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So you want to attend Glenn Beck's key to the city ceremony today?
Well you can't. Seems Fox news bought up all the tickets so they could distribute them to who they wanted, keeping out any dissidents in the crowd that they could. HOWEVER! You most surely can ...
ManageWA 09/26/2009 156 271 2 51
Small-Town America v Glenn Beck: We Didn't Start the Fire
It really was always burning. By now you've likely heard, either from my diaries, a friend or the news, that Mount Vernon, WA is giving Glenn Beck the key to the city. Sadly, I have to write that ...
ManageWA 09/08/2009 11 18 - 288
The Tide is Turning Against Glen Beck FINALLY! UPDATEx2!
In my on-going coverage of Mount Vernon, WA's mayor's decision to give Glen Beck the key to the city and declare a day in his honor, I finally have some good news to report! Apparently, the Mayor ...
ManageWA 09/03/2009 355 662 7 146
Our Local Paper Editorializes for Glen Beck WHY??
As some have noticed, I've been diarying about how my hometown mayor has decided it best to give Glen Beck, the vehement racist and hater of Americans, the key to our city. He always wants to ...
ManageWA 09/01/2009 33 17 - 50
They Are Going Through with Giving Glen Beck WHAT?? [updated w/ photo]
I diaried on this before here . Basically, my lovely hometown, a picturesque farming ...
ManageWA 08/31/2009 36 25 - 65
They want to give Glen Beck WHAT?!!?!
I'm from a beautiful small town in Washington. Mount Vernon was named Best small city in America in 1998. We host the Tulip Festival every year, where thousands descend on our picturesque valley ...
ManageWA 08/20/2009 68 52 1 54
Kossaks: We need your help in Washington
Washington is facing many very important down-ticket races that trump our work for Obama. He's going to win this state, but our governor may not. We need to work for her, and we need to work for ...
ManageWA 10/15/2008 8 8 - 3
Heck to Compensate: WA-LD10-Pos1, Tim Knue
Washington is in trouble. We're three weeks away from kicking out of office an amazing Governor and replacing her with George Bush's insolent step-son. Dino Rossi is going to take our successful ...
ManageWA 10/12/2008 6 3 - 7
[ACTION]County Republicans Sell 'Muslim Obama' $3 bill at WA St Fair
Almost all of the democrats involved in this are close friends and volunteers of my campaign. They decided to investigate rumors of a racist, insensitive $3 bill at the Republican booth of the ...
ManageWA 08/27/2008 21 19 1 40
WA-Gov: Rossi Breaks Navy Rules to give "typical stump speech"
Dino Rossi, loser of the '04 Governor's race to our fantastic Chris Gregoire, gave a speech at the CPO's office at NAS Whidbey Island. Navy rules prohibit campaign events on their grounds, but ...
ManageWA 06/05/2008 21 21 - 107
In memoriam: Paul Wellstone
Originally, I had intended to write an on-going diary about the trials and tribulations I've faced while managing a campaign for state representative out here in Washington. Being a student and ...
ManageWA 04/28/2008 9 14 1 7
Liberal Answer to Zeitgeist
This video, done by a Canadian high school student named Arman Noory, manages to be both funny, crushingly sad, and educational, all in a 15 minute timeframe. Even better still, he splices in ...
ManageWA 03/19/2008 2 2 - 1
Local Politic
I love politics. Elections are like a giant chess match to me, with each opponent's move being rebuffed by either a defensive or offensive strategy. As a former debate team member in high school, ...
ManageWA 03/12/2008 5 5 - 10
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