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Plagiarizing SquirrelTerror
So someone's been plagiarizing Squirrel!Terror. Here's Squirrel!Terror on my LiveJournal . Now these are original posts, or parts of them, because my LJ is merely a backup for my blog here. Where ...
Lilith Saintcrow 05/10/2013 172 42 2 -
A Double Message vs. A Message Of Hope
I listened to both speeches last night--McCain's concession and Obama's celebratory. I know a lot of people say McCain was "classy" in his concession. That if he'd been that way all through the ...
Lilith Saintcrow 11/05/2008 6 - - 9
Election Day, Or, Why This Matters
Please, my dear friend, whoever you are, please vote if you're able to. Know who to contact if you're denied the chance to vote, or if you encounter problems . I ...
Lilith Saintcrow 11/04/2008 2 3 - 2
Why I Love My Country
Cross-posted from my blog . I haven't been around here much lately, but I figure I had to share this. This was one of the most exotic moments of ...
Lilith Saintcrow 10/01/2008 15 11 - 41
Candidate Roulette
I have not yet decided exactly who I'm voting for in the primaries. For several elections it's seemed to me that our only choices were between bad and worse under the two-party system, or irrelevancy,
Lilith Saintcrow 12/31/2007 2 1 - -
REVIEW: The End of America
Cross-posted from my regular blog Quite frankly, Naomi Wolf's book scared the hell out of me. Not because she's an alarmist, but because I ...
Lilith Saintcrow 12/27/2007 36 33 7 173
It's Only Satire For A While
Mark Morford has a stinging, absolutely hilarious little satirical number in SFGate today , about Bush pre-...
Lilith Saintcrow 07/11/2007 13 2 - 20
Are You Willing To Be A Slave?
Cross-posted at The Flamboyant Cuttlefish , my regular blog I don't often bring up my political leanings here. I'...
Lilith Saintcrow 07/04/2007 1 8 1 -
Dubya's Religion Is The Almighty Dollar
Glenn Greenwald has an interesting discussion going on over at his Salon column. In ...
Lilith Saintcrow 06/22/2007 9 2 - -
Turley: "This Would Be A Clear Impeachable Offense"
I have never truly considered myself a cynic--the fact that I voted for Nader in every presidential election except the last should disqualify me on that score, at least. But I have a cynic's nasty ...
Lilith Saintcrow 05/17/2007 12 12 - -
General Warrants, By Any Other Name
General warrants. Lettres de cachet . And now, our own government engaging in wholesale ignoring of FISA , ...
Lilith Saintcrow 05/14/2007 33 31 5 137
Perle Blames Tenet. Can You Believe It?
Get ready to have your jaw drop and your blood pressure shoot up. Richard Perle has commented on Tenet's new biography. In an article. In the Washington Post. And Perle has the effrontery to claim ...
Lilith Saintcrow 05/11/2007 6 1 - -
Is It Even America Anymore?
Last night I watched Buying The War , Bill Moyers's detailing of the failure of American journalism to ask necessary questions about the ...
Lilith Saintcrow 04/26/2007 11 11 1 -
This Is What An Artist Does
No, it's not all sunshine and flowers. Readers, meet Mike Daisey. Mike's a live performer, a monologuist. He travels around, I guess, with his show, where he sits onstage and interacts with the ...
Lilith Saintcrow 04/24/2007 4 14 - 20
Madder. Than. Hell.
Note: Cross-posted from my blog, which is not linked because I don't believe in pimping it. But this rant is so long I decided to share it here. Ladies and gentlemen, today I am officially ...
Lilith Saintcrow 04/18/2007 10 15 - 16
Get The Hell Up
Thousands of people are dead . Millions of emails are missing . The so-...
Lilith Saintcrow 04/13/2007 13 9 - 17
The Persecution Complex
I've remarked several times (on the old, defunct God and Consequences blog) on the need of religious right-wingers to manufacture persecutions in order to keep their movement intact. Fundie ...
Lilith Saintcrow 04/08/2007 5 7 - 11
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