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Legislator Complains About Being Left Off List of 2013’s Top Nutjobs
In one of the funniest episodes I can remember in my several years of blogging, I was contacted yesterday by a Republican state legislator, who is upset by the fact that I did not include him in my ...
Montana Cowgirl 01/04/2014 6 20 - -
Birthers Plan Second "Usurpathon" Attempt to Arrest President, Put Him in Florida Prison
Birthers Undeterred by Montana Woman's First Usurpathon Failure It seems that yet another group of birthers are planning a coup to overthrow the government and arrest President Obama, or as birthers ...
Montana Cowgirl 10/02/2013 29 23 - -
Racist Flyers Making Rounds on Reservation; Tea Partiers Fighting Water Rights
Lots of right-wing activity and even some racism lately has been seen on the Flathead reservation. Two groups of TEA Partiers have come to town, stirring up sentiments against tribal sovereignty ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/21/2013 5 30 - -
MT Guts Child Abuse Protection to Fund Tax Breaks for Wealthy
The hypocrisy wafting from the Montana legislature reached a new level of foulness this week. In fact, the 63rd legislature is likely to be remembered in future years only as a bunch of two timing ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/14/2013 13 28 - -
TEA Party Republicans Reach Out to Montana Youth
NPR is reporting this week that the GOP is trying up it's digital game.  Republicans are taking heat because their anti-science platform and failure to embrace technology is repelling young voters.
Montana Cowgirl 03/28/2013 13 20 - -
BUSTED: Two GOPers Come Forward, Finger GOP Chair for Racist Facebook Post
Watermelongate Solved A young conservative says he was friends with Yellowstone County GOP Jennifer Olsen on Facebook, and that he received Olsen's racist Facebook post in his news feed. He even ...
Montana Cowgirl 02/28/2013 57 168 4 -
Republicans Attempt to Blame "Hackers" for Racist Facebook Post
The Yellowstone County Republican Party is claiming that  a racist Facebook post from the Chair of the Yellowstone County Republican Party may be the work of hackers. In a statement issued to the ...
Montana Cowgirl 02/22/2013 12 10 - -
Reforming Gun Laws, Montana Republican Style
It might surprise you to hear this, but right-wing Republicans actually agree with President Obama that America needs a radical change in our gun laws.  It's just that they have a different idea of ...
Montana Cowgirl 02/17/2013 15 9 - -
Actual Wacky Bills in the Montana Legislature
This is not a joke, here is a current list of actual Republican bills in the 2013 Montana Legislature.  Enjoy. 1. Amend the U.S. Constitution to prevent President from entering into any arms ...
Montana Cowgirl 02/04/2013 23 17 - -
Heckuva Job in Denver, Brownie?
Until this weekend, Michael DeWayne Brown (aka “Brownie,” of George Bush FEMA fame, who botched the federal response to hurricane Katrina ) and David Sirota (a progressive author and former ...
Montana Cowgirl 01/08/2013 7 11 - -
The MT bill to allow guns in schools, & the semi-automatic assault rifle school raffle
Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was forced to come out yesterday and plead with fellow Republicans to be more "circumspect" when they talk about guns. " It's not helpful " for GOP lawmakers to be ...
Montana Cowgirl 12/19/2012 5 8 1 -
What happens at the evangelical conference does not stay at the evangelical conference
Today we have two hilarious and related items: First, we go to Tinseltown. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Montana's own Gerald Molen, the producer of the right-wing documentary "Obama: ...
Montana Cowgirl 12/09/2012 203 347 4 -
Naked on the Morning After, the Real Mitt
The best reason for voting against Mitt Romney wasn’t revealed until the day after the election, when we were given a glimpse of the would-be emperor without clothes. Romney, we learned, is a ...
Montana Cowgirl 11/11/2012 22 13 - -
GOP Candidate Told School Children that the Earth is 4,000 Years Old
Is Now Running for State’s Top Energy Post; Says His Critics are Bigoted Bases Beliefs on “Scientific Investigation” I was reminded today about an amusing yet distressing incident in 2006, ...
Montana Cowgirl 10/13/2012 24 30 1 -
Crackpot ruling from Federal Judge in Montana
Leaving an entire state with mouths agape, a right-wing federal judge in Montana today ruled that all campaign contribution limits for political candidates are---unconstitutional .
Montana Cowgirl 10/03/2012 10 7 - 91
Did Mitt Romney "Aztec"?
If you had told me, a year ago, that the 2012 presidential campaign would feature somebody wearing blackface,
Montana Cowgirl 09/21/2012 38 21 - 531
Fox and Friends: MT AG Race Gets Koched
Tim Fox, the Montana Republican lunatic who is running for attorney general despite having never done anything other than defend drunk drivers and call for rape victims to have the rapists’ babies,
Montana Cowgirl 09/18/2012 5 28 1 134
Former State ALEC Chair, GOP Leader Jailed
The former House Republican Minority Whip of the Montana Legislature and Montana state chair of ALEC, Dennis Himmelberger, is in jail. The Billings Gazette reported today that Himmelberger was ...
Montana Cowgirl 09/07/2012 51 223 2 1683
Standing by their Man
While the rest of the Republican party was busy putting as much distance as possible between themselves Todd Akin, the Missouri GOP candidate that said if women were  not making up the rape their ...
Montana Cowgirl 08/21/2012 5 8 - 80
Baucus Took $40,000 from Koch Brothers
I just learned this a few days ago, but Koch industries is listed as one Max Baucus’s largest donors.   The company is listed as having  contributed $40,000 to Baucus since 2005.  That puts him ...
Montana Cowgirl 08/15/2012 5 14 1 94
Chair of Anti-Obama Military PAC Plagued by Past
A new report is out this week with the news that a Montana Republican who started an anti-Obama military-themed PAC is under fire for leaving the SEALs after questions about "improprieties" ...
Montana Cowgirl 08/10/2012 3 12 - 87
Coolest. Office Decor. Ever
You could have an original Gov. Schweitzer Veto Board in your office. A Montana non-profit is auctioning one of the only remaining veto boards created by Montana Gov.Brian Schweitzer when he vetoed ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/25/2012 13 40 - 316
GOP Legislator Arrested After Bizarre Incident
The Livingstone Enterprise is reporting on the bizarre incident involving former GOP legislator Joel Boniek ( pictured ), R-Livingston, that led to Rep. Boniek's arrest. Police allege that Boniek ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/19/2012 7 25 - 360
Obama’s Rage, Coming to a Theater Near You (if you are redneck)
Did you know that Obama has rage, and that this rage has identifiable roots? I was unaware of Obama’s rage, so I hadn’t felt the need to investigate the roots of it. But thankfully, a right-...
Montana Cowgirl 07/05/2012 32 30 - 348
Baucus spills the beans: Gay innuendo ad
David Sirota, a national radio host and pundit who used to work on Governor Schweitzer’s campaigns, recently brought to light a new development in an otherwise dormant Montana controversy--the ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/21/2012 4 10 - 236
When the Romney Campaign Knocks, What Will It Look Like?
This diary is cross-posted at the Montana Cowgirl Blog. I keep thinking of an incident in Whitefish in 2010 , when a burly guy with long white hair, tattoos and a mullet showed up at a female voter��
Montana Cowgirl 06/19/2012 7 9 - 86
How to Dispose of a TEA Party Imbecile, For Good
Bye Bye, Birther Last week, we saw the demise of a right wing lunatic. You may remember Bob Wagner ( pictured here ), the Montana state legislator, for his appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/12/2012 223 785 9 3908
Schweitzer tells Supreme Court where to put Citizens United
Today’s must-read article is a strongly worded op-ed column in the New York Times by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who writes that Montana has “fresh mountain air” and implores the ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/04/2012 71 323 6 1972
MT TEA Party Jumps into State Supreme Court Elections
The Montana TEA Party jumped into the Montana Supreme Court race this week. A shadow group for TEA Party Republican Jason Priest has put out a mailer on behalf of right-wing Supreme Court candidate ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/17/2012 3 3 - 59
GOP School Superintendent Accuses Obama of Treason
A Montana Republican School Superintendent and County Treasurer is accusing President Obama of treason and calling for his impeachment. Max Lenington (R), the elected County treasurer and school ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/21/2012 44 23 - 325
Schweitzer Jumps into Presidential Race
The Governor of Montana had choice words for Mitt Romney today, saying that while he will probably win Montana, he will suffer in states where Latino votes are required for victory. Schweitzer also ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/20/2012 21 36 - 285
GOP candidate published a manual on cruising for sex
Neil Livingstone’s Guide for Sex tourists When Republican gubernatorial hopeful Neil Livingstone admitted to the Associated Press last week that he was once “a guest on a yacht full of hookers ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/16/2012 112 176 1 1398
Gov Candidate Now Says Wife Was with Him on the Floating Brothel
Yet again we see that working as a K street lobbyist does not prepare one to run for office, particularly in a race where damage control is required. In a hilarious news article today , Neil ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/12/2012 23 31 - 390
TEA Party Legislators Thank Judge for Racist Email
Three Montana TEA Party legislators issued their support for a federal judge in the state who sent racist emails , the Great Falls Tribune/AP reported today. Rep. David Howard , R-TEA Park City, ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/08/2012 34 19 - 225
MT Lawmaker Wants "Obama the Usurper" Off Ballot
One of America's top TEA Party imbeciles has called for President Obama to prove that he is eligible to be on the Montana ballot, or else have his name removed from it. Bob Wagner, the Montana ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/02/2012 6 13 1 140
Montana Federal Judge Caught Emailing Racist Obama Joke
Judge Richard Cebull, the Chief U.S. District judge in Billings, MT who was " strongly recommended " by Max Baucus and Conrad Burns in 2002, was busted yesterday for sending a racist email to his ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/01/2012 8 5 - 75
Tea Party Congressman to Hold Hearing on the Fate of Jesus
Who says Congress doesn't work on issues that matter to Americans during tough economic times? Montana congressman Denny Rehberg, co-founder of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus and Michelle ...
Montana Cowgirl 01/29/2012 28 29 - 305
Montana TEA Party Calls for Boycott of All News
The Billings Montana Shrugged TEA Party has issued a "CALL TO ACTION" today (capitalization and inexplicable quotation marks are their own.) In an ...
Montana Cowgirl 01/17/2012 11 10 - 154
Worst Political Christmas Card of 2011
There are still a few hours to go until we reach the 2012 horizon, so there is still plenty of time for some antics from the Montana Republicans running for Governor in the GOP Primary. They would ...
Montana Cowgirl 12/31/2011 7 12 - 220
Asian Massage: Conservative GOP Councilman Might Get Unhappy Ending
A hard-core, conservative, Republican religious politician, getting caught doing business with an erotic massage parlor? Yawn. That's become such a routine event in our society, it's barely even ...
Montana Cowgirl 10/26/2011 6 4 - 95
The Bridges of Madison County (and a Tea Party Imbecile)
Republican Bob Wagner,  a legislator from Madison County in Montana and a half-literate jackass of a Tea Partier who likes to draw national attention to himself, is in the news again. You may ...
Montana Cowgirl 10/01/2011 115 346 2 1910
Yes It Can (And It Does, in Montana)
There is an interesting op-ed in the NY Times today by Montana's governor Brian Schweitzer, talking about ...
Montana Cowgirl 08/19/2011 7 6 - 79
Jewish TEA Party Leader Gets a Rude Awakening
Tea Partiers are not an intelligent lot. A tipster recently emailed me about an incident in Bozeman. As the tipster points out, the incident was actually nothing more than a guest appearing on a ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/12/2011 19 21 - 507
Republican Spending Campaign Dollars in Peru
Bad enough that GOP gubernatorial candidate Neil Livingstone is trying to phone in his campaign from Washington DC and hasn't lived in Montana for thirty years. Now he's ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/10/2011 3 13 - 87
In Wake of Oil Spill, Republicans Say Exxon Should "Stick It" to Montana Town
As oil spills into Montana's once pristine Yellowstone River, which flows out of Yellowstone National Park, the Chair of the Montana Republican ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/07/2011 11 24 1 158
New Poll Looks at a Baucus v. Schweitzer Primary
The Public Policy Polling Group has put out a tantalizing poll for those of us who enjoy the parlor game of Montana ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/06/2011 15 16 - 121
Rick Perry Lays an Egg at Wingnut Conference
A conservative blogger in Montana was recently highlighting his attendance at a young conservative social media and blogger conference in Minneapolis, apparently the ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/22/2011 9 14 - 236
Congressman Rehberg's June Snow Job
Facing the biggest election of his life, the only real challenge since the first time he ran for Congress, lagging poll numbers, and a race in the national spotlight that is already being talked ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/17/2011 2 6 - 37
Republican Derides State's Flood Victims
A Republican state legislator has been quick to rush to the assistance of flood victims with that favorite Republican commodity,
Montana Cowgirl 06/10/2011 9 12 - 101
GOP Director on KKK: We haven’t supported them for 9 years
In light of the KKK organizer running for Congress as a Republican in Montana, Montanans across the state of ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/04/2011 10 25 3 266
GOV Race Clouds Over for GOP in Top Five Race
Heading into Memorial Day weekend, the field for the 2012 Montana gubernatorial race is brightening on the Democratic side, while the GOP side is clouding over. ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/25/2011 1 1 - 35
National Suicide
A group of America's most far-right activists are pushing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution 
Montana Cowgirl 05/12/2011 12 9 - 90
Right-Wing Bores
Conservatives have trouble laughing at themselves, even when something is funny. It makes sense, I guess. When your entire emotional and intellectual existence consists of being angry and hateful ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/01/2011 21 21 - 143
Schweitzer burns GOP with red-hot cattle iron
It was a bad day for a few hapless Republican legislators in Montana Wednesday. These young guns from the GOP, who had excitedly volunteered, upon entering the legislature, to carry some of the ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/13/2011 286 618 5 4392
GOP Gay-Basher, Family Values Crusader, Has a Mermaid Problem
“Much like sirens, mermaids will sing to people or to gods to enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing people to walk off a ship’s deck or to run their ship ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/05/2011 22 36 - 310
Not Wisconsin: Schweitzer Electrifies Union Rally at Montana Capitol
A few months ago, the Montana Tea Party organized a rally on the steps of the Montana Capitol, for patriots€ to œtake back America. Organizers encouraged people to bring their guns with them.  ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/04/2011 58 190 2 976
Montana Republican Says Drunkenness is "Way of Life"; Opposes DUI Laws
Alan Hale thinks being drunk is a way of life. TEA party legislator yesterday made an impassioned speech on the floor of the Montana statehouse for the elimination of all DUI laws.
Montana Cowgirl 03/29/2011 105 67 - 562
Montana’s Welfare Queens? Guess Who
Montana State Representative Janna Taylor, one of Montana’s loudest and proudest Tea Partiers, and also the Montana House whip, has collected $1,000,000 over the last 10 years in federal cash farm ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/15/2011 105 316 9 1996
Top Editor of Montana Daily Is a Birther
And that’s no joke. Frank Miele, the top editor at the Flathead Daily Inter Lake and a frequent contributor of arch-conservative editorials which he pens under his own name, has just ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/01/2011 6 18 - 109
Montana Has So Many Wacky Bills, Governor Schweitzer Buys VETO Branding Iron
The Billings Gazette is reporting today that Montana ...
Montana Cowgirl 02/25/2011 6 12 - 96
Actual Nutjob Bills in the Montana Legislature
For your reading pleasure, here are some of the major pieces of legislation that have been put forward by the Tea Party Republicans who are now in control of the legislature.  This is not a joke. ...
Montana Cowgirl 02/17/2011 13 15 - 85
An Angry Man
Why, exactly, Montana Cong. turned GOP Senate Candiate Denny Rehberg (R-MT AL) (pictured here, where I also have posted the clip of Ed Schultz ...
Montana Cowgirl 02/08/2011 2 6 - 140
Governor Schweitzer’s Popularity Paradox
According to the Public Policy Polling group’s year-end rankings, Brian Schweitzer is ...
Montana Cowgirl 01/10/2011 16 3 - 80
Michael Steele Needs Atticus Finch
Back in the segregationist South, if a white guy raped a white woman his best bet for getting away with it was to falsely accuse a black guy of the rape, and get a racist jury and judge to convict ...
Montana Cowgirl 01/07/2011 4 6 - 36
T.E.A. Party’s #1 Earmarker Campaigns Against Earmarks on Taxpayer’s Dime
Here we see what looks like a pretty typical piece of sleazy campaign literature: An oversized, glossy, mailer ...
Montana Cowgirl 12/18/2010 1 4 - 76
V for Vendetta, Guy Fawkes, Extremism, and a School Board Shooting
During the recent 2010 campaign in Montana, an ultra-right-wing state legislative candidate Derek ...
Montana Cowgirl 12/16/2010 30 6 - 70
MT, Led by AG Bullock, is Sole State to Fight Corporate Election Influence
As Matt Singer at Left in the West wrote about yesterday , the Wall Street ...
Montana Cowgirl 10/13/2010 6 11 - 54
In MT: TEA Candidate, Dixie, the Holocaust and Guy Fawkes
A Conservative Montana talk radio host has announced that one of ...
Montana Cowgirl 10/09/2010 10 15 - 72
Max Baucus Throws MT Dem Candidate Under the Bus
I try to give Max Baucus the benefit of the doubt when I can, but he doesn't make it easy. � The question that young progressives across Montana who are leafleting and canvassing and working ...
Montana Cowgirl 10/02/2010 16 19 - 71
Progressives in MT Know How to Play Hardball With Right-Wing Nuts
Here’s an ad from today’s Flathead Beacon, paid for by a community group called the North Valley ...
Montana Cowgirl 09/30/2010 9 20 - 178
Leading Montana Tea Partier Has Been Living On Government Dime
It turns out that a leading member of anti-government TEA Party in Montana, ...
Montana Cowgirl 09/28/2010 25 19 - 66
Nonsense: Corporate Craziness by GE's Jeff Immelt in Montana
I’d heard that the CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, came to the Butte, Montana Economic ...
Montana Cowgirl 09/20/2010 17 21 - 144
Come to MT if you still think the Tea Party isn't a bunch of violent bigots
If you still think the tea party isn't composed of violent bigots, then you haven't been to Montana to meet Tim Ravndal, the leader of the Big Sky Tea Party here in our state. Here is a horrific ...
Montana Cowgirl 09/04/2010 199 256 2 263
MT Republican Starts Measuring the Gubernatorial Drapes
Isn’t it just a little too early for this? With typical GOP presumptive hubris, Corey Stapleton has already started trying to gain control over the Montana University System by sending them ...
Montana Cowgirl 08/25/2010 6 4 - 41
MT Republican appears to have committed crime, lobbied illegally
As progressive groups are getting ready to reform lobbying in D.C. I received a tip that a former Montana state legislator, John Sinrud (R-Belgrade), broke the law in late 2009 because he appeared ...
Montana Cowgirl 08/17/2010 8 11 - 19
Congressman starts to reap benefits of tea-bagger alliance
Though Montana incumbent Republican member of Congress Dennis Rehberg has been criticized for his recent merger with the Tea-Party-...
Montana Cowgirl 08/09/2010 5 10 - 28
Montana Press, Democrats got taken for a ride by a Pig
Often times I’ve served up criticism of the Montana press, for being apathetic, lazy, stupid, incompetent, corrupt, and, in some cases, conservative leaning due to right-wing corporate ...
Montana Cowgirl 08/03/2010 16 29 - 47
Poaching trial of Dennis Rehberg state director set for Aug 11, 12
Hot on the heels of Rehberg’s lawsuit against firefighters, the poaching ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/28/2010 5 1 - 30
GOP Candidate's Bios: One of these things is not like the other...
A visit to newly announced 2012 Montana Republican Gubernatorial candidate Corey Stapleton's Wikipedia page this morning revealed he ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/20/2010 14 3 - 35
Fox News declares war on Montana school district with lies, misinformation, and fearmongering
Faux News, who has been stirring up a feeding frenzy of national misinformation on the Helena School health curriculum update, which ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/14/2010 44 38 - 52
"Called by God"...but having trouble raising campaign funds
Montana's only (perhaps the world's only?) ' RINO-tarian ' state ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/12/2010 18 14 - 29
NEW Video: Montana Congressman bungles "lawsuit against firefighters" question
By now you may already have heard of the Montana Republican congressman Dennis Rehberg who is suing firefighters for some burned ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/09/2010 16 8 - 30
Please write your request on the back of a $10,000 check
Reminiscent of when Montana’s only member of Congress Denny Rehberg (the guy suing the firefighters ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/08/2010 6 6 - 21
Congressman sues MT town, then claims to OWN its favorite park and trail system known as "The Rims"
Montana's only Congressman Dennis Rehberg, one of the richest members of Congress , is really taking it ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/07/2010 21 25 - 108
New Political Gossip Blog Launched will now be the place that you can find the Montana political gossip, satire, inside scoops and behind-the-news analysis ...
Montana Cowgirl 07/06/2010 9 5 - 99
You can't be the party of tomorrow with nothing but yesterday's ideas
Embattled GOP Chair Michael Steele chastised Montana Republicans for their lack of young people this week, when he appeared as the keynote speaker for the Montana GOP Platform Convention in Billings,
Montana Cowgirl 06/21/2010 6 5 - 26
Congratulations to Dennis McDonald, Montana's Congressional Primary Winner!
You did an amazing job. Montanans will be proud to have you represent us in the general. Kudos also to your staff, and to the hard work that primary opponents Gernant and Gopher put in. More on ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/08/2010 7 5 1 97
Out-Foxed: Fox News Has History of Ridiculing Montana's Top Republican, Dennis Rehberg
You read it here first. There is an anti-incumbent ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/06/2010 5 14 - 33
Prediction: Dennis McDonald will Win MT-AL 2010 Primary
Not just because he has raised the most money or put up the biggest television ad buy, but because he simply has the most name recognition. Dennis McDonald has been a tried and tested leader ...
Montana Cowgirl 06/05/2010 44 5 - 25
Montana press no engine of speed, efficiency, or thoroughness
The Montana press has never been an engine of speed, efficiency or thoroughness. It's agility in getting to the bottom of a story is somewhere between that of a Sloth and a Tortoise. For example, ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/25/2010 7 4 - 93
A closer look at Rehberg's latest boat wreck prevarication
Even Montana's small conservative papers have acknowledged that the drunken boat wreck in which Montana's lone Congressman Dennis Rehberg got wasted, let a friend drive drunk, and ran up an ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/24/2010 8 6 - 25
U.S. Chamber Pees on Montana Chamber's Parade
Tough day for the Montana Chamber of Commerce. The Montana Chamber has always been a solidly Republican operation. A notorious example: In early 2008, when the Montana economy was peaking with ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/20/2010 4 14 - 31
Unlike Most Democratic Sheep, Schweitzer Not Afraid to Stick Dagger in Tea Party, on National TV
For those on the left who like to paint Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer-D with a broad brush as "not a progressive," simply because on one issue (coal) he votes the wrong way, here is another ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/17/2010 46 36 - 102
Rehberg's Latest Lie Totally Exposed
You've already read how Montana's lone Congressman Dennis Rehberg-R was caught lying when he tried to pass off two different ...
Montana Cowgirl 05/11/2010 25 5 - 25
How to spot a lying politician
Trust is a vital commodity for all politicians. Once lost, it is difficult to regain. I realize that perhaps some people have let Montana's lone congressional representative Dennis Rehberg (R) ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/30/2010 10 5 - 23
Red-Ink Rehberg's Duplicity Will Haunt Him in 2012 Governor's Race
Birthers, white power militias, Paultards, NotMyBathroomers, Tea Partiers, Truthers-- it's hard to keep track of all the fringe groups that have popped up across the state. But what to do when the ...
Montana Cowgirl 04/23/2010 2 - - 33
Really?! Rehberg Campaign Email Extolls Montanans on 'Virtue'
A friend just forwarded me the latest Dennis Rehberg campaign email, sent out Thursday morning, March 25, 2010, extolling Montanans on the need to practice 'virtues' such as, get this: "...
Montana Cowgirl 03/26/2010 11 5 - 18
Schweitzer's "Say Uncle" Tour to Expose GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy
Don't you wish your state Governor would do this? If you live in Montana, hilarity is coming soon to a Republican legislative district up for re-election this year near you. If you take a look at ...
Montana Cowgirl 03/25/2010 27 22 1 47
Schweitzer's Drug Play
The idea of reimporting cheap prescription drugs from Canada, where drugs cost a fraction of what the identical medicine costs here, has been dormant for many months, if not years. Then, yesterday,
Montana Cowgirl 03/12/2010 18 12 - 29
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