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We Have Important Work to Do in Phoenix
Board Chairs Arshad Hasan and Patrick O’Heffernan speak with the director of the Kino Border Initiative. For the last several months we've been working ...
Raven Brooks 09/24/2014 8 31 - -
Netroots Chairman's Pub Quiz VIII: The Reckoning
Winners and New Champions: Shirt Pleat (DLCC) Oh, we've had protests before, and costumes, and chants and merriment, but this year's Netroots Nation Chaiman's Pub Quiz featured two elements we've ...
Adam B 08/18/2014 24 24 - -
Connect! Unite! Act! Seattle, LA & Houston Meet-up Info! — Your Favorite Netroots Nation Moment?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
navajo 05/21/2014 152 47 - -
Netroots Nation 14: How to Register, Help Out, Take Part, Make it ROCK
The busy bees--all eight of them--who are the staff at Netroots Nation have been hard at work for months to bring you the best convention yet this summer, July 17-20th in Detroit. Their output has ...
peregrine kate 05/09/2014 10 19 2 -
Netroots Nation announces its panel line-up & it is spectacular! Here's how we did it.
Don't miss it! The Netroots Nation conference is, as you likely already know, in Detroit this summer (July 17-20 at Cobo Hall). This morning, they announced the panel line-up and it's astonishing. ...
Eclectablog 05/06/2014 9 24 - -
Connect! Unite! Act! Boston & DC Meet-up Info! RSVP NN14 Cheers & Jeers Dinner +Q: Do U Tip Well?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
navajo 04/09/2014 179 57 - -
Would Your Org or Small Biz Like a Booth at Netroots Nation? Contest to Enter ends this Monday!
In an effort to bring in new community organizations that might have fewer resources, Netroots Nation is once again holding our "Grab a Booth" contest in which we will offer six free booths in this ...
BCO gal 02/21/2014 3 5 - -
Would your Org or Small Company Like a Free Booth at Netroots Nation?
In an effort to bring in new community organizations that might have fewer resources, Netroots Nation is once again holding our "Grab a Booth" contest in which we will offer six free booths in this ...
BCO gal 02/12/2014 6 15 - -
Coming Monday: Netroots Nation Booth Contest!
Would your nonprofit or small business like a free booth in the 2014 Netroots Nation Town Square (aka Exhibit Hall) in Detroit, MI? Then enter the Netroots Nation “Grab a Booth” contest!
BCO gal 02/05/2014 7 5 - -
Last Day for 2014 Netroots Nation Discounted Holiday Registration Rate
Do you have a fellow political activist in your family? Or a friend or colleague who would love to learn new skills and connect with other passionate organizers? Did you answer yes to any of these ...
BCO gal 12/12/2013 8 16 - -
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar Ends at 10 PM ET Tonight. New Item: Co-host Dkos Radio Show!
Okay folks, there are only a few more hours left in the Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar . We've got 76 great items up for bid. But it all ends at 10:00 PM ET time tonight, so get those bids in now. ...
BCO gal 12/09/2013 11 12 - -
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar Starts Tomorrow - Still Time to Donate (and get sneak preview)
It’s time for the 5th annual Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar (see a preview of some of this year's items below.) This year it will be held from Thursday, December 5th through Tuesday, December 9th. ...
BCO gal 12/04/2013 12 11 - -
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar Starts Next Week (w/ sneak preview) - Donate Today!
It’s time for the 5th annual Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar (see a preview of some of this year's items below.) This year it will be held from Thursday, December 5th through Tuesday, December 9th. ...
BCO gal 11/30/2013 2 11 - -
Kitten on a Turtle - and other things you'll see in the Netroots Nation auction
The popular Netroots Nation auction continues until tomorrow night! And man, oh man did some great items come in this weekend. So let's take a look at a few of them. And remember, all proceeds ...
BCO gal 08/19/2013 12 21 - -
The Netroots Nation Annual Auction Has Begun!
The Netroots Nation auction , oh it's on! The action started this morning and we've got some very cool items up for bid. Right now we're up to 75 items in the auction with more coming in very soon. ...
BCO gal 08/15/2013 13 21 - -
Donate Items Today to the Netroots Nation Annual Auction! (and sneak preview)
Yes indeed, the Netroots Nation annual auction opens Thursday, August 15, and is sure to include lots of items that y'all have come to love about this auction - political and entertainment ...
BCO gal 08/02/2013 4 16 1 -
Netroots Nation '13 as seen through my iPhone
I live in San Diego so it was really nice being able to drive up to Netroots Nation this year. I have friends in the Bay Area and I was looking forward to being able to get up there a few days early ...
bsegel 06/26/2013 38 52 2 -
DFA Wants to Send You to Netroots!
The progressive movement isn’t about the bright lights and TV cameras, it’s about community. That’s what grassroots organizing is all about, and Netroots Nation is where it all comes together.
Arshad Hasan 04/17/2013 4 16 - -
Announcing the NN13 Agenda!
After a two-month long process of reading, scoring and discussing, we are thrilled to announce our 2013 agenda. And this year, we’ve expanded our offerings to include and additional 10 trainings ...
Raven Brooks 04/08/2013 12 36 1 -
Apply for a Netroots Nation scholarship!
I hope you’re making plans to attend Netroots Nation this June 20–23 in San Jose. You won’t want to miss it—we’re expecting our largest crowd ever and are expanding our program in ...
Raven Brooks 04/04/2013 8 28 - -
Get a Free Booth at Netroots Nation! Contest Entry Deadline Monday, 2/25
Would your nonprofit or small business like a free booth in the 2013 Netroots Nation Community and Exhibit Hall in San Jose, CA? Then enter the Netroots Nation "Grab a Booth" contest !
BCO gal 02/22/2013 3 9 - -
Win a Free Exhibit Hall Booth at Netroots Nation!
Would your nonprofit or small business like a free booth in the 2013 Netroots Nation Community and Exhibit Hall in San Jose, CA? Then enter the Netroots Nation "Grab a Booth" contest !
BCO gal 02/15/2013 1 10 - -
Netroots Nation 2013: Panel Proposals Due Soon!
[This diary is a re-post, but I don't know of another way to say this. Please spread the word.] As chairman of the board of directors of Netroots Nation, I'm excited. Because this is where the fun ...
Adam B 02/04/2013 11 20 - -
Netroots Nation 2013: Help Set Our Agenda
As chairman of the board of directors of Netroots Nation, I'm excited. Because this is where the fun really starts: watching your proposals come in to create our conference agenda , ultimately ...
Adam B 01/04/2013 49 27 2 -
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar - Shopping for the Holidays (and you)
The Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar , ends this Tuesday. With 91 for bid, now is the time to do a little shopping for friends and family. Or treat yourself to one of the hand-crafted items or ...
BCO gal 12/02/2012 4 11 - -
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar is Now Open!
And….it’s here! Our annual Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar has begun. This popular auction highlights the talented folks in our community by giving you the opportunity to bid on dozens of ...
BCO gal 11/30/2012 20 17 - -
Get ready for the shopping event of the season
Black Friday? Bah. Cyber Monday? Hype. The real beginning of the holiday shopping season begins this Friday, November 30. What happens then? The Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar happens then! From ...
Joan McCarter 11/27/2012 10 17 1 -
Sponsor a Walmart striker this Friday
Protests by Walmart workers and their allies have been brewing across the country over the last few weeks. And the big action will be this Friday. Walmart warehouse workers are striking over working ...
Raven Brooks 11/20/2012 4 18 2 -
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar - Calling all Crafters, Artisans, etc
It’s time for the 4th annual Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar (see a preview of some of this year's items below.) This year it will be held from Friday, November 30th through Tuesday, December 4th. ...
BCO gal 11/20/2012 12 15 1 -
Netroots Nation Auction: Who is that Dude in the Photo? (update)
THIS JUST ADDED: Coffee with Howard Dean! The Netroots Nation auction , oh it's on! The action started yesterday and we've got some very cool items up for bid. Right now we're up to 79 items in the ...
BCO gal 09/20/2012 21 33 - 233
If You Donate to the Netroots Nation Auction, Obama Will Gain Another Point in Ohio
Well, okay, not really, I’m not one to make crazy claims like a certain pundit * cough * Dick Morris * cough *. Instead I’m here to talk about a great community effort – the Netroots Nation ...
BCO gal 09/11/2012 9 22 - 111
Live from Charlotte with DFA
Several members of the Netroots Nation team have arrived on the ground here in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention. But we're not credentialed attendees, we're working this wee at The ...
Raven Brooks 09/02/2012 3 15 - 84
Netroots For The Troops® - Why We Do What We Do
I received this from Lance Cpl Adam Buck's dad the other day. You know him as LCaseRussell here on Daily Kos. Tony, I will forward your request. So far, only Facebook has the pictures. I do know ...
TexDem 06/28/2012 45 41 - 224
A photographer's perspective of Netroots Nation, PHOTOBLOG Part 1 -- Let's get to work!
Energized for the work ahead [Note: this post is from my wife, Anne C. Savage who worked as a staff photographer at the Netroots Nation conference in Providence, RI last week.] This was my first ...
Eclectablog 06/14/2012 65 112 2 499
NN12: Chairman's Pub Quiz recap
You should've realized that this year's quiz would have something to do with last year's; hell, I even put the word "revenge" in its title. The only question was how far I'd go. Thirty-two teams.
Adam B 06/12/2012 79 65 3 500
Netroots Nation 2012: We need your feedback
Our biggest conference ever. Thank you all so much. We each have our own memories of Netroots Nation 2012. I actually didn't get to many of the panels, and my conference was mostly spent in the ...
Adam B 06/11/2012 286 74 3 789
NN12: Stand Your Ground Against Injustice
ICYMTERJS (In case you missed the email Raven just sent): Troy Davis. Oscar Grant. Trayvon Martin. Police brutality at Occupy encampments around the country. You've seen all this and more in the ...
Adam B 06/04/2012 14 20 - 128
Elizabeth Warren is coming back to Netroots Nation
I've known about this for a bit, and I'm glad we can finally announce it. Via email: Some of 2012's most exciting races involve strong, progressive women who are leading the national conversation on ...
Adam B 05/15/2012 31 42 1 177
Questions about Netroots Nation?
Do you have questions about Netroots Nation? Now's the time to be heard! Netroots Naiton staff will be hosting a 'Spreecast', a live online chat, starting in just about 30 minutes - at noon Pacific ...
Nolan 05/11/2012 7 9 - 92
Netroots Nation 2012: Thursday Night's Speakers
Our executive director Raven Brooks just announced, via email: Thursday night's opening keynote will be headlined by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who's been leading the charge in his ...
Adam B 05/07/2012 25 35 2 252
Announcing the NN12 Agenda!
After a two-month long process of scoring and discussing (and more scoring and discussing), we are thrilled to announce our 2012 agenda! Our final list of 70 panels includes some timely topics like ...
Raven Brooks 04/09/2012 114 51 - 582
Netroots Nation 2012: Scholarship opportunitie​s
Hey, gang. Wanted to let you know that there remain several ways you can get a scholarship to Netroots Nation and join us in Providence this June. Most scholarships include registration and hotel,
Adam B 04/04/2012 12 23 1 133
The NN12 Panel Process
As notifications for the first round NN12 panel selection have trickled out over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten questions about how the whole process of selecting panels actually works. Hi, I’...
Nolan 03/30/2012 45 26 2 299
Keeping it local at NN12 (lefty tourism microguide #2)
So, you're heading off to NN12? Or still up in the air? Or maybe just planning on passing through Providence sometime soon? And you want your left behind dollars to stay a little closer to where ...
netop 03/29/2012 11 12 1 88
2nd Annual Netroots Nation "Grab a Booth" Contest Begins!
Would your nonprofit or small business like a free booth in the 2012 Netroots Nation Community and Exhibit Hall in Providence? Then enter the Netroots Nation " Grab a Booth"contest !
BCO gal 02/14/2012 3 18 - 56
Netroots Nation submissions due Jan 31!
If you watched the State of the Union last night, you heard President Obama address numerous problems being faced by our country—and propose solutions for many of them. From manufacturing and job ...
Raven Brooks 01/25/2012 12 21 1 112
What is Netroots Nation?
If you haven’t been hanging around Daily Kos for that long, you may begin to wonder, “What is this Netroots Nation that keeps getting mentioned in ...
BCO gal 01/20/2012 8 18 - 105
Netroots Nation 2012: You set the agenda
As chairman of the board of directors of Netroots ...
Adam B 01/09/2012 36 41 2 214
The gift of organizing: Special holiday price for Netroots Nation
Is there a political activist in your family? A friend who's recently gotten more involved in the political dialogue? Why not gift them (or yourself) with a ticket to Netroots Nation 2012? ...
Raven Brooks 12/15/2011 7 31 - 63
We can fight the digital divide
TheFatLadySings has teamed up with Communities Joined in Action to apply for the last round of Pepsi Refresh grants. In her own words this is what's at stake:
Raven Brooks 12/12/2011 13 50 - 124
Netroots Nation 2012: Is Ending Digital Divide As Important as Proms?
TheFatLadySings ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 12/07/2011 19 34 2 169
Come to Netroots New York: Learn about the Wisconsin uprising
HarryWaisbren 12/06/2011 6 25 - 150
Support local artisans (and Netroots Nation too)
Today is the last day of the Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar. With more than 120 items up for bid, now is the time to do a little shopping for friends and family (or treat yourself to one of the hand-...
Mary Rickles 12/05/2011 4 8 - 37
So you wanna cover the Occupy movement?
When blogging was young you could tell there was an emerging set of writers with real talent. It wasn't new as a medium, there were probably tens of thousands of LiveJournal blogs around with people ...
Raven Brooks 12/05/2011 3 15 - 100
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar Ends Monday! (with pics)
That’s right, you only have a few more days to shop the Holiday Bazaar online auction and pick up a few ...
BCO gal 12/03/2011 8 17 - 118
Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar: Official Call for Donations!
Oh yes indeed, it’s time for the 3rd annual Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar . This year it ...
BCO gal 11/18/2011 16 27 - 115
Look at all these cities working WITH the occupiers -- we need more!
We've all heard about the brutal crackdowns on OWS protests throughout the country, but there are a handful of cities and towns that are setting an example of how to work with the ...
Nolan 11/04/2011 29 41 2 254
Stand with Occupy Providence
As you all know, Netroots Nation will be in Providence next June and as you might have heard, Occupy Providence is facing court proceedings to remove them from the park.
Nolan 10/28/2011 8 39 - 121
'That time of year thou mayst in me behold'
Sonnet 73 That time of year ...
Joan McCarter 09/18/2011 16 26 1 161
2 Previous Netroots Nation speakers announce as candidates for office! (& bid on our auction)
I'm writing this diary to drum up bids for our Netroots Nation Online Auction (which you should all go ...
Nolan 09/18/2011 5 24 - 101
You know you wanna....
bid on these things that are up for bid in the annual Netroots Nation Auction .... because if ...
Spedwybabs 09/18/2011 3 14 - 109
NN Auction Begins (and challenge to Pub Quiz Teams)
As you may have seen in BiPM's diary this morning, ...
BCO gal 09/13/2011 13 25 - 101
Netroots Nation scouts Rhode Island
A few weeks ago, some of the staff of Netroots Nation headed out to Providence for a scouting trip. Having not all that much experience in Providence, what we found was a great group of smart, ...
Nolan 08/04/2011 28 52 1 207
This is why we fight: NN12 in Providence
Since our inception, we've held the support of working people and labor as one of our core values. There's no closer ally to the progressive movement than labor, so given the assault being waged on ...
Raven Brooks 06/27/2011 71 49 1 268
NN11 Chairman's Quiz Time 5: The Aftermath
It has, indeed, taken a full week to recover from that―the most intense, exuberant, wonderfully out-of-control Pub Quiz in Netroots Nation history. My thanks to ...
Adam B 06/24/2011 94 30 5 310
Steppin' Out in Minneapolis: The NN11 Shoe Diary
I was thinking of letting this series expire, as it's gotten a little repetitive. Besides, I'm not sure I like being known mainly for this. But I had the idea of auctioning off the above-the-fold ...
Land of Enchantment 06/24/2011 99 88 5 478
Netroots Nation: THANK YOU to the folks that make it happen
For those of you who were at Netroots Nation last week, you saw what an organizational marvel the event itself is. I (and the rest of the staff) get a lot of credit for that, but there is a team of ...
Nolan 06/24/2011 55 64 2 215
NN11: Photos from Thurs. Fri. & Sat.
I have to admit right up front that I was off my game this year with picture taking. My responsibilities with preparing for ...
navajo 06/21/2011 271 187 11 1137
ONOZ Beat The Front Pagers! Photos!
Prior to the convention, someone asked me what the prize was for winning the Chairman's Pub Quiz. My response was bragging rights. Little did I know, nor never in my wildest dreams did I ...
Julie Gulden 06/21/2011 243 61 3 509
Netroots Nation Pub Quiz 2011 Video
If you didn't attend the Netroots Nation Pub Quiz this year, you missed a really good time. This year we had a much bigger room all to ourselves, plenty of nachos, alcohol, and Democracy. Yes, I ...
sterno 06/21/2011 52 25 2 248
Netroots Nation 2011: We Need Your Feedback
Wow. Russ Feingold. Van Jones. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Al ...
Adam B 06/20/2011 329 50 3 687
NN11 Wednesday, Cheers & Jeers Dinner: REDUX
Okay. Take two. So last night, I was ready to live blog the Cheers & Jeers dinner. I prepped a diary with photos of everyone arriving at the Hilton on Wednesday, during the day. Unfortunately, I ...
navajo 06/16/2011 94 131 6 1002
Netroots Nation Prequel #9: Interesting Places To Go In And Around Minneapolis
A native's informal guide to Minneapolis & St. Paul. Ninth of several. Okay, so you've networked and you've eaten. Now you want to play tourist. Almost all the usual suggestions are good and I ...
Baron Dave 06/14/2011 20 7 2 86
Netroots Nation Prequel #8: Restaurants nearby and distant
A native's informal guide to Minneapolis & St. Paul. Eighth of several. ...
Baron Dave 06/13/2011 9 11 1 98
Ask the White House: What are your questions for Dan Pfeiffer at Netroots Nation?
So where are you going to be June 16-19? Because Netroots Nation in Minneapolis is the place to be—and it's not too late ...
Kaili Joy Gray 06/13/2011 191 30 2 502
American Indian Caucus at NN11 and MORE!
Our American Indian ...
navajo 06/12/2011 56 63 2 235
Netroots Nation: My Minneapolis
cross posted at real economics This is the last of my guides to Minnesota progressivism. The first three were called:
techno 06/12/2011 6 22 - 77
Netroots Nation Prequel #7: Eat Street (most)
A native's informal guide to Minneapolis & St. Paul. Seventh of several. ...
Baron Dave 06/12/2011 13 17 2 94
Netroots Nation Prequel #6: Nicollet Mall and downtown
A native's informal guide to Minneapolis & St. Paul. Sixth of several. I'll delve into Nicollet Ave. south of the Convention Center -- aka Eat Street -- in the next Prequel. Let me start here, ...
Baron Dave 06/10/2011 7 13 - 73
Netroots Nation: Why you want me on your Pub Quiz team
- erm, I mean, your Chairman's Quiz team . . . See, while I have had the honor and privilege of having served on three different Pub Quiz teams in my five trips to YearlyKos/Netroots ...
occams hatchet 06/10/2011 49 14 - 92
Stuff learned as a Netroots Nation volunteer
Next week, thousands of us will be pouring into Minneapolis for a jubilant cacophony of hugging, learning, laughing, crying, speaking, listening, organizing, strategizing, schmoozing, and (yes) ...
MsSpentyouth 06/08/2011 57 52 4 247
Netroots Nation Prequel #5: The Minneapolis Convention Center
A native's informal guide to Minneapolis & St. Paul. Fifth of several. Netroots Nation 2011 will take place at ...
Baron Dave 06/08/2011 23 17 1 108
Introducing Netroots Nation 2011 scholarship winners
Four years ago, Kid Oakland (Paul Delahunty) decided that there had been a hole in the first Yearly Kos in 2006, the political blogosphere conference that became Netroots Nation in 2008. He felt ...
Meteor Blades 06/05/2011 65 68 3 439
Netroots Nation Prequel #4: Minneapolis Public Transportation (fixed x2)
A native's informal guide to Minneapolis & St. Paul.  Fourth of several. In ...
Baron Dave 06/05/2011 19 12 3 118
Netroots Nation Prequel #3: Getting Around by Car
For the most part, you will be walking from your hotel to the Convention Center and almost every place downtown. I'll deal with buses and Light Rail in the next NN Prequel. I'm going to assume ...
Baron Dave 06/05/2011 10 7 1 141
Ride and Room Sharing at Netroots Nation
I'll be heading to netroots nation, and intend to have a few spots available in the car I'll be driving. And I'd like some company for the drive. I looked for forums to post the openings on and ...
cheerfulchaotic 06/04/2011 8 3 - 79
You are coming to Netroots Nation aren't you?
You know Netroots Nation . It's in Minneapolis. From June 16th to the 19th. That's 13 days from now. So you better register quickly. And book your hotel ...
shayera 06/03/2011 55 27 1 147
Netroots Nation: Chairman's Quiz Time Is BACK
Two Fridays from now, we will reconvene in the evening in Minneapolis ...
Adam B 06/03/2011 61 35 - 267
Join me at Netroots Nation
In 2004 we started a journey together. It's been seven years of huge victories and a couple pretty heartbreaking defeats. Netroots Nation has been at the heart of this movement we created, and I can'...
Gov Howard Dean MD 06/02/2011 84 83 - 295
Netroots Nation Sunday Service: Contributors Wanted
Loggersbrat and I will be leading the Sunday Service at Netroots this year. If you are planning on attending the conference, please come join us at 9 AM. We will end well before the community ...
ramara 06/01/2011 23 11 - 113
Top Comments: We Need One Another Edition
First, the words from our sponsor that enable *you* to contribute to Top Comments! Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative ...
brillig 05/31/2011 46 49 - 265
Why You Should Come To Netroots Nation
If you've been following the Netroots Nation group at Daily Kos (and if not, why not?), you'll have seen several longtime diarists post ...
Arjun Jaikumar 05/31/2011 65 35 1 315
Why I am going to Netroots Nation
besides the fact that I won a DFA scholarship to help pay my way, and a member of this community generously has paid for my transportation, etc. Please note that last - a member of this community, ...
teacherken 05/30/2011 26 36 - 209
It was late August, when leaves have turned their darkest green and hang heavy from the trees, spent, dusty, all but lifeless. Each year this island swells with oppressive salt air humidity and ...
Yasuragi 05/30/2011 91 68 2 338
Be at Netroots Nation '11. Because you never know.
I'm an old-timer now. I've attended every single Netroots Nation. And before that, I attended every single YearlyKos. All two of them. I was in Las Vegas for that first magical nationwide in-person ...
Dante Atkins 05/26/2011 117 77 1 515
Why is Netroots Nation such a big deal?
So a few weeks ago Adam Bonin mentioned in a diary that he didn’t realize how many Kossacks actually don’t know what the ...
Spedwybabs 05/24/2011 26 39 1 182
Top 10 Reasons to Visit NN Community & Exhibit Hall
Hey, are you going to Netroots Nation next month? Or are you thinking about attending? Well I’ve got 10 reasons below why you should stop by the ...
BCO gal 05/19/2011 23 37 - 225
Fight Back for Good Jobs Rally at Netroots Nation!
LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – is inviting everyone attending Netroots Nation to join the men and women who build America at a Fight Back for Good Jobs Rally on ...
LiUNA 05/18/2011 6 14 - 51
Why You Should Attend NN11 :: 200 Pics
I've attended every Yearly Kos/Netroots Nation convention since the first one in Las Vegas in 2006 at the Riveria Hotel right through to our return last year, in 2010. We've grown so much that we ...
navajo 05/16/2011 267 113 5 669
Netroots Nation Prequel #2: The Twin Cities
A native's informal guide to Minneapolis & St. Paul. Second of several. Minneapolis is the easternmost western city, and St. Paul is the westernmost eastern city. Generalizations, but more than a ...
Baron Dave 05/12/2011 16 17 1 130
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