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WHAT Compromise? There IS No Compromise. (Updated x3)
Either you build the non-Mosque on the site two blocks away from where the Twin Towers stood, or you don't. There is no way to compromise. To sit and watch Howard Dean talk on Countdown for almost ...
Muzikal203 08/19/2010 919 506 1 163
Oh Get Over Yourselves.
So apparently the AP and NYT decided they couldn't share the picture of the President and Sasha in the water in the Gulf because THEY didn't take the pictures. They claim that they can't even trust ...
Muzikal203 08/15/2010 397 273 1 82
"It's a hell of a choice heading into the fall"
As I see the site gearing up for yet another pie fight about something that none of us can really change, we should be focusing on November. It's kind of hard to motivate a group that decides to ...
Muzikal203 08/10/2010 21 30 1 51
UPDATE: Michelle's Trip is NOT a "Let Them Eat Cake" Moment
I mean seriously, she went on a vacation with her daughter. So what that it was in Spain? She paid for the trip herself, she HAS to take security because people are crazy out there. I'm sure she ...
Muzikal203 08/09/2010 538 216 2 128
My View on "The View"
Apparently there is some "controversy" about President Obama going on "The View" on Thursday (it will be taped tomorrow). DEMOCRATS are saying it demeans the office. What exactly is demeaning about ...
Muzikal203 07/27/2010 668 416 2 133
The White House Is Not "Scared" of FOX "News" and FOX "News" Is Not Innocent
So I tuned into Morning Joe this morning (why, I still don't know) and Joe was on there ranting and raving and slamming the WH and the Dept. of Agriculture for firing Mrs. Sherrod based on Breibart'...
Muzikal203 07/22/2010 559 258 3 64
Ed Schultz: "If you love America, quit voting like you hate Americans"
Muzikal203 06/25/2010 206 372 5 215
I Don't Want An Emotional President
The thing that seems to be getting the most play right now is the fact that President Obama is not "emotional enough" about the Oil Spill. Well, President Obama is not an overly emotional person. We ...
Muzikal203 06/08/2010 433 276 4 53
Rachel Maddow Did Some Great Reporting Re: Wetlands Last Night
. . . and if you missed it you should definitely check it out. I'd heard people saying how bad it will be for the oil to hit the wetlands, but no one really told WHY before. I mean outside of the ...
Muzikal203 06/03/2010 185 247 7 77
Glenn Beck Further Proves He Is Worse Than an Ass By Mocking An 11 Year Old (Update: He Apologizes)
Apparently the day after whining about people picking on Palin's children, Glenn Beck decided it was a good ...
Muzikal203 05/28/2010 500 460 4 112
News Flash: President Obama Can't Save Your Campaign
That is what people don't seem to be understanding. This isn't going to be a long diary. Just because President Obama says he "supports" you doesn't mean you'll win if you're not a good candidate--
Muzikal203 05/18/2010 464 262 3 180
Pres. Obama On Political Discourse (Update: Full Video)
So, I didn't realize Pres. Obama was speaking at the University Of Michigan's commencement (I don't know how this is gonna play with Ohio State fans LOL), but when I tuned in he was talking about ...
Muzikal203 05/01/2010 506 265 7 285
So, I'm watching The Rachel Maddow Show right now. . . (Video Update)
and I actually saw her get frustrated with a guest for the first time. She's interviewing Dan Stein the president of FAIR, the group that apparently wrote the Arizona law. Rachel, as she tends to do ...
Muzikal203 04/29/2010 545 487 5 262
The Difference-- Why Primaries Matter
I've been meaning to do a Jennifer Brunner diary for a while. The last couple of days I've been seeing Lee Fisher ads, I was even robocalled by his campaign this afternoon. I already sent in my ...
Muzikal203 04/20/2010 16 25 - 53
It's Not Just Because He's Black
I was watching The Ed Show a couple of days ago, and he said something about the Tea Baggers that I think really rings true.
Muzikal203 04/17/2010 432 283 6 132
UnPresidential Moments with President Barack Obama
Haven't done one of these in a while. Picture captioning fun over the fold :o)
Muzikal203 04/16/2010 248 293 8 289
Michelle Obama In Mexico and Her International Agenda
~Note: Just about everything you'll read after this point is completely biased since I am a huge fan/supporter of Michelle Obama, so if you're looking for objectivity, this isn't the place to find ...
Muzikal203 04/14/2010 96 91 - 71
What Year is This Again?
56 Years ago the Supreme Court handed down the Brown vs. Bd. of Education of Topeka decision, a well ...
Muzikal203 04/13/2010 24 41 - 47
President Obama on Poll Numbers: ZOMG!!!! (Update: Video!)
So I just finished watching President Obama's speech in Maine, and he had something to say about all of the "we're doomed!" poll numbers regarding Health Care Reform. Here's what he said in ...
Muzikal203 04/01/2010 71 97 1 114
Pres. Obama in Iowa: Wanna Run on Repeal of HCR? "Go for it!" (Video & Slideshow Updates)
Update [2010-3-25 15:57:3 by Muzikal203]: Here's the video from the title:
Muzikal203 03/25/2010 255 259 3 92
Joe Biden on Healthcare: "This Is A Big F***ing Deal" (Now w/ Poll!!)
Muzikal203 03/23/2010 402 400 3 208
On Acting Like Grown-Ups
So Rep. John Boehner apparently requested that Republicans act like grown-ups when the bill passed. Ignoring the fact that it's ridiculous that he had to REMIND them to act like grown-ups, I am ...
Muzikal203 03/21/2010 267 498 4 78
Black People Were Better Off as Slaves?
I have no words really to express how DUMB this statement is : Rep. Trent Frank: (R-AZ) In this country, we had slavery for ...
Muzikal203 02/26/2010 602 571 6 669
President Obama Elyria, Ohio TownHall (LiveBlog/Transcript of speech)
Hey everyone! Happy Friday!
Muzikal203 01/22/2010 113 60 - 123
Michelle Obama's First Year: She Did It HER Way
This was originally posted in the SheKos diary which is full of other AWESOME stuff so be sure to check it out and tip/rec it so others ...
Muzikal203 01/21/2010 20 55 1 231
President Obama's First Year Regrets
Perhaps he isn't really out of touch : PRESIDENT OBAMA: If there's one thing that I regret ...
Muzikal203 01/20/2010 46 27 - 33
My Thoughts
Whatever happens in MA, it's not a referendum on anyone but the candidates. With that being said, win or lose Democrats in Congress need to wake up and start getting shit done. There is NO excuse. ...
Muzikal203 01/19/2010 383 311 3 136
Lest We Forget-- Elections Matter!
ALL Elections matter, not just big "important" ones like the Senate race in MA tomorrow. I defer to someone who really said it best:
Muzikal203 01/18/2010 19 19 - 46
Need a Laugh?
Post something funny or something that makes you smile. It doesn't matter what it is. The only rule is it can't be HR-able. I'll start with this video:
Muzikal203 01/15/2010 137 42 6 47
President Obama: Getting Stuff Done Since 2009
I've had my fair share of issues with President Obama this past year, but that's only because I (like most of us here) want to see him succeed. Well as it turns out, he's not only succeeding in ...
Muzikal203 01/12/2010 31 46 - 22
Updated: Ooooh! Look at the Shiny Object!
So all day today the people on the tee vee machine have been all "a twitter" about Senator Harry Reid's comments. I am all for a constructive discussion on race and on what Harry Reid said. I am not ...
Muzikal203 01/11/2010 539 340 3 62
Tweety is pissing me off right now
I'm watching this show and they are whining about how President Obama acts. They are now accusing President Obama of being dispassionate about leading. I'm sorry, but that's complete malarkey. I don'...
Muzikal203 01/05/2010 109 51 - 23
I Can Think Of No Better Way To End 2009. . .
Than with a Michelle Obama diary! I'm sure you all know, I adore Michelle, I think she's awesome! In fact, mots of the country agrees with me ...
Muzikal203 12/31/2009 279 346 12 114
Turnabout is Fair Play: Democrats Start Fighting Back (Update x5: Video Massa on Ed EPIC Smackdown!)
I think the thing that has disgusted me the most about the recent FAILED (remember, that guy FAILED to actually blow up the plane) extremist attempt is how quickly the GOP has politicized it. These ...
Muzikal203 12/30/2009 540 687 11 424
UnPresidential Moments With President Barack Obama: Featuring Bo Obama
This is the final one of these for the year :o) As I was thinking of what I was going to put in this one, I thought to myself, "I wonder what President Obama has been doing all year." Little did I ...
Muzikal203 12/21/2009 310 286 10 492
No, President Obama Did Not.
By this point I should be used to McCain LYING about what's going on in Washington these days. Most recently he lied about ...
Muzikal203 12/20/2009 46 39 - 64
What Have YOU Done to Elevate The Tone Around Here?
Lately I have seen a lot of posters that I like and respect describe DailyKos (DKos) as “toxic”. One of them was nice enough to point out to me that they thought the Front Pagers (FPs) ...
Muzikal203 12/19/2009 485 176 3 76
Wow,Those People are So Full of Crap
This isn't "breaking" nor is it a surprise, but I'm watching Hardball tight now, and Tweety is making this Republican Senator Barrasso look like a complete idiot. FIRST he asked if the Republicans ...
Muzikal203 12/18/2009 25 37 1 85
The Best Argument I've Seen For NOT Killing The HCR Bill
Look, I'm confused by all of this stuff. I'm not an expert on health care. I haven't spent YEARS researching it and coming up with my own plan. I'm vacillated between "this bill is the worst thing ...
Muzikal203 12/17/2009 674 318 7 62
It's Okay To Be Disappointed.
It's okay to be disappointed with the way things are going right now. Whether you're disappointed in the President or Congress, that's your right. Every election these people make promises to the ...
Muzikal203 12/16/2009 92 47 - 58
Oh, Shut The Hell Up!
All this week there have been questions about Desiree Rogers and her role in the ...
Muzikal203 12/04/2009 109 33 - 77
My Apologies. . .
to anyone who is sick of Palin. I'm sick of her too, but I have to laugh at this : Palin had announced on ...
Muzikal203 11/28/2009 377 359 3 256
The Secret Service Released a Statement About Dinner Crashers
I'm sure we've all heard the news by now (heck, it was even on our local news) about the two idiots that decided it would be a good ...
Muzikal203 11/27/2009 427 148 1 125
You're More Likely to Meet an Obama in DC if. . .
you're a school student than you are if you're one of the elite. This is something light on this holiday evening. I couldn't help but laugh when I read the crying going on in this article about ...
Muzikal203 11/26/2009 94 129 1 154
(Updated) GOOD NEWS! Obama IS Going to Copenhagen for the Climate Change Meeting!
This is a short, "breaking" diary so to speak. I thought we could all use some good news, and I'm sure this is something we can all ...
Muzikal203 11/25/2009 185 144 3 121
Why the Church Should Not Legislate/Govern
They don't know what the hell they are doing:
Muzikal203 11/24/2009 76 27 1 198
Joe Lieberman is Insane.
Mind you that's not a clinical assessment (as I'm not a doctor and haven't examined him). There's a quote: "The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different ...
Muzikal203 11/23/2009 46 41 - 159
Al Gore: Time To "Out Crazy" The Crazy
Last night, Former Vice President Al Gore made an appearance on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update to talk about "Green Week" and he's decided "enough is enough", it's time to "out crazy, the crazy"
Muzikal203 11/22/2009 190 388 10 542
WE won, YOU lost, Get a Life.
Apparently, this is something that was said by James Inhofe to Barbara Boxer re: Climate Change . Oh ...
Muzikal203 11/21/2009 114 187 1 358
Pushing Back Against Scare Tactics
I was watching Ed the other day, where Ed was giving a Republican Senator his head to spread all sorts of lies, and as soon as she got on the screen, Joan Walsh set the record straight:
Muzikal203 11/20/2009 20 23 - 260
Eric Holder Sets the Record Straight on Civil Trials as Republican Heads Explode
There's a clip being played about this morning's hearings where Jeff Sessions is questioning Attorney General Eric Holder, and I think Eric Holder gave a lovely smackdown. I can't find the shorter ...
Muzikal203 11/18/2009 45 32 - 155
Stephen Colbert Points Out Recent Anti-Gay Stupidity
Last night on his show, Stephen Colbert dedicated The W�rd to the idiocy of denying Gays the rights to claim the bodies of their loved ones (even if they managed to be legally married after ...
Muzikal203 11/17/2009 199 171 2 267
"He Didn't Come To Congress To Get Re-Elected."
I don't really know this man, but I think this is pretty damn ...
Muzikal203 11/13/2009 246 558 3 171
So We Don't Have To Pay For Things We Are Morally Opposed To?
That seems to be the only argument for the Stupak amendment and why people support it. "Federal taxpayer dollars shouldn't be used for things people are morally against." Well, a lot of us are ...
Muzikal203 11/10/2009 654 720 12 248
Where are the fucking adults in the Republican Party? Are there any left? I just ran into this video on Think Progress and it makes me wonder if we are sending a bunch of babies to Congress. What ...
Muzikal203 11/07/2009 234 278 4 95
I Can't Take This Anymore!
Flame wars SUCK, how about we focus on positive stuff instead? Here, I'll end it: Everyone is right, and Everyone is wrong. There! Now, just to lighten the mood a bit, and so everyone can blow off ...
Muzikal203 11/02/2009 430 645 9 4979
Jon Stewart Explains FOX "News"
It certainly took him long enough! But it was well worth the wait:
Muzikal203 10/30/2009 324 581 12 40283
Oh the Irony
Yesterday, President Obama planted a tree. That's not all that significant. But I had to laugh when I read ...
Muzikal203 10/29/2009 55 36 - 30
On The Road To Irrelevancy
So, let me see if I've got this straight. The Republicans can get behind a resolution honoring tea-baggers with all of their hateful rhetoric, but they won't sign on to a resolution to honor ...
Muzikal203 10/28/2009 12 26 - 46
Joe Biden Says What We Are All Thinking
LOL : Asked about criticism from former Vice President Dick Cheney, current VP Joe Biden ...
Muzikal203 10/23/2009 274 552 5 358
See Michelle. See Michelle Run. See Michelle Run and Jump.
Just something fun I ran into yesterday. Our wonderful First Lady held a healthy kids fair on the White House lawn yesterday that featured healthy food, and fun and games. We even got to see her ...
Muzikal203 10/22/2009 43 43 - 101
Video: President Obama Was FIRED UP Last Night!
Last night President Obama gave a speech to Organizing for America through a webcast. Unfortunately, my Internet connection was being temperamental, but I did find a write-up ...
Muzikal203 10/21/2009 354 311 19 185
27% of Republicans believe President Obama loves ...
Muzikal203 10/20/2009 80 49 - 28
"This Is The Best Day Of My Life. . . "
Today President Obama made a surprise visit to Viers Mill Elementary School in Maryland. The students were thrilled (clearly the indoctrination has been full and complete there." One of the students ...
Muzikal203 10/19/2009 530 349 9 144
VIDEO: President Obama: "I Don't Quit" (Update: Video of Child Asking Obama Why People Hate Him)
I'm watching the townhall and I think Pres. Obama took a detour from his comments to call out the media again and point out that he never said it was going to be easy. And he's right, throughout the ...
Muzikal203 10/15/2009 263 252 6 320
Too Little, Too Late
Dear Lindsey, I never thought I'd say this, but I feel kind of bad for you. However, you did bring this upon yourself :
Muzikal203 10/13/2009 334 299 4 86
President Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize. . .
. . . and heads explode all over the place. I just ran into this crap : The last thing Barack Obama needed at ...
Muzikal203 10/09/2009 328 219 4 44
Oh, Shut Up
So the Olympics won't be in Chicago in 2016, and Obama and Michelle went to make final pitches. It was not a waste of time, and the fact that Chicago didn't get the bid is nowhere near a "stunning ...
Muzikal203 10/02/2009 586 589 8 351
Public Option = NO/ Abstinence Only Funding = YES
W.T.F. I caught wind of this on The Daily Show last night: The Senate Finance Committee approved an amendment that would provide millions of dollars to fund abstinence-only programs ...
Muzikal203 10/01/2009 38 29 - 21
Blackwashing: Stephen Colbert Goes There. . . (Update w/Transcript)
Last night, if you weren't watching the Colbert Report, you missed PURE GENIUS. My jaw LITERALLY dropped a couple of times. I suppose Stephen and his writers figured if they are going to go "there" ...
Muzikal203 09/25/2009 279 710 24 630
A Village Cannot Reorganize Village Life To Suit The Village Idiot
They are having a hard time reigning in the "crazy". By they I mean the Republican "leadership." It was reported last week that perhaps Reps. Boehner and Cantor were trying to reign in the crazy ...
Muzikal203 09/23/2009 23 31 - 110
Pass it on: President Obama's HealthCare Plan in 4 Minutes
Just ran into this on the web, and I think we need to make it viral and pass it around. It's Obama laying out his plan for health care in a relatively short video that is easy to understand.
Muzikal203 09/21/2009 234 415 33 655
Video/Transcript: Michelle Obama Talks Health Care
Muzikal203 09/18/2009 18 46 - 185
Time to Send In "The Closer"!!
Politico Reports : “She will do things that fit in with what she cares about, like health ...
Muzikal203 09/17/2009 296 348 1 32
Updated: President Obama Gave a Great Speech Today, Did You See It?
In case ya'll missed it, the President gave a rather kick ass rally today. He was in Minnesota, a state where he's still a "superstar" according to Senator Klobucher. The crowd was fired up, the ...
Muzikal203 09/12/2009 198 176 5 61
Updated: Once Again Barney Frank NAILS It
This is video from last night after President Obama's address to Congress and the "GOP" Response:
Muzikal203 09/10/2009 346 784 17 375
Updated 2x: The Blatant Disrespect of the President is Starting to Piss Me Off
I didn't like George Bush. I may have felt a little pity for him sometimes, but I didn't like him. That being said, I still showed the necessary respect for his office when he was the President of ...
Muzikal203 09/09/2009 590 772 16 1776
GOP Boggarts (Updated)
The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that Republicans are Boggarts. I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter Series, in fact I just finished reading all of the books yesterday. In the books ...
Muzikal203 09/08/2009 204 295 4 43
Wake up! President Obama has been planning this indoctrination a LONG time!
This whole school speech thing is just stupid. I haven't met anyone in real life who thinks the Republicans here have a legitimate complaint. We can all debate the reasons for the complaints, but I ...
Muzikal203 09/07/2009 174 168 4 46
Score One for Transparency!
One of my biggest gripes about Obama's WH was the revelation that he wasn't releasing the records of who was visiting the White House (even when it had nothing to do with National Security). With ...
Muzikal203 09/04/2009 25 16 - 22
This Is Not A Happy Diary.
A couple of days ago I wrote a comment in the Vent-hole diary about how frustrated I am with my inability to find a job in this economy. As a lot of you know, I recently graduated from law school, ...
Muzikal203 09/03/2009 99 44 - 29
Behind the Scenes of The White House Garden
The WH has recently released a video of Michelle Obama and Sam Kass about the WH Garden, the inspiration behind it, the history of it, and the results so far, it's a really cool video check it out:
Muzikal203 09/01/2009 55 38 - 46
McCain: Torture Violated the Law and Didn't Make the U.S. Safer
Cross-Posted@ Muzikal Thoughts Republicans don't impress me much, ...
Muzikal203 08/30/2009 61 36 2 38
Presidential Pet Peeves
So, President Obama is on vacation, and I don't plan on posting any photos that are leaked (sometimes, they really do deserves some privacy), but I ran into a cute article ...
Muzikal203 08/25/2009 170 22 - 20
Grassley: Obama MADE Me Say It!
Seriously, we just can't make this shit up :
Muzikal203 08/23/2009 237 267 2 56
Now Health Care Reform is Unconstitutional?
Apparently the new republican argument against reforming our current system is that it is unconstitutional. This idea was first brought up by Michele Bachmann (R-Crazy): It is not ...
Muzikal203 08/22/2009 41 22 - 98
The Truth
The truth is I'm an uninsured American. As one of the "young people" who is frequently accused of thinking he/she is invincible, I haven't had insurance since I graduated from undergrad when I was ...
Muzikal203 08/21/2009 384 314 1 28
President Obama, You're Being Dishonest. (Final Update)
Okay, the WH is trying to make it seem like a public option wasn't a big part of their campaign, so I decided to check out the plan and see exactly what he promised through ...
Muzikal203 08/20/2009 1411 632 9 242
UnPresidential Moments with President Barack Obama
Since tensions seem to be lowering around here, I thought I'd try to inject a little more humor. So here we go!
Muzikal203 08/19/2009 289 271 4 81
I'm Tired of This Game Now.
I find this entire health care debate to be tiring. This is how it all tends to play out: 1. The Obama administration says/does something that makes a lot of people wary that he will fight for the ...
Muzikal203 08/18/2009 334 254 3 26
Justices Scalia and Thomas Think It's Constitutional To Execute INNOCENT People
CrossPosted @ Muzikal Thoughts Antonin Scalia (Yes, that Scalia) ...
Muzikal203 08/17/2009 99 52 - 98
President Obama Gets Angry Re: "Death Panels"
I must say today's townhall in Colorado was the best of his recent town halls on health care. In particular, he took a moment to address the misconceptions and lies being spread about healthcare ...
Muzikal203 08/15/2009 725 740 22 161
Video Update: President Obama, Please Just Give Up Already
Dear President Obama, Look, we all like the idea of bipartisanship, it's a lofty goal. However, I think when it comes to health care, bipartisanship needs to go out the window. Stop worrying about ...
Muzikal203 08/12/2009 500 496 3 52
. . . And These People HAVE Insurance
I caught a segment on MSNBC with Robert Greenwald where they were talking about a new film by his company and decided to check it out. In this video there ...
Muzikal203 08/10/2009 8 38 1 23
Eventually They Will Lose Control
Cross-posted @ Muzikal Thoughts We all hear the reports about the "angry protesters" at the ...
Muzikal203 08/07/2009 104 58 2 28
. . . Because lynching people is just sooooo funny (Update)
Cross-posted at Muzikal Thoughts I'm sorry (not really), ...
Muzikal203 08/06/2009 135 224 3 51
I am NOT Afraid.
Cross-posted @ Muzikal Thoughts I know lots of you disagree with me, but I am not afraid for President Obama'...
Muzikal203 08/05/2009 218 434 7 44
Un-Presidential Moments with President Barack Obama: Birthday Edition
Happy Birthday Mr. President!
Muzikal203 08/04/2009 45 59 4 76
Another Bobby Jindal FAIL
Cross-Posted at Muzikal Thoughts So I'm sitting here watching CNN's reclaiming the dream, and they ...
Muzikal203 08/01/2009 457 299 2 124
President Obama and I Had Something In Common Yesterday
We were both "getting our drink on" although for different reasons :o) Yesterday was the final day of the Ohio Bar Exam, over 11,000 people took the exam this year (although it didn't feel like 11,...
Muzikal203 07/31/2009 46 34 - 50
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