that the Republican Party has a "Progressive Wing, sort of"
Yesterday Face the Nation regular Peggy Noonan shared her expertise on the Republican Party's wide diversity of viewpoints, pointing to its progressive wing. Bob Schieffer: Do we think Elizabeth ...
Lefty Coaster 12/15/2014 24 13 - -
How the Bipartisan Millionaires Party took over the US Government
The Millionaires Party began to take large strides toward a hostile takeover of the US Government back in 1981. That's when Reagan got his so called "Economic Recovery Tax Act" passed on a vote of ...
Lefty Coaster 12/14/2014 54 54 2 -
Bad News for GOP Denier Congress: nearly 1/2 of Republicans believe in Man Made Global Warming!
Bad news for James Inhofe the new Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton. Increasing numbers of Republicans no longer go ...
Lefty Coaster 12/13/2014 10 15 - -
Rick Perry: "Running for the presidency's not an IQ test."
For the last decade most Americans have known you don't need much intelligence to become President of the United States. That's an unfortunate fact. George W. Bush proved it beyond any shadow of a ...
Lefty Coaster 12/11/2014 24 13 - -
A Video to share with Climate Denier Friends Acquaintances and Family Members
Here is a video "Climate Change What You Need To Know" that lays out the case for Human caused Global Warming in a clear and easily understandable way. Please share this widely with your undecided ...
Lefty Coaster 12/10/2014 3 11 - -
Don't forget the CIA Betrayed the Public's Trust in 2014 too
Back of about nine months down the memory hole one of the C.I.A.'s most sensitive intelligence gathering operations was exposed to the enemy: the American People. The C.I.A. even distrusts those who ...
Lefty Coaster 12/09/2014 3 7 - -
As Obama WH welcomes GOP gains for trade pact vote, Democrats should stand up and Reject the T.P.P.
Real Democrats know Republicans ideas like NAFTA promoted by sell-outs like Bill Clinton have done immeasurable damage to the US manufacturing sector and the Democratic Party's own credibility with ...
Lefty Coaster 12/09/2014 83 67 3 -
Dick Cheney Lied about Torture
This blunt headline at Politico won't come as news to most people here on this site but it will to many across the country. Dick Cheney Was Lying About Torture By ...
Lefty Coaster 12/08/2014 260 316 5 -
MTP Explains why Congress is broken: "all you need to know. Half of them are Millionaires."
Those who saw Meet the Press today were treated to a rare act of journalism. Meet the Press Transcript - December 7, 2014 CHUCK TODD: Nerd screen time about Congress and wealth. The majority of ...
Lefty Coaster 12/07/2014 114 156 2 -
New Super Typhoon forms on a track for the Philippines
A new Super Typhoon has formed in the Western Pacific is is on a track heading towards the Philippines. Latest indications are its losing some of it intensity. 'Very Ugly': 32 Million in ...
Lefty Coaster 12/04/2014 12 40 - -
Low Wage and Fast Food Workers go on Strike
Fast food workers, other low-wage employees launch nationwide strike by Ned Resnikoff Fast-food workers in roughly 190 cities nationwide are set to walk off the job Thursday morning, d emanding an ...
Lefty Coaster 12/04/2014 1 5 - -
Quebec's Premier Couillard tells TransCanada that its proposed oil terminal shouldn't be built
Another setback for the variable Tar Sands Octopus pipeline operator and builder TransCanada. TransCanada should abandon plans for port terminal in beluga area: Quebec premier By Martin ...
Lefty Coaster 12/02/2014 11 30 - -
Chris Hedges lays out predicament we face to address Global Warming - COP 20 Conference bogs down
I have to say I agree with most of what Chris Hedges says in this interview about the daunting challenges we face in trying to take action to avoid the most catastrophic consequences from Global ...
Lefty Coaster 12/02/2014 22 22 - -
Stunning NASA video: A Year of CO2 Emissions & Blunt World Bank Warning to World Leaders
This NASA video dramatically shows CO2 emissions from the heavily industrialized regions of the Global North. Arctic Amplification is altering the Jet Stream a major driver of weather, ...
Lefty Coaster 11/30/2014 29 40 - -
Marc Eliesen former CEO of BC Hydro BLASTS Canada's NEB Trans Mountain pipeline review as "a farce"
Marc Eliesen is the former C.E.O. of BC Hydro, the province of British Columbia's electric utility as well the former chairman Chairman of Manitoba Hydro, that provence's electric utility. Eliesen ...
Lefty Coaster 11/28/2014 17 18 - -
2 Victories for Anti Pipeline Protesters trying to halt Kinder Morgan's TransMountain expansion
Today protesters won two legal victories in their fight to halt Kinder Morgan's proposed expansion of its Trans Mountain Pipeline through British Columbia to Vancouver. Contempt charges thrown ...
Lefty Coaster 11/27/2014 13 24 - -
San Francisco passes a Retail Workers Bill of Rights
This Retail Workers Bill of Rights is an idea that's long overdue. San Francisco just created some of the country’s toughest protections for retail workers By Emily Badger Low-wage, part-time ...
Lefty Coaster 11/27/2014 4 15 1 -
Israeli President blasts Netanyahu's proposed Law proclaiming only Jews possess "National Rights"
Israel's President Reuven Rivlin a member of Netanyahu's Likud Party blasted Bibi's proposed new law that proclaims that only Israel's Jewish citizens possess "national rights". Israeli president ...
Lefty Coaster 11/26/2014 49 41 2 -
In Defense of Bill Cosby
Here are the arguments in defense of Bill Cosby's behavior: That sums them up.
Lefty Coaster 11/24/2014 48 39 - -
911 caller says "There's a guy with a pistol, and it's probably fake" 12 yr old killed by Rookie Cop
Its happened again. A rookie Cleveland police officer responding to a 911 call shot a 12 year old boy in the stomach killing him. The caller warned the 911 operator that the gun was probably not ...
Lefty Coaster 11/23/2014 404 182 - -
Kinder Morgan has 34 protesters arrested as it resumes work on proposed Tar Sands Pipeline
Pipeline operator Kinder Morgan had the RCMP arrest 34 protesters occupying one of its work sites in a public conservation area popular with hikers and picnickers near Vancouver B.C. Where Kinder ...
Lefty Coaster 11/22/2014 19 22 - -
Seattle's Socialist City Council member arrested at SeaTac Airport Minimum Wage protest
Kshama Sawant (who ran as a Socialist winning a seat on Seattle's City Counci)l was arrested at a protest against a lawsuit by Alaska Airlines attempting to exempt SeaTac Airport from the new ...
Lefty Coaster 11/19/2014 18 27 - -
Trans Canada consultant suggests smear campaign & harassment against Quebec Pipeline opponents
P.R. Firm Urges TransCanada to Target Opponents of Its Energy East Pipeline By Ian Austen OTTAWA — The advice from a top American public relations firm was simple: A Canadian pipeline company ...
Lefty Coaster 11/18/2014 6 12 - -
Salish Sea & Bluff
Passage to the North Pacific 90 miles to the West Its getting late and all the other hikers have already descended to their cars. The only sounds are the lapping of ...
Lefty Coaster 11/16/2014 22 49 - -
Introducing the Dirty Thirty - House Democrats who voted for Keystone XL
The 31 House Democrats that voted for the Keystone XL pipeline, mapped By Philip Bump Thirty-one Democrats broke ranks with the rest of their caucus on Friday to vote in favor of approving the ...
Lefty Coaster 11/15/2014 34 23 - -
Pope Francis provides showers for Rome's homeless - Calls on G-20 to treat their poor better
The more I see of Pope Francis the more I appreciate his moral leadership on how the advanced economies treat their less fortunate citizens. The Vatican Is ...
Lefty Coaster 11/13/2014 85 113 2 -
WHAT?? Exit Poll shows a hefty majority of VOTERS share Democratic views on Inequity & Immigration
Exit poll: Party leaders a drag on both sides There seems to be a disconcerting disconnect between what a majority of voters think and who they voted for. An AP exist poll shows that most voters ...
Lefty Coaster 11/09/2014 13 8 - -
2014 was a Watershed Election (not in a good way): How the US got the Best Congress Money Can Buy
How did American representative democracy become so undermined by the overwhelming power of big money interests, that our congress went up for auction in 2014? The main reason is over the last seven ...
Lefty Coaster 11/07/2014 22 15 1 -
Even Chuck Todd knows why Republicans can't win decisively
In a new piece Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dan highlights Republicans' diminishing support as a result of their radical policies, and disruptive tactics based on new NBC / Wall Street ...
Lefty Coaster 11/03/2014 52 77 1 -
Why anyone in the South would continue to vote Republican after seeing this Map defies logic
Why any ostensibly rational person living in Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana who saw this map, and still would think their states' Republican leaders' ...
Lefty Coaster 10/19/2014 419 401 18 -
Only Tug was 26 hours away from drifting Russian ship close to BC's rocky coast UPDATED X 2
A Russian ship the Simushir is adrift about 25 kilometres ( 15 miles) off Tasu Sound in the Queen Charlotte Islands. The lack of a timely response points to the folly of Canada's Harper Government's ...
Lefty Coaster 10/17/2014 85 139 1 -
Northwest Tribes call for improved protection of Pacific Salmon
A powerful message to to start considering the needs of Pacific Salmon comes from the native peoples of the coastal region that straddles the US Canadian border Salmon people pray for sacred fish ...
Lefty Coaster 10/05/2014 7 49 - -
Rush implies Women are to blame for all the NFL's problems
Today as he started his show Rush Limbaugh implied women might be to blame all of the NFL's recent problems . Look, I'm asking because I don't know and I'm wondering -- this is a pop culture thing,
Lefty Coaster 10/01/2014 25 19 - -
With Israel's Government an Unwilling Partner for Peace PA's Abbas turns to the UN Security Council
Frustrated with the secession of Israeli Governments' who have shown a complete lack of interest in good faith negotiations with the Palestinian Authority toward a framework settlement to the ...
Lefty Coaster 09/26/2014 22 21 - -
Waitress turned Author gave most of $2,000 Tips from Rush Limbaugh to Pro-Choice group in Texas
This is a delicious account from waitress turned author Merritt Tierce of how she received a couple of $2,000 tips from Hate-Talk Radio personality and de facto leader of the Republican Party Rush ...
Lefty Coaster 09/24/2014 12 16 - -
Photo Diary: International Rally over Climate Change and protection of the Salish Sea
Today I attended the rally over Climate Change and protection of the Salish Sea. It took place at the Peace Arch that straddles the US Canada border. It was organized by some Tribes on the US side ...
Lefty Coaster 09/21/2014 12 45 - -
“This is the real militarization of police — when the military becomes the police.”
This is very disturbing news. 9th Circuit tosses child-porn evidence, cites Navy snooping 9th Circuit judges say Naval Criminal Investigative Service has routinely probed the computers of ...
Lefty Coaster 09/18/2014 80 171 - -
Nate Silver: "this Senate race is pretty darned close"
Some Progressives have found the news at 538 so discouraging they have stopped looking at it. But the news at 538 isn't discouraging for Democrats any more. Senate Update: Democrats Draw Almost ...
Lefty Coaster 09/16/2014 26 29 - -
Wonkette pillories Senate Republicans for blocking Fair Pay for Women
Wonkette's response to Senate Republicans blocking a vote dripping with sarcasm is richly deserved by Republicans for their courage to block votes on bills that enjoy wide popularity. Senate ...
Lefty Coaster 09/16/2014 5 10 - -
Actavis "games" FDA regulations to gouge vulnerable Alzheimer's Patients Schneiderman sues
Brent Saunders CEO of Actavis wants to continue to squeeze $300 a month from Alzheimer’s patients, because of course Actavis is all about the money not helping those with their deadly incurable ...
Lefty Coaster 09/16/2014 3 17 - -
Bernie Sanders: “I am thinking about running for president,”
Will Bernie run? Senator Bernie Sanders 'thinking of running for president' in 2016 Sanders, an independent from Vermont, could pose a challenge from the left to the former first lady and ...
Lefty Coaster 09/14/2014 399 228 3 -
18 yr UK study shows commuters who Walk, Bike, or take Public Transport have Improved Well-Being
A new 18 year long study of 18,000 commuters as subjects finds that driving to work is detrimental to our individual well-being as wall as detrimental to our collective well being. Walking or ...
Lefty Coaster 09/14/2014 15 15 - -
Boston Globe reveals Obama's 'War on Coal' is illusory given his administration's promotion of coal
President Obama's announced goal of significant reductions of emissions of CO2 was seen as a fatal blow to the American coal industry. But long standing federal policies that promote and subsidize ...
Lefty Coaster 09/14/2014 56 26 2 -
The New York Review of Books Eviscerates Hillary's book 'Hard Choices'
The New York Review of Books didn't just dislike Hillary's book they hated it as a insipid self-serving promotion assembled by a "Book Team'. Hillary By Joseph Lelyveld The book landed with a ...
Lefty Coaster 09/12/2014 66 30 1 -
A look inside the Kochtopus complex shell game to hide the origins of money
Thomas B. Edsall writing in the New York Times examines the hidden machinations of Big Money network of influence often referred to as the Kochtopus. Who Needs a Smoke-Filled Room? By Thomas B. ...
Lefty Coaster 09/10/2014 4 16 - -
Bill Moyers: 'Corporate America Pays to Send Global Warming Deniers to Capitol Hill'
I am republishing this piece under Bill Moyers and Company's Creative Commons guidelines, in its entirety, in this case without additional commentary. Corporate America Pays to Send Global ...
Lefty Coaster 09/09/2014 22 32 1 -
SodaStream's probable move from Occupied West Bank is a Big Victory for BDS
Despite the adamant disclaimers by SodaStream's CEO this appears to be a major victory for the BDS movement. Report: SodaStream mulling departure from West Bank plant JERUSALEM (JTA) — The ...
Lefty Coaster 09/08/2014 25 38 - -
David Koch on Obama: “hard-core economic socialist” “most radical president we’ve ever had"
In Politico's profile of Richard Fink the Koch brothers long time political strategist Richard Fink titled 'Charles Koch’s Brain' we get an glimpse into the bizarre doctrinaire view the brothers ...
Lefty Coaster 09/07/2014 99 110 3 -
Canada's Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion is "Keystone XL 2.0"
Bloomberg news compares Kinder-Morgan's proposed expansion of the existing Trans-Mountain to the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline and its an appropriate comparison. The expansion of Trans-Mountain ...
Lefty Coaster 09/06/2014 10 27 1 -
Netanyahu Government announces new Expansion of an illegal Settlement
Is if to remove any lingering doubts about the Netanyahu Government's true priorities being territorial expansion and a "Greater Israel", on the heels of its unilateral confiscation of 1,000 acres ...
Lefty Coaster 09/05/2014 73 30 - -
Persistent Drought a Threat to Civilizations - Odds Humans are causing Global Warming 99.99%?
Our alterations to the makeup of the earth's atmosphere are likely to be so disruptive that they could potentially threaten the sustainability of civilizations in the most adversely affected regions.
Lefty Coaster 09/05/2014 25 23 - -
2 Montana Coal Companies team up to boost exports to Asia through proposed NW Terminals
Two coal companies operating in Montana's Powder River Basin are combining resources to expand coal exports through proposed new terminals in the Pacific Northwest. Coal mine deal paves way for ...
Lefty Coaster 09/04/2014 15 27 1 -
President Obama and P.M. Cameron call for a 'Coalition of the Willing' 2.0 to defeat ISIS
President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron are calling for forming a new coalition of countries to fight ISIS. Barack Obama and David Cameron seek coalition against Isis Western leaders ...
Lefty Coaster 09/04/2014 41 10 1 -
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