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Another top GOPer trips over his own penis
Nebraska's Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy, and leading candidate to replace current Gov. Dave Heineman, just resigned. Reportedly, his resignation comes just before reports about his using a state paid cell ...
NebraskaLefty 02/02/2013 36 23 - -
Flag etiquette for Mrs. Boehner
I noticed that, as Beyonce sang our nation's national anthem during President Obama's second inauguration, John Boehner's wife, Debbie, held her hands at her waist as everyone else was either ...
NebraskaLefty 01/21/2013 24 7 - -
Nebraska Republican Chair tweets love for Rep. Price.
The Chair of the Nebraska Republican Party, Mark Fahleson, should probably put away his Blackberry. Just this past week he was already in hot water for ...
NebraskaLefty 11/07/2009 1 1 - 135
Meanwhile, back in the real world
I just returned, not half an hour ago, from La Hacienda, our local Mexican restaurant, in the little town of Holdrege, in south-central Nebraska. I noticed a sign on the window at the entrance that ...
NebraskaLefty 10/20/2009 6 10 1 65
Nebraska Democrats demand public option
The Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee met in Omaha this weekend. One of the most important things to come out of the meeting was a resolution, passed nearly unanimously, to support a ...
NebraskaLefty 10/04/2009 27 30 1 56
How to silence the "illegal alien" argument
When you get into a discussion with one of those heavily indoctrinated teabagger - Lou Dobbs fans that rant on, and on, and on about how the Democrats are trying to guarantee that all the illegal ...
NebraskaLefty 09/11/2009 22 6 - 80
National Strike for Health Care
Not long ago I watched Michael Moore's "Sicko." In it, there was a scene where they showed the citizens of France taking their issues into the street - protesters demonstrated their will in a very ...
NebraskaLefty 09/02/2009 18 9 - 8
Sen. Ben Nelson AWOL on healthcare
A few days ago I asked, on a listserv reserved to officials of the Nebraska Democratic Party (I am a Nebraska Democratic County Chair,) where Sen. Ben Nelson might be found, during this ...
NebraskaLefty 08/14/2009 10 8 - 4
Democrats helping Democrats
Lost in all the rhetoric here on the Daily Kos, the New Nebraska Network, and many other places around the nets about whether or not Sen. Ben Nelson actually supports Nebraska's Democrats, let alone ...
NebraskaLefty 08/05/2009 3 8 - 19
NE-SEN - Esch endorses Raimondo over Kleeb!!?
NE-02 candidate Jim Esch, a fellow that many thought to be cut from a very progressive bolt of cloth has just announced his endorsement of lifelong Republican, industrialist, and Bush Buddy, Tony ...
NebraskaLefty 05/08/2008 42 14 - 12
NE-SEN Republican in sheep's clothing
Tony Raimondo, CEO of Behlen Industries, has indicated that he is about to decide upon entering the race for Nebraska's U.S. Senate seat, the one currently held by Sen. Chuck Hagel. Raimondo, a ...
NebraskaLefty 01/29/2008 17 7 - 3
Sen. Nelson accuses Bush of Earmark skimming
The Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star has quite a story on more of the Bush administrations nefarious dealings. They're calling him "Senator Whistleblower" after he revealed that a percentage of all ...
NebraskaLefty 01/13/2008 23 29 - -
NE Young Dem Prez loses it
I have to wonder what goes on in the mind of a young man that proclaims, from one side of his mouth, to support democratic ideals, and from the other says all he can to quash them. I am a delegate ...
NebraskaLefty 12/30/2007 47 9 1 17
NE-SEN for Sale
Lifelong Republican, and very recently registered "Democrat," Tony Raimondo, the Chairman of Behlen Manufacturing has hired DINO Ben Nelson's pal, Paul Johnson, to organize a run as a candidate for ...
NebraskaLefty 12/26/2007 5 7 - 13
NE-SEN . Don't need no stinking rules!
I have been fighting tooth and nail with my own Nebraska Democratic Party over several issues for more than a year now. I'll admit I am an irascible curmudgeon and am more of a street fighter than a ...
NebraskaLefty 12/07/2007 6 4 - 11
HELP! We're drowning in Nebraska!
I am an unapologetic, Liberal, Yellow Dog Democrat. Nothing new so far right? O.K. What if I tell you that I live in South-Central Nebraska in one of the reddest counties, in one of the reddest ...
NebraskaLefty 12/03/2007 45 25 1 17
"Moderated" vs. "Free-for-all" blogs
Recently, the Nebraska Democratic Party's website blog ( ) changed their policy regulating those messages that can be posted. Originally, it was completely free, anyone ...
NebraskaLefty 03/21/2007 17 - - -
NE-03 Bush comes to Nebraska
NebraskaLefty 11/05/2006 4 4 1 21
NE-03: Bush to show up in Kleeb Country
NebraskaLefty 11/01/2006 4 2 - 14
NE-03 Scott Kleeb answers questions
NebraskaLefty 10/25/2006 21 11 1 13
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