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Don't ever tell me there is no difference between GOP and Democrats
I can't help but notice on what side the vast majority of the Republican Supreme Court appointments voted on major Civil Rights rulings. If it were up to the Republican appointees gays would still ...
NJMaverick 06/26/2013 25 14 - -
Why the GOP refuses to make a counter offer in fiscal cliff negotiations
President Obama has done what you expect to have done in a negotiation. He made a proposal with increased income by letting the tax rate for the wealthy go to the level it was at back during the ...
NJMaverick 12/01/2012 16 32 - -
Romney drenched in Nixon like flop sweat
The third debate was brutal to Romney in so many ways. Perhaps the most interesting was the Nixon like flop sweat remember the infamous Nixon 5 O'clock shadow and flow sweat debate?
NJMaverick 10/23/2012 26 10 - -
Employee Gate could sink the Romney Campaign
Romney getting caught telling employers to strong arm their employees into voting for him. I can't see voters being thrilled that Romney is telling their bosses to strong arm them into voting ...
NJMaverick 10/18/2012 20 7 - -
President Obama cuts federal Deficit by $200 Billion
The good economic news keeps on rolling in. Showing that Mitt's bullshit talks while President Obama's actions walk The federal budget deficit dipped to $1.1 trillion in fiscal 2012, the 12 month ...
NJMaverick 10/06/2012 17 13 1 121
President Obama was smart not to mention the 47% in the debate
there have been many so called experts that have faulted President Obama for not having brought up Mitt's 47% remarks. What they failed to realize is that the President was debating a serial liar. ...
NJMaverick 10/05/2012 17 7 - 154
Mitt Romney, the used car salesman
Presidential debates are a two part game. There is the short term issue where pundits declare winners and then there is a the term goals. One of the major things that come from the debate is ...
NJMaverick 10/04/2012 8 1 - 39
Mormon Romney attacking the Democrat's religion
Mitt Romney with Evangelical Pat Robertson said the following: “The pledge says ‘under God.’ I will not take God out of the name of our platform. I will not take God off our coins and I will ...
NJMaverick 09/09/2012 14 8 - 204
4 Years Ago I was much worse off
4 years ago I had just lost half my retirement savings thanks to the GOP letting the economy run wild and crash 4 years ago I was wondering sort of horrible terror attack OBL had planned to inflict ...
NJMaverick 09/02/2012 12 24 - 81
Texas Judge says GOP will betray our nation if they don't get their way
Well like Akins betray the GOP's anti-women agenda, a Texas judge betrays the GOP's anti-American agenda. Image destroying our nation because you lost an election. These people are as dangerous to ...
NJMaverick 08/23/2012 10 - - 132
Rush Limbaugh accidentally exposes fundamental flaw in conservative views
The basis of human intelligence is that people examine facts and consider experiences and then form an opinion based on those experiences and facts. Rush Limbaugh accidentally admits conservatives ...
NJMaverick 08/22/2012 12 5 - 250
Romney's defense summed up in simple English
1) The American people doesn't need to know how his wealth allowed him to avoid paying taxes because the deficit that avoidance caused is the what's important 2) America doesn't need to know that ...
NJMaverick 07/15/2012 4 3 - 93
When a fact checker hates facts
"The Fact Checker" exposes his dishonesty in his latest effort to protect Mitt Romney: SEC Documents state "sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president. " The ...
NJMaverick 07/12/2012 27 14 - 213
America is not the greatest country anymore - "The Newsroom"
This is one of the best speeches I ever heard. This is a new HBO show, the News Room. Jeff Daniels is a news anchor know for his likability and lack of edge. He finally loses it on a question of ...
NJMaverick 06/30/2012 13 22 1 151
Bush VS Obama
A good way to see what you get when you put a Republican or a Democrat in the White House: Freedom: Bush- Creates Patriot act, Reduces woman's right to choose, Weakened separation of church and ...
NJMaverick 04/17/2012 10 4 - 81
Zimmerman's father lied in defense of George
Trayvon “punched him in the nose, his nose was broken, and he was knocked to the concrete .” Robert Zimmerman said. “It’s my understanding Trayvon Martin got on top of him and just started ...
NJMaverick 03/29/2012 22 5 - 204
How I believe the Trayvon Martin murder went down
It's a dark rainy night. Trayvon Martin is returning home with the skittles and ice tea he had been sent to the store for. He has his hood up against the rain and he is talking to his girl friend. ...
NJMaverick 03/27/2012 9 2 - 160
The GOP's war with the American people
When I consider what the GOP wants to do to our country and how much it differs from what Americans want for our Country I start to wonder if the GOP really believes in democracy The GOP opposes ...
NJMaverick 03/17/2012 9 13 1 77
The Road We've Traveled
Are you in? Remember how far we've come. From Academy Award®-winning director Davis Guggenheim: "The Road We've Traveled". This film gives an ...
NJMaverick 03/16/2012 5 2 - 32
The Dumbing Down of the GOP
When you look back in history starting with Ronald Reagan you see the GOP surprising people with just how dumb a Republican elected official can be. One starts with: Ronald Reagan: At best Ron ...
NJMaverick 03/04/2012 19 3 - 123
Once again, speculators behind sharply rising oil prices
Once again the 1% are playing with the price of oil. If I were to guess the motive this time goes beyond profiting at the misery of the 99%. Rather this appears to be a calculated effort to hurt ...
NJMaverick 02/22/2012 46 18 2 241
Sands Billionaire Adelson mocks the American Public
Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Says He Might Give $100M To Newt Gingrich Or Other Republican The Billionaire CEO of the Sands Casino mocks the American public that is angered by his attempts to buy ...
NJMaverick 02/21/2012 7 3 - 97
Santorum: "Barack Obama has sided with the 99 versus 1.”
Leave it to Rick to accidentally tell it like it is while trying to woo the radical right wingers that now control the GOP. While the Occupy Wall Street people were protesting his campaign ...
NJMaverick 02/14/2012 314 508 6 3190
Why is CPAC taken seriously by the media?
We are talking a group that who's policies and positions has nearly brought our nation to complete ruin twice (arguably 3 times) in the past decade. After all, it's their brand of conservatism that ...
NJMaverick 02/10/2012 25 6 - 89
One couldn't help but notice how many people have been making the accusation/claim that President Obama is weak. This blog article looks beyond the arguments made after that claim. Rather it ...
NJMaverick 09/12/2011 11 5 - 58
Some much to learn about the liberal blogsphere
One of the earliest liberal bloggers (before there even were blogs) was Nance. Nance has been frustrated by the breakdown of liberal unity since President Obama's election. She does a great ...
NJMaverick 06/19/2011 17 3 - 115
The problem with Quixote liberals
There is a very group of very angry liberals out there, that have little use for President Obama and the Democratic Congress. While polls show the majority of liberals at least approving of ...
NJMaverick 09/27/2010 126 6 - 47
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