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Slaying the $700 Billion Medicare 'Cut' zombie lie
I've been watching Democrats stumble over the GOP talking point about how "Obamacare cuts Medicare by $700 Billion." Well, my Great Orange Satan denizens, it's true and rather than run from it ... ...
MKSinSA 08/12/2012 17 15 - 205
Yo, Mitt! Where's da troops on that overseas junket?
After declaring in 2011 the U.S. is operating under a "peacetime economy," Willard Romney crafted an overseas trip that seemed intent on erasing our nation's wartime efforts by ignoring the people ...
MKSinSA 08/01/2012 113 118 - 775
The REAL real reason Romney MUST say he left Bain in February 1999
Like all presidential candidates, Romney has to submit a financial disclosure statement to the Office of Government Ethics. He filed his most recent one last month, and the disclosure contains a ...
MKSinSA 07/14/2012 177 258 3 2462
Mitt's severely troubling tax dodge
Severely Conservative Gov. Willard Romney had no problem releasing his state and local tax documents when his residency was challenged, but when ask for federal returns or any that pointed to the ...
MKSinSA 07/14/2012 27 31 - 321
Meet the Bainers
Now, I'm no particular fan of RedState nor of it's self-important leader Erick Son of Erick but I've got to admit, that every once in a while his brain spits out a cogent thought and his most ...
MKSinSA 07/13/2012 11 11 - 116
Rush drags right-wing radio over the cliff in massive sponsor exodus
Ruh-ro! Ninety-eight major advertisers—including Ford and Geico—will no longer air spots on Premiere Networks’ ‘offensive’ programs. Insiders say the loss will rock right-wing talk ...
MKSinSA 03/09/2012 482 521 4 3841
UnOccupying a Too Big To Fail
Man it’s been a tough year for romance in our little neighborhood. Shortly after my neighbor announced he was dumping the Tea ...
MKSinSA 10/30/2011 29 71 - 519
Occupying the Lunatic Fringe
As you may recall from my earlier article on stalking , I am some sort of human,
MKSinSA 10/22/2011 82 71 3 832
Breaking up is (not so) hard to do
It was love at first sight. Just five days after Valentine’s Day , romance still hung heavy in the air. ...
MKSinSA 09/30/2011 16 58 - 483
My incredible journey to the marvelous Land of Kos
Hi everyone! My journey to this site is a little different than many here. When I signed on, I really wasn't 100 percent sure what "progressive" even meant and had to look it up. I am an Independent (
MKSinSA 09/08/2008 205 692 24 89
The Great Kossack Anagram Challenge
Late night/early morning long, long ago (yesterday) some incredibly sleep deprived people went to a place called the Intertubes, entered some random words (President McCain and President Obama) into ...
MKSinSA 08/15/2008 25 3 - 3
KY: McCain lost 28 points to Paul, Huck and NOBODY!
McCain won only 72 points in the Republican primary in Kentucky today = his WORST performance since becoming the presumptive nominee. Ron Paul, the only remaining viable candidate took just 7 ...
MKSinSA 05/20/2008 16 14 1 2
Obama IS elite ...
... and YOU Obama supporters are to blame . Elitism refers to "situations in which an elite individual assumes special privileges and responsibilities in the hope that this ...
MKSinSA 04/12/2008 21 5 1 5
NATO support wavers as Afghanistan gets new focus
After years of stonewalling on Al-Qaeda in the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater and Sen. Joe Biden pressing Ambassador Ryan Crocker to finally admit this region poses the greater threat ...
MKSinSA 04/11/2008 4 5 - 3
Oh no! Obama grandma doesn’t know about the bus!
On March 20, 2008, Real Clear Politics posted an article by Anne Coulter that echoed across the ...
MKSinSA 04/10/2008 46 15 - 19
Yesterday's Senate hearings: right moves, wrong guy
The problem in Iraq isn’t military, it’s diplomatic and Gen. David Petraeus is just a guy in the way. The man upon whom success in that country truly rests is Ambassador Ryan Crocker ...
MKSinSA 04/09/2008 7 6 - 10
Walmart having "lapel pin" moment
There I was, poised in front of my TV ready to forgive and forget. The big, bad corporate beast named Wal-mart had done the right thing and bowed to public pressure. WE THE PEOPLE had won and won big.
MKSinSA 04/01/2008 11 5 - 5
Why I lied about Wal-mart
I promised drama about super delegates, but didn't deliver. Sucks, eh. It'll be eight years ago this May. Debbie Shank was coming home when she made a U-turn on Highway 177 in Cape Girardeau ...
MKSinSA 03/28/2008 54 23 - 12
Why Obama will never pin Clinton on NAFTA
A novice chess player’s greatest moment, perhaps, is learning the art of the “discovered attack.” It’s a powerful move that uncovers a threat by simply moving a piece in ...
MKSinSA 02/26/2008 45 2 - 5
Clinton surrogate's surly gaffe praises, validates Obama
In what certainly qualifies as one of the most bubbleheaded and inept smear attempts, Hillary Clinton's warm-up speaker Machinists Union President R. Thomas Buffenbarger last night ...
MKSinSA 02/20/2008 9 24 - 9
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