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Hillary Clinton’s “Wronged Woman” Problem
Many people think that Hillary Clinton is the right woman to be president. I think the “wronged woman” is her problem. I was thinking that if Hillary were to be the Democratic nominee, what ...
MrTrueLiberal 01/22/2014 55 - - -
The Republicanization Of The American Consumer More typically elitist and wrong advice from MSN Money. Wasting money on dying technologies? How much does it cost in monthly ...
MrTrueLiberal 01/09/2014 3 5 1 -
The Annual “War On Christmas” Christmas Special—Brought To You By Fox
Well, sir, another Christmas come and gone and Fox’s Annual” War On Christmas” Christmas Special has been met with its annual defeat, ensuring it will be back next year for Fox’s Annual” ...
MrTrueLiberal 12/26/2013 6 5 - -
The Bashiring Of The American Liberal Media
Let me tell you why the forced resignation of Martin Bashir is such a big deal, and why it’s so insidious. This is meant to be yet another message to liberal reporters and news commentators, or ...
MrTrueLiberal 12/09/2013 15 12 - -
The Selling Of The President Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up
On this 50th "anniversary" of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the corporate media in collusion with elements in the federal government continues to perpetuate the "lone assassin" ...
MrTrueLiberal 11/22/2013 38 3 - -
The Democrats Won And They’re Still Talking About Entitlement Reform? Really?
While we're all basking in the glory of yesterday's victory, here's something to unbask in the dissipating glory. Steve Israel, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was ...
MrTrueLiberal 10/17/2013 45 19 - -
Warner Worries Me
Just when I thought it was safe to be a Democrat again. Sen. John Warner (D-VA) goes and shoots himself, President Obama, and the Democratic Party in all their feet.
MrTrueLiberal 10/09/2013 16 5 - -
An Open Letter To The Koch Brothers Dear Chuck and Dave, That’s some creative team you’ve got working for you ...
MrTrueLiberal 10/02/2013 2 6 - -
They Call Me The Seer
I can see what no other person sees. I can see the future crystal clear and in high-def.
MrTrueLiberal 09/21/2013 4 3 1 -
The Syrian Shell Game
If you listened to what President Obama said last night without analyzing his statements, it sounded pretty good and reasonable. Leave it to Chris Matthews to put it into perspective. In essence, ...
MrTrueLiberal 09/11/2013 2 - - -
Overthrow Or Kill Assad—Then What?
What frustrates me are people who don’t think things through. Everyone who is pushing for direct US intervention in Syria against Bashar Hafez al-Assad is guilty of this. I’ve been guilty as ...
MrTrueLiberal 09/08/2013 30 5 1 -
The Political Square Dance
Politics is a square dance. Change partners, dosey doe, round and round and round we go.
MrTrueLiberal 09/06/2013 2 1 - -
Juror B37 Stands Her Ground So, Juror B37 really saw this trial as an opportunity to cash in on Trayvon Martin’s murder and the subsequent ...
MrTrueLiberal 07/16/2013 8 10 - -
PBS And NPR: Subsidiaries Of Koch Industries? The story linked to above could be a prime example of a David Koch-funded NPR “news” story which means that NPR reporter ...
MrTrueLiberal 07/12/2013 10 11 - -
Harry Reid Gives Me Credibility, Which Is More Than I Can Say For Him
I love it when “progressive” Democrats put me down for stating that there’s not much difference between Democrats and Republicans because then Harry Reid goes and proves me right. Actually, ...
MrTrueLiberal 03/20/2013 6 4 - -
I’m a Liberal—Not A Progressive
I just found out today I had been kicked out of a "progressive" Facebook group. This illustrates why I consider myself a Liberal and not a progressive. Apparently, progressives believe that it is ...
MrTrueLiberal 03/19/2013 76 6 - -
Liberal Talk Shows—Best P.R. Right Wingers Ever Had
I turned on John Fugelsang’s Current TV show last night just for a moment but saw what epitomizes the frustrating state of most liberal talk shows today. Fugelsang and a panel were talking about ...
MrTrueLiberal 03/19/2013 8 15 - -
Current TV Is Now Passé
These days I'm less miffed at Al Gore for selling Current TV. Truth is, I barely watch the channel anymore. I turned on Stephanie Miller yesterday and she was in full self-admitted Obama apologist ...
MrTrueLiberal 02/21/2013 12 - - -
The Callousness Of The Texas Center for Defense of Life And Its Lawyers Let’s be clear about this: it is not the pregnant sixteen-year-old who is ...
MrTrueLiberal 02/13/2013 6 4 - -
Hillary Clinton Kicks Some Pipsquawk Republican Ass
I’m no Hillary Clinton fan, but Chris Matthews aptly described her today at the Senate hearing as Gulliver surrounded by Republican Lilliputians trying to bring her down. The three main “...
MrTrueLiberal 01/23/2013 14 3 - -
NPR: Nonstop Propagandizing for Republicans
Once again monitoring NPR and still confirming they are just as anti-Obama/Democrat, pro-Republican as Fox, CBS Radio, or ABC Radio News. They have been framing their "fiscal cliff" reporting as the ...
MrTrueLiberal 12/10/2012 20 26 - -
There Is News, And There Is NPR News
In NPR News world, everything is either "fair and balanced" or simplistic.
MrTrueLiberal 10/26/2012 17 7 - -
It's The Voter Suppression And Election Fraud, Stupid!
So, the three Presidential debates are over and all the corporate media focus is on who won, who lost, and what the daily national poll numbers are. This election will not be decided over which ...
MrTrueLiberal 10/23/2012 6 4 - -
Mitt Romney: The Would-Be Entitlement President
I truly believe there are sociopathic families among the very rich; the Bushes and the Romneys being two prime examples. The children of these über rich are raised in rarified air. They are raised ...
MrTrueLiberal 10/04/2012 1 - - 14
The Sound Of One Man Lying
There were no winners in the debate last night although the corporate media surely loves and needs to announce one—or two. So, Romney came out of his corner swinging, and if you listen to just ...
MrTrueLiberal 10/04/2012 2 - - 14
Why Obama Will Win
Yes, I know. Can’t predict Obama will win or I’ll jinx it. Still 36 days to go till Election Day and anything could happen. That’s the current thinking among the liberal media. I bow to ...
MrTrueLiberal 09/30/2012 6 - - 80
Reporting From Stockholm, this is NPR
Thank goodness for NPR. The entire outside world (which doesn’t include Fox) is publishing polls that President Obama is surging ahead of Mitt Romney, yet in the closed-in universe of NPR News ...
MrTrueLiberal 09/25/2012 15 16 - 112
Today’s Class Lesson: Rahm Emanuel Hates Teachers
Rahm Emanuel is a slime, despite the hummer bestowed on him by the Minneapolis Star Tribune in today’s editorial.
MrTrueLiberal 09/11/2012 20 7 - 95
After Soaring With Bill, Barack Brings Us Back Down To Earth
President Obama’s DNC speech was pretty good overall. He didn’t take us on an astral trip like Bill Clinton did, but it had its highs—and lows. He mixed in references to Michelle, Malia, and ...
MrTrueLiberal 09/07/2012 5 1 - 78
Memo To The Obama Campaign: Grow A Backbone
Just when Michelle Obama had the Base embracing Barack Obama the way she embraced the DNC hall last night, the Obama campaign pushes it away.
MrTrueLiberal 09/05/2012 39 2 - 474
What It Means To Be A Republican: The Short List
What it means to be a Republican: What it means is that you work to keep unemployment over 8% to unseat the first Black president of the United States. What it means is that you belong to the party ...
MrTrueLiberal 08/27/2012 3 5 - 53
Julian Assange and Servant Sovereign Nations
So, the Brits are threatening to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London to arrest Julian Assange and extradite him to Sweden for a supposed sex crime.
MrTrueLiberal 08/17/2012 65 20 - 178
Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Hypocrisy By Any Other Name
Paul Ryan professes to admire Ayn Rand despite the fact he knows nothing about her. Let’s compare Ryan’s philosophies with Rand’s.
MrTrueLiberal 08/14/2012 2 5 1 48
The Dark Knight Rises While Rush Limbaugh Falls And Can’t Get Up
I’ve heard just enough about Rush Limbaugh’s review of “The Dark Knight Rises” to know that he was correct in one sense but always his viewpoint falls short and can’t get up again. I’ll ...
MrTrueLiberal 08/09/2012 11 1 - 193
Me Vs.You People
The 60’s left people worn out. They’d given everything they had at the office and their activists pockets were bare. After having been beaten and tear gassed and even shot to death by the ...
MrTrueLiberal 08/08/2012 21 53 3 457
Everything The So-Called Tea Party Thinks It Knows Is Wrong
The so-called tea partiers love to say Obama is a failed president, using the one mind and one voice they all share. They claim he doesn’t know anything about how our country works or how our ...
MrTrueLiberal 08/07/2012 4 4 1 91
Once a Willard, Always A Willard
Willard Mitt Romney is still the same prep school bully who forcibly chopped off a gay boy’s bleached-blond locks. Bain Capital became another pair of scissors and the companies and lives he ...
MrTrueLiberal 07/31/2012 1 4 - 34
Paul Krugman Keeps It Simple For Stupid People
I’m going to borrow a phrase from Paul Krugman’s excellent book. “End This Depression Now!”: “Your spending is my income and my spending is your income.”
MrTrueLiberal 07/24/2012 4 19 - 286
The Many Unhappy Returns Of Mitt Romney
“Eight years was awesome. I was famous and I was powerful.” Those words of (thankfully) former President George W. Bush encapsulate the two reasons why Willard Mitt Romney seeks the ...
MrTrueLiberal 07/21/2012 5 7 - 101
Mitt Romney: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
A nd now for another edition of “Mitt Romney: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire. President Obama would like to raise the top marginal corporate tax rate from 23% to 29%. He would like to end the Bush ...
MrTrueLiberal 07/10/2012 3 7 - 59
Republicans And The Big Daddy In The Sky
Why are so many people on the Religious Right Republicans? You can’t say ALL Evangelical Christians, Catholics, and Mormons are Republicans, because they’re not; just the extreme religious right ...
MrTrueLiberal 07/08/2012 4 2 - 46
In The Republican World
In the Republican World, there is no need for health care reform because we already have the best healthcare in the world that money can buy.
MrTrueLiberal 07/07/2012 1 8 - 62
Obama’s Two Mistakes
I have had my issues with President Obama. To me, he has caved in so many times he has miners trapped inside him. (A tip of the hat to John Fugelsang for that line.). Well, I’m currently ...
MrTrueLiberal 07/01/2012 63 1 - 373
The (Un) Liberal Media
Talk about your corporate media bias against Obama, notice the opening line of the ABC OTUS story posted on Yahoo:
MrTrueLiberal 06/27/2012 6 4 - 51
The Obama Economic Braintrust?
To all my liberal friends who support Obama unconditionally and consider him the smartest guy in the class and always in control, the following is a primary reason why I believe you've bought into ...
MrTrueLiberal 06/22/2012 15 1 - 90
Libertarians: Liars and Hypocrites
I’ve been engaging in correspondence with someone, apparently a Libertarian but definitely right wing, on one of my blog posts. He raised the possibility of a Libertarian candidate possibly ...
MrTrueLiberal 06/20/2012 21 4 - 70
President Obama Is Not Getting The Message That He’s Not Getting The Message Out
There is something wrong when 68% of Americans blame George W. Bush for our stinkin’ economy but only 38% have faith that President Obama’s policies will get us out of this mess. And the ...
MrTrueLiberal 06/14/2012 20 4 - 121
Ding! Dong! The Dems Are Dead
Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin as far as Wisconsin goes because the Democrats regained control of the state Senate. This means that Wisconsin will be a negative image of President Obama and ...
MrTrueLiberal 06/06/2012 81 - - 779
Mitt Romney: The Latest GOP Goat Leading Republican Sheep To Slaughter
When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, it was 47th out of 50 states in job creation, 47th out of 51 if you include Washington, D.C. Yet his campaign touts that state unemployment during ...
MrTrueLiberal 06/04/2012 4 2 - 109
Romney And Trump: The Firing Squad
Donald Trump said this of Mitt Romney: "He's going to turn this country around. He's going to create jobs like you haven't seen for many, many years." Let’s examine the irony and the falseness of ...
MrTrueLiberal 05/30/2012 4 2 - 47
The GOP: All They Need Is Love
Forget Mitt Romney. Forget Marco Rubio. Forget Jeb Bush for that matter. The GOP feels it has found its own Barack Obama and she is female! Her name is Mia Love.
MrTrueLiberal 05/24/2012 1 1 - 23
The Stupid Vote
You don’t have to be stupid to be a Republican but they sure prefer it that way. Since Fox News has been scientifically proven to make smart people stupid and stupid people stupider, it’s the ...
MrTrueLiberal 05/21/2012 3 5 - 79
The End Of Austerity
With the victory of the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande over French President Nicholas Sarkozy, it signals the beginning of the end of right wing-imposed economic austerity programs around the ...
MrTrueLiberal 05/07/2012 14 12 - 73
The Decisive President
Ed Gillespie, who was an advisor to the worst president in US history—George W. Bush—and now advises among the worst Republican candidates for president in US history—Mitt Romney—calls ...
MrTrueLiberal 04/30/2012 8 4 - 70
Stand Your Ground About To Stand Trial
Trayvon Martin was an ordinary, average 17 year old kid. Well, mainly average and ordinary. He was also black in a south Florida town, which some people think is a crime until itself. I would assume ...
MrTrueLiberal 04/11/2012 11 8 1 90
The Republicans Are Protecting George Zimmerman
It doesn’t make sense that George Zimmerman has gotten so much protection from the Sanford Police, the Florida State Attorney, and the Republican mass media. They’re all fighting his arrest and ...
MrTrueLiberal 04/06/2012 6 3 - 99
Who's Covering Up For Who In Florida?
I just had a realization last night: Neither George Zimmerman nor the Stand Your Ground law are the targets of protection in Florida.
MrTrueLiberal 04/04/2012 12 8 - 188
The Return Of Candidate Barack Obama?
President Obama just gave a speech at the AP Luncheon that was 99% magnificent and should have been given one year ago.
MrTrueLiberal 04/03/2012 14 2 - 130
Lies And The Lying Lawyers Who Tell Them
Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton the parents of Trayvon Martin, are extremely fortunate that George Zimmerman picked the highly incompetent lawyer, Craig Sonner, to be his attorney.
MrTrueLiberal 03/29/2012 12 1 - 100
The Four Marx Brothers Of The Supreme Court
The four right-wing justices on the U.S. Supreme Court would be as laughable as the Four Marx Brothers if they were not sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court.
MrTrueLiberal 03/29/2012 8 1 - 64
Mayday! Mayday! The GOP Is Being Shot Down In Flames
There are a number of military analogies to apply to today’s GOP: being shot down in flames, a bunker mentality from being surrounded on all sides, on a suicide mission, launching all of their ...
MrTrueLiberal 03/23/2012 7 12 - 220
Hitler’s Alive
I was watching an old Twilight Zone episode from 1963 written by Rod Serling called “He’s Alive”. A young Dennis Hopper was playing a guy dressed in a brown shirt uniform talking on a street ...
MrTrueLiberal 03/23/2012 13 4 - 127
The GOP War On The Year Of The Woman
In what some (including me) are calling “The Year Of The Woman”, which is also an election year, the GOP is throwing everything they’ve got at what they perceive as the poor defenseless females.
MrTrueLiberal 03/22/2012 3 5 - 37
Trayvon Martin The Republican KISS Of Death
Republican voters believe in the KISS system, as in Keep It Simple, Stupid. First, because they’re all stupid. Being stupid, they need it kept simple. Keep in mind that the rich and powerful who ...
MrTrueLiberal 03/21/2012 23 6 - 215
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