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This Bipartisan Bill Might Put Congress Members Into A Very 'Tight' Position
Oh, I just love this. And the fact that it's a ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/05/2015 14 27 1 -
TX Republican Lawmaker Wants Women To Carry Nonviable Fetuses To Full Term
Last week in Texas, a Republican lawmaker proposed an amendment so outrageous, that even some of his own GOP colleagues were repulsed. ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/03/2015 486 357 4 -
That 2012 Bernie Sanders Speech That Could Help Him Win In 2016
"You know, I, for the love of me, I cannot understand why people who have billions of dollars are compulsively driven for more and how many people have got to die because they don't go to a doctor,
Leslie Salzillo 05/03/2015 36 50 3 -
8-Year Old Creates Stunning Victory For Gender Equality
Congratulations to Els, from North London, for her astounding accomplishment. The 8-year old managed to convince a mega book publisher to stop marketing books that are titled 'for boys' and '...
Leslie Salzillo 05/02/2015 28 234 1 -
Dr. Phil Schools Fox Host On Racial Inequities - And Telling The Truth
Fox News recently brought in celebrated TV therapist, Dr. Phil , to educate their staff on the inequalities between black and white kids in America. Now, with riots in Baltimore spreading ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/30/2015 68 78 1 -
Public Defender Describes Vile And Illegal Conditions Of Baltimore Citizens Being Held In Jail
Photo courtesy of J.M. Giordano at the Baltimore City Paper Public Defender Marci Tarrant Johnson posted this story on ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/30/2015 79 261 6 -
Jimmy Carter Explains The Biggest Problem In Presidential Campaigns Today (And It's Not Ted Cruz)
According to International Business Journal, former President Jimmy Carter said he raised 'zero' money in donations during his 1976 run against the current President Gerald Ford, who also ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/29/2015 51 105 3 -
Meme Sums Up Embarrassing Riot Coverage On Mainstream Media
So, we have 'white riots' ( because we lost the game ), and 'black riots' ( because we're losing our lives ). Guess which riots national and mainstream media choose to demonize? ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/28/2015 93 284 6 -
Native Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Movie Set In Protest Of Racist, Sexist & Cultural Stereotype
Sometimes comedies are just not funny. During the production of Adam Sandler's upcoming film called, The Ridiculous Six , the offensive script and condescending film ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/28/2015 100 126 2 -
'War Criminal' George Bush Jr. Decides To School President Obama On Matters - Yes, War
It was only a matter of time before little George Jr. would have the audacity (and stupidity) to criticize President Obama's foreign strategies and peace negotiations. This past Saturday turned ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/27/2015 130 166 2 -
Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) Deservingly Enjoys Victory In Helping Destroy A Conglomerate Merger
Leslie Salzillo 04/26/2015 45 141 1 -
Could This Be The Face Of Israel's Next Prime Minister?
"We want an Israel that celebrates diversity, where tolerance is not a weakness it’s a strength. We want an Israel that teaches its poor with compassion. We want an Israel that treats minorities ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/25/2015 47 90 5 -
Top Spokesman For GOP Hate Monger Rush Limbaugh - Wants Hate Speech Removed From Twitter
Brian Glicklich, head PR man and spokesperson for The Rush Limbaugh Show recently wrote an opinion piece stating he is very upset about 'hate speech' on Twitter. Never mind that he's been ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/24/2015 62 79 3 -
Jimmy Carter: 'Losing My Religion For Equality'
For most of his life, Jimmy Carter has been an advocate for human rights. In 1982, one year after leaving the Oval Office, the former US President and his wife Rosalynn Carter, founded ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/23/2015 582 768 24 -
Fox News & Sarah Palin Denounced In Stunning Earth Day Video By Prince Ea (50M+ Views)
In this visually beautiful and mesmerizing piece, 27 year-old Prince Ea apologies to future generations for what we are doing, and not doing, to the planet today. The six-minute video contains so ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/22/2015 112 325 12 -
Watch Jack Nicholson Explain 'Freedom' - In 50 Seconds (VIDEO)
"That's what's it's all about, all right. But talkin' about it and vein' it, that's two different things." -George Hanson (Jack Nicholson) on 'freedom' in the movie Easy Rider . Released in 1969,
Leslie Salzillo 04/22/2015 30 75 3 -
To The Anti-Choice Coward Who Keyed My Car & Left A Note (Here's A Note For You)
I recently came out of a Harris Teeters in Raleigh, NC, and was putting my groceries in the car, when I noticed a note attached to the passenger side windshield. I figured someone must be ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/19/2015 322 365 7 -
Safari Game Hunter Ian Gibson Killed By Elephant - While On Hunt
The death of Ian Gibson, a well-established American game hunter, made news across the globe this month. Gibson was crushed and killed by an elephant, while on a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe, ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/18/2015 454 166 - -
Radio Station WIBC Admits The 'Real' Reason They Are Dumping GOP Extremist Rush Limbaugh
Last week, I covered a story about the Conservative Radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, being dropped from the Indianapolis radio station, WIBC, after 22 years. WIBC parent ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/15/2015 183 473 7 -
Republican Hate Monger Rush Limbaugh Gets Dumped Again - This Time In Indianapolis
It's been a long, slow, and ugly ride downhill for Republican ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/13/2015 66 151 3 -
John Boehner Outs Himself As He Calls Obama An 'Anti-War' President
“The world is starving for American leadership. But America has an anti-war president ,” Boehner said during a Capitol ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/28/2015 182 300 4 -
World Leaders Condemn Acts By Paul, Rubio & 47 'Traitors' Who Sent Letter To Iran - Petition Soars
Highly ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/14/2015 267 400 6 -
40 Corporate Polluters Exposed In Report - Citizens Demand Feds Investigate Koch-Scott-Bush Deal
"The same companies that are polluting our rivers with toxic chemicals are also polluting our politics with their spending." - Jennifer Rubiello, Environment Florida Campaign Organizer ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/11/2015 21 33 1 -
'In The Red' iHeart Media (Home Of Rush Limbaugh) Closes TX Headquarters
Leslie Salzillo 03/05/2015 25 59 - -
Rush Limbaugh Admits Defeat On Facebook - 'Talk' Of Being Dropped In Chicago Circulates
Reports are flying that the large Chicago Cumulus radio ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/05/2015 208 396 2 -
Merle Haggard - It's Almost 'Criminal' What They Do To President Obama
A Merle Haggard quote has been circulating social media, almost as if it appeared in response to the incredible disrespect shown to President Obama ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/04/2015 263 598 8 -
Rush Limbaugh Says Netanyahu Is Everything Obama Is Not & You Know, He's Actually Right (Profanity)
Yes, the King of Hate Radio rocks back and forth from hate monger to Koch-sucker to asshole. Today he chose to wear his ass-hat . I rarely write about what Limbaugh says, as it only promotes his ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/04/2015 33 77 - -
Dept. Of Corrections Postpones All Georgia Executions To Analyze Drugs Used In Lethal Injections
This past week stories and a ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/04/2015 5 9 - -
Before U.S. Congress - Netanyahu Dangerously Condemns Obama's Foreign Peace Negotiations
During Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before Congress today, the prime minister of Israel blatantly attacked President Obama's ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/03/2015 118 143 2 -
Kelly Gissendaner's Execution Scheduled For Monday Night In Georgia - Now On Hold
Per an earlier Daily Kos story this morning, Death Row inmate, Kelly Gissendaner was scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection at 7PM this evening. It's ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/02/2015 15 16 1 -
Last Minute Petition Quickly Grows As Faith Leaders & The Public Unite To Save Woman's Life
A Georgia woman, Kelly Gissendaner, is sentenced to die this evening at 7PM. The mother of three was convicted of plotting the murder of her husband and has been on Death Row for 17 years. Gregory ...
Leslie Salzillo 03/01/2015 29 30 - -
Barbara Boxer Knocks It Out Of The F*cking Park With GOP Hypocrisy, Irresponsibility & Obama Hatred
"This is a self-inflicted crisis, made up by the Republicans. It is dangerous, it is the height of irresponsibility, and it's unnecessary."-Barbara Boxer, February 24, 2015 (regarding ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/24/2015 372 758 22 -
Rush Limbaugh's Radio Daddy IHeart/Clear Channel Posts Big Quarterly Losses (Big Like In Huge)
The home of 'hate radio' including The Rush Limbaugh Show, has had a bad day, bad week, bad quarter, and bad year. Billboard Magazine reports IHeart ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/20/2015 53 110 2 -
Time Magazine Affirms - Rush Limbaugh Is In Trouble
It seems the larger mainstream media outlets like Time Magazine are starting to realize that 'small-fry' social media outlets have become a force to be reckoned with. Last week, I published ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/19/2015 287 454 5 -
'I am a TEA PARTYER, but this was over the line' - Boycott Rush Limbaugh Sponsor Petition Hits 100k!
Surprisingly, the quote in this story's title is not by Conservative talking head, Rush Limbaugh. It's by a Tea Party member outraged by Limbaugh's hate speech. 'Ricardo from New York' was the ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/17/2015 81 173 2 -
Pope Reviles ISIS Beheadings Of 21 Christians - U.S. To Discuss Action With EU & Egypt
Sunday brought more horrifying acts of human torture and murder by ISIS . Twenty-one ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/17/2015 14 11 - -
About That 'Atheist' Who Killed 3 Young Muslims In North Carolina…
On February 10, 2015, a 46-year old 'self proclaimed' atheist , took his gun, managed his way into his neighbor's ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/12/2015 1039 375 10 -
6 Rush Limbaugh Sponsors Creep Back In To Promote Valentine's Day - Boycotters Show Them Some Love
According to the StopRush Database , six sponsors are back on the Rush Limbaugh Show for special Valentine's Day promotions. (Two of the six companies, 1800Flowers and Pro-Flowers, never really ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/09/2015 48 107 1 -
$450k+ Raised For Father Who Refuses To Give Up Baby With Downs Syndrome After Wife/Mother Abandons
On January 21, 2015, Samuel Forrest was called into a private hospital room in Armenia , after his wife gave birth. The doctors told Forrest his son, Leo, was born with Downs Syndrome, ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/07/2015 66 95 - -
Obama 'Ends Recession' With New Jobs Report …And No, McConnell - GOP Can't Take Credit
Friday brought mighty good news to all Americans, with special kudos to Democrats, and the Obama administration. The new job report claims employers have added a plethora of jobs. And wages have ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/06/2015 23 40 1 -
Wall Street Journal Confirms Boycotters Are Winning The Fight Against Rush Limbaugh/Hate Radio
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 96 232 3 -
Rush Limbaugh Scores ZERO 'Truth' In Politifact Survey - His Pants Are Soooo On Fire
Looks as though the self-proclaimed 'Mayor Of Real-zville' is more ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/04/2015 115 98 2 -
EXCLUSIVE - Koch Brothers, Rick Scott And Jeb Bush Exposed In Florida Pipeline Scandal
Florida Attorney Steve Medina has been working on a case, pro bono, to expose the environmental corruption which has been taking place in Tallahassee and Putnam County, Florida. Tons of toxic ...
Leslie Salzillo 02/03/2015 255 577 31 -
8 Brave Souls Crash U.S. Supreme Court To Protest The Koch-Loved 'Citizens United' (VIDEO)
In the midst of President Obama's State Of The Union Address , and the following day of House Speaker Boehner breaking government protocol and endangering crucial Iranian arms negotiations, ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/29/2015 113 36 2 -
Battered Mother, Marissa Alexander, Finally Free From Prison After 3 Years - For Defending Her Life
We've been following the Marissa Alexander case for two years, and I am extremely happy to post this press release from the Free Marissa Now folks.
Leslie Salzillo 01/27/2015 311 321 10 -
Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To Out Infidelities Of Anti-LGBT Colleagues: 'I Don't Like Hypocrites'
"One thing I'm pretty consistent on is I do not like hypocrites. If you can explain your position and you hold yourself to the same standard you want to hold me to, then fine. But you cannot go ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/27/2015 19 50 2 -
8 Arrested As Fearless Pro-Choice Group Turns The Heat Around On Anti-Choice March In DC
There's a new powerhouse in town called The organization takes a strong proactive approach to fight the Republican War on Women and constant assault on women's reproductive ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/26/2015 116 269 4 -
Molly Ivins Explains Late-Term Abortion Indisputably - In 121 Seconds
For decades, anti-choice Republican lawmakers have tried to chip away at the legal reproductive rights of women, and the battle continues today . When it comes to  late-term abortion, the topic ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/23/2015 131 223 6 -
UPDATED - Boehner Ignores U.S. Protocol And Endangers Crucial Iranian Negotiations
One day after President Obama's State Of The Union address,
Leslie Salzillo 01/22/2015 317 208 1 -
Ask Obama, Kerry, Biden, Pfeiffer, Rhodes… #AskTheWH - All Day Today
President Obama and his administration invite you to ask them anything today, via various social media platforms, using the hashtag #AskTheWH . It's a chance to question, comment, or voice your ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/21/2015 5 5 - -
No Pardon - Young Woman To Serve 30 Years For Miscarriage
With some stories, I'm not sure where to begin, because the news has me stunned and almost speechless. I want to turn away, block it out and find something happy to do, or something else to think ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/19/2015 294 523 12 -
POTUS Is Kicking Some GOP Ass With This New Gallup Approval Rating
Most folks have noticed a different kind of Barack Obama these days - and we like it. He's got sort of a, 'I don't give a shit about the non-compromising GOP - fuck 'em. I've got the veto power, ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/17/2015 237 275 4 -
If You've Ever Been A Server In America… THIS
Last night, a friend on Facebook messaged me the above editorial. I'm finding it hits home, not only for me, but also for anyone who has held a serving position in this country. Because the image ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/17/2015 373 485 10 -
Poor Rush - So Hard Up For Sponsors, He's Airing 'Limbaugh' Ads - Boycotters Continue Happy Dance
Yes, it's true. Conservative 'hate radio' talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, is having such a hard time getting and keeping sponsors for his show due to the national boycott, he's airing promo ads of ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/16/2015 38 67 1 -
Rush Limbaugh Receives Death Threats & 'Child Molester' Accusation By Drunken Ohio Man
When you send vile hatred out to the public and to the universe for 25 years, there's no telling what you'll get back. According to Tim Reardon at ABC affiliate, 
Leslie Salzillo 01/15/2015 28 29 - -
President Carter To Jon Stewart: The 'Palestinian Problem' is 'Part Of' The Terrorist Problem
Former President Jimmy Carter appeared on the Jon Stewart Daily Show this past Monday. Carter, who is a peace advocate, ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/13/2015 72 71 1 -
83-Year Old Woman Arrested Protesting Outside Dick Cheney's Window (ABNER!)
An 83-year old woman was one of ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/11/2015 89 133 1 -
Anonymous To ISIS & Al-Qaeda: 'We Will Track You -- Nowhere Will You Be Safe'
The Belgium 'branch' of activist group, Anonymous, has released a press release video on YouTube, declaring war on Al-Qaeda ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/10/2015 142 210 3 -
President Obama Puts Free College Tuition On America's Agenda (VIDEO)
In his continuous quest to finish what he came to do, President Obama now aims to make the first two years of college free - for millions of Americans. In his new plan, revealed on Thursday, ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/09/2015 32 23 - -
2 Democrats Hilariously Yank McConnell's Chain After One Of His Most Asinine Statements
David McCabe ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/08/2015 302 462 5 -
Cartoonists Worldwide Create Tribute Drawings For Slain Paris Journalists
Many around the world are still in shock after Wednesday's terrorist attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo , a satirical weekly in Paris, France. Ten journalists and two police officers are ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/07/2015 114 212 5 -
These Tiny Hidden Cameras Can Help You Record Human Rights Violations - Anywhere (VIDEO)
"Today, there is a new front in the fight for human rights. I used to carry a big gun. Now, I am carrying this. This is a much more powerful and much, much more effective weapon. But we have to ...
Leslie Salzillo 01/07/2015 12 32 4 -
A Short, Hilarious, And 'F*cking Fabulous' Response By A Gay Couple After A Hate Crime
Oh, this is rich. During the Christmas holidays, a gay couple had their apartment door carved out with the word, 'FAGGOTS,' a tactic one might use to demean and intimidate. Instead, the residing ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/29/2014 89 364 4 -
10 Rush Limbaugh Sponsors To Boycott (With One Honorable Mention)
Many people want to make donations to causes the make a difference, but for some of us, funds are tight. One free and easy thing to do is avoid buying from companies that support hate speech, more ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/28/2014 150 224 10 -
UPDATE: Senate Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill - Meanwhile Ted Cruz Gets Slammed By His Own Party
*UPDATE After an earlier vote to extend the voting deadline, the Senate went ahead and signed away on the $1.1 trillion spending bill, 56-40. Three of the 21 Democrats who voted against the bill ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/13/2014 58 57 2 -
It's A Beautiful Thing - Stunning Image Of Saturday's NYC Protest
This. A truly magnificent photo of the NYC protest - the photo is from the US Uncut Facebook page. Here is the caption: Right now, tens of thousands of people are marching through New York ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/13/2014 83 272 6 -
UPDATED: Eric Garner Protests You Can Attend Today
Nationwide protests have continued after no criminal charges were filed against the New York police officers who choked Eric Garner to death last summer. Garner, an unarmed black man, was being ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/13/2014 12 14 1 -
'I'm A Racist, And So Are You'
"And the sooner we both acknowledge this, the sooner we can begin to address the problem. So let’s talk." I came across an amazing article by Rachel Shadoan in by Human Parts . The ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/11/2014 43 38 1 -
ACLU Ignites Controversy - Executive Director Suggests Pardoning Those Guilty Of Torture (POLL)
Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the ACLU/American Civil Liberties Union, posted an ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/10/2014 56 7 1 -
WATCH This Fearless PregnantWoman Take On Anti-Choice Protestors Outside A Clinic (VIDEO)
Bravo to this wonderful woman for having more control (and maturity) than I might have in the same situation. Last week, in London, a woman observing a protest outside a clinic, decided to take ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/07/2014 112 264 6 -
Schedule Of Nationwide Eric Garner Protests You Can Attend
Nationwide protests have continued throughout the week after no criminal indictments were filed against the New York police officers who choked Eric Garner to death last summer. Garner, an ...
Leslie Salzillo 12/04/2014 17 36 2 -
Victory! Florida Judge Halts The Arrests Of 91-Year Old Man & People Who Feed The Homeless
This is a victory, and we must call them when we see them no matter how big or small - especially when it's a victory for and by the people . Good news for good Samaritans and the homeless in Ft.
Leslie Salzillo 12/03/2014 9 37 2 -
6 Solutions Emerge After Young Ferguson Activists Meet With Obama, Biden & Eric Holder
Monday, a group of young Black and Latino activists from around the country met with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Attorney General Eric Holder. They met, at the president's request,
Leslie Salzillo 12/01/2014 64 190 5 -
UPDATED: GOP 'Shoplifter' Elizabeth Lauten To Resign After Sasha & Malia Remarks (Limbaugh Remains)
It seems one GOP talking head is paying the price…
Leslie Salzillo 12/01/2014 408 357 3 -
Battered Victim Marissa Alexander Back In Jail On Plea Bargain - Florida Injustice Wins Again
Florida domestic violence victim, and mother of three, Marissa Alexander, has just decided, on Monday, to accept a plea bargain from the State of Florida. My heart breaks knowing this woman will ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/24/2014 140 188 1 -
John Boehner Gets 'Royally' Slammed On His Own Facebook Page
Republican House Speaker John Boehner delivered a pathetic 25-second video quip on his Facebook page, in response to President Obama'...
Leslie Salzillo 11/21/2014 152 351 3 -
President Obama's Immigration Speech (Including A Nice F*ck You To The GOP) Video & Text
Thank you, President Obama. Once again, the majority of us who voted for you (twice), are reminded of why… Here is Thursday night's speech from the White House: (video and transcript)
Leslie Salzillo 11/20/2014 197 229 5 -
Jay Leno Takes A Stand Against Gun Violence & Cancels His Las Vegas NSSF Performance
After hearing from various anti-gun violence groups, including Coalition To Stop Gun Violence , renowned talk show host, Jay Leno, cancelled his performance with the National Shooting Sports ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/19/2014 46 79 1 -
Obama Makes Short Immigration Video - Boehner Indirectly Refers To POTUS As 'Emperor'
On Wednesday afternoon, President Obama revealed his plans to take executive action on immigration. He posted a short embedded Facebook video outlining the problem and encouraged people to watch ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/19/2014 19 19 - -
Palestinian Youths Make Powerful Statement As They Break Through Separation Wall (Image)
This striking image is capturing the attention of people around the world. Last weekend, in peaceful protest, young activists from the Palestinian Popular Struggle Coordination Committee against ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/12/2014 14 33 - -
'You Americans Have No Idea' - Another Open Letter, This Time From Canada & This One Hurts
Just when you think it's okay to open your eyes again - THIS. You Americans Have No Idea Just How Good You Have It With Obama Many of us Canadians are confused by the U.S. midterm elections. ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/10/2014 771 612 22 -
It's Finally Official - Pope Francis Demotes Highest-Ranking US Cardinal Over LGBT Issues
It's been in the news. Now it has been confirmed. As of this past weekend, Raymond Leo Burke, America's highest-ranking cardinal ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/10/2014 250 394 6 -
DC Judge Forces Woman To Have Cesarean & She Dies - 5 Shocking Injustices Against Pregnant Women
1. Based on the belief that he had an obligation to give a fetus a chance for life, a judge in Washington, D.C., ordered a critically ill 27-year-old woman who was 26 weeks pregnant to undergo a ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/09/2014 297 498 19 -
26-Year Old Founder of U.S. UnCut Sends Open Letter To Democrats On Young Voter Disillusion
Since the Midterm Elections, speculation and blame is running rampant on Social Media as well as in the traditional media. Many wonder why there was such a low voter turnout, and why Democrats ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/08/2014 1587 504 17 -
I'm Not Ready To 'Get On With It.' I Need A Moment Here, Please
Yes, I'm in shock. Yes, I'm angry. And yes, I feel defeated. This too shall pass. Meanwhile, can I have a day or two to take this in? Cheers to the people who are ready to 'get back to work' hours ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/05/2014 9 11 - -
'Where's My F*cking Polling Place?' Find Out Where You Need To Go In One Hilarious Step
There's a fairly new interactive election tool in town, complete with profanity and some much-needed comic relief. The site is called, and its data is driven by Google ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/03/2014 24 22 - -
'You Can Sell A Kilo Once; You Can Sell A 13-Year-Old Girl…" U.S. Slavery Here & Now
Watching this TED Talk discussion about slavery in America was like taking a punch in the stomach. Human/Sex-trafficking and slavery are alive and rampant - in our own backyards. In this video, ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/31/2014 29 29 1 -
Do You Support Obama? Or Are You Bashing Him Days Before The Election? We Win With Solidarity
We are in battle with one of the worst Republican parties many have seen in a lifetime. Yet some Democrats/Liberals are choosing to step on each other, when we need solidarity more than ever. ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/29/2014 357 172 2 -
Ha! Fox & Limbaugh - In Trying To Discourage Liberal Voting, Discourage Their Own Fans (VIDEO)
It's a Fox Greatest Hits (Special Midterm Edition/Vol 2014). Media watchdog, Media Matters, has been collecting snippets from 'Fair and Unbalanced' talking heads for over a decade. They recently ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/24/2014 14 20 2 -
Is Elizabeth Warren Reconsidering A Presidential Run in 2016?
Social media is a buzz. In one of this past week's online ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/22/2014 197 52 3 -
Rush Limbaugh #1 Most Distrusted 'News Source' According To This Pew Poll
(Title has been edited) According to one of the charts in a new study from the Pew Research Center, the much-hated Conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, holds first place as least-trusted ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/22/2014 71 65 2 -
As Marissa Alexander Faces 60 Years, Her Abuser Plays Victim In Monday's Pre-Trial
Rico Gray, a self-admitted abusive husband and boyfriend, took the stand Monday in a Jacksonville, Florida courtroom. He was there for Marissa Alexander's upcoming trial, to answer new pre-trial ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/21/2014 51 59 1 -
5 More Women Accuse Marissa Alexander's Abusive Husband Of Brutal Abuse
According to First Coast News, last week, in Jacksonville, Florida, five new witness may turn out to be the best news for Marissa Alexander,
Leslie Salzillo 10/17/2014 263 365 14 -
Rolling Stone: Obama Is One Of The 'Most Successful Presidents In History' - Krugman Tells Why
Earlier this week, Nobel Prize winner, and harsh critic of President Obama, Paul Krugman, made a turnaround and praised the president in his Rolling Stone article .
Leslie Salzillo 10/12/2014 451 358 8 -
Gallup Poll Shows John Boehner & The Tea Party Falling (Video)
American research company, Gallup, is sometimes known for its hokey pokey swing-to-the-right poll dancing. (We thought it - but Kos said it .) And it's hard to ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/12/2014 47 62 1 -
How 5 SCOTUS Judges Are F*cking Americans Out Of Fair Elections - Here's The Latest Ruling
Conservative (Republican-leaning) Supreme Court Justices As if the Citizens United and McCutcheon ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/08/2014 70 50 3 -
Whining 'Victim' Rush Limbaugh Brings Daily Kos Into His Losing Battle
The man is desperate and pathetic. Rush Limbaugh now has a posse of media ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/08/2014 247 367 1 -
New 3-Minute Offbeat 'Made-For-Midterms' Celebrity Video Encourages Hipsters To Vote
It's a wild and crazy American way to inspire ' hipsters ' of all ages to get out, register, and vote. One of best things about this Rock The Vote PSA is the importance it places on the upcoming ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/07/2014 25 17 - -
Moral Monday's Reverend Barber Happy With Voting Overrule By Fed Court - GOP Sounds Scared
With all the negative laws that have burdened North Carolina residents over the last four years, this week's federal court of appeals ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/03/2014 55 208 - -
North Carolina GOP Senator/Candidate Accused Of Welfare Fraud
The word 'fraud' is becoming a bitter pill for the North Carolina GOP to swallow this week. After the alleged voting fraud committed by the Koch brothers via AFP/Americans For Prosperity, there ...
Leslie Salzillo 10/02/2014 143 253 4 -
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