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Against Robert Nozick's Taxation is Forced Labor Argument
Therefore, taxes are necessary to justly redistribute wealth. Circumstances such as the unfair concentration of wealth earned without the provision of commensurate benefit serve as an instance which ...
Nathan Jaco 03/11/2014 7 2 - -
An Intuition Pump and a Dead Black Girl
Losing a child, whether it is your own or someone else’s, is one of the deepest tragedies imaginable. It seems unthinkable. And yet, we must think seriously and deeply about it in order to explore ...
Nathan Jaco 12/25/2013 55 2 - -
The Dark Cloud over Medical Research
Varmus thinks broadly about basic and applied scientific research as an enterprise. His solutions emphasize cooperation over competition, and free, creative inquiry over narrow methodological and ...
Nathan Jaco 11/21/2013 11 9 - -
The Progressive Advantage on Gun Control and Disadvantage on Climate Change: It’s in the Language
I know how much progressives love language. I share that love of language. It’s too bad that progressives don’t use it as effectively as conservatives. Linguist George Lakoff says that the ...
Nathan Jaco 11/20/2013 20 1 - -
The Metaphor of the Wealth Pyramid Versus the Model of Concentric Circles
But it doesn’t have to be this way. We could shove the exploiters and parasites out of the periphery, and let them struggle at the impoverished margins of the public that they robbed. And we can ...
Nathan Jaco 11/16/2013 9 2 - -
What Communism Means
Communism means that all income comes in the form of wages and the collective owns the other factors of production collectively and benefits equally from them.
Nathan Jaco 11/09/2013 12 4 - -
The Story of the Monkey King: A Macroeconomic Fairytale
There is trouble in Monkeyville. It's about to get bananas...
Nathan Jaco 10/16/2013 7 1 - -
What Can Be Done? Should Government Regulate Eating: The Tensions Between Liberty and Rationality?
In NYC, the Bloomberg administration banned the selling of sodas over 16 ounces. There has been much ado about this. It brings up questions about what role government has to play in addressing ...
Nathan Jaco 08/18/2013 8 3 - -
UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan: A Mileston of Global Environmental History
The objectives of the present research are to define the participants of the Mediterranean Action Plan and the broader contracts which have emerged from this effort, as well as to detail the main ...
Nathan Jaco 06/09/2013 1 - - -
The Birth of European Federalism and the Continuing Struggle for a United Europe
International institutions are extremely complex, networked bureucracies that reflect negotiated settlments between diverse groups. So I came into studying them with an open mind. I have been ...
Nathan Jaco 06/08/2013 8 3 1 -
Why Liberalism is Irresponsi​ble
A very simple argument.
Nathan Jaco 03/25/2013 111 - - -
Capitalists Attempt to Commodify the Products of Nature: Freedom, Privacy, and Women’s Rights
Capitalists Attempt to Commodify the Products of Nature: Freedom, Privacy, Women’s Rights and Human Misery There are two important concepts in leftist social theory, perhaps the most important, ...
Nathan Jaco 12/15/2012 2 4 - -
My Thoughts on the Republican National Spectacle
The art of politics has been called the art of the possible. American politics should be called the art of the spectacle. What bothers me most is the current of falsity which runs through it all.
Nathan Jaco 08/30/2012 11 9 - 98
An Economic Argument for Socialized Medicine
Private markets result in excess levels of relatively low-quality care which are not necessarily medically beneficial and only a marginally contributory determinant of medical outcomes. The market ...
Nathan Jaco 08/19/2012 6 1 - 41
The Lessons of the 20th Century
The key lessons of the 20th Century are that the state and private enterprise cannot be trusted with enough concentrated power to be the central organizing principles of human action, yet the ...
Nathan Jaco 07/29/2012 3 - - 20
The Silver Spoon Tax
How should we design a tax system? This is partially a technical question and partially an ethical question because we have both efficiency and equity as desiderata. There are technical and moral ...
Nathan Jaco 07/28/2012 3 2 - 54
Carbon Taxes and Cap-and-Trade are not Enough
Think like a progressive and act like a progessive. The planet needs real Democrats.
Nathan Jaco 07/18/2012 10 3 - 37
American Christians Reject Jesus
The proof is in the Sermon on the Mount.
Nathan Jaco 07/16/2012 24 2 - 136
Representative Democracy is Anti-Progressive
Here I present a simple moral argument for the case that our current form of Western democracy is contrary to progressivism. Here I present the strong version that representative democracy is ...
Nathan Jaco 07/08/2012 13 - - 58
An Ode to Sick Times: The Paradoxes of Liberalism and Conservatism
Ah, the absurd ideas that we subordinate ourselves to.
Nathan Jaco 07/05/2012 3 - - 54
Explaining Socialism to the Intelligent Layperson
This is an attempt to provide a rigorous explanation of socialism to kind people without specialized training. My belief is that we are all better off when we have clear conversations because we can ...
Nathan Jaco 06/24/2012 54 5 1 186
Another Holy-Roller Orgy in TN
We talk past each other because we have different epistemic values. I believe in observation-based evidence, and evidence-based decision-making. We can have a lively discourse on any given issue ...
Nathan Jaco 04/18/2012 27 6 - 238
Ron Paul: Right, Right and Wrong.
You all should know who Ron Paul is and know what he stands for, so I will get to it. I will restrict my comments to an important subset of his economic positions.
Nathan Jaco 01/05/2012 8 - - 126
Any intelligent people want to have a serious debate? Allow me to play Devil's advocate. >;)
Nathan Jaco 12/28/2011 145 1 - 545
Judicial Review of Racial Gerrymandering: A Problem for Democrats
Democrats must understand this issue in order to expand their numbers in Congress.
Nathan Jaco 12/17/2011 3 - - 39
Scenes from the Class Struggle in Detroit
There is almost nothing about Globalization 3.0 this is not good for capital. Capitalists can sit back, buy up any innovation, and then hire the best, cheapest labor input from anywhere into (sic) ...
Nathan Jaco 08/27/2011 7 1 - 79
The Truth About Ayn Rand
This was an essay that I wrote about Ayn Rand's core philosophy. It was to some extent an attempt to reduce her writing to first order language to make analysis easier. It is not, strictly speaking, ...
Nathan Jaco 05/21/2011 18 10 3 245
A Word From Karl Popper for the People of Wisconsin
A word from Karl Popper for the People of Wisconsin and anyone who supported the Douchebaggers.
Nathan Jaco 03/05/2011 11 8 - 132
A "Teachable Moment" in the Arab World and the Power of Restraint
Has the phrase "teachable moment" become cliched, yet?
Nathan Jaco 02/26/2011 2 - - 16
Critical Insight of the Week
Critical Insight of the ...
Nathan Jaco 02/21/2011 1 - - 6
Rebuilding Liberalism
What we need to do is keep the morality and abandon the social philosophy.
Nathan Jaco 02/19/2011 3 4 - 41
The Future of Our Economics
Ruminations on a (partially) wasted youth.
Nathan Jaco 01/31/2011 5 5 - 71
You Cannot Be a Leftist and Act Like a Liberal: New Year's Revolutions for the Left
You Cannot Compromise with Everyone You Cannot Act Like the Liberal Elite You Cannot Be Amoral You Cannot Forget Who You ...
Nathan Jaco 01/09/2011 9 3 2 43
Is Marx Relevant?
This is an adumbration of Marx's theories. I am just trying to stimulate discussion.
Nathan Jaco 01/06/2011 75 9 - 52
A Novel Approach: Asking Republicans Hard Questions
Why don't they have to justify their policies?
Nathan Jaco 12/15/2010 18 3 - 44
Bush is the New Roosevelt
It turns out what happens on Wall Street is a kitchen-table economic issue.
Nathan Jaco 11/20/2010 9 6 - 48
Economics: Social Science or Propaganda Arm of the Wealthy
Efficiency, like most terms in economics, is loaded. Used in context as if it makes reference to objective properties of the world, efficiency is a value-laden concept.
Nathan Jaco 11/16/2010 38 21 4 233
Representation Nation: It's About Representation
Warning: This is really rather abstract. It is much less concrete than most of my other public writings. If you are uncomfortable with that or just find discussions of that nature uninteresting, do ...
Nathan Jaco 06/18/2010 6 - - 19
The Reality of Change
Nothing novel. Nothing trivial.
Nathan Jaco 03/13/2010 15 1 - 17
A Naive Essay on Science and Religion
This essay makes claims that should be uncontroversial to thoughtful people. As such they may not find it particularly interesting. Still, for crazy right-wing religious fanatics it is worth some ...
Nathan Jaco 11/19/2009 20 2 - 85
Bush Administration Officials Profit From War Crimes
This one really pisses me off.
Nathan Jaco 11/09/2009 16 15 1 209
A Tobin Tax? Of Course Not!
Good idea, poor reception.
Nathan Jaco 11/07/2009 5 2 - 56
Obama Under Pressure from Job Losses. Why?
The title is fairly revealing.
Nathan Jaco 11/06/2009 42 2 - 9
Reflections of an Iraq War Veteran: On the Need for a New Breed of Politically Astute and Culturally
The Title should be "Reflections of an Iraq War Veteran--On the Need for a New Breed of Politically Astute and Culturally Sensitive Warrior." This is the tactical component of a planned two part ...
Nathan Jaco 08/21/2009 30 20 1 208
Go See District 9
Go see it!
Nathan Jaco 08/20/2009 86 11 - 83
Sarah Palin Calls Free Markets Evil by Health Care Statements: Can You Say “Irony”
Stop and think, Sarah.
Nathan Jaco 08/07/2009 2 3 - 25
Former President Bush...
Former President Bush...Former President Bush...Former President Bush...Former President Bush...Former President Bush...Former President Bush...Former President Bush...Former President Bush...Former ...
Nathan Jaco 01/20/2009 26 5 - -
The Bailout: Tell Congress What You Really Think
I went to and left comments about the bailout. I suggest you do the same. Here was my inflation-adjusted "two cents:"
Nathan Jaco 09/27/2008 9 3 - 4
Whitfield’s (R – Ky’s 1st) Weaknesses
U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield of Kentucky’s 1st District has three glaring flaws that should concern his constituents about his decision-making and should inform the choice they make on ...
Nathan Jaco 09/13/2008 2 1 - 9
The Poverty of Political Philosophy
For any advanced society, particularly an industrial one, it is necessary to have a well structured system of political economy capable of providing those functions which we find desirable or at the ...
Nathan Jaco 09/11/2008 6 1 - 2
Age of the Warhawk: NeoCons Set the Stage for Russia-Georgia and Israel-Iran Conflicts
“It's 1938 and Iran is Germany” ( Thus spoke Likud boss Benjamin Netanyahu, with a degree of hawkish-ness that most other civilized world ...
Nathan Jaco 08/12/2008 16 9 - 14
The Case Against Obama
David Freddoso is a conservative political reporter for the right-wing website National Review Online. In his recent book The Case Against Barack Obama (subtitled The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined ...
Nathan Jaco 08/07/2008 54 - - 5
A Vote for McCain is a Vote for War With Iran
Simply put, a vote for John McCain is a vote for war with Iran. McCain the presumptive Republican nominee for president, recently spoke at a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (...
Nathan Jaco 06/03/2008 17 4 1 1
Solution to the Environmental Crisis: Awareness and Resistance
I have been sending out a high volume of action alerts from environmental groups to my email friends lately and I would like to explain some of the reasons why I think they are important and that ...
Nathan Jaco 05/22/2008 2 5 1 216
Were the Iranians or the US Provocateurs in Naval Incident?
At around 5am local time Sunday morning five Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) patrol boats encountered three US naval warships of the 5th Fleet, identified as the USS Port Royal (CG 73), USS ...
Nathan Jaco 01/07/2008 34 - - 1
Aids in South Africa: The Medical Science of Racial Apartheid
That HIV/AIDS is a serious problem plaguing Africa is essentially a truism; commonly accepted and virtually undisputed in establishment media or press. And the unofficial reason for the severity of ...
Nathan Jaco 12/19/2007 31 - - 83
Israeli War Criminal Should be Brought to Justice
"Only in Palestine is it still possible for liberals to cheer cowboys gunning down the Indians or pushing them back into the badlands."
Nathan Jaco 12/10/2007 180 6 - 1
New Revelations Stifle Bush's Iranian Gambit
It is becoming increasingly clear that the Bush administration's policy aspirations are essentially without respect to the factual structure of the given situation. The announcement that sixteen ...
Nathan Jaco 12/06/2007 8 3 1 -
The US Continues to Supply Arms to Human Rights Abusers
The actions of the Bush administration are basically continuing the trend of US involvement in the world which has been going on for half a century: making the world a much more dangerous place for ...
Nathan Jaco 10/02/2007 3 - 2 14
A Chink in the Armor of Capitalism
Just a few months ago the global marketplace was being applauded as a place of great liquidity (which is what matters, not great value or distribution just lots of cash) and the regulatory ...
Nathan Jaco 09/27/2007 21 6 1 2
Towards a North American Union
This diary developed out of a conversation with Halcyon in my previous diary, “Death to Democracy – The Neoliberal Agenda in Iraq.” Specifically, Halcyon asked if the North ...
Nathan Jaco 08/09/2007 49 13 - 32
Death to Democracy - The Neoliberal Agenda in Iraq
Neoliberalism is, in a sense, an attempt to confuse the world into believing that mercantilism infused with Leninist communism is the same thing as free-market capitalism. Neoliberalism is a ...
Nathan Jaco 08/07/2007 19 5 1 4
Mike Gravel on Climate Change Policies
I recently watched Mike Gravel on the Town Hall: Climate Change. Mike Gravel's policy suggestions were the most novel and perhaps the most innovative. They do not fit within the orthodoxy ...
Nathan Jaco 07/08/2007 36 7 2 3
Michael Moore's Sicko: A First Look
I had a chance at an early viewing of Sicko and decided to offer my critique and a public endorsement of it. Go see it, and take everyone you can to see it with you.
Nathan Jaco 06/20/2007 56 12 1 21
Hamas - The Arab World's New Liberal Interventionists
I bet this one will piss a lot of people off...
Nathan Jaco 06/19/2007 310 2 - 22
America Doesn't Exist
If those who are in command of a state are unconcerned with the national interest (that of the welfare of that country's people), does that nation truly exist? I think not. But, if it is ...
Nathan Jaco 06/17/2007 45 6 1 14
Deprogramming - One Quote At a Time
Just some quotes that will hopefully inspire you as they have inspired me.
Nathan Jaco 06/05/2007 1 1 2 2
Iran gives Israel the right to exist
I found this tidbit in the liberal, Russian-language journal Novaya Gazetta (the one for which murdered journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkavskaya formerly wrote). I wouldn't be ...
Nathan Jaco 05/21/2007 37 2 - 3
The End of Democracy with Commentary by Noam Chomsky: Globalization on the "Fast-Track"
This is an article that I wrote early this morning about the new free trade deals that are taking place by elite planners in the US government. Additional commentary has been provided by Dr. Chomsky,
Nathan Jaco 05/19/2007 25 22 4 155
How to Combat Corporate Propaganda Part 1: An Overview
This was an old writing of mine that I have decided to post since I am posting other articles in my ongoing "How to Combat Corporate Propaganda" series. I think this site is really starting to be ...
Nathan Jaco 05/08/2007 11 8 3 -
Corporate Power and Global Domination
Corporate accountability in the era of globalization and global corporations is rather difficult to quantify. From a purely qualitative analysis, the trends of corporate behavior in corporations' ...
Nathan Jaco 05/03/2007 34 20 6 133
How to Combat Corporate Propaganda Part II - Market Failures: Positive Externalities
Ongoing series designed to combat the corporate propaganda campaign.
Nathan Jaco 03/23/2007 36 2 11 174
Random Complaints From an Armed American: What Politics is Really About
Topical analysis of current economic trends stated as complaints. Hey, if you can't change the world, at least complain about it as well as you can.
Nathan Jaco 03/19/2007 16 - - -
Is the 9/11 Truth Movement Racist?
I simply want to raise the question: is the amount of time, energy, and passion devoted to 9/11 truths fundamentally based on a racist presupposition: that "our" lives are more important than "their"
Nathan Jaco 01/13/2007 54 1 - 17
A Radical Professor Fights Imperial Nihilism
Ivy League professor of Religious Studies Cornell West believes in democracy. In his latest masterpiece, Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism, Dr. West takes on the cultural ...
Nathan Jaco 01/11/2007 15 3 1 32
Past Seven Minutes 'til the End of the World
I do not know what weapons World War III will be fought with. World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. - Albert Einstein Humankind has become an endangered species. Perhaps due to ...
Nathan Jaco 01/09/2007 14 2 - 13
Was Saddam Hussein Really Executed?
The obsequiousness of political dialogue in the American public domain is really what prompts me to write diaries like this. I make no claims about whether or not Saddam was executed.
Nathan Jaco 01/04/2007 150 6 - 2
Did Congress Have Reasonable Doubts About the Iraq War Resolution
Here's a hint: Yes!!!
Nathan Jaco 12/30/2006 12 4 - -
The New Left Manifesto
We are the last line of defense, and we can combat disinformation with truth. The truth is on our side in this fight. American laborers need to control the means, method, and results of production. ...
Nathan Jaco 12/24/2006 61 6 3 1
How to Get a Job in the Bush Administration
How does one land a job working for the Bush administration? Simple. Be a holdover from the Reagan administration. And if you really want to nail the interview, be a key player in the Iran-...
Nathan Jaco 12/14/2006 3 1 - 2
Neo-Reaganites: The "Right" Men for the Job
This is a summary of all the great things neo-Reaganites have done for this great country.
Nathan Jaco 12/12/2006 8 2 - -
Our Economy is INSANE!!!
Our Economy is INSANE!!!
Nathan Jaco 11/29/2006 16 1 - -
Were British SAS Provocateurs in Iraq?
The Iraqi government launched an inquiry into an incident in which an Iraqi prison was attacked by British forces in order to free two British special operation soldiers arrested in Basra. ...
Nathan Jaco 11/28/2006 24 7 2 2
The Coalition Forces' Unclear Objectives in Iraq
In the last paragraph of today's (27 November) New York Times article titled "Iraq Panel Weighs Overture to Iran and Syria," there was a rather alarming quote by White House counselor Dan ...
Nathan Jaco 11/27/2006 3 2 - -
The Conspiracy Theories About 9/11
Nathan Jaco 11/13/2006 272 1 2 15
Iraqi Civilian Death Toll at 655,000 Says Study by Johns Hopkins University
Nathan Jaco 10/14/2006 10 1 1 -
The Problem of Anti-Semitism
Nathan Jaco 10/08/2006 176 2 2 11
US Resolutions Attempt to Undermine Lebanese Democracy
Nathan Jaco 09/09/2006 16 4 - -
I think the greatest threats to our existence...
Nathan Jaco 09/08/2006 7 3 1 -
Response to racist profiling quiz
Nathan Jaco 09/05/2006 35 8 1 14
The New Dovish Imperial Grand Strategy
Nathan Jaco 09/05/2006 17 8 - 2
Americans' Surprising Beliefs About Government Conspiracies
Nathan Jaco 09/04/2006 25 - - -
Field Manual for a Kinder, Gentler American Imperialism
Nathan Jaco 08/31/2006 8 6 2 24
Race, Ethnicity, and Political Participation
Nathan Jaco 08/29/2006 - - - -
Americans are smarter than you think - why cynicism is the tool of oppression
Nathan Jaco 08/28/2006 86 10 - 1
Suicide/Euthanasia v. the Unalienable Right to Life
Nathan Jaco 08/24/2006 15 - - 6
Vietnam Redux: A Poll on the Iraq War
Nathan Jaco 08/22/2006 8 3 - -
Noted Shift in Political Discourse About Israel
Nathan Jaco 08/21/2006 17 6 - 7
US and Israeli Governments and Media are Lying About Hezbollah
Nathan Jaco 08/20/2006 141 15 - 6
Why Globalization and Connectivity Mean Capitalism Will No Longer Keep Americans Safe and Warm
Nathan Jaco 08/19/2006 30 6 - 10
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