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Draft Donald Trump? hahahaha
I just received a PR release from an independent group pushing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump in 2012. I prefer not to drive people to the website, so won't link it here, but I'm sure if ...
Lynwaz 02/16/2011 2 - - 7
Pro-Reform Doctors reach out to Faith Groups
A PR Advisory just arrived in my email, headlined ADVISORY: Doctors, Faith Leaders Hold Dayton Health Reform Forum I thought...hmmm..what's this? Then saw ...
Lynwaz 10/23/2009 11 4 - 109
Should the Secret Service be notified?-update
I was made aware of this Newsmax release by a fellow writer late last night. It suggests that Obama risks a coup by US military officers! Although the article includes a disclaimer that discussing ...
Lynwaz 09/30/2009 94 18 - 82
Hallelujah! I qualify for Medicare Today!
Today, July 1,2009, finally, I qualify for Medicare! I never dreamed that I would be thrilled--nay, ecstatic--to (almost)reach age 65. I have Health Insurance again! I've purchased a good ...
Lynwaz 07/01/2009 33 37 1 168
Feeding Frenzy! Obama Party Food (w/recipes & poll)
Like hundreds of other Kossacks, since I can’t make it to DC, I’m attending an Inauguration Party in my hometown (Cincinnati). It’s been a loooooong time since I felt like ...
Lynwaz 01/18/2009 18 9 3 2
How to Date a Republican (with poll)
I’ll bet I’m not the only Kossack who is unwillingly single and unattached. I’ve been sashaying around the ...
Lynwaz 01/13/2009 118 8 - 17
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