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GOP/NRA Want to Brainwash Students on Second Amendment
I thought that this should be brought to the attention of the community. Below the squiggle is a bill that was introduced in South Carolina by three legislators - 2 of them members of the American ...
MNDem999 12/23/2014 24 21 1 -
Dark Money Goes After ALEC members
There are many on this site interested in the American Legislative Exchange Council. A historic event took place recently which was badly needed. Being a member of ALEC is finally, a major campaign ...
MNDem999 11/03/2014 21 11 - -
Seniors & Food Insecurity
Short diary - but hopefully helpful to someone. When I was young– we were really poor – dirt poor farmers and we use to receive a box of USDA commodity food every once in a while (I was young ...
MNDem999 10/15/2014 4 9 - -
ALEC Hopes History Will Repeat Itself
ALEC was exposed in 1997 and nothing at all happened. ALEC was exposed again in 2002 with excellent reporting and again, nothing happened. ALEC was exposed again in 2010/2011. Bill Moyers referred ...
MNDem999 07/28/2014 18 56 4 -
Nationwide Ugly American Protests - Today & Tomorrow
First, hat tip to ALERT FOR TWIN CITIES PROGRESSIVES by thatotherguy. Without that call for the Twin Cities - this info may have stayed hidden until it's too late. More below the ...
MNDem999 07/18/2014 5 6 1 -
ALEC - Silencing Its Voice, By Using Ours
The new year has started and along with it comes a season of ALEC meetings. Why does it start now - for me? Yesteryear Many of you may not be aware – because it is never spoken about – the ...
MNDem999 04/02/2014 17 13 1 -
Heads Up - ALEC Goes Local
This is just a quick dairy - basically an alert. Do you want your local tax dollars paying for extremist ALEC policies? Now is the time to say no and to start continually monitoring your local ...
MNDem999 03/02/2014 15 30 4 -
Is Mt Vernon Con-Con Assembly a Threat to ALEC?
We are currently watching what might be described as the implosion of the GOP at a national level as the Tea Party factions tears the GOP apart. One thing any group needs is cohesion and ...
MNDem999 02/07/2014 7 5 - -
ALEC - Legislative Acts of Evil
ALEC headquarters never cease to amaze me. ALEC has been in the shadows for so long - they have absolutely no idea how to act, when exposed to sunlight. Instead of owning up to what it does and has ...
MNDem999 02/04/2014 12 10 1 -
IA Dems Tell ALEC - We're Not Members
On December 3, the Guardian released an article that included the packet for the August 2013 ALEC Board Meeting . This packet has been reported widely - if you have not read the article or the ...
MNDem999 01/09/2014 4 22 1 -
ALEC's First Chip at the 17th Amendment
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a diary about how ALEC had language on their 990's that stated they supported "limited representative government" full [ALEC] membership shall be open to persons ... ...
MNDem999 11/15/2013 65 139 3 -
Real Estate "Flopping" The New Corporate Screw Job
Ever waited by your phone for hours waiting for that exact minute when you could buy tickets to a concert for you favorite artist? Your phone is programmed with the number of the box office so you ...
MNDem999 11/14/2013 396 363 12 -
ALEC "Limited Representative Government" About to Be Launched
For the past 3 years I have written that you have to be careful about everything that ALEC writes - that they intentionally mislead the press and the public. For years, the ALEC group here are DK ...
MNDem999 11/02/2013 168 275 12 -
ALEC Protest Started as a Chicago Moral Monday
Just a little update and some info. The protests against ALEC started today Moral Monday Coalition drops banners , risks arrests to protest corporate-authored legislation Chicago--(ENEWSPF)--...
MNDem999 08/05/2013 8 20 - -
Chicago ALEC ProtestS - this week
August 7 - 9 Chicago, IL ALEC Annual Meeting ALEC 40th Anniversary The union rally against ALEC on August 8 is getting the most press. I just want people to be aware that there are ...
MNDem999 08/03/2013 14 20 2 -
Durbin to hold hearing on 'stand your ground' laws
In 2011 Durbin called out ALEC's roll in voter suppression in a senate hearing on state voting laws Chairman Durbin. Do you dispute my premise that the American Legislative Exchange Council has ...
MNDem999 07/19/2013 5 18 - -
Now, ALEC Doesn't Support It's Own Legislation.
ALEC Doesn't Support It's Legislation - when the press gets too bad. Ever had one of those moments when you did exactly what the boss told you to do - it went badly and then the boss lets you take ...
MNDem999 07/16/2013 9 24 2 -
Connecting the Dots - ALEC & the War on Women
This morning while reading the comments in a diary about what happened in Texas last night - I saw people mentioning ALEC and trying to connect the dots for others that there was a connection ...
MNDem999 07/13/2013 13 23 1 -
The USA is Not OK with ALEC
Two years ago I wrote my first DK diary and it started out with I didn’t know about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) until about 8 weeks ago. Since that time it has basically ...
MNDem999 06/21/2013 5 5 - -
ALEC - What's Your Breaking Point, People?
This morning driving in to work I heard a repeat of a Democracy Now broadcast - an interview with Ralph Nader where he pointed out: So we’ve got a real problem here. It’s not too extreme to ...
MNDem999 06/05/2013 20 31 2 -
Alex Gibney, "Park Avenue"
I did a search and did not find this. I did find a great diary by Puddytat on how David Koch blocked this . I apologize if this is a repeat - but need to post it in case it is not. A must see for ...
MNDem999 05/23/2013 1 3 - -
R U Ready 4 Your 15 Minutes of Fame?
The downside of this idea is that your email box will be inundated with Republicon propaganda from Representative Stockman and anyone else he sells your email address to.
MNDem999 05/10/2013 1 1 - -
ALEC Gives FoIA the Finger
I have been waiting patiently for someone to post this - cause I wanted to see what your response and reaction was. To be frank - I have not been able to wrap my head around the TOTAL impact of ...
MNDem999 05/09/2013 47 22 - -
5/25 Worldwide March Against Monsanto
Didn't see this posted anywhere so I thought I would drop some snips about it. To me this is really important - because what we have is a corporation that manipulated legislation - in their favor - ...
MNDem999 05/07/2013 5 6 - -
ALEC Meeting in OKC - May 2 & 3
This is some information and an announcement about the ALEC National Spring Summit in OKC next Thursday and Friday, May 2 & 3. The national ALEC summit in OKC is where the ALEC state legislators ...
MNDem999 04/27/2013 7 14 1 - - "Do the Math" Livestream Screening
Tonight Just an announcement - didn't see it when I did a DK search. Screenings can be found in your area Just enter your zip code (top right side of page) To find an EVENT you can attend ...
MNDem999 04/21/2013 4 6 - -
ALEC Seeks Support for the Keystone XL Pipeline
I guess I didn’t realize it – that I may have information that others may not – until a comment was made by Meteor Blades that I should make a comment I made on another XL Pipeline diary – ...
MNDem999 04/20/2013 18 26 2 -
We Are Limiting the Use of the Acronym 'ALEC'
The web of deceit that is perpetrated by the American Legislative Exchange Council continues to develop as their infrastructure continues to crumble. Following a year of "ALEC" state legislators ...
MNDem999 04/20/2013 20 30 1 -
ALEC's 40th Birthday Party - Chicago
The inability of the US Senate to pass basic legislation on background checks. This is not about the filibuster. This is not about Harry Reid It is not about RWNJ's It is not about liberals This is ...
MNDem999 04/18/2013 20 14 2 -
Livestream - National Conference for Media Reform
Just an announcement that might be of interest to some - who might want to listen or watch. The National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR) is an annual national conference and movement intended to ...
MNDem999 04/06/2013 2 3 - -
Do you have your birth certificate?
Not sure if this is a vent or a pity party - a little of both I guess - but I had to share and hopefully maybe I can save someone else some frustration by sharing this little tale. But then What's ...
MNDem999 03/27/2013 250 255 6 -
Koch Busting - A Panel Discussion
A tweet directed me to a video this morning. I clicked the tiny url and there it was “Koch Busting: Ending the Spell,” from March 17th - to a standing room only audience in NYC. Sponsor: NYC "...
MNDem999 03/24/2013 6 9 1 -
The Swiss Take on Executive Pay
This is kinda an interesting story about how the Swiss have had enough and maybe even the EU has had enough when it comes to executive compensation. There is something therapeutic about this story -
MNDem999 03/03/2013 21 25 - -
A Sad Rant - Gun rights vs A Child's Right to Grow Up
WHY???? How many kids died yesterday because of guns? I couldn't help asking myself that this morning when I read a report of a shooting in Minnesota that happened last night around dinner time.
MNDem999 02/12/2013 34 14 - -
FCC Chair - A Petition for Your Consideration
Most of the time people want to speak to their government about the decisions being made – Most of the time we don’t get a chance Here is a chance to have your voice heard. The FCC – your ...
MNDem999 01/31/2013 5 5 1 -
Sing, Sing A Song - Name that Tune
Not a diary - BUT I found this on Roll-Call and even if you don't participate - hopefully just thinking about the possibilities will bring a smile to your face. NAME THAT TUNE I have faith that ...
MNDem999 01/21/2013 3 1 - -
ALEC's Tax Commandments
While most of the attention about ALEC has centered on guns, prisons, and voter ID, the goal of ALEC is much larger than that and much more pernicious. Below is an introduction to another area ...
MNDem999 01/19/2013 8 7 1 -
MN Legislature - Exposing ALEC
I am so proud of Minnesota SENATE AUTHORS: DIBBLE, Marty, Carlson and Sieben) today. Last year Dibble introduced the following amendments to our lobbying law and because our legislature was under ...
MNDem999 01/14/2013 12 15 1 -
2013 ALEC Actions - Many Voices or Media Events?
When you make a loaf of bread – you can put the flour and yeast in a bowl – but until you mix it up and knead it, stretch it, pound on it – there is no bread. When you wash your car you can ...
MNDem999 12/16/2012 1 6 1 -
ALEC Educ Task Force - Gets a Tongue Lashing from a Teacher
This video took place at the ALEC meeting held in DC last week. The video speaks for itself - very well. ENJOY!
MNDem999 12/02/2012 6 20 - -
On ALEC - Pls Note B4 You Vote
Day late. Dollar short (where's Soros when you really need him ;-). I have to get it posted sooner than (perfectly) later. Many states have already started early voting and my fear is that people ...
MNDem999 10/21/2012 2 10 1 -
ALEC & SLLI - "Bipartisan" Bigotry
Last week I found an article that started with this: In a news release from Friday, June 29th, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, the founder of the Tanton Network’s State Legislators for Legal Immigration, ...
MNDem999 07/04/2012 10 11 3 77
Dell Dumps ALEC
Just a short note to let folks know. Good news!! This happened earlier today. 20 corporations and 4 nonprofits have now dumped the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) -
MNDem999 06/21/2012 29 21 - 120
Tell Reckitt Benckiser - #DumpALEC
Nineteen (19) ALEC Profit Sector members have cut their ties with ALEC and Four (4) ALEC Nonprofit Sector Members have cut their ties with ALEC. The good news is that 21 of them said they were ...
MNDem999 06/13/2012 3 2 - 30
WI Election Coverage - The Uptake
Just sharing information here - no diary below the squiggle. In Minnesota we have a progressive reporting group that covers the stuff that no one else covers. The Uptake did a tremendous amount of ...
MNDem999 06/05/2012 1 2 - 93
ALEC Legislation
When ALEC members are defending the innocence of ALEC – Have you read something like this - the talking points sent out directly form ALEC’s Office : ALEC task force members can bring ...
MNDem999 06/02/2012 11 16 2 96
ALEC, Weyrich, and Right Wing Extremism
The Europeans are reporting on the US. Another DK diary by Democrats Ramshield - is an excellent read and well worth your time - brings our attention to a French article. This entry - starts with ...
MNDem999 05/27/2012 49 57 6 360
ALEC & Norquist - Their Anti-American Dream
A study that I recently ran into noted the following items, that blew me away - Privatization in Practice The key strategies as to how to downsize government and transfer programs to the private ...
MNDem999 04/28/2012 9 16 3 77
ALEC - Losing the Love of Legislators
If you look around the web you will find ALEC legislators that are backing away from the pro-business agenda of ALEC. Other reports are trickling in from across the United States. Some examples ...
MNDem999 04/19/2012 11 30 3 125
ALEC's Tort Reform War on Women
Scott Walkers crazy SB1 and SB2 the first day he was in office is what started me on my pursuit for information on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) . Unbeknownst to all of us at the ...
MNDem999 04/13/2012 6 22 - 131
UK Police Privatisation - Is the US Next?
Many times you see the following question in articles about Occupy: Don’t the cops realize they are part of the 99%? In the current political state of Republican affairs where everything is being ...
MNDem999 03/05/2012 16 12 - 82
ALEC - The Medicare Experiment
While we are busy trying to find members of the American Legislative Exchange Council and trying to catch ALEC legislation before it gets implemented, ALEC has moved on to their next area of US ...
MNDem999 03/04/2012 23 27 2 166
ALEC's - "CROWN"ing Glory Legislation
Yesterday an article from the StarTribune (Minnesota) made the rounds in a lots of tweets about ALEC’s attempt to reduce product liability in Minnesota – specifically in the area of asbestos ...
MNDem999 02/16/2012 10 12 - 80
ALEC – Subprime Good, Regulation Bad
History is a good thing. Sometimes it comes too late and it is hard to remember or relate to the issues that occurred during history. I am hoping that you will find this bit of history ...
MNDem999 02/15/2012 9 11 - 56
ALEC List - Version 4
A year ago when I started this journey to document ALEC members – I was always frustrated. My list of people affiliated with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) grew from 300+ a year ...
MNDem999 02/02/2012 12 20 6 174
WI Recall - Is there a Livestream planned?
Just a question that I am hoping someone has the answer for - I can't find anything on the web. Is there going to be a livestream of the delivery of the petitions? This is a historic moment and I ...
MNDem999 01/17/2012 12 4 - 116
Arthur Laffer not Laughing - Named in Ponzi Lawsuit
Sorry - but when I'm having a bad day - I have a tendency to take pleasure in someone else having a worse day.
MNDem999 01/13/2012 14 36 - 240
Arizona gets screwed by ALEC Policy (Again)
When you have a dedicated ALEC member as a state legislator, your state can end up having problems. Problems your state would have never had - if it wasn't for the interference of ALEC and their "...
MNDem999 01/13/2012 19 24 - 155
In 2009 ALEC Went to IRAQ
I found something (which I think is very disturbing) today while I was doing research on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). I wanted to bring this to you for your review and comments.
MNDem999 01/02/2012 12 11 - 72
Free Int'l Masters Degree - w/ALEC Undertones?
Have you ever thought about getting a Masters Degree in International Affairs? I’m sure that a few of us have dreamed about it from time to time. Well, I found an organization that offers a ...
MNDem999 12/26/2011 15 20 2 105
Norquist - Lobbyist for Keystone Pipeline
I heard this on the Thom Hartmann show while I was driving home from work tonight and wanted to see where else this was reported.  This is not easy to find but it was reported November 14, 2011 in ...
MNDem999 12/22/2011 2 8 - 63
ALEC - On Corrupted Sexuality
Almost every time I start doing research on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) I feel as if I have been dropped into a time vortex. I feel like I am dealing with an organization that ...
MNDem999 12/11/2011 92 115 8 803
ALEC - Bits and Pieces of Info
Sometimes when I am doing my research on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) I run into stuff that may not make a whole story; may make a whole story but requires more research than I ...
MNDem999 12/10/2011 6 17 - 73
to ALEC - Your Safety is a Non-Issue
One of the main priorities for the American Legislative Exchange Council is the elimination of regulations and regulatory departments at the state and federal levels. From an ALEC perspective ...
MNDem999 12/07/2011 8 5 - 44
This report is just too stunning and important for me not to post the link. I didn't want anyone to miss this. This is an important read. This is an amazing educational tool - not only for now - ...
MNDem999 12/06/2011 2 15 2 119
ALEC - Occupy Scottsdale - Just ONE Version
Just got home and if I don’t write this and post it tonight (even though it’s late) I won’t publish it at all. This is only one version of the protest against the American Legislative ...
MNDem999 12/01/2011 19 17 3 91
ALEC - Junk Science, Clean Air, and Dryer Sheets
The day after Thanksgiving I went for a walk with a friend. When we were passing by one home you could smell the sweet odor of dryer sheets. I looked at my friend and said “Did you know dryer ...
MNDem999 11/27/2011 35 26 - 132
ABOLISH ALEC - Buy Locally for the Holidays (w/poll)
Please for one year – I’m not asking you to do this for the rest of your life – for one year (at least - hopefully longer) do not use Black Friday or Cyber-Monday to line the pockets of ALEC ...
MNDem999 11/22/2011 39 23 1 123
Abolish ALEC - Now and Forevermore
Earlier today I read a diary on ...
MNDem999 11/21/2011 14 17 2 78
Destroying ALEC - Putting "Boots to the Ground"
As always this is about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
MNDem999 10/30/2011 16 23 6 127
Hermain Cain - Is He Singing the Psalm of ALEC?
A couple of days ago I posted a diary about Cain’s 9-9-9/9-0-9 ...
MNDem999 10/27/2011 4 13 1 63
Herman Cain - Is He Using ALEC's Enterprise Zone Legislation?
Many of you have heard Herman Cain spout his nonsense across the airwaves and for the most part – with the exception of the liberal media – no one is really looking at what he is saying. The ...
MNDem999 10/25/2011 16 20 2 84
ALEC = Financial Corporate Greed
I have been struggling with the Move Your Money deadline that is coming up. I love the idea of moving my money away from big banks that are contributing to corporate greed – but I wonder if there ...
MNDem999 10/23/2011 8 8 2 62
Hey! ALEC Members - You Gutless Wonders...
For those of you who are not familiar with the phrase “gutless wonder” – that is a person that my mother used to say was such a coward she had to wonder how they managed to crawl out of bed ...
MNDem999 10/19/2011 12 23 3 116
Exposing ALEC - Updated List and Request for Action
(If you don’t know what ALEC is – please see the links at the end of this diary.) I saw a tweet the other day that said we had to identify all the members of the American Legislative Exchange ...
MNDem999 09/25/2011 15 30 3 194
Exposing ALEC - Day of ACTION (DIARY)
(If you don't know what ALEC is , please see the links at the end of this diary) Well folks - the protest at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) States and Nation Summit is coming up ...
MNDem999 09/16/2011 11 23 - 90
ALEC - "Goo-Goo" Fascism?
During the 2010 election – like many of you – I was a door-knocker for a local candidate running for state legislature. During that election I ran into a situation that I had not run into in ...
MNDem999 09/03/2011 30 34 2 202
Lofgren Speaks Out to America!
Once in awhile it's important to read what the "other" side is saying. Some things are just too well written to cut and paste and give you snips, so I give you a few snips and a link to the whole ...
MNDem999 09/03/2011 3 7 - 62
Exposing ALEC - ALEC & the White House
(If you don't know what ALEC is - please see the links at the end of this diary.) The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) admits that 1/3 of state legislators belong to their organization.
MNDem999 08/14/2011 17 34 5 145
Exposing ALEC - Oklahoma is the last day of the ALEC Annual meeting. The Kiddie Kongress has sufficiently indoctrinated the next generation of ALEC-ers, the cigars have been smoked, the liberal ...
MNDem999 08/06/2011 34 46 3 274
Exposing ALEC - Finding Members
There is a frantic frenzy in the blogosphere and elsewhere right now to identify the members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) . The lists are being compiled off of every part of ...
MNDem999 07/31/2011 41 64 5 389
A Letter to Minnesota ALEC Members
(This is a edited republish of a previous diary. ) Three reasons caused this entry - First – I did not get my invite from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for their meeting in ...
MNDem999 07/27/2011 9 12 - 66
When something monumental happens in our history many of us ask ourselves, “ How can I be a part of this? I want to be part of this.” Today I am hoping that you will take the time to be part ...
MNDem999 07/16/2011 8 34 9 165
ALEC - Info to Shock and Amaze You!
In the ALEC Report Card on American Education: Ranking State K-12 Performance, Progress, and Reform (2010) the following statement is made: Report Card on American Education: Ranking ...
MNDem999 07/12/2011 13 26 5 176
U of MN - Goes to Koch - Because of ALEC?
Sometimes I think that people don’t understand the impact of ALEC’s statement “With nearly 2,000 members, ALEC is the nation’s largest” – this statement represents almost a third of all ...
MNDem999 07/11/2011 11 25 1 167
Exposing ALEC – Their Board & Getting Rid of ALEC Members
Many of us serve on the board of a nonprofit or have the desire to serve on the board of a nonprofit someday. Serving on the board of a nonprofit is your way of telling the world how important that ...
MNDem999 07/08/2011 12 41 3 176
Minnesota - Rally - Wed., 7/6
TODAY At the Capitol 4:30 - 6:30pm See the invite from the Minnesota AFL - CIO below.
MNDem999 07/05/2011 12 22 1 104
Why I Support Governor Mark Dayton
My life has been filled with amazing and diverse experiences that have brought me to the juncture that I am at today. I have lived in Minnesota almost my entire life and have been proud of the ...
MNDem999 07/03/2011 5 12 1 54
ALEC - On Tort Reform
Some may say I’m obsessed with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). In my opinion I think we all should be obsessed with ALEC. While I am displaying an obsession with them – ...
MNDem999 07/02/2011 6 12 2 62
Alec Article - State Rep. Marcia Moody
Saw this editorial in the Seacoast Online Newspaper that I found interesting. June 25 — To the Editor: Do you know who is ...
micwazoo 06/29/2011 10 18 4 73
Exposing ALEC - ALEC's Best Shills (w/ Poll)
Every year at their annual meeting ALEC honors those legislators that have done the best work that year. ...
MNDem999 06/29/2011 8 10 2 68
Exposing ALEC - Tag, You're It!
In an ALEC November 2010 rebuttal press release to an NPR exposé on ALEC they noted this ...
MNDem999 06/27/2011 19 18 - 141
ALEC - On Minimum Wage
I just got my morning reading done and saw a "snark" diary on the minimum wage that was posted last night. I left a comment - but it is so late no one will see it, so I repost it here as a short ...
MNDem999 06/23/2011 14 16 1 99
ALEC - Gives U.S. the Finger
(If you don't know what ALEC is - please read the links at the end of this diary - thanks.) In a “whiny” press release by ALEC on March 30th of this year about the diarists/bloggers “picking ...
MNDem999 06/22/2011 7 12 3 111
Bloggers Face Off in Minneapolis
We all know that NN is in Minneapolis this weekend, but there's another "force" in Minneapolis this weekend.
MNDem999 06/17/2011 8 3 1 110
Hackbarth (R-MN) - on Unions, Castro, Hitler
When I did a search of DKos and found this story had not been reported here - I was a little surprised. But this is a must share with you folks. And by the way - this is not a joke, it's the real ...
MNDem999 06/15/2011 13 10 - 86
ALEC Applauds Its Shills for Environmental Destruction
This will be the shortest diary I will probably ever write on Kos. (Gotta get to work.) I just returned from a vacation in the beautiful state of Idaho. The scenery was amazing – the time spent ...
MNDem999 06/14/2011 10 16 1 103
ALEC on Cap and Trade
(If you don’t know what ALEC is, you should (really, you should) – please read the links at the end of this diary.) Many of us hear about “cap and trade” on a regular basis and pay little ...
MNDem999 06/11/2011 10 10 - 86
ALEC - Government for the Corporations
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged ...
MNDem999 05/29/2011 43 58 8 342
ALEC - A Needle in the Haystack
for me anyway.... Many of you that have followed my work know that I spend a tremendous amount of time researching ALEC - looking for members - verifying members - compiling member lists. There ...
MNDem999 05/26/2011 6 6 2 68
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