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Two NC lawmakers draft guns-for-teachers bill for one Christian school, not even in their districts
Well, this is a headscratcher. While doing some citizen lobbying today at the N.C. General Assembly with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, we spoke with legislators about a bill filed earlier this ...
MsSpentyouth 03/04/2015 15 21 - -
Citizen lobbying on a snow day at the NC General Assembly
Well, it's that time again: The N.C. General Assembly (NCGA) meets for a "long session" every other year, when it deals with the majority of bills that have budgetary implications. Our last long ...
MsSpentyouth 02/25/2015 33 39 1 -
Nurturing and nourishing Cedwyn's family
Jotter shared the sad news on Saturday night that we lost our beloved Cedwyn to disseminated cancer. I just got this note from Jack Thompson, Cedwyn's father: "Cedwyn passed away tonight, ...
MsSpentyouth 02/04/2015 78 174 1 -
What the Senate report carefully doesn't say about torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
So the U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee has released a summary of its study of the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program. It's a hefty read, yet even at more than 500 pages, the summary ...
MsSpentyouth 12/11/2014 80 158 2 -
That Call. The One in the Middle of the Night #BlackLivesMatter
A demonstrator stands in front of a truck and stops traffic during the evening rush hour on the streets of Washington, D.C., shutting down 14th & K streets in the heart of the city. (Photo: Paul J. ...
MsSpentyouth 12/10/2014 69 198 6 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 09/21/2014: The snobby wobbly of Hobby Lobby
Greetings, felicitations, salaam aleikum, selamlar, shalom, zdravo, and welcome to Kitchen Table Kibitzing. It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon -- but things haven't been quite as quiet in ...
MsSpentyouth 09/21/2014 31 41 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Revolutionize war-making by waging peace
What has brought us to the point of yet again waging war without any goals for peace? The US stance of becoming a "conquering hero" has not produced success in many decades, and it's a stance that ...
MsSpentyouth 09/12/2014 37 24 - -
Revolutionize war-making by peacekeeping
What has brought us to the point of yet again waging war without any goals for peace? The US stance of becoming a "conquering hero" has not produced success in many decades, and it's a stance that ...
MsSpentyouth 09/11/2014 3 6 - -
N.C.: You can help voters prove eligibility under our new voter-suppression law
One week ago, the Republican/Tea Party supermajority in North Carolina's General Assembly passed the most repressive, restrictive voter-suppression law in the United States. HB589, the Voter ...
MsSpentyouth 08/01/2013 41 36 1 -
N.C.'s new voter-suppression and guns-evrawhere laws take a dark turn
With the July 26 passage of HB937 ("gun omnibus" bill) and passage of HB589 ("VIVA/election reform" bill) , the election circumstances in North Carolina have changed from omnibus to ominous. HB937 ...
MsSpentyouth 07/31/2013 30 37 - -
N.C. Moral Monday #13: What happens now?
As many as 10,000 protesters took to the streets of downtown Raleigh to protest the repressive bills that made their way through the NC General Assembly this legislative session. Protesters wore red ...
MsSpentyouth 07/31/2013 66 115 3 -
UPDATED: North Carolina Gen. Assembly takes back 100 years of voters' rights
Democratic members of the N.C. House of Representatives joined hands and bowed their heads in an emotional show of unity as votes on HB 589 were counted in a late-night session on July 25. It is ...
MsSpentyouth 07/26/2013 189 280 7 -
Takeover of NC Speaker Thom Tillis' office
Moments ago, a group of students and other North Carolinians moved into the office of N.C. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis and initiated a sit-in a la Wisconsin and Florida. Those of us not at the ...
MsSpentyouth 07/24/2013 17 72 1 -
BREAKING: N.C. Moral Monday #12: Spontaneous sit-in shuts down Gen. Assembly buildings
When NAACP-NC President Rev. William Barber suggested from the N.C. General Assembly building's second floor (where civil-disobedience arrests were beginning to take place) that people sit down if ...
MsSpentyouth 07/22/2013 84 171 - -
N.C. Moral Monday #11: 101 unique arrests, things heat up
Hundreds of observers crowded onto the third-floor balcony of the N.C. General Assembly to peacefully support the 101 civil-disobedience volunteers being arrested one floor below. Amid sweltering ...
MsSpentyouth 07/15/2013 31 65 - -
N.C. -- Tweeting the NC Tealiban for permission about ... anything and everything
"“If you want to make decisions about my uterus and my reproductive life, you get to make all the decisions about my life. You don’t get to cherry pick.” -- Bethany Erickson That's how Texas ...
MsSpentyouth 07/10/2013 12 28 1 -
Ask me anything about a Kossack Moral Monday meetup at the N.C. General Assembly
Interested in taking part in one of the upcoming Moral Monday protests and rallies at the N.C. General Assembly? Want to participate in a Kossack meetup? We have many fine qualities in Raleigh, ...
MsSpentyouth 07/10/2013 26 22 - -
N.C. Moral Monday #10: at least 64 arrested, 746 unique arrests so far
Rev. Frederick Battle is all too familiar with civil disobedience and what spurs people to fight power with peaceful assembly. The mild-mannered minister was arrested 51 years ago in Greensboro, N....
MsSpentyouth 07/09/2013 101 174 2 -
My own private abortion
I will be leaving very soon to take part in the 10th wave of Moral Mondays here in North Carolina. I was arrested June 10 for taking part in civil disobedience at the N.C. General Assembly; I won't ...
MsSpentyouth 07/08/2013 102 325 2 -
N.C. - Moral Monday #9: 72 arrested; 682 so far
MsSpentyouth 07/02/2013 22 25 - -
N.C. Art Pope creates database of Moral Monday arrestees, including several Kossacks
Pardon the brief diary; I just got to my hotel room after a long day volunteering at Netroots Nation and learned that the John W. Pope Civitas Institute has created an online database and a "Pick ...
MsSpentyouth 06/19/2013 61 180 3 -
N.C. Moral Monday/Witness Wednesday: Join Witness Wednesday at NC Capitol Bldg. today
Been keeping up with the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina? If you're in the area, join the movement today as a witness to the odious raft of ALEC-sponsored bills being ramrodded through the ...
MsSpentyouth 06/19/2013 7 7 - -
N.C. Moral Monday Wave #7: est. 84 arrested tonight; total arrests now 485
Moral Monday at the N.C. General Assembly in Raleigh is gaining traction throughout North Carolina and in the ...
MsSpentyouth 06/17/2013 49 133 - -
N.C. Moral Monday/Witness Wednesday #6.5: 8 arrests on first Witness Wednesday
You've probably heard about Moral Monday at the N.C. General Assembly. We're ...
MsSpentyouth 06/12/2013 13 29 - -
Please, read this diary on N.C. bill to eliminate gun permits
Take a moment to read Christian Dem in NC's diary on N.C. House Bill 937 , "Proposed NC law would do away with handgun permits." Today in committee at the N.C. General Assembly, the bill was ... ...
MsSpentyouth 06/11/2013 4 20 - -
N.C. Moral Monday #6: 89 arrested; Charlotte Observer reporter detained
Hundreds of supporters crowded the third-story balcony above the 89 participants in civil disobedience plus media covering the prohibited peaceful gathering at the NCGA on June 10, 2013. The start ...
MsSpentyouth 06/11/2013 66 149 - -
N.C. Sen. Thom Goolsby, you SERVE N.C.; you do not RULE its people
Quick update: I'm off to get arrested for asserting my constitutional right to assembly peaceably at the N.C. General Assembly and may not be back for quite a while. Y'all just carry on without me, ...
MsSpentyouth 06/10/2013 89 137 - -
N.C. Moral Mondays: Happy birthday arrest, MsSpentyouth!
Hundreds of protesters witness the arrests fellow protesters engaged in acts of peaceful civil disobedience at the N.C. General Assembly. With the arrests of 151 people on "Mega Moral Monday" (June ...
MsSpentyouth 06/08/2013 32 39 - -
N.C. Moral Monday #4: 57 arrests at N.C. General Assembly today; 153 arrests so far
Members of the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus show their support for protesters and those arrested for walking into "The People's House" (N.C. General Assembly) and refusing to leave.
MsSpentyouth 05/20/2013 32 42 - -
N.C. civil disobedience: Nearly 100 arrested so far for protesting ALEC-ification of state
More than 200 people gathered May 13 to support the 49 people arrested for peaceably protesting at the N.C General Assembly building in ...
MsSpentyouth 05/17/2013 73 138 7 -
BREAKING: Americans for Prosperity NC accuses NAACP of planning riots at Gen. Assembly today
Jeanne Milliken Bonds, a blogger who covers state politics in North Carolina, has been accused by the NC chapter of Americans for Prosperity of colluding with the NC chapter of the NAACP to plan ...
MsSpentyouth 05/05/2013 70 80 3 -
N.C. - Sen. Richard Burr keeps his health insurance as form of protest
It's no secret that Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) hates his healthcare insurance now that it's covered by the Affordable Care Act. Why, the poor beleaguered Republican doesn't even want it anymore, he ...
MsSpentyouth 04/30/2013 8 7 - -
North Carolina: Austerity, schmausterity. Millions of dollars for voter IDs
My friend J and I have taken to haunting the halls of the N.C. General Assembly the past few weeks, dropping off notes and letters and talking with lawmakers regarding various bills that have been ...
MsSpentyouth 04/23/2013 5 18 1 -
Have you donated a water test kit today?
It's a high-pollen-count day here in North Carolina, so we're all coughing and wheezing our way through the day as best we can. It's one of those days when nature simply refuses to be ignored as a ...
MsSpentyouth 04/15/2013 2 8 - -
Sign up today: Building voter-protection coalition in North Carolina
Are you interested in opposing the odious bills in North Carolina aimed at preventing people from voting? We're putting together a coalition of activists and citizen lobbyists to protect voting ...
MsSpentyouth 04/12/2013 5 12 - -
NC-Dem: Kay Hagan finally takes a stand on firearms reform
I'm doing my citizen lobby schtick in one of the indoor courtyards of the General Assembly Building in Raleigh today after two (2 -- count 'em, 2) meetings with Sen. Kay Hagan's staff this morning. ...
MsSpentyouth 04/11/2013 8 15 - -
Lobbying against N.C.'s Last-Gasp GOP
I'm spending the afternoon at what has recently become my home-away-from-home, the N.C. General Assembly. Setting up housekeeping in one of the tiny booths of the Telephone Center here was never my ...
MsSpentyouth 04/09/2013 17 14 - -
How a bill becomes law: The N.C. GOP version
Remember what Schoolhouse Rock told us about how a bill becomes law ? Believe none of that. According to Jere Royall, counsel and director of Community Impact at the N.C. Family Policy Council , ...
MsSpentyouth 04/01/2013 5 11 1 -
Breaking: Sen. Kay Hagan "Persuadable" on Gun-Reform Measures
Today is a National Day of Action Against Gun Violence, with activities in nearly 150 locations around the United States. Events were co-hosted by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Organizing for Action, ...
MsSpentyouth 03/28/2013 11 12 - -
Gun Violence and the March 28 Day of Action in NC Triangle
Weather notwithstanding, things have not been very pretty here in North Carolina the past few weeks. The N.C. General Assembly's fully GOP'ed House and Senate have begun dismembering municipal ...
MsSpentyouth 03/24/2013 14 12 - -
Moms Take the Hill: The Rhetoric of Misinformation and Misunderstanding
Yesterday, hundreds of moms, grandmoms, and others were in Washington DC to take part in Moms Take the Hill Day. The event was hosted by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and offered ...
MsSpentyouth 03/14/2013 21 52 3 -
Learning your place on Earth: Center for Human-Earth Restoration
"We should teach children to see the land, to understand what they see, and enjoy what they understand." -- Aldo Leopold When my friend Iris told me at a group luncheon about the nonprofit ...
MsSpentyouth 03/03/2013 8 7 1 -
Pardon me, you have your freedom in my responsibility
You don't need me to tell you how it was on November 1, 1991, the day I spent most of an afternoon lying on my belly on the floor of an office in Van Allen Hall on the University of Iowa campus. At ...
MsSpentyouth 03/01/2013 544 271 4 -
Help! We need you in Cary & Raleigh, North Carolina!
This is short and sweet. SWEET, I tell you -- SCHA-WEEEEEEET!! We're within a cat's whisker of wrapping up North Carolina, but we need your help. I'm at the OFA office in Cary, North Carolina (...
MsSpentyouth 11/06/2012 3 19 1 -
GREAT NEWS!!, but need a lil help
Full disclosure: I wrote a diary Monday asking for financial help with a friend in Greensboro, North Carolina, and I'm writing a diary today asking for financial help with me here in Cary/Raleigh, ...
MsSpentyouth 11/01/2012 19 15 - -
Losing Cassie ... for now. Time with a friend.
I apologize for writing and not being here to tend to this diary for now. I'm at Duke Hospital today undergoing tests to replace a brain shunt and to take another look at removing a rat-bastard tumor.
MsSpentyouth 10/29/2012 25 45 1 -
Save the soul of Bill in Portland Maine -- then it's yours, all yours!
Shivering even under the erstwhile comfort of the satin and 74,000-threadcount Egyptian cotton bedclothes of Prince Valdebill's undulating, woefully underheated Scooby Doo Kiddie Pool waterbed, ...
MsSpentyouth 09/15/2012 16 25 - 98
THANKS! MsWings' Good-News Thursday
Tuesday I wrote a diary on behalf of former IGTNT diarist and longtime Kossack MsWings . After a serious stroke and a series of transient ischemic attacks (TIA, or mini-strokes), she was facing a ...
MsSpentyouth 08/16/2012 6 20 - 74
UPDATED: IGTNT diarist MsWings needs our help
MsWings, one of our former I Got the News Today (IGTNT) diarists for several years, is in trouble and has given me permission to write and ask for help. Many of you may know that MsWings had heart ...
MsSpentyouth 08/13/2012 46 46 2 220
A medical nomad pitches her tent
Last year, I joined scores of millions of other people in the United States who are medical nomads, living without insurance for our medical, dental, and vision needs. We move from place to place to ...
MsSpentyouth 07/21/2012 58 123 1 432
My birthday with newly registered voters
I turned 52 the other day, and someone on this side of half a century has rights, privileges, and responsibilities heretofore and forthwith accorded to people who've made it this far. (Well, I keep ...
MsSpentyouth 06/16/2012 33 35 - 109
Raise the village at Netroots Nation 2012
I know, I know ... I haven't written here in a very long time. I've reverted to lurker status the way a toddler reverts to thumb-sucking when a new baby takes the lead role on the home stage. And ...
MsSpentyouth 05/25/2012 25 15 - 82
Hang in there, baby. One story for 2012.
This is a very personal story about something that shames me, but I made a promise to someone that I would write it today. We're living through very difficult times as individuals and as a society.
MsSpentyouth 12/02/2011 113 307 5 1125
Great Orange Satan: You saved my pootie's life. Thank you!
A few weeks ago, I posted a diary about the dire need for ...
MsSpentyouth 07/29/2011 106 223 1 844
Muslims "don't assimilate." Huh?
If I want to get my blood pressure up, I can always listen to rightwing talk radio. But today I was listening to NPR's "The Diane Rehm ...
MsSpentyouth 07/26/2011 14 38 2 146
When personal apocalypse pounces on pooties
I'm either the luckiest person ever or the unluckiest, depending upon whether you're a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty type. (Personally, I'm seeing the glass full to the brim because I look at ...
MsSpentyouth 07/01/2011 34 40 - 233
Harriet Reynolds stitches up the safety net
Triangle Family Services is one of the most comprehensive social service agencies in the multi-county area around Raleigh/Cary/Durham/Chapel Hill. The list of ...
MsSpentyouth 06/09/2011 1 4 - 68
Stuff learned as a Netroots Nation volunteer
Next week, thousands of us will be pouring into Minneapolis for a jubilant cacophony of hugging, learning, laughing, crying, speaking, listening, organizing, strategizing, schmoozing, and (yes) ...
MsSpentyouth 06/08/2011 57 52 4 247
Chronic Tonic: When your insurance serves divorce papers
CHRONIC TONIC posts on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST, it is a place to share stories, advice, and information and to connect with others with chronic health conditions and those who care for ...
MsSpentyouth 06/02/2011 97 37 6 204
Colbert Report skewers school board's "disintegration" plans
Way to go, Wake County (N.C.) School Board! You've put our county smackdab in the middle of the national spotlight. Hurray!! We used to grab headlines for educational excellence and innovation, and ...
MsSpentyouth 01/19/2011 12 24 1 447
Nagging for a new child-safety law
Pull out your credit card or checkbook: I'm nagging for your donation . And heads up to my N.C. Rep. Jennifer Weiss and Sen. Josh Stein: I love you both ...
MsSpentyouth 01/12/2011 10 3 - 85
The touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives
Over the past many weeks, I've been working bit by bit to sort out the stuff in my house and pack some things up for my children, grandchildren, friends, and charity donations. I don't have a lot ...
MsSpentyouth 01/08/2011 40 34 2 224
Speak up about Affordable Care Act in N.C. on Jan. 11
I haven't been a faithful community member here at DKos for a while. I'm swallowing my shame tonight and writing this diary in hopes that some folks in North Carolina might read it and come to ...
MsSpentyouth 01/07/2011 8 10 1 227
Well, it ain't brain surgery. Will you phone bank for me?
This isn't a terribly cogent political diary but rather merely an update, and my apologies for that. I'd expected by now to have had skull-base surgery to remove a tumor, but in the tradition of ...
MsSpentyouth 10/21/2010 5 22 - 210
African-American school board member manhandled by police
In recent weeks, the Wake County Board of Education in N.C. has restricted public access to its meetings. Using a centuries-old state law, the board (led by its new tea party 5-4 majority) has ...
MsSpentyouth 07/29/2010 140 213 3 386
What to Expect when You Have to Change Your Expectations
Read this as a metaphor, if you wish. Or a wildly illustrated Daniel Pinkwater tale of outlandishly surly surreality. Or just a story on a fecund summer Saturday morning when you can smell the heady ...
MsSpentyouth 06/26/2010 43 68 3 28
I've been laid off. But far worse, our schools are hit hard.
I just got the call a few minutes ago from the Human Resources Department at Wake County Public School System: my central-services position was just officially approved to be affected by a massive ...
MsSpentyouth 04/20/2010 36 33 2 268
Blackwater training a bonus for Young Eagles donors
When NPR has its annual pledge drive, you can get anything from a coffee mug to CDs to a tote bag. But the RNC offers its donors a little something splashier for their support: a trip to Xe Services'
MsSpentyouth 03/30/2010 21 14 1 20
Call to violence "good manners and a moral duty"
A 57-year-old former militia leader who's on government disability because of congestive heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension is behind a call to throw bricks through the windows of Democratic ...
MsSpentyouth 03/25/2010 31 16 1 23
We heard from the Prez today: "Stay hopeful, stay positive"
I was invited to participate in a conference call with President Barack Obama this afternoon. He was speaking with hundreds of DNC and Organizing for America staff, supporters, and people who've ...
MsSpentyouth 03/23/2010 16 29 - 56
Q: "Who's your medical provider?" A: Schrödinger's Cat
Yesterday I was explaining to a "health coach" consultant provided by my insurance company the reasons I've stopped medications and medical care for Cushing's syndrome, likely caused in my case by ...
MsSpentyouth 03/11/2010 57 48 - 196
Don't let your meds bankrupt you -- there is help
Since I was diagnosed a few months ago with Cushing's disease , a rare disorder caused by a pituitary adenoma (noncancerous tumor or ...
MsSpentyouth 03/02/2010 25 26 6 34
Sad news for desegregation and Wake Co. Public Schools
On February 16, just a few hours before I hosted screening of a documentary about the history of African American involvement in North Carolina politics , ...
MsSpentyouth 02/19/2010 48 30 1 117
Don't give up. Don't you EVER give up.
Apologies for not having visited DailyKos in a while, and for being so woefully behind in most anything that comes beneath a mere news headline and subhead. I've been pretty sick the past few months,
MsSpentyouth 02/15/2010 36 39 4 46
Health care: I'm still in the game, and I still expect us to win
I haven't been around in weeks and I've missed this place. I've been pretty sick the past six or seven weeks, but when I woke at 4 this morning to throw back a dose of the HIV cocktail one of my ...
MsSpentyouth 12/09/2009 82 169 - 139
The us vs. Blue Cross of N.C. tug o' war over Kay Hagan
Just as did millions of other North Carolinians , last week I received the four-color, glossy mailing from Blue Cross Blue Shield ...
MsSpentyouth 10/31/2009 13 22 - 53
Make NPR's pledge drive a call for health-care reform
It's once again fall pledge time at our local public radio stations. I love NPR pledge drives! They're clever and homey and folksy, and it makes me all giggly inside when the hosts get punchy ...
MsSpentyouth 10/21/2009 12 13 - 125
Thanks to all for Brain Tumor Bake Sale support!
The past few days have been really exhausting, thrilling, draining, and exhilerating, and I've finally found a little time and energy to write my overdue thanks to those who supported and encouraged ...
MsSpentyouth 10/06/2009 27 47 1 38
Hagan's office extends welcome to Brain Tumor Bake Sale attendees
Things are on track for this Friday's "Brain Tumor Bake Sale" in front of the Federal Building in downtown Raleigh. Sen. Hagan is now publicly on board with the public option. Today I talked with ...
MsSpentyouth 09/28/2009 119 294 3 58
My "Brain Tumor Bake Sale" to change our half-baked health system
A few days ago, I wrote about my recent effort to get care for a rare and ...
MsSpentyouth 09/24/2009 224 405 4 105
I can't afford this diagnosis. Can I get a cheaper model?
I've been laughing since I got the preliminary diagnosis on August 10: brain tumor. It's just so funny to say that. Remember this? ((youtube BANkMaLJaY4)) Brain tumor. I have a brain ...
MsSpentyouth 09/20/2009 392 495 11 114
My granddaughter's advice for Baucus: "If you take pills, you won't hear those voices"
Sen. Baucus, have you lost your mind? Do you seriously think I'm going to pass along your brand of so-called "health-care reform" (aka The High Co$t of Staying Alive) to my granddaughter Leyla? No.
MsSpentyouth 09/17/2009 32 39 3 44
Their Brand Is Crisis: I may not be the right person for this group
I know I have my faults. I know I'm a rotten housekeeper and a lousy human being on several metrics (though not all). I suck at getting my tires rotated on a proper schedule and can't stick to a ...
MsSpentyouth 09/15/2009 28 15 1 60
Rationalized health care: the brain tumor that broke the camel's back
I think Em wants to die. She's not actually suicidal; she just can't afford to keep living. Em's a breast-cancer survivor with a chronic leukemia that she's been living with for several years now.
MsSpentyouth 09/08/2009 18 39 - 186
ACTION: Support Rep. David Price & health-care reform TONIGHT in Durham
North Carolina Representative David Price is speaking tonight at N.C. Central University in conjunction with an event for the North Carolina Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC).
MsSpentyouth 08/13/2009 8 8 - 11
Town Halls: Time to learn from a Kindergarten Code of Conduct
"They're acting like kindergarteners!" Well, no, they're not. If only they were! These days, most classrooms in the U.S. establish a code of conduct at the beginning of each school year. The ...
MsSpentyouth 08/11/2009 17 11 1 13
Announcing Birthroots Nation: The secret cabal conference
Welcome, all and sundry, to the first public convention of Birthroots Nation. We've been meeting in secret for the past 50 years or so, but now that the wingnuts have cracked the code on our ...
MsSpentyouth 07/22/2009 46 18 - 16
The time Al Franken turned me in for child neglect
Republicans don't have a lock on family values. We've got 'em, too! And I have the Al Franken anecdote to prove it. Back in 1992, I was at the University of Iowa studying in the lucrative field ...
MsSpentyouth 07/09/2009 265 835 11 228
Haven't voted on DFA Netroots Nation scholars? The Lord rebuke you!
I'm over the moon at receiving a Democracy for America scholarship to attend Netroots Nation '09 in Pittsburgh in six ...
MsSpentyouth 06/29/2009 16 7 - 7
Happy Father's Day, or the best quasi-pseudo imitation simulacrum semblance thereof
This is a repost of a diary I wrote for The Grieving Room. I was born high on a hilltop overlooking Red Wing, Minnesota,
MsSpentyouth 06/21/2009 8 4 - 5
My Dan Froomkin letter to Washington Post -- and a response
As are many of us, I'm perplexed and outraged at the termination of Dan Froomkin's contract with The Washington Post. I wrote to Andy Alexander, the Post's ombudsperson, to express my thoughts. He ...
MsSpentyouth 06/19/2009 17 29 - 16
Killing Alan: Suicide by Spreadsheet (Anniversary Update)
This diary is reposted from a June 2008 diary. Alan just spent two weeks in the woods to consider his options. He ...
MsSpentyouth 06/04/2009 20 26 1 40
"Take my car -- please." The short arm of insurance law.
It was the perfect storm of residential crime in Mayberry RFD: a hapless unarmed man breaks into a little-old-lady bungalow and flees because all at once he's mobbed by a ravaging horde of hungry ...
MsSpentyouth 05/29/2009 36 16 - 45
Hard times hit our home in an unexpected way
I'm in no danger of losing my home to foreclosure (knock wood), but last night my family became another victim of economic hard times when an unemployed neighbor broke into our home at 1 a.m. while ...
MsSpentyouth 05/19/2009 21 28 - 21
The torture memos we need to see
We've been told repeatedly that the U.S. abandoned waterboarding, one of its constellation of brutal interrogation methods,
MsSpentyouth 04/30/2009 22 12 - 15
We're actually doing Muslims a favor by torturing them?
In an Orwellian logic twist that not even Orwell could have dreamed up, former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen writes in ...
MsSpentyouth 04/21/2009 39 20 - 18
My phone-bank script for Sen. Hagan ConservaDem phonathon
I'm one of the hard-working thousands who helped turn North Carolina blue in November. Many of us are furious that Sen. Kay Hagan, whom we helped elect as part of the coordinated campaign, has ...
MsSpentyouth 03/31/2009 26 14 - 110
Netroots Nation: International law & justice session?
I'm keenly interested in helping with a Netroots Nation session on international law and justice issues. I'm off to the International Criminal Court in the ...
MsSpentyouth 03/20/2009 12 4 - 6
Update on my brother's suicide option
Last summer, I wrote a diary called Killing Alan: Suicide by Spreadsheet . Alan has a spinal tumor that's very ...
MsSpentyouth 03/18/2009 215 630 11 31
Us, them, elevators, abortion stem-cell farms, Chuck Norris, and Homegrown Jihad
These aren't tags. They're what happened to me yesterday. So I'm at my first full-time job, having just read an email from the general manager at the independently owned and operated movie theater ...
MsSpentyouth 03/13/2009 57 30 - 24
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