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New wingnut complaint: Obama is too Christian
No, of course I'm not joking. Have you learned nothing? Satire is dead, and wingnuts continue to dance on its grave. Drudge is flogging a column in Investor's Business Daily that whines about how ...
MeMeMeMeMe 12/03/2012 106 127 1 -
Jimmy Carter's grandson strikes again
You probably remember back in September when Jimmy Carter's grandson, James Carter IV, was instrumental in digging up and helping publicize Romney's 47% video . We all enjoyed the poetic justice of ...
MeMeMeMeMe 11/13/2012 260 929 29 -
PPP National: O50, R48
Our national tracking poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 50-48 based on interviews conducted Friday-Sunday:… — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) ...
MeMeMeMeMe 11/04/2012 24 10 - -
PPP Virginia: O+4
Our final Virginia poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 51-47 — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) November 5, 2012 Bonus: Our final Virginia Senate poll finds Tim Kaine leading George ...
MeMeMeMeMe 11/04/2012 55 41 2 -
Pew: O+3 [And Nate adds his 2¢]
O 50, R 47. Obama Gains Edge in Campaign’s Final Days, 50% to 47% over Romney… — Pew Research Center (@pewresearch)
MeMeMeMeMe 11/04/2012 179 203 6 -
What happened? Where am I?
I think I suffered some kind of blackout. It's like the last few hours just...disappeared.
MeMeMeMeMe 11/02/2012 124 67 - -
Reason #26 to be optimistic: Nate Silver rises to 77.4% [+bonus good news]
Wed. AM Update : Wang rises! Sam Wang's prediction now at 318 electoral votes, see below. Nate Silver's latest prediction , as of T-minus 6 days before the election, is a 77.4% chance of Obama ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/30/2012 262 324 3 -
New GNM-HRM Poll: Race Deadlocked
A new poll conducted by Good News McCain Research™ on behalf of HorseRace Media has the national race tied, showing Mitt Romney trailing President Obama by only 20 points, within the poll's 30-...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/28/2012 22 33 - -
Following polls and GOTV are not mutually exclusive activities
Just thought I'd get that out there.
MeMeMeMeMe 10/26/2012 3 - - -
MARIST NV: Obama 50, Romney 47. [More polls added]
Overall a pretty good polling day for Obama. Would like to see Colorado less tight, of course. NBC First Read : The race between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney is locked ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/25/2012 132 23 - -
That's it, we're done. We win.
Barack Obama just won the election. Bill Kristol has declared Mitt Romney the winner of tonight's debate: Mitt Romney is more than holding his own with Barack Obama tonight. That's Bill Kristol. ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/22/2012 16 19 - -
CNN Oh SNAP: O 48, R 40 [Update: CNN confirms Obama win by declaring it "a draw"]
Just in from CNN : BREAKING: Results of CNN-ORC post-debate poll of debate watchers. Who won debate? Obama 48, Romney 40. +/- 4.5% #CNNDebate If this snap poll had the same heavily Republican ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/22/2012 66 32 - -
Nate Silver: "Gallup vs. the World"
For those of you who respect Nate Silver (and I think most of us do, even when the analysis he brings is less than promising for our side), you're going to love what he has to say today about Gallup :
MeMeMeMeMe 10/18/2012 20 43 - -
Carbon Unit Josh Romney at Debate
Prepare to initiate jump to applause subroutine.
MeMeMeMeMe 10/17/2012 12 17 1 -
Holy Crap, Martin Bashir: Romney "More falsehoods than the Father of Lies"
Call it what you will... brutal takedown , evisceration, gutting, whatever. MSNBC's Martin Bashir has a few things on his mind. From the video: Romney: I've got five boys. I'm used to people saying ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/11/2012 92 209 2 -
Fox News is on it...
Have no fear, Republicans, Fox News is here! All ya'll wingnuts chill the fuck out...Fox has got this!
MeMeMeMeMe 10/05/2012 12 10 - 161
Unemployment: Obama vs. Reagan
The next time a wingnut starts shouting at you about Obama's poor employment record, you might want to share a few of these charts with them: Reagan: Obama: Note the unemployment rate when each ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/05/2012 10 18 2 87
Just one more data point: Nate Silver shows *improvement* for Obama
Updated just a little bit ago. Yeah, it's a teeny tiny incremental improvement, but still an improvement . • Nov. 6 forecast goes from 86.1% yesterday to 86.4% today • Nowcast goes from 96.9% ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/04/2012 17 27 - 452
When Obama Calls a Late Night Press Conference
MeMeMeMeMe 09/17/2012 15 35 - 382
'Register to vote' Google searches double after Obama speech
Diary title shamelessly stolen from this story on MSNBC : Google reported that searches for "register to vote" doubled nationwide in the moments directly following Obama's speech.
MeMeMeMeMe 09/08/2012 14 30 - 211
MeMeMeMeMe 09/05/2012 13 10 - 227
Paging BruinKid...
There better be a BruinKid diary in the works about tonight's episode of Bill Maher , because: On his show tonight, Bill Maher squared off with Dinesh D’Souza, the face of a new anti-Obama ...
MeMeMeMeMe 08/31/2012 22 11 - 220
J.P. Patches, R.I.P.
There may not be many readers here (especially at this particular time of the weekend) who know what this is about, but I thought I'd share it anyway : SEATTLE — Chris Wedes, the loveable iconic ...
MeMeMeMeMe 07/22/2012 28 14 1 167
Desperate: Rush Kisses Off Advertisers, Begs Audience to "Hang in There"
Looks like he's accepted the inevitable, and is basically telling his advertisers to go to hell. Via Media Matters , here's the latest from today's show: This show is about you. It's not about the ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/05/2012 194 248 4 3850
GOP Candidates Got Some 'Splainin' to Do
Thanks to this post at Balloon Juice , we've got a nice rundown of various GOP candidates looking like assholes on the Libya ...
MeMeMeMeMe 08/21/2011 19 22 1 227
Republican AZ Senator Points Loaded Gun At Reporter
As Raw Story so aptly puts it, "A freshman Arizona state Senator may be in need of some gun ...
MeMeMeMeMe 07/11/2011 66 50 - 342
LOL - Rotten Tomatoes on New Palin Film
This will be short. You've probably already heard about the new documentary The Undefeated , all about Sarah Palin, written by Sarah Palin. She ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/29/2011 22 36 - 545
The Statute of Liberty
Are you ready for an American history ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/01/2011 14 20 - 108
Snowball Launches Bid for Hell
Newt Gingrich is planning a big announcement this Wednesday: Former House ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/09/2011 16 7 - 112
We Shall Overcomb: Trump Cancels Letterman Appearance
Well, for anybody that thought Donald Trump was going to take his recent series of setbacks gracefully, you ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/02/2011 266 447 2 3759
'Scuse me while I whip this out
MeMeMeMeMe 05/01/2011 26 27 - 193
Atlas Begged
"For America to compete effectively, businesses must work with local, state and federal entities.'' That was our Galtian hero, John Aglialoro, producer and ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/27/2011 13 25 - 143
BofA and Wells Fargo Rush to Beat Wikileaks
Looks like they're cutting a deal : U.S. regulators may ...
MeMeMeMeMe 02/25/2011 11 18 - 208
Curveball Admits He Was Lying
Who could have foreseen , etc. etc.: The defector who convinced the White House that Iraq had ...
MeMeMeMeMe 02/15/2011 4 10 - 94
Last Word
I got the last word.
MeMeMeMeMe 02/12/2011 4 2 1 44
Smoking Gun: Vatican Ordered Cover-Up
Advocates for those abused by Catholic priests may have just gotten all the proof they were ever looking for ...
MeMeMeMeMe 01/18/2011 18 13 - 53
Things You're Not Hearing from Democrats Today
You aren't hearing talk of secession : Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired up an ...
MeMeMeMeMe 11/03/2010 39 48 - 64
Thousands Protest Mormon Anti-Gay Hate in Utah [ACTION]
Just in case you hadn't heard, there was a huge protest in Salt Lake City tonight:
MeMeMeMeMe 10/07/2010 63 70 1 149
Fire Dept. Goes Galt, Watches Home Burn [Video]
I got yer Pledge to America right here : The conservative vision was on full display last week in ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/04/2010 87 67 - 195
CNN's Rick Sanchez Could Be History [Audio]
This is rather troubling to me, as I have considered CNN anchor Rick Sanchez to be one of the saner voices on cable news [ Edited to add: "sane" being a very relative term on cable news ]. ...
MeMeMeMeMe 10/01/2010 206 75 1 82
Fox Breaks Out the Dog Whistle. Again. (Page now scrubbed)
**************************************************************************** It's ...
MeMeMeMeMe 09/28/2010 178 302 3 420
The Stuff Harry Reid Is Made Of
Pictured: Harry Reid's essence.
MeMeMeMeMe 09/23/2010 35 9 - 38
South Carolina GOP Holds Nostalgic Gathering
This photo is from a gathering entitled "A Southern Experience", held by The National ...
MeMeMeMeMe 09/18/2010 17 23 - 56
"Every time Boehner opens his mouth, we're going to mention it"
The looming election seems to have sharpened the focus of White House messaging considerably. The diary title is directly from a White House official quoted ...
MeMeMeMeMe 09/13/2010 47 40 - 49
Blagojevich Holdout Juror Target of Wingnut Wrath
It's well beyond the point where you can make this shit up. First they lapped our satire, and now they've lapped our worst estimates of how low they could sink. From John Cole ...
MeMeMeMeMe 08/19/2010 50 38 - 42
Stephanie Miller Comes Out
Oh well, sad news for us straight guys and potential "future husbands". But good ...
MeMeMeMeMe 08/13/2010 45 47 2 228
Markey to Deniers: Go Live on the Greenland Iceberg
Saw this and thought it was too good not to pass along: The Hill reports that on Saturday, Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA),
MeMeMeMeMe 08/09/2010 21 37 1 53
Surprise! Sherrod Video Was Heavily Edited [FULL VIDEO ADDED]
FULL VIDEO AT BOTTOM You've probably seen the video of USDA employee (now ...
MeMeMeMeMe 07/20/2010 1107 697 13 1121
I See BM
You may have caught a brief mention of this in today's Midday open thread . Or maybe you just skimmed over it ...
MeMeMeMeMe 07/07/2010 32 20 1 117
Obama 'Stunned' At How Out of Touch Boehner Is
The Democrat's political prospects may not be at their brightest point at the moment, but the GOP just keeps ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/30/2010 432 441 1 113
GOP Nominates Someone Nuttier Than Angle
You've probably heard of Sharron Angle . She's been nominated by her party to challenge Harry Reid for his Senate seat in Nevada. ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/22/2010 13 17 - 31
BP Partner Throws Them Under the Bus
Dear BP: everybody hates you now. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/18/2010 127 230 4 102
Dear Mr. President: Make BP Pay More Than It Has!
By now, we've all heard the news that BP has agreed to put a paltry twenty billion ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/16/2010 29 20 1 52
Ebert on the Prescott Mural
If you have a few minutes, you might want to read this extraordinary essay by the ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/07/2010 6 21 2 30
Obama Pushing Back, Big Time
Greg Sargent at The Plum Line has a sneak preview of Obama's speech on the economy later today in ...
MeMeMeMeMe 06/02/2010 903 642 10 105
Asimov Tells Moyers About the Internet
This diary is presented with little comment. I apologize in advance if this 1989 interview of genius Isaac Asimov by Bill Moyers has been posted here before. I frankly didn't take the trouble to ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/31/2010 58 36 1 51
Rove Finally Admits Bush F*cked Up Katrina
Well, it was a long time coming, but I'm pleased to see that Karl Rove is finally acknowledging what most of us have known all along. He's spent years defending the Bush Administration's response to ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/27/2010 33 47 1 37
Obama Is A Big Meany, GOP Has A Sad
Please, Santa, all I'm wishing for this year is that bipartisanship is dead dead dead : It was ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/25/2010 228 365 3 77
Fox Breaks Out the Biggest Dog Whistle of Them All
This is the headline currently up at Fox "News".
MeMeMeMeMe 05/22/2010 295 340 3 105
Support the GOP's Plan to Strengthen Wall Street Reform
No, that's not a misprint. And I attest that I am of sound mind and body. Just what, you ask, is their plan?
MeMeMeMeMe 05/21/2010 8 10 - 20
Whitehouse Amendment Fails - Usury Remains Legal
This is disappointing : The Senate has rejected a proposal aimed at lowering credit card rates by ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/19/2010 22 20 - 152
Another Palin Cashes In: What It's Really All About
Bristol Palin has reached the age of majority, and as is customary in her family, it's time for her to start exploiting her celebrity :
MeMeMeMeMe 05/18/2010 93 25 - 86
Margaret and Helen Strike Again
From where I sit, the entire Republican Party should head to OZ – looking for a brain, a heart and a pair of testicles. These are the words of 82-year-
MeMeMeMeMe 05/17/2010 24 42 - 38
Meet the Minerals Management Service
Today you may have heard that President Obama made some remarks about the ongoing oil spill. In ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/15/2010 15 24 - 42
Franken's Amendment Passes, 64 to 35 [Updated with more good news]
This is a big victory for financial reform : The Senate on Thursday voted to impose tighter ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/13/2010 221 561 3 289
Citizens United Freaking Out Over Kagan
A couple of days ago, the diary Why Kagan Makes Sense: Citizens United made the case that Obama's litmus test for Kagan was the ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/11/2010 20 23 - 108
BP Execs Partied on Rig During Explosion
Hot off the wires from the Associated Press , the cause of the Deepwater Horizon explosion is believed to have been ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/07/2010 369 350 4 302
Obama's Katrina? Not So Much, Says America
This looks like yet another rightwing meme fail. A new poll is out about American's perceptions of the oil spill, and there are some encouraging numbers. We'll look at opinions on offshore drilling ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/06/2010 29 40 - 49
New Poll: Tea Party Going Nowhere Fast
There are many interesting things to be found in a new ABC News-Washington Post ...
MeMeMeMeMe 05/05/2010 32 30 - 659
Wall Street's Getting Nervous About the Bill [Udpate-Sherrod Brown]
"I’m shocked about how tough it’s gotten." "The old rules have been totally reversed." ~ Recent quotes from Wall Street. I take this as a good sign. Unlike the ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/30/2010 184 386 3 78
Real Financial Reform Just Got More Likely
Three strong candidates for the Federal Reserve Board have long been rumored, but now President Obama ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/29/2010 9 30 - 36
Reid Eats His Wheaties: Calls GOP Tactics "anti-American"
Whoa. We've been seeing a new and improved Harry Reid lately,
MeMeMeMeMe 04/28/2010 20 24 - 27
RNC Breaks the Law, Sends Out ANOTHER Fake Census
Well, it's been exactly one month since Congress passed a law forbidding misleading political mailers designed to look ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/26/2010 45 55 - 67
Could Financial Reform Actually Break Up the Banks?
It's a slim hope, but it's at least possible. As mentioned in ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/21/2010 10 12 - 40
Almost A Diary
Cat shits in toilet, then falls in:
MeMeMeMeMe 04/20/2010 85 54 - 168
Dear Wingnuts: Propose A Nutty Bill, Expect Nutty Testimony
This is too funny. First, a bit of backstory : The Georgia state legislature, on top ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/20/2010 61 39 2 59
Bill Clinton: I Shouldn't Have Listened to Summers and Rubin [Substantive Update]
An interesting admission from former President Clinton today on ABC News This ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/18/2010 341 261 2 356
Obama Says He'll VETO Financial Bill That Doesn't Control Derivatives
This is very welcome : President Barack Obama says he'll veto a financial overhaul bill ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/16/2010 174 195 3 57
Obama Slams Massey Mining (With Video)
President Obama delivered some remarks this morning on the West Virginia coal mine disaster and about mine safety in general, and I was pleased to see that he didn't refrain ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/15/2010 63 65 - 46
It's Amazing What a Primary Challenge Will Do
Senator Blanche Lincoln seems to have had a come to Jesus moment :
MeMeMeMeMe 04/13/2010 33 31 1 62
Fearmongering FAIL: 70% Approve of START Treaty
In a recent diary , I took note of the rightwing theme of the week, said theme being that we're all gonna die ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/12/2010 126 251 2 523
Grayson Crashes GOP Meeting
Is this man fearless, or what? There's a bit of backstory to this, which I'll get into, but for now I'll ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/10/2010 344 625 2 206
Latest Rightwing Complaint: Taxes Are Too Low
No, that's not a typo. In their endless quest to put a negative spin on anything Obama does, the rightwing noise machine is now bitching about the following AP story, ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/08/2010 68 35 - 39
Fox Outdoes Itself. Again.
Oh man, just when you think they can't dial up the paranoia any more, along ...
MeMeMeMeMe 04/07/2010 74 48 1 38
Shorter Anti-Obama Billboards: N***er!
The following image of some Atlanta billboards was posted over at Think Progress :
MeMeMeMeMe 04/03/2010 272 251 4 74
This Census Form is Outrageous!
And this is only the first page:
MeMeMeMeMe 04/02/2010 386 352 9 114
Gun Marches Planned for Anniversary of Oklahoma City
In what can only be described as rather unfortunate timing, a pro-gun group known as Second Amendment March is planning ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/30/2010 67 33 - 95
Sh*t Hits Fan, Militia Groups Turn On Each Other [Substantive Update]
UPDATE AT BOTTOM Many of you have been following this story all day. Law enforcement ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/28/2010 639 461 5 288
Weiner to O'Reilly: 'You've Gotta Stop Making Stuff Up!' (Mandate info added)
At one point in his interview yesterday with Rep. Anthony Weiner, Bill O'Reilly declared "I know I'm not a smart man". It turns out to be his only statement with any factual basis. An exasperated ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/25/2010 291 349 3 223
Good God, Ya'll, What a RIGHTEOUS F*CKING RANT
Sweet hour of prayer. Great googly moogly. My ears are ringing, my pupils are dilated, and I may never walk again. That's either the result of great sex, ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/23/2010 309 996 102 162
Remember Tucker Carlson? Me Neither
MeMeMeMeMe 03/22/2010 88 51 1 46
Against the vile OPPRESSOR of mankind, To whose black crimes some ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/21/2010 220 373 8 211
Parkinson's Victim Mocked by Teabaggers Speaks Out
Remember this disgraceful display from a couple of days ago? If you don't feel like watching the disgusting video again, here'...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/19/2010 225 424 10 270
Devastating Video: Fox 'News' Interviews Two Presidents
Fox "News" anchor Bret Baier's contentious interview with President Obama yesterday has become very ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/18/2010 194 329 5 439
Kucinich Helping to Whip Votes!
Well, that was quite a switch. I guess that little ride on Air Force One changed someone'...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/18/2010 427 280 3 61
A Brief History of Social Security
The Social Security Act was passed in 1935. Benefits did not begin until two years ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/16/2010 42 35 - 100
But What Will We Tell the CHILDREN???
Okay all you gay marriage advocates, I've got one question for you: just how on earth do you think you're going to explain to young children the concept of same-sex marriage? How will they ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/11/2010 35 17 - 50
Glenn Beck: Hey Jesus, Get Out of My Bible!
A few months ago when I diaried about a wingnut movement to rewrite the Bible to ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/09/2010 60 37 1 23
Question of the Day: Why is Economic News Always "Unexpected"?
Seriously. Haven't you ever wondered that?
MeMeMeMeMe 03/08/2010 19 7 - 23
The Far Right is Arming and Organizing
The Southern Poverty Law Center , which has been monitoring rightwing hate groups for 40 years, has ...
MeMeMeMeMe 03/02/2010 179 56 - 38
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