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Anime News: Hayao Miyazaki
Studio Ghibli has announced that it's founder, renowned animator and filmaker Hayao Miyazaki will "retire from the production of feature-length films." The announcement was made this week at the ...
quarkstomper 09/01/2013 64 48 2 -
He Saw It: Manga Artist and Hiroshima Survivor Keiji Nakazawa
This past month we lost a notable comic book artist: Keiji Nakazawa, a Hiroshima survivor who used his comics to bear witness to his personal experience of war and of the atomic bomb.
quarkstomper 12/31/2012 39 104 4 -
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club: Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water
In the late 19th Century, sailing ships were sunk one after another... I decided to spend one more week in the Victorian Era. I am technically stepping off-topic for the Readers & Book Lovers Group,
quarkstomper 09/16/2012 9 11 2 84
Sci-FI/Fantasy Club: 2001 Nights
It's not very often that you see a comic book that can be classified as Hard Science Fiction, but Yukinobu Hushino's 2001 Nights certainly qualifies. It was originally published in the mid-'80s in ...
quarkstomper 03/11/2012 15 29 - 315
A Boy in Wonderland? Transformations of Self and Identity
I've been gone ages I know. Probably can't blame that on being busy, insofar as I could have kept up with this, but chose to be as lazy as possible on the weekends. I can't promise I'm getting back ...
ArkDem14 10/30/2011 27 12 - 200
Manga you Should be Reading: Shounen
I’m done with Shoujo for a while, and am moving on to its natural successor in my series: Shounen manga. Shounen, Japanese for boy, is, obviously, directed towards a younger male audience. And as ...
ArkDem14 07/01/2011 33 5 - 108
New York’s Marriage Equality Battle, In Anime
Scott Wooledge 06/27/2011 37 37 - 216
Manga You Should Be Reading: The Other Side of Shoujo
Last week, (or thereabouts, time seems to slip away from me quite easily and quite quickly, amazing what procrastination can do), I wrote my disorganized shtick on Shoujo mangas, highlighting some ...
ArkDem14 06/21/2011 33 6 1 125
Documentary on Katsushika Hokusai
I got a head's up on this from another message board I belong to and thought I'd pass it on here. The Smithsonian Channel is running a documentary ...
quarkstomper 06/18/2011 3 7 - 39
Manga You Should Be Reading: Shoujo
First off, too all those who might be following me for my literary pieces, I’m still on break from that. As it is, I haven’t posted a diary in a few weeks due to combination of laziness and ...
ArkDem14 06/11/2011 22 7 - 92
The Manga-Anime Thesaurus
No, no, if this wound up in your feed, it is not a mistake. I usually write about political horserace's/redistricting, or, these days, about books and writers. This particular post is for the Manga ...
ArkDem14 05/20/2011 75 6 - 138
Soul Eater: or Mention My Name in Shibusen
The first thing you notice is the moon; a cartoon paper crescent with a psychotic smile leering down at the streets below. Right there that tells you that this is no mundane normal town. It is ...
quarkstomper 05/13/2011 19 5 - 96
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