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Will the Internet Swing the British General election? Or has our post hacking Press just lost it?
Been absent far too long from my alma mater at Daily Kos. But since some elements are inspired by US campaigning (and my journalism was inspired by first writing here) I though I might just update y'...
Brit 05/04/2015 5
Dallas Kossacks: Want to meet to counter hate speech in Garland?
Hi, I'm doin this on my phone at work so it will be brief. Denise Oliver Velez has a diary up about anti-Muslim hate speech coming to Garland this Sunday.
AndyT 05/01/2015 2
Geert Wilders. An ill wind blowin' to Texas
Geert Wilders, heads the far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) in The Netherlands At the invitation of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), one of the most divisive bigots in ...
Denise Oliver Velez 05/01/2015 65
High Impact Posts: April 26, 2015
jotter 04/27/2015 5
Week's High Impact Posts: April 18-24, 2015
jotter 04/26/2015 5
High Impact Posts: April 25, 2015
jotter 04/26/2015 5
Dallas Kossacks Meetup Report and Next Event
Our first Dallas Kossack Meet-up in over a year is now under our belt and was a success! It was a small group, 3 Kossacks and a Lurker (who will hopefully join the Great Orange Satan soon, mwaa-ha-...
AndyT 04/25/2015 6
High Impact Posts: April 24, 2015
jotter 04/25/2015 6
Dallas Kossacks meetup TOMORROW!
When: April 25th at Noon for lunch! Where: Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant 4125 Lemmon Ave Dallas, TX 75219 Why: Margaritas, fajitas, burritos and other fine quality progressive company!! Part ...
AndyT 04/24/2015 4
High Impact Posts: April 23, 2015
jotter 04/24/2015 5
High Impact Posts: April 22, 2015
jotter 04/23/2015 5
High Impact Posts: April 21, 2015
jotter 04/22/2015 7
High Impact Posts: April 20, 2015
jotter 04/21/2015 5

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