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New IUD Jewelry Revives CO Family Planning Bill
Lawmakers in Colorado are wearing IUD jewelry to show bipartisan support for a bill that would direct $5 million to “Our Colorado Family Planning”, an endangered program that provides IUDs and ...
Liberal Thinking 03/21/2015 4 7 - -
Liberal Policy for Iraq: What Now?
The 2003 invasion of Iraq shows why we can’t trust right-wing pundits and establishment government figures to make good policy. Liberals must lead on this issue. But what is the best policy for ...
Liberal Thinking 06/21/2014 19 1 - -
Brian Schweitzer, The "Anti-Obama"?
"This Democrat thinks he can win in 2016 as the anti-Obama" on the MSNBC website by Benjy Sarlin says: The former governor is gambling that Democrats won’t just want an alternative to Clinton in ...
Liberal Thinking 01/15/2014 78 5 - -
Government Snooping an "Advanced Persistent Threat"
Brad Smith, General Counsel of Microsoft, says that "government snooping potentially now constitutes an 'advanced persistent threat,' alongside sophisticated malware and cyber attacks", if ...
Liberal Thinking 12/06/2013 3 5 - -
Dear Mr. Obama,
Saying "no" to Republicans over the debt limit is not enough. The shutdown caused suffering and even death for Americans. In exchange for all this misery we deserve to see a complete change in policy.
Liberal Thinking 10/13/2013 8 1 - -
Young Netroots Take Hold
We are young. As a movement and as a people we are young, and one of the most striking things I found at this year's Netroots Nation is how very young the crowd is compared with YearlyKos in Chicago ...
Liberal Thinking 06/22/2013 17 17 - -
Tools of the Mind Shocks Education
I don’t have children, so my opinions on education are, shall we say, academic. But our opponents have made public education such an acrimonious issue that I think it’s important to push back on ...
Liberal Thinking 06/16/2013 36 15 - -
Obama Drones On: The Legacy of the Bush Dictatorship
Reports are President Obama will soon give a [ speech about the prison at Guantanamo and the drone program] (MSNBC). I hope he takes this opportunity to ...
Liberal Thinking 05/19/2013 12 3 - -
Better Worker Earnings Week 3
Low pay for workers is undermining our society. It's the root cause of the federal deficit and robs Social Security and Medicare of billions of dollars each year. In [
Liberal Thinking 05/17/2013 1 1 - -
Better Worker Earnings Week 2
Low pay for workers is undermining our society. It's the root cause of the federal deficit and robs Social Security and Medicare of billions of dollars each year. In [
Liberal Thinking 05/10/2013 2 - - -
Better Worker Earnings Week 1
Low pay for workers is undermining our society. It's the root cause of the federal deficit and robs Social Security and Medicare of billions of dollars each year. In [
Liberal Thinking 05/03/2013 5 - - -
Better Worker Earnings
Low pay for workers is undermining our society. It's the root cause of the federal deficit and robs Social Security and Medicare of billions of dollars each year. In [
Liberal Thinking 05/01/2013 1 - - -
Social Security Needs Higher Earnings
Work for higher pay in May. Social Security is funded by a payroll tax, which means it is dependent on what workers earn. Lower earnings in the last few decades systematically rob Social Security ...
Liberal Thinking 04/12/2013 10 6 - -
Social Security by the Numbers
Republicans don't know money. It might be home schooling or it might be willful ignorance, but whatever the reason, you need to protect yourself, because those who know money will prevail. So, here ...
Liberal Thinking 03/29/2013 73 60 6 -
Strengthening Retirement Plans
Bruce Webb asked “Does Social Security contribute to the Debt? To the Deficit?” in "Deficits, Debt, Social Security: Building your Conceptual Toolkit" ([
Liberal Thinking 01/06/2013 40 42 5 -
Message to the White House
Since the White House comment lines are jammed ([ 202-456-1111]) I had to put my comments into an e-mail message to get through. What are the ...
Liberal Thinking 12/20/2012 1 2 - -
Love Senator Murray
Politicians make difficult lovers. Fickle to a fault, they’re always casting around for relationships with other voters and even whole parties of voters. So, I would totally pardon you if you ...
Liberal Thinking 07/28/2012 2 2 - 33
USA Today, Give Me My Money Back!
I usually like newspapers and I usually like to read newspapers. I usually like to read USA Today, even though it's really "newspaper lite", because it often has interesting articles. And I like to ...
Liberal Thinking 05/16/2012 7 1 - 94
Gavin Newsom to Have Show on Current TV
I don't see this noticed on Daily Kos yet, but Gavin Newsom will have a show on Current TV while he continues as Lt. Governor for California. Newsom says he hopes to bring some of the meetings he ...
Liberal Thinking 04/26/2012 7 1 - 78
Wrong Framing! It’s Not About Contraception
Dear Debbie Wasserman Schultz, stop talking about Rush Limbaugh attacking contraception. That’s one of the least of his sins. The fundamental problem with the Republican position is that they are ...
Liberal Thinking 03/05/2012 66 10 1 129
Embracing Planned Parenthood: Why It Matters for Men
The Komen challenge has already brought a huge number of diaries. It’s clear this is a serious blow to women's health. But I'd like to make the case that this was a serious blow to men's health, ...
Liberal Thinking 02/05/2012 19 16 - 107
The War in Iraq Was an Elective War
Someone needs to explain to Brian Williams of NBC why it is important to "re-fight" our involvement in Iraq. The U.S. war in Iraq was an elective war, and it is utterly appropriate to always remind ...
Liberal Thinking 12/13/2011 6 - - 18
Helping Our Job Creators
The other side is deep in thought. All the time, they are in their tank thinking, thinking, thinking. ”What concept, term or catchphrase can we invent to get the poor to give us more ...
Liberal Thinking 11/05/2011 3 - - 38
Targeted Revenue Increases
Now that we are done with federal spending cuts, it’s time to look at tax increases that can be pushed through Congress. A substantial part of the public feigns heart attack when they hear the ...
Liberal Thinking 08/07/2011 5 - - 47
Four Lies in a Row
At times I feel guilty for calling out Chris Matthews on his less than stellar relationship with reality. While his inside insight into Washington can be quite valuable, his unskillful reading of ...
Liberal Thinking 08/03/2011 21 6 1 146
The Next Strategy
By the time you read this, I suspect the debt ceiling battle will have been mostly won by The Bandits and you can start turning out your pockets to pay for it. While this is all regrettable, we ...
Liberal Thinking 07/31/2011 3 1 - 28
Attacking on Social Security: Setting a Liberal Frame
The next big battle in Washington is shaping up to be cuts to Social Security. Reports are that the President is on board with cuts and will propose them in the SOTU. As a basic resource, I’...
Liberal Thinking 12/22/2010 44 19 2 157
Let Me Examine Your Junk, TSA
“But what’s your alternative?” That’s the cry I hear from defenders of TSA’s body snatching program. Don’t you want to be safe? At what cost? It’s ...
Liberal Thinking 11/26/2010 29 13 - 46
Rewriting O'Donnell's Rewrite: Of Social Security, Medicare and the Post Office
Social Security DOES NOT EQUAL Socialism Medicare DOES NOT EQUAL Socialism Lawrence O’Donnell should get this clear. While I respect and admire his defense of liberalism and his ...
Liberal Thinking 11/11/2010 13 3 - 44
Framing in the New Daily Kos
As noted on the Dkosopedia [ Framing page], "One of the most important functions of DailyKos is to help the liberal Democratic community reach consensus on ...
Liberal Thinking 11/10/2010 21 12 1 34
Why I Contributed to Sharron Angle
It’s time to take action, and I did. I encourage you to take action, too. Yesterday, the Democrats took the “middleclass tax cuts” off the table until after the election. So, I ...
Liberal Thinking 09/24/2010 262 3 - 75
Progressive Lessons for Maureen Dowd and Mark Halperin
A philosophical question for you: If the intelligentsia loses its intelligence does it automatically become part of the right wing? I bring this up because Maureen Dowd, usually the driest of ...
Liberal Thinking 08/17/2010 44 10 - 38
Progressive Lessons for Robert Gibbs
Obviously, the White House has no taste for progressives. A cursory examination of administration policy shows how little they values their contribution on national issues or understands the ...
Liberal Thinking 08/11/2010 132 41 1 70
Obama Administration Successes and Failures
Unlike many, I don’t think that diaries praising or criticizing Mr. Obama or his administration are unhealthy or detrimental. To the contrary, they are normal and helpful. The tendency is to ...
Liberal Thinking 08/01/2010 106 20 1 99
Unemployment Compensation for Tony Hayward
Congress struggles to extend unemployment compensation for workers ruined by the Republican economy, but at the top there’s no lack of money for unemployed CEOs. You don’t even need to ...
Liberal Thinking 07/27/2010 29 7 - 32
Funemployment for CEOs
If you were suddenly laid off, how much should you get to help you survive until you could find your next job? If you are a CEO of a major corporation, then you would be expecting something in the ...
Liberal Thinking 07/02/2010 11 12 - 29
Bias Coloring Judgment
The predictable result of Democrats finalizing The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act is that states’ attorneys general [
Liberal Thinking 03/24/2010 56 10 2 214
So Tired of the Incompetence
In [ Increasing Taxes on the Rich is Not Socialism], Ahumbleopinion asks: “What is it about the Tea ...
Liberal Thinking 03/01/2010 34 22 1 21
Jaw-Dropping Words from The Speaker
I asked yesterday if anyone would have the courage to bring up the public option to the President at today’s summit. I was flabbergasted to see that the one who brought it up bluntly was ...
Liberal Thinking 02/25/2010 489 861 15 59
The Still Obtuse Chris Matthews
After my last diary, [ The Obtuse Chris Matthews], there was a comment on the show to the effect that, well, bloggers don’
Liberal Thinking 02/16/2010 17 7 1 156
The Obtuse Chris Matthews
What do you do with people in the media that don’t listen when you tell them things? Howard Dean: The people that voted for Obama and Brown and the voters that stayed home overwhelmingly want ...
Liberal Thinking 01/20/2010 65 13 2 21
The Word War
As a fellow writer, I’m sure you believe in the power of words. Every day, millions of words push and prod politicians to take action. Getting the words right is the sine qua non of a cogent ...
Liberal Thinking 01/13/2010 16 3 - 31
Keith Olbermann Is Short (on the Constitution)
Gotta love him, for all that he’s done for healthcare reform and so many other issues, but anyone, no matter how good, gets it wrong occasionally. And, perhaps he could be forgiven in this ...
Liberal Thinking 10/16/2009 110 8 1 197
Birthers, Deathers and Deniers
I thought it would go away quickly, the loud complaint that President Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. But, no. Our opponents have no real material contributions (let alone solutions)
Liberal Thinking 10/13/2009 10 4 - 152
Slow Pundits Not Nobel Material
President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for his accomplishments. But, the talking heads of tvland are scratching their heads, trying to get their gray haired gray matter going, and right wing ...
Liberal Thinking 10/11/2009 12 6 - 75
Measuring the Success of Healthcare Reform
The debate on healthcare reform has come down to trench warfare over a “public option”. This is such a slippery term that most of the public couldn’t tell you what it is, even if ...
Liberal Thinking 10/06/2009 10 4 - 20
Hoekstra Calls for End to CIA Probe
MSNBC is reporting that Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) is calling for an end to the CIA interrogation probe. Hoekstra says: This [the original investigation] was done by career attorneys ...
Liberal Thinking 09/21/2009 18 7 - 164
Lies, Damn Lies, and Republicans
“Stop the government takeover of healthcare.” That’s the action line from the Family Research Council’s new ad. (Go see it on [
Liberal Thinking 08/01/2009 14 6 - 38
No, The American People Didn’t Approve
Sen. Jeff Sessions on Face the Nation today pleaded that the American people approved of torture during the Bush Administration, but that simply isn’t the case. We did not tell Bush and ...
Liberal Thinking 07/12/2009 92 27 - 82
The End of the Democratic Party
Looking at the giant Obama-Biden magnet on the side of our refrigerator this morning prompted me to think about the election and whether it has made any real difference. The premise was that if we ...
Liberal Thinking 06/20/2009 111 18 1 48
The Accountability Petition Amendment
As the U.S. government, and specifically the Obama Administration, has failed after due course to bring officials to trial, even though those officials have publically admitted to committing serious ...
Liberal Thinking 05/24/2009 107 1 - 72
Creating the Accountability Petition Amendment
By now, it is clear that the U.S. government is practically unable to seek accountability for crimes committed during the George W. Bush administration. These crimes include international war crimes ...
Liberal Thinking 05/10/2009 16 2 - 32
CNN and USA Today Report Foreclosures Confined
CNN is reporting on a new interactive map at USA Today that shows dramatically how foreclosures are intensively hitting south Florida and the southwestern U.S. (California, Nevada and Arizona ...
Liberal Thinking 03/08/2009 128 16 - 23
Tom Delay on Hardball Provides Insight Into Conservatives
Tom Delay, appearing yesterday (3 March 2009) on Hardball with Chris Matthews provided a key insight into how about 20% of the country can remain intransigent about fixing our problems. “
Liberal Thinking 03/04/2009 464 584 59 61
Dear Senator Leahy
"I don't want to see a truth commission. What I want is investigations in both Congress and the Justice Department of the federal and international crimes of Bush Administration officials. ...
Liberal Thinking 02/27/2009 15 7 - 8
Sherrod Brown Nails Republicans on Trade and White House “Off Track”
My contribution dollars at work: Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) just appeared with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, refuting Republican talking points about domestic content provisions of the renewal package ...
Liberal Thinking 02/06/2009 105 58 1 32
I Have a Complaint (About the 50 State Strategy)
And, no, this isn’t a Monty Python sketch. My complaint is real, and it involves the DNC. It’s come to my attention that they are laying off 200 state-level organizers and don’t ...
Liberal Thinking 01/31/2009 21 2 - 3
Stimulating the President and Congress
Constantly looking for new experiences, I tried calling the White House comment line (202-456-1111) to register my outrage over the Democrats fumbling the family planning part of the stimulus ...
Liberal Thinking 01/29/2009 3 2 - 5
Blogj the Squirrel Demands Payola
Since we auctioned off our house, we’ve been holed up in an apartment complex in the heart of Silicon Valley. Not an unpleasant place, we have, however, found that there is a darker ...
Liberal Thinking 12/14/2008 45 8 - 28
Hartmann Eloquently Defends American Workers
Appearing on Countdown (yesterday with David Shuster), Thom Hartmann eloquently defended the American workers, calling Republican blockage of help for the auto industry an attempt by them to ...
Liberal Thinking 12/13/2008 306 310 21 125
Foreign Influences and the Auto Industry Bailout
Are members of Congress listening to foreign influences in opposing bailout for the auto industry? I keep seeing Republican Senators opposing it because they want further concessions from workers. ...
Liberal Thinking 12/11/2008 35 5 1 11
"How Do We Compete When We Subsidize the Competition?" --Gettelfinger
Ron Gettlefinger, president of the UAW, nailed it in hearings before the banking committee. After pointing out lack of national healthcare, unfair trade practices, and subsidies to foreign makers, ...
Liberal Thinking 12/04/2008 44 16 - 18
The Torture Goes On
Waiting for Bush to leave office, that is. And, every day is another opportunity for further disasters. One big disaster that may be waiting around the corner is the possible pardon of every person ...
Liberal Thinking 11/18/2008 21 8 - 10
Announcing: The 2010 Elections! (Ugh)
Please! Please! No! Sorry, yes, I’m announcing the beginning of the 2010 congressional election season. I know you are all fatigued over the recent elections, and in some cases ...
Liberal Thinking 11/11/2008 9 3 - 21
I Voted for Obama
Hardly earthshaking. Only, I voted for Obama even though I promised not to after his vote on FISA changes earlier this year. While I try to keep my word, occasionally some things are more important. ...
Liberal Thinking 11/01/2008 24 3 - 19
Palin Teaches the Constitution
No one as ignorant on the Constitution as Sarah Palin should be allowed out of high school. Apparently, she was one of those children left behind when our education system fell apart. But, it ...
Liberal Thinking 10/23/2008 48 18 4 303
Michelle Bachmann Tells Us Who's Anti-American
Debate has now coalesced around Rep. Bachmann stumbling into egging the media into looking for anti-Americans in Congress. Are we on the verge of another McCarthy scare? But, that misses the real ...
Liberal Thinking 10/18/2008 12 8 - 15
Communication Advice for Joe Biden
In [ Communication Advice For Joe Biden] by DemFromCT, Peter Sandman and Jody Lanard lay out how they think Biden should handle the “...
Liberal Thinking 09/28/2008 18 8 1 8
Why the Wall St Crisis Isn't Like the War in Iraq
That's actually a question. Why isn't the Wall Street crisis like the war in Iraq? Why should we believe anything this administration tells us? Why aren't we to believe that a group of people are ...
Liberal Thinking 09/21/2008 36 1 - 12
Anger and Issues
Obama needs to hit McCain much harder. He also needs to focus his attacks so that they win the election. Wall Street, bless its cold heart, has given him an opening to do that by turning the ...
Liberal Thinking 09/16/2008 4 - - -
No No No No Experience!
Idiots! How are we supposed to listen to Republicans run on about Palin’s executive experience without mentioning George W. Bush? Her experience is eerily similar to Bush’s ...
Liberal Thinking 09/14/2008 6 - - 2
What Is Sarah Palin’s Weakness?
Many pixels and barrels of ink have been spilled over Sarah Palin since Senator McCain picked her to be his running mate. Undoubtedly, his campaign expected her to revive his chances by adding ...
Liberal Thinking 09/10/2008 33 2 - 113
The Score: Why Republicans Lie
As often happens, enlightenment came from an article in New Scientist (2 August 2008), about “Men Behaving Badly...” (the title of the article) in the Review section. The teaser ...
Liberal Thinking 09/06/2008 25 4 1 2
Gen. Wesley Clark Joins Democrats Work and Charlie Brown to Support Marines
[ Gen. Wesley Clark (ret.)] joined [ Democrats Work] and [ Lt. Col. Charlie Brown (ret.)] today to create ...
Liberal Thinking 09/05/2008 11 19 1 12
Enough with the Palin focus, already! I know she’s a woman and all that, but get your minds out of the gutter and back up on the curb with the rest of us! There is no serious ...
Liberal Thinking 09/01/2008 25 6 1 14
Obama’s Masterpiece: Acceptance in Denver
While I’m tempted to participate in the Sarah Palin side-show, since she’s such a big, fat floating target, I suspect that is part of the Republican strategy. I don’t like to let ...
Liberal Thinking 08/30/2008 13 13 2 8
Advice for Republicans
Every time I turn on the TV, the Republicans are offering advice to Democrats about how make all our lives better. There isn’t a move that Democrats have made this week that we didn’t ...
Liberal Thinking 08/27/2008 16 - - 5
The Judgment of Commander in Chief
John McCain talks a big game, but does he have the chops to be commander in chief?
Liberal Thinking 08/20/2008 3 1 - 4
VPStakes 2008: Picking a Winner
Rumor is that Barack Obama is on the verge of picking a VP nominee and may do so before the Olympics fat-foots news coverage next week. Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia may be at the top of the list. ...
Liberal Thinking 07/30/2008 47 8 - 13
The Next Constitutional Battle
While I’m incredibly angry about today’s vote in the Senate on the FISA amendment, I’m not surprised and I refuse to be at effect of the outcome. The forces of evil that brought us ...
Liberal Thinking 07/09/2008 53 13 2 13
Why McCain Is Wrong on FISA
John McCain plans to vote for tampering with FISA: “I will support this measure and hope that politics will be put aside in favor of this vital national security matter.” In the brouhaha ...
Liberal Thinking 07/07/2008 53 8 - -
Why I’m Not Mad at Obama for Selling Out the Constitution
The common wisdom in the media is that Sen. Obama is showing strength by “standing up to the left” by signing on to the FISA compromise. Like so much of what passes for intelligence on ...
Liberal Thinking 06/26/2008 47 9 - 2
For the Honor of the Country: Why We Must Impeach
Again, a brave soul walks lonely down the aisle of the House, the other members scrambling to get away and carelessly side-talking until he has to demand decorum on his own. The scurrying furry ...
Liberal Thinking 06/11/2008 51 25 1 19
50% of the Cabinet
Speculation that Barack Obama will choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate has peaked now that Obama has clinched the nomination. Common wisdom is that he must do this for the women who supported ...
Liberal Thinking 06/05/2008 39 1 - 16
Fair Representation
The R&B Committee should use the national polls to arrive at fair representation for Michigan and Florida. Then they should allocate the pledged delegates based on an average from those polls (in ...
Liberal Thinking 05/31/2008 4 - - 2
Logic and Reality in the Presidential Campaign
In the run-up to the war in Iraq, President George Bush lied to the nation in making the case to go to war. I say “lied” although he might claim that he was just putting out his version ...
Liberal Thinking 05/21/2008 5 2 - 15
Jerry McNerney CA-11 Attacked on KCBS Radio
A 501 is running attack ads against Jerry McNerney (CA-11) on KCBS radio accusing him of being soft on the terrorists because he doesn’t support giving away our freedoms to support the Bush ...
Liberal Thinking 04/28/2008 7 5 - 19
Whatch You Mean "We", Hillary?
Sen. Hillary Clinton, on Fox News: “I keep beating this drum. We cannot disenfranchise two of the most important states. . .”. Two points. Point One: “We” didn’t ...
Liberal Thinking 03/27/2008 20 3 - 15
I Miss the Debates
Boy, do I hate to say it! I miss the presidential debates, even though they got less and less pertinent (to me) as the number of debaters shrank to two. But the post-debate primary season makes me ...
Liberal Thinking 03/26/2008 21 1 1 14
Obama's Historic Speech
We will probably soon learn whether Obama’s speech about race freed his campaign to move on. But regardless of whether or not Obama becomes President, the impact of his speech may be far ...
Liberal Thinking 03/18/2008 6 4 - -
The Idiot on the Idiot Box
I usually don’t blog in the morning because then I have to go to work, and I prefer to stay around to respond to comments. But today I’m having a particularly difficult time waking up ...
Liberal Thinking 02/28/2008 13 7 1 8
Deciding Who to Vote For in the California Democratic Presidential Primary
By next Tuesday, I have to decide who to vote for in the Democratic presidential primary. I thought I had made my choice earlier in the year, when Dennis Kucinich came out with a solid plan for ...
Liberal Thinking 02/02/2008 75 - - 1
What to Do With My Huge Tax Break
With the imminent arrival of my unexpected income tax break (that is, the estimated $600 that will probably actually come in late August after I get around to filing my return), I’ve been ...
Liberal Thinking 01/26/2008 60 6 1 2
Change Is Not the Word
Now, even the Republican candidates have taken up the cry, “Change!” We need “Change!” Even Hillary Clinton is crying, “Change!” Everyone wants change, ...
Liberal Thinking 01/06/2008 13 7 - 9
The Big Lie
The more I think about it, the madder I get. Here are the Republicans wasting our time again with another big lie. The big lie is that Congress can give immunity to the telecomm companies for their ...
Liberal Thinking 12/16/2007 8 4 - 8
Where Democrats Are Going, Kos
When Keith Olbermann asks what Democrats can do when their representatives in Congress gratuitously vote in support of the President, the correct answer is that they are going to go to the polls in ...
Liberal Thinking 12/14/2007 19 18 - 6
The 14% Blues or Why I Love Iowa
This diary has a simple premise: Hillary Clinton won’t win (come in first) in the Iowa caucuses. I think the reason is pretty simple. She hasn’t built enough support.
Liberal Thinking 11/17/2007 23 5 1 2
Fall-out of Mukasey Confirmation: Removing Feinstein from Judiciary Committee
The Democrats we elected to Congress continue to turn in a disappointing performance whenever they are faced with any tough decision. A few key Senators allowed George Bush to win another key ...
Liberal Thinking 11/10/2007 378 318 8 28
Time for a New Political Party
Hold your fire. I know what you’re thinking. Launch another party? Won’t that split up the Democrats and make Republican dominance permanent? But, no, I’m not crazy. I ...
Liberal Thinking 10/21/2007 31 6 - 7
“Bush: America Does Not Torture”
That’s the headline in the San Jose Mercury News today. I’ve got news for you, Mr. President: Just having you in the oval office is torturing a lot of us. Okay, okay. I suppose ...
Liberal Thinking 10/06/2007 22 4 - 17
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