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Alabama Same Sex Marriage Update.
Same Sex Marriage here in Alabama is still not a "done deal". It has been a week since federal district judge Granade issued her order to state probate judge, Don Davis in Mobile county, to issue ...
Nebraska68847Dem 02/19/2015 35 31 - -
The Folding Card Table
This is a place for us all that have nothing better to do than create confusion and chaos tonight. It's not the adult table. They sit at the fancy table and have to use manners. We get to do fun ...
Nebraska68847Dem 12/24/2014 59 23 - -
Roxy Dog
I walked into the house and hugged my mom for the first time in 28 months. I was home for Thanksgiving although nobody had expected me. It felt good to be in the house filled with the smells that I ...
Nebraska68847Dem 12/13/2014 16 42 2 -
III- Xmas Tree And A Fire
I mean, ya know... we never did learn our lessons. Dad (aka Santa) went ahead and got me the Johnny Commander Mk 12 just a couple years after the cannon treaty was signed (Details of the ...
Nebraska68847Dem 12/13/2014 5 1 - -
Part II Of The Series
Gee, I musta been 5 or 6 years old... it was a long time ago. It was the year that I started to think that Santa might not be real. But, it was early in the age of plastics. Even I could tell that ...
Nebraska68847Dem 12/12/2014 1 1 - -
GOOD Morning! Time To Laugh It Off!
Dayum! I feel like this guy this morning! I puked a good while last night. Usually the process is cathartic and it makes me feel better. Not last night... I plan on a few more hurls before I get ...
Nebraska68847Dem 11/05/2014 6 7 - -
Garage Doors and Balloons, and Big Bombs
It had been a fairly dull summer when Dad decided to replace the huge garage door. The old one barely rose on the tracks and the old motor could barely pull the full width door after years of ...
Nebraska68847Dem 07/04/2014 6 21 - -
TV. Do I Buy A New One?
The local news channel was doing a highly biased story on the how freakin' good the Supreme Court, Hobby Lobby decision is for Nebraska.
Nebraska68847Dem 07/02/2014 14 4 - -
Shitty, Crappy Day In America.
Our side took two decisions we adamantly disagree with today. I'm not going to be angry. I'm not going to gnash teeth. I am not going to point fingers. I am going to keep working for "... and ...
Nebraska68847Dem 06/30/2014 4 9 - -
I Am Endorsing a Republican (for now)
Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott is in the field for the GOP nomination for Governor. I want to express my support for Abbott. I Will work to see he gets the GOP nomination! I ask all Democrats ...
Nebraska68847Dem 02/10/2014 18 5 - -
Video Link Obama's Last Campaign Speech
Here's the link to President Obama's Final Campaign Speech.
Nebraska68847Dem 11/06/2012 1 2 1 -
Call #2819 hits paydirt!
I live in Nebraska. I catch a lot of grief here on DKOS. I don't care because I grew up true blue, in Chicago. People have told me, "I don't trust YOU!" I don't care. I don't have a vote to decide ...
Nebraska68847Dem 11/05/2012 196 1243 6 -
Very sad news
Claire McCaskill's mother has passed away. During this time of massive destruction on the East Coast, take a ...
Nebraska68847Dem 10/30/2012 4 11 - -
American Taliban
Mourdock... FRONT and CENTER, NOW! I got something to say to you, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels the same way I do! Listen up.
Nebraska68847Dem 10/26/2012 10 - - -
Don't despise me, don't "troll me". I just did a 20 minute walk around of those two camps...
Nebraska68847Dem 11/03/2008 14 4 - -
Short and sweet; how sweet it is!
This is a short diary... just sharing a warm epiphany I had moments ago!
Nebraska68847Dem 10/28/2008 - 1 - -
Not in this Democrat's Party
I am disappointed and angered by comments I read in a diary. Please do not assume I have an issue with the diary report ( BREAKING: They Caught The Alleged Tire Slashers ). My ...
Nebraska68847Dem 10/23/2008 15 - - -
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