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Massachusetts Adjunct Professors Kick Off Union Organizing Drive
In 2012, four-year tuition at the average public university cost more than $15,000 – not counting books, meals or housing. At the average private institution, that figure was even higher, ...
MassUniting 04/15/2013 13 12 - -
Boston residents to Erskine Bowles & Fix the Debt: “Stop the Baloney!”
Event attendees at Boston’s Symphony Hall were in for a different kind of entertainment this week, as more than 150 local seniors and unemployed workers staged a processed meat-themed ...
MassUniting 02/21/2013 14 28 1 -
Scott Brown Shows His True Colors…on Fox News
It seems that recently-unemployed Scott Brown has found himself a new line of work – and shown us his true colors in the process. Has the former Massachusetts Senator joined a think tank devoted ...
MassUniting 02/15/2013 17 15 - -
Corporate Gold Diggers: Looking for Love
It’s Valentine’s Day, and we at MassUniting couldn’t help taking a peek at the personal ads to see what lonely souls out there might be looking for love on this particularly romantic holiday. ...
MassUniting 02/14/2013 1 1 - -
Kanye-Inspired "Gold Diggers" Remix Hits Fix the Debt
You may have seen their ads on TV or been accosted by a ...
MassUniting 01/30/2013 4 8 - -
Capuano, Tierney join 500+ to Rally Against Fiscal Cliff Cuts
With the fiscal cliff looming, Congressmen Mike Capuano (D-Boston) and John Tierney (D-Salem) yesterday kicked off a major rally against potential cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security at ...
MassUniting 12/11/2012 7 3 - -
Time to get real about Scott Brown's record
In a widely-reported reversal last week, Scott Brown canceled the final US Senate debate -- dismissing it as unnecessary. As a result, voters in Massachsuetts have been left to a barrage of biased ...
MassUniting 11/04/2012 2 2 - -
Sensata and Bain Workers Have a 40-Foot Message for Mitt Romney
They've been traveling across the country over the past few weeks, but today workers from Sensata and other Bain-owned companies brought their message straight to Mitt Romney's campaign headquarters ...
MassUniting 10/18/2012 2 33 - -
Five things you won'€™t hear Scott Brown say (i.e. the truth) about his tax record
At a noon press conference in Randolph, Mass today, US Senator Scott Brown delivered what his office claimed would be a "€œmajor policy speech"€ on taxes. To the surprise of no one in ...
MassUniting 08/14/2012 3 4 - 35
Constituents to Scott Brown: Don't Repeal the Affordable Care Act
In what has clearly become a trend, Massachusetts constituents who tried to visit Scott Brown's office today were met with a locked door and no answers. They had gathered outside Brown's campaign ...
MassUniting 07/08/2012 1 14 - 110
State Street Bank: Massachusetts’ Very Own Corporate Bad Guy
Over the last month, we’ve seen thousands of people across the country rise up to call out big companies like General Electric , Wells Fargo and Bank ...
MassUniting 05/15/2012 2 5 1 45
Flash Mob Confronts GE Tax Dodging with “General Electric Slide”
MassUniting 04/16/2012 3 14 1 104
#WhatWorks for GE? Dodging Taxes
Anyone watching Super Bowl XLVI last night was treated to a host of television ads singing the praises of America’s largest corporation, General Electric (NYSE: GE). The ad blitz, tied together ...
MassUniting 02/06/2012 7 5 - 51
Scott Brown Is Raising Your Taxes
Yes, you read that right: Scott Brown is raising your taxes. In fact, you may pay $1,000 or more in taxes next year because of Brown – if you’re not a millionaire or corporate CEO, of course. ...
MassUniting 12/02/2011 3 4 - 32
Coakley to Big Banks: It's On!
It's been three years since the big banks crashed our economy, costing millions of American families their homes, their jobs and their life savings. Their “punishment” to date: taxpayer bailouts ...
MassUniting 12/01/2011 6 20 - 91
Mourning the Demise of American Jobs in Boston
On Tuesday, Senator Scott Brown chose the 1% over the 99%. Yesterday, we mourned the middle class'€™s untimely death at the hands of Scott Brown and his Republican leadership on the steps of the ...
MassUniting 10/13/2011 1 2 - 20
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