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Hmmmm. Breaking NYT news. Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of ...
Just out minutes ago. Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company. This could get interesting. "the untold story behind that story is one that ...
NewDealer 04/22/2015 73 7 - -
Here's a twist. Nancy Reagan: I want Hillary to win
I'm not in the habit of quoting Drudge, but this is too good to pass up (even if it is satire piled on satire) This from a series of interviews Ron Reagan did with former first ladies. Nancy ...
NewDealer 04/10/2015 35 18 - -
Overtime Reform: What's Taking So Long?
Nearly a year ago (March 14th, 2014) President Obama signed a memorandum directing the Department of Labor to update the standards regarding salaried employment under the provisions of the Fair ...
NewDealer 03/06/2015 3 4 - -
Deflategate expanded - has this been going on for years?
Yea I know, in the grand scheme of things deflategate is silly trivial stuff, but this is interesting. Might be good for a little idle chatter at some Super Bowl Party on Sunday when you need to ...
NewDealer 01/28/2015 112 7 - -
I-75 southbound in Cincinnati shut down due to a bridge collapse - at least 1 dead. (Updated).
From the Cincinnati Enquirer: Officials have closed southbound Interstate 75 indefinitely after a "major" collapse ...
NewDealer 01/19/2015 137 195 - -
Breaking: Pope wants to address joint session of Congress in September
It was announced earlier today that Pope Francis is planning a tour of the Eastern United States in September. Now we learn that he would like to address a joint session of Congress while he's here.
NewDealer 01/19/2015 71 19 - -
This needs to be seen! Video of the St. Louis police shooting yesterday.
It is very complete and what you will see is once again police are not telling the whole truth. Not even close.
NewDealer 08/20/2014 13 15 - -
A solution in Ferguson: Use the power of recall and do it now.
The Police Chief in Ferguson clearly believes he has the support of the Mayor and City Council. They have remained largely silent throughout this ordeal. It is astonishing that while Ferguson is ...
NewDealer 08/16/2014 18 17 - -
Time for a recall in Ferguson MO?
The situation in Ferguson Missouri is obviously atrocious. What I find astonishing is that Ferguson is roughly 68% African American, but the City Council has only one black member out of six, a ...
NewDealer 08/14/2014 8 8 2 -
Wow! Alison Lundergan Grimes burns the barn down at Fancy Farm
This is worth watching. In case you missed it, today is the famous Fancy Farm Picnic in western Kentucky. It's a mandatory appearance for any statewide politician in Kentucky from either party. ...
NewDealer 08/02/2014 305 557 11 -
In Ohio, old dogs invent new trick (they hope no one notices).
In October & November of both 2012 and 2008 TV viewers around the nation were treated to images of voters waiting in long lines to vote at the Hamilton County Board of Elections in Cincinnati. ...
NewDealer 01/24/2014 16 10 1 -
They thought they deleted the e-mails
So maybe it’s just me. But the thing I found most striking about the Christie news conference yesterday was the question that didn’t get asked. Why did it take this long for him to take a real ...
NewDealer 01/10/2014 38 36 - -
When the Wall Street Journal Editorial page says this, the jig is up.
The tragic-comedy we've all watched for the last few weeks is coming to an end. When even the Wall Street Journal editorializes like this we know the end is near. This is the quality of thinking��
NewDealer 10/16/2013 47 94 3 -
Maybe we should call this what it is - an attempted coup
Maybe it’s time we recognized the “government shut down” for what it really is; an attempted coup by Ted Cruz. We should call it that The continuing resolution only funds the government for ...
NewDealer 10/02/2013 12 24 - -
So a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun?
How then do we wind up with 12 dead, maybe 15 wounded in a military facility where there was certainly no shortage of "good guys with guns"? Please explain Wayne. Last time it was an elementary ...
NewDealer 09/16/2013 33 12 - -
How technology is destroying jobs.
Is the title of a lengthy article published in the MIT Technology Review and dated June 12. Its worth a look. Written by David Rotman, it lays out substantial evidence that the growing trend ...
NewDealer 06/14/2013 34 17 1 -
Another day, another dead kid. Guns don't kill people do they?
This time in Tampa. A 3 year hold found a gun in his 29 year old uncle's backpack and shot himself. Story is here
NewDealer 05/08/2013 21 27 - -
The most powerful thing I've seen today
One year ago a 17 year old student walked into the high school cafeteia in Chardon Oho and opened fire. When he was done, three students were dead, three more were wounded, one still now confined ...
NewDealer 03/20/2013 6 12 - -
Why isn't Scott Prouty at the top of the Rec list right now?
I blow hot and cold on Ed Scultz. But tonight's show was amazing, not because of Ed but because of Scott Prouty. If you saw it he was like us. He is 38 years old, a college graduate, working as a ...
NewDealer 03/13/2013 205 310 4 -
Speaker Cantor?
So it strikes me that Eric Cantor is making his move. Up until now he’s tried to appear the loyal deputy. But now he’s leading the charge against Boehner. Boehner committed to allow a vote ...
NewDealer 01/01/2013 17 13 - -
The President plays some chin music.
So it’s been an interesting day. Obama flies back to Washington to work on a fiscal cliff solution. Boehner meanwhile calls the House back into session this coming Sunday night. The Senate is ...
NewDealer 12/28/2012 254 412 7 -
CBS now reporting 27 dead in school shooting
including many children (at least 18) between 5 and 10 years in age. This is of course appalling and heart breaking. But it has to be said, whatever the death toll ultimately turns out to be, we ...
NewDealer 12/14/2012 3 2 - -
There is a reason they want to hide this
video of Romney in Defiance, Ohio yesterday. See here . It is the coup de gras. Just minutes before this Romney told Ohio voters that Chrysler was moving all its domestic production to China, ...
NewDealer 10/27/2012 13 4 - -
A perfect metaphor for Mit Romenys Debate Performance
Occurred last night in Ohio. In Warren County, a suburban ring County outside of Cincinnati, some conservative decided to express his or her view by dumping a truckload of horse shit right in front ...
NewDealer 10/10/2012 5 2 - 92
Wow! Your jaw will drop. Bishop's Message throws the gauntlet down. Vote as we tell you, or..
...burn in hell. This came across my e-mail today. It's stunning. Its clearly meant to go viral among Catholics. Hell (pun intended), they may even show it in Church on Sunday morning and in ...
NewDealer 05/30/2012 451 315 2 3226
Jay Carney takes White House Press Corp to the Woodshed
Several days ago I (and others) posted diaries about this piece in the Wall Street on Journal that debunks the Republicans diatribes about "out of control spending." It demonstrates that spending ...
NewDealer 05/24/2012 15 26 - 318
Wall Street Journal - "Obama spending binge never happened"
I don't see this getting much attention but it should. From the Wall Journal's Market Watch column today comes this. Of all the falsehoods told about President Barack Obama, the biggest ...
NewDealer 05/22/2012 118 443 27 2232
Sometimes you just have to laugh. That is the title of a viral e-mail being circulated among right wingers and birthers. To wit: Uploaded with This picture will stun you. If ...
NewDealer 03/28/2012 170 249 3 2303
Republican family values strike again!
In rural SW Ohio in Clermont County there have been some strange goings on among local Republican pols in the recent past, I won't bore you with the details other than to say a Clermont County ...
NewDealer 02/08/2012 5 7 - 154
Sudden Congresssional District Chaos in Ohio, a potentially wild at large scenario .
Not long ago the Ohio legislature adopted a new Congressional district map for Ohio that has been widely condemned. In a roughly 50/50 state, their new map gives the GOP a clear 75/25 advantage (or ...
NewDealer 10/15/2011 9 29 - 206
Updated: Amazing gall in Ohio, stealing a Repeal SB-5 ad and converting it to a Keep SB-5 ad
As many of you know one of the most important issues on the ballot anywhere in the country this fall is State issue 2 in Ohio. This issue aims to repeal the union busting bill, Senate Bill 5. ...
NewDealer 10/11/2011 8 20 - 161
1 Vote in Ohio - SB 5 passes and there will be hell to pay.
Late this afternoon the Ohio Senate voted 17-16 (the Senate is 23 R-10 D) to pass Senate Bill 5 and strip public employee unions of bargaining rights. 10's of thousands of demonstrators over the ...
NewDealer 03/02/2011 50 32 - 257
Are you kidding me?  An Ohio Progression (it takes a bit of work but its worth it)
It's getting ugly here in Ohio (please stay with me for a moment). Note this very recent ad for the GOP candidate for governor: http://www....
NewDealer 10/06/2010 6 2 - 54
Fly Sherrod to Washington and
have a Rose Garden Press conference with President Obama and Secretary Vilsak wherein an apology is given, her job offered back and the President vigorously takes on the people who made this all ...
NewDealer 07/21/2010 13 5 - 21
A chance for a bit of fun (timely- action needed)
Congressman Kevin McCarthy just sent me the following e-mail inviting me (and I suppose you) to participate in a video-chat at 4:30 today regarding all the great economic ideas that have been coming ...
NewDealer 06/24/2010 5 4 - 35
Jesus Caught Fire!
No really! For the last ten years travelers on I-75 in SW Ohio have been greeted by a 62 foot tall plastic Jesus statue rising out of reflecting pool beside the interstate. The statue has been the ...
NewDealer 06/15/2010 141 30 - 283
The Roberts Court Strikes Again
I haven't seen this diaried but this seems important to me. Yesterday the Supreme Court issued an order blocking the payment of matching funds under Arizona's progressive campaign finance laws that ...
NewDealer 06/09/2010 434 597 8 338
A very Bad Idea
We all know of the excesses of the Tea Party crowd. In many respects we know that works against them and the more the Republican Party is driven to associate with the Tea Party, the farther it ...
NewDealer 04/14/2010 39 14 - 32
Greenspan v. Burry – David knocks down Goliath
Imagine my surprise this morning. I stayed up late last night reading “ The Big Short .” I was ...
NewDealer 04/04/2010 22 17 2 107
Is Boehner now threatening violence? (with update #3)
Quote: “He may be a dead man.” This is really getting nasty. Over the last week enormous pressure has been brought to bear on Congressman Steve Driehaus (OH-1) a ...
NewDealer 03/20/2010 382 499 5 599
I propose an Obama - Boehner joust
Bear with me for just a moment. John Boehner can afford to be the arrogant insufferable knucklehead he is because he comes from a district in Ohio where he’s not had to worry about any ...
NewDealer 02/09/2010 14 2 - 103
1 Year? The Strange Case of Michael Connell
On a cold rainy night last December 19, a small plane crashed on approach to Akron OH killing the pilot and only occupant, one Michael Connell. Michael Connell of course had attracted some ...
NewDealer 12/03/2009 28 4 - 75
The Real Irony of Psalm 109
We’ve seen a lot of comment about a new twist on the right, a whole campaign (t- shirts, bumper stickers, e-mails and more) all built on the biblical passage in Psalms 109 which says in part:
NewDealer 11/22/2009 501 653 27 818
Gut Check Time. Do we have enough?
Last year we won a huge election. It felt great, didn't it? But look at us now. Less than a year after taking power, the screaming and howling on our side is at an epic pace, and at the same time ...
NewDealer 11/13/2009 7 3 - 161
Gut check time. Do you have any?
Last year we won a huge election. It felt great, didn't it? But look at us now. Less than a year after taking power, the screaming and howling on our side is at an epic pace, and at the same time ...
NewDealer 11/12/2009 78 4 - 142
On BPWB - a new class of offense.
We have a new offense. BPWB. Being President While Black. The fact is nothing Obama has proposed is any more radical than many things proposed by Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and ...
NewDealer 09/13/2009 2 3 - 14
Let's make it a Million (Updated)
Since Joe Wilson's outburst Wednesday night his opponent Rob Miller has been blessed with a flood of online donations, now as I write totaling $731,458,(update, now $762,583) including $229,128 (now $
NewDealer 09/11/2009 15 16 - 27
Amazing Double Standard
The Lakota School system in Butler County OH (just north of Cincinnati) announced on Thursday they would be among the school systems that will decline to make use of President Obama’s speech ...
NewDealer 09/05/2009 7 8 - 29
The cost of the other doughnut hole
We all know about the Medicare "doughnut hole," but there is another "doughnut hole" in our health care system that is possibly more important. Who in this country has health insurance they can ...
NewDealer 08/20/2009 15 9 2 159
The Entreprenurial Argument for Health Care Reform
Who in this country has health insurance they can count on? Generally, people who work for large companies, for government, for large institutions and the like. People over 65 have Medicare. Very ...
NewDealer 08/18/2009 6 6 - 3
So here’s how the Palin thing goes (maybe).
She resigns on the Friday night before a holiday weekend when only political junkies like us are paying attention. She say’s it’s for the good of the State and she’s going to be &...
NewDealer 07/04/2009 28 2 1 35
As Teabaggers go Marching (with Update)
As the Teabaggers (def- a person who is unaware that they have said or done something foolish, childlike, noobish, lame, or inconvenient) organize to go marching on April 15th, and as Bonehead ...
NewDealer 03/27/2009 31 15 2 20
Breaking: Dodd did the deed?
CNN is reporting that It was Chris Dodd who inserted the language that allowed the AIG bonuses to go forward. Dodd apparently appeared and admited it himself, claiming to be acting at the request ...
NewDealer 03/18/2009 602 182 3 185
Mt. Rushmouth Appears
the recent spectacle, including Michael Steele's groveling today, is beginning to put the 08 results into perspective. "Wandering in the wilderness" is a kind description for where the Republican ...
NewDealer 03/02/2009 16 1 1 -
Boehnerisim & My Rebuke
In today’s Cincinnati Enquirer a guest column by John Boehner (a frequent occurrence) the House Minority ...
NewDealer 02/21/2009 5 - - 2
The Anti-Fillibuster – an idea
I’ve been pondering what should be done about the new pattern of Senate Republicans demanding cloture votes on almost every item of substance, thereby creating that need for a 60 vote majority.
NewDealer 02/19/2009 22 10 - 4
Now I’m Getting Pissed.
I’m all for moving forward. But that cannot include sweeping the past under the rug. An item on Raw ...
NewDealer 02/17/2009 51 26 1 18
Cheney’s New Strategy
We’ve all noticed the belligerent criticisms spewing forth from Dick Cheney recently. On Meet the Press Sunday morning when asked about them, David Axlerod commented that: "If ...
NewDealer 02/16/2009 21 9 1 2
Make them read the F*@$ing Phone Book!
Not so long ago Republicans wanted to abolish the filibuster in the Senate! They wanted an up er down vote on everything, claimed it was only “fair.” Now they’...
NewDealer 02/09/2009 42 21 2 18
Connell warned not to fly his plane...
On Saturday there were several diaries here ( including one of mine ) that observed the strange timing and circumstances of the ...
NewDealer 12/22/2008 78 44 - 18
Mike Connell Dead.... Coincidence?
Going completely unnoticed here on Daily-Kos is the death last night in a small plane crash (Akron, OH) of one Michael Connell, Karl Rove's IT consultant who many suspect played a key role in the ...
NewDealer 12/20/2008 118 35 2 42
About these Phone Calls
As we wind down through these last few hours people look for everything they can think of that might provide an edge. Sometimes we wind up doing things that are counter productive in our anxiety ...
NewDealer 11/02/2008 22 2 - 4
What They're peddling in Ohio
There is not a lot to say about this, the image speaks for itself. A hardware store in Cincinnati thinks it's a good idea to sell the yard sign seen below. Can't say it makes me proud of the ...
NewDealer 10/17/2008 13 1 - 2
Ohio District 2 Debate
A liveblog of the debate between Wulsin, Schmidt and Krikorian. The debate starts at 7PM. I'll start liveblogging at 6:30PM.
NewDealer 10/06/2008 5 1 - 4
A report from ground 0
Seven years ago, ground 0 was found in lower Manhatten, We all know what that looked like. Four years ago, ground 0 was found in Ohio, southwest Ohio to be specific. One might argue that in 04,
NewDealer 09/11/2008 7 5 1 2
It's about McCain!
Stop taking the bait. I’ve watched diary after diary float by here about Gov. Palin. This is not about Sarah Palain it’s about John McCain. He’s the guy running for President, ...
NewDealer 09/01/2008 9 2 - -
Mean Jean Redux
Jean Schmidt, she of the notorious foot in mouth disease is at it again. Like other Republicans she recently joined in with the flagrantly inflammatory falsehood that the Chinese are drilling for ...
NewDealer 06/24/2008 44 7 - 11
My Diary n/t (updated)
Sometimes words fail. But for me, these images do not.... OK, from the comments, maybe a few words are needed. I really do ...
NewDealer 05/22/2008 7 2 - -
Obama has three heads.
I’ve been thinking about what we can expect in the coming months regarding Obama. Its already happening as we all know, the viral rumors that Obama is a Muslim, that he’s a secret ...
NewDealer 05/16/2008 19 5 1 -
Limbaugh wins Indiana
This is a very short diary but to the point. All right folks, now we can say it. Hillary didn’t win Indiana tonight, Limbaugh did. Without his lamebrianed, knuckle dragging dishonest ...
NewDealer 05/06/2008 28 5 - -
Gut Check Time - (not popular I know)
On the pages of DailyKos over the last few weeks we’ve seen the shrillness quotient rising, the “it’s over, she can’t win” argument repeated many times, the anger at ...
NewDealer 04/25/2008 20 7 1 7
Riots in Denver! Limbaugh stirs the pot.
Rush Limbaugh today called for riots in Denver during the Democratic Convention as part of his “Operation Chaos.” That’s rich, to say the least. Operation Chaos as you may ...
NewDealer 04/24/2008 74 12 - 15
It’s a Chicken With its Head Cut Off
What too many knuckleheads around here don’t seem to get is this is not just about winning the nomination; it’s about how the nomination is won. The Clinton campaign is toast and most ...
NewDealer 03/31/2008 39 7 - -
A Florida-Michigan Reality Check
With all the uproar about Florida and Michigan I think a reality check is in order. The bottom line is that even if you count the Florida and Michigan delegates the way Clinton ...
NewDealer 03/15/2008 22 1 - 2
Ohio in a nutshell
Courtesy of Jim Borgman, Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist of the Cincinnati Enquirer. In this ...
NewDealer 03/07/2008 25 3 - 2
Talk Politics – the Holiday Effect.
We are living through a historic moment as we speak. For the first time in American history some of the most key decisions about who our Presidential candidates will be are taking place during the ...
NewDealer 12/23/2007 2 1 - -
Sept 11th - Ohio Speaks
On September 11, 2007, the Hamilton County Democratic Party (Cincinnati) will commemorate the occasion of 9/11 by holding a Democratic Presidential straw poll. It’s time to talk seriously ...
NewDealer 09/04/2007 15 3 - 1
The Gonads of Gonzo – Again!
The sheer nerve of these guys is astounding. Yet another US Attorney is being given an interim appointment. We all know about the stealthy Patriot Bill provision allowing interim appointments of ...
NewDealer 06/14/2007 12 6 - -
Mr. Byrd – Mr. Byrd Aye. Why?
I watched the Senate vote tonight. 80-14. Even Robert Byrd who has been a loud, vocal and fearless critic and opponent of the war since even before the beginning voted aye. Why? No one can ...
NewDealer 05/24/2007 23 5 - -
If It Reeks, You Must Impeach, Gonzalez must go!
Diarists here have debated the pros and cons of impeaching Bush /Cheney for many months. The tide on that is slowly changing, but remains unresolved. What is not unresolved is that Gonzalez ...
NewDealer 05/16/2007 8 5 - -
Frank Rich’s Warning Today – What if He’s Right?
Frank Rich is often quoted and debated here on D Kos, though less so since his writing went behind the “Times Select” curtain. But I see no mention of his NYT column today. It’s ...
NewDealer 02/25/2007 317 309 14 38
Request for Nominations – Local Dem Websites?
This diary is a simple request. Obviously local Dem party web sites are an increasing part of the political scene but it doesn’t take much to realize the quality varies widely. I’m ...
NewDealer 02/05/2007 23 2 - -
My New Identity (gone underground)
Unlike most other users, I have for the past two+ years maintained an identity on D Kos using my real name. This diary marks the debut of my new DKos identity. My new existence is free(er) of ...
NewDealer 01/31/2007 72 11 - 21
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