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Mokurai's groups.

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America Latina
For discussion of the politics, economy, environment and culture of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and other Latin American countries.
Anti-Capitalist Meetup
The Anti-Capitalist Meetup is an ongoing diary series that began in July 2010 with the goal of providing a forum to discuss the history, present day issues, and the future of the Capitalist system and its alternatives. The Meet-up embraces and encourages intellectual and respectful discussion.

At a time when a third of Americans tell pollsters they have a positive view of Socialism and when most Americans conflate Socialism with anti-capitalism, it's time for the opponents of capit...
Climate Hawks
Climate matters. We vote.
Courtesy Kos
A group dedicated to courtesy, civility, politeness and positivity. Our group motto -- "Killing the Meta Wars - With Kindness"
DKos Sangha
A place for those following paths of dharma, advaita, yoga, and others, who seek compassionate engagement in the political process. A place for exploring how engagement in politics can be integrated into one's spiritual path. That all beings are worthy of compassion is central to this exploration.
Education Alternatives
To best serve the development of all our young people, we need to move away from our one-size-fits-all education system (based on the 19th Century industrial model) to a new approach that encourages and facilitates many profoundly different educational paths, including learning within and outside of schools.
Firearms Law and Policy
To advocate effectively for repeal or passage of firearms legislation we must first know and understand current law and policy, and how both are implemented, where we live. There is enormous variability across the country; the relative utility/relative risk of firearms is different on a 500 acre ranch in Montana than for a 1000 square foot apartment in New York. State and local laws reflect that diversity. We will discuss firearms law and policy with an emphasis on the many historical ethics an...
History for Kossacks
Once the name of a regularly-appearing series on DK3, History for Kossacks is now a DK4 group blog dedicated to the discussion and diarying of all things historical. Topics range from the impact of a'a' lava on ancient Hawaii to Zoroastrianism in Persia; time frame is from Australopithecus to Zulu hours today - so come on in to this dusty cave full of moldering tomes, have a seat in an overstuffed chair, and let's talk history!
Indianapolis Kossacks
I KNOW I cannot be the only square peg in a round hole in the state capital of an awfully "red" state in Fly Over Country. Let's meet, greet, eat, etc. & support each other!
Keynesian Kossacks
Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and many other economists tell us we are in a crisis on inadequate demand, and need a large focus jobs, and economic stimulus focused on rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, key industries, and acclerating our conversion to sustainable clean energies, that will reduce of CO2 emissions, and oil imports. Government needs to lead the way, as well as provide regulation for the common good. Keynesian Kossacks believe some aspects of our common good are ...
Kossacks for Marriage Equality
Now that we have a few court cases making their way through the system, especially since a W appointee in Connecticut declared DOMA unconstitutional July 31, 2012, it's time to track what's happening in all of them. This group can't become obsolete soon enough!
Logic and Rhetoric at Daily Kos
A group to promote clear thinking, rational discussion, and the recognition and proper use of good rhetoric on Daily Kos.
Meatless Advocates Meetup
A group for those reducing their consumption of meat for environmental, health, animal rights etc. And who also love good food, sharing recipes and good times!
More and Better Democracies
Fixing US politics with More and Better Democrats would be great. Fixing global politics with More and Better Democracies would be so much better. Also fighting poverty, corruption, multinational corporations, and UN Black Helicopter Conspiracy Theories.
Obamacare Saves Lives
This imperfect law is saving lives, preventing bankruptcies, giving hope and comfort to millions. This group aims to celebrate the victories, even as we work to strengthen and perfect the law.
Political Language and Messaging
This is for all of us who have published or who want to publish on the use and misuse of political language, as a lot of us have done in the past month.
Promote the General Welfare
"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[note 1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." One of the key components of the US government as shown above in the Preamble to the Constitution is to promote the General Welfare. This group is dedicated to d...
Psychology of Conservatives and Liberals
Political psychology governing perception, emotion, and thought. Development, stages, and states of political worldviews, belief systems, and reactions. Why do we, as individuals and communities, see and do things differently?
Readers and Book Lovers
Where readers, writers, bibliophiles, and lovers of all things literary find their favorite series and one-of-a-kind diaries, including "Bookflurries," "Write On!," and "What are you reading?" Plus newer series like "Books So Bad They're Good," "Books in My Life," (formerly "Books That Changed My Life"), "Monday Murder Mystery," "Contemporary Fiction Views," "LGBT Literature," and "Books Go Boom!" We hope you'll visit Readers & Book Lovers for the same reasons you get together with a friend -- ...
Remembering LGBT History
Much of history is hidden, especially for groups outside the mainstream of dominant culture. This group is devoted to the recovery of LGBT history, and it welcomes anyone interested in the subject.
Spiritual Organization of Unapologetic Liberals at Daily Kos
This is a group for liberals and progressives of faith--no matter how defined. Members of all faiths (including "none of the above") are welcome to participate.
Whovians on DKos
A group for those who enjoy the BBC TV programme 'Dr Who', and its many off-shoots. Now in its fiftieth year, this has become the longest-running science fiction series, and, according to the Guiness World Records, ' "most successful" science fiction series of all time'. Not so much a TV series, more a cultural phenomenon! Drop by and enjoy. NOTE: Free parking for British Police Phone Boxes on Thursday nights

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