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LMAO with SNL on We Did Stop
Just want to say that I woke up this morning and haven't laughed so hard since John McCain nominated Sarah Palin as his running mate. If you haven't watched last night's SNL skit, you can see it ...
Neither Nor 10/06/2013 6 8 - -
The United States of Chemical Weapons
While our country takes up the debate on whether to punish a ruthless government for using deadly chemical weapons on its people, maybe we should take a long look within as well. When will our ...
Neither Nor 09/01/2013 29 9 - -
Put Snowden in a State Asylum
Okay, I’m not advocating institutionalizing Edward Snowden, but I couldn’t resist the headline. What I did want to explore is what would happen if a state of the United States offered to grant ...
Neither Nor 07/03/2013 10 - - -
Snowden spilled his guts
and, collectively, like Yossarian in Catch 22, all we really have to say is "there, there." This is why our government can spy on us. Because even when it is thrown in our face, we cannot muster ...
Neither Nor 06/10/2013 5 7 1 -
Defenestration: The fear that keeps me up at night
The WSJ did a study of FBI data from 2000 to 2010 on "Murder in America". Just had to share these statistics. After years of living in fear that an intruder would break into my townhouse and throw ...
Neither Nor 02/03/2013 22 16 - -
CNN Discounts Count Gun Control
I want to hear from journalists on DKos about how you would report on public support for Gun Control laws in the wake of Friday's events. Here is Halimah Abdullah's attempt to gauge support by ...
Neither Nor 12/18/2012 2 4 - -
Schiff is Full of Sch, Um, It!
I just listened to Peter Schiff on CNBC (via American Thinker ) spouting that the majority doesn't have the right to "steal" his money just because he is in the top 2%. Schiff claims the government ...
Neither Nor 12/10/2012 21 12 - -
How Many Epi-Pens are in Your School's Medicine Cabinet?
Today I am going to ask the school nurse at my children's elementary school how many Epi-Pens she has in the school medicine cabinet. My guess is that it is upwards of twenty. Then I am going to ...
Neither Nor 11/30/2012 20 15 - -
Is Paul Ryan a Disciple of Machiavelli? (PLEASE HELP)
This is a sanity check appeal to any DailyKos members who have the intestinal fortitude to occasionally listen to RW Talk Radio. I live in So Cal and was commuting home from work. It would have ...
Neither Nor 08/25/2012 17 3 - 55
Use CARFAX? Ponder this.
I am sure most everyone is familar with CARFAX, the service that helps car buyers find out the vehicle history of a car before purchasing. But I never thought that CARFAX would shed so much like ...
Neither Nor 06/13/2012 24 12 - 337
Thou Shalt Not Collect the Debt of Thy Neighbor
I have a land line in my house that I've meant to cancel for the longest time. I never use it, and no one close to me ever calls me on it. The only calls I get are usually from the Sheriff's ...
Neither Nor 05/27/2012 46 12 - 186
Drunken Man and the Art of Being a Moderate
This is a tale of some wisdom I gained from two drunk men, one from a game and one from real life: Video Drunken Man is an android app about a poor schmoe who is in the doghouse with his wife ...
Neither Nor 04/24/2012 19 21 - 236
STOP PAYMENT: A tactic for Occupy Wall Street
“If you owe the bank $100 dollars, that is your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million dollars, that’s the bank’s problem!” This is a popular quote that has at ...
Neither Nor 11/08/2011 23 13 - 219
Freedom Without Hallowed Ground - #OWS
I am a peace-loving individual. When Patrick Henry says, €œGive me Liberty, or Give me Death€, I say, €œI have a strong allergic reaction to that death thing, can you just give me the liberty?
Neither Nor 10/27/2011 5 1 - 26
Bailout Trap
Bush is about to make the biggest power grab, possibly in the history of our country, giving one Federal agency, almost unlimited and unfettered funds and power to buy up the debt of Wall Street, ...
Neither Nor 09/20/2008 26 6 - 1
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